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  1. @Min2206 I agree same for me. Caught up stared watching ep9 of Mr Queen just now. 538
  2. 538 @MayanEcho Have a great day !
  3. Morning @MayanEcho! Happy Sunday! Watching now MR Queen one more episode tonight to ep 9! +2
  4. Oh one at a time . Then fold clothes and mop later. Sundays to me are lazy days. @sadthe1st +2
  5. @Min2206 happy Sunday to you, still Saturday night for me. Any fun plans ? +2
  6. Enjoying Mr Queen after a day out & watching 7 trying to marathon to ep 9 . Started last night and loving it.

  7. +2 Glad to hear @mirmz it was a good one.
  8. @kallen88 @Oksana Sutra Hi! Love your posts about what you like about the drama. Glad there is more interest.
  9. @partyon Chinggu thanks for adding the Firefighters
  10. Hi @mirmz i love seafood and grateful to eat it fresh too. How was your Saturday? @partyon @Sleepy Owl oooh catching up on Mr Queen on ep7. Looking forward to the kisses. +2
  11. Hi All Busy day back home @sadthe1st uggh heinous situation on the bus. Def not fun. @larus Cool house @Min2206 Grateful not overly cold today +2
  12. Just got up and finished morning routines. @Sleepy Owl Thanks for the tip @Thong Thin Yikes. I had escorted tour arranged by my pal in Vietnam while in Cambodia. But yeah it is a long flight for me to hey up SE Asia. I love the food though! @joccu Hope all is well! +2
  13. @Thong ThinHave a great lunch date together. Cool! I have only visited Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore. Beautiful scenery & such delicious food and I was appreciative I was able to visit. +2
  14. @Sejabinhi my friend happy weekend Started Mr Queen on episode 2 +2
  15. @partyon cool i loved my visits to Taiwan .Great food & I got to practice my elementary Mandarin. @corey Jeju is lovely ! I want to go back & Korea. I visited 6x and Jeju 2x was lovely. Def Taiwan was great too. @Min2206 Hi! Night time after dinne for me. @Thong ThinAre you in South East Asia? There definitely more places there I want to visit. +2
  16. Hello @Thong Thin where are you my friend? Thanks for the hello! Enjoying starting Ep 1 Mr Queen and got conference call tonight at 9:30pm . Good your car is getting clean . I never owned a car. +2
  17. @mirmz northeast part I love I am near the Ocean to be able to eat seafood! Yummy +2
  18. @mirmz oh cool I respect that ok Midwest is nice. I love Chicago and enjoyed visiting Ann Arbor, Minneapolis & got to visit Louisville & Indianapolis. Friends in Ohio & I visited Iowa for work. Did road trip to Mt Rushmore. Love eating in NOLA and BBQ in Texas. +2
  19. @Sleepy Owl Sweet dreams. Yeah no Netflix and then got to look into Crunchyroll then. Thanks! @joccu Preaching to the choir. I don't plan any trips either thinking not even this year earliest if that is 2022. @mirmz Where are you located? Heading home now from work it is 6pm and ready to grab the bus to get home safely! Yeah weekend! +2
  20. HI @mirmz No wonder it was always so quiet. LOL. @partyon Yes USA Is a HUGE country. I have visited about 35 states myself and still many to visit. I have not seen Yellowstone and Alaska. Cool you visited us here a lot! Yes, I like traveling. i find when I travel I like a place a lot due to the people. So I have warm memories of Italy, Netherlands, UK, Belgium, due to knowing actual friends. I find all places have their charms and lovely vistas. So hard to pin point one place. Glog, Gluewien and mulled wine loved when backpacking during the Holiday season in the Chris
  21. @corey LOL that is cool. I have no clue where @partyon is located. But yes it is a close flight from where i am located. Able to go there the same time as I could do a direct flight to the West Coast of USA. Also btw Hi!!! Great to see you here! 588
  22. @partyon Oh ok thanks my friend. I remember the Berlin Wall falling down. So Western Europe in 1980's then Luxembourg only Western Europe country I have not visited. I am grateful for the Europe back packing trip to see 9 countries. It was a great trip alone for 5 weeks. 592
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