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  1. +2 taking quick pause to catch up and back to house work. Omg the clips hubba hubba! @Ameera Ali hehe Queen has hot adopted cousin but it was the king’s kiss she wanted. Even though it started as a diversion it was Def hot and heavy. I want to slam repeat a lot but when I watched it live in the episode I couldn’t help squealing!! i want more hot kisses please!!! @partyon thanks! Still morning here only 11am
  2. @Ameera Ali Oooh nice can count on you for the goodies Thank you. It was hot felt bad for the besotted Adopted cousin. Now to housekeeping bleh. +2
  3. @YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ Thanks for the clips! I just got up. I marathoned and caught up last night in 2 days this drama. omg Looking forward to Ep 10, after learning about the savior in the well is his queen. Aww. Grand Dowager Queen loving her cooking and Dowager Queen still trying to curse her. I love that now there is So Yong’s memories included and now the King is liking her. The last episode kisses were hot. Lol when BW slapping the Queen for kissing the King. Lol the queens lust finally she can kiss the man she loves. Yup I did love when she SY took over and then looked at
  4. Hi Friends & others in this forum. Just woke up! Parents going to visit keep me busy! Hope those of you at dinner time etc enjoying it and the dramas IRT. For me I will wait , but yeah will need to watch Uncanny Counter too! Mr Queen is soooo fun. I laughed over the bra as strip of fabric. +2
  5. @Thong Thin It is funny and worth watching. It was funny the period scene. +2
  6. @Lmangla What time is it there? Almost midnight here. Watching my dramas and in 2 days caught up on Mr Queen. @Sleepy Owl @partyon oh my gosh, their kisses were hot and yup first base indeed. Did not expect to see. I def expect slippery pulse indeed at the rate we are going. +2
  7. @Thong Thin I love that smell ! +2
  8. @Thong Thin ohhh I wish I was that way. Love cinnamon buns. +2
  9. @Min2206 I agree same for me. Caught up stared watching ep9 of Mr Queen just now. 538
  10. 538 @MayanEcho Have a great day !
  11. Morning @MayanEcho! Happy Sunday! Watching now MR Queen one more episode tonight to ep 9! +2
  12. Oh one at a time . Then fold clothes and mop later. Sundays to me are lazy days. @sadthe1st +2
  13. @Min2206 happy Sunday to you, still Saturday night for me. Any fun plans ? +2
  14. Enjoying Mr Queen after a day out & watching 7 trying to marathon to ep 9 . Started last night and loving it.

  15. +2 Glad to hear @mirmz it was a good one.
  16. @kallen88 @Oksana Sutra Hi! Love your posts about what you like about the drama. Glad there is more interest.
  17. @partyon Chinggu thanks for adding the Firefighters
  18. Hi @mirmz i love seafood and grateful to eat it fresh too. How was your Saturday? @partyon @Sleepy Owl oooh catching up on Mr Queen on ep7. Looking forward to the kisses. +2
  19. Hi All Busy day back home @sadthe1st uggh heinous situation on the bus. Def not fun. @larus Cool house @Min2206 Grateful not overly cold today +2
  20. Just got up and finished morning routines. @Sleepy Owl Thanks for the tip @Thong Thin Yikes. I had escorted tour arranged by my pal in Vietnam while in Cambodia. But yeah it is a long flight for me to hey up SE Asia. I love the food though! @joccu Hope all is well! +2
  21. @Thong ThinHave a great lunch date together. Cool! I have only visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore. Beautiful scenery & such delicious food and I was appreciative I was able to visit. +2
  22. @Sejabinhi my friend happy weekend Started Mr Queen on episode 2 +2
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