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  1. @MayanEcho Thanks.But before I sleep for now I will have to pass. +2
  2. @sadthe1st Enjoying ep 11 almost over of UC @Min2206 512
  3. @sadthe1st 9 pm here watching Uncanny Counter now @Thong Thin I love the ML the story was promising and now over halfway mark felt too much of the same. Not horrific but not awesome for me anyways. +2
  4. @joccu pray food in freezer stays ok @Sleepy Owl i totally get you. I rarely drop dramas too. Just had dinner & watching Awaken. 504
  5. @mirmz Awww class, dang I only do a friends -friendly weekly or bi weekly Korean class for fun. Consumer Science cool! Glad last of the day? Enjoy your afternoon my friend! I am in the East Coast, it is 5pm and quitting time. @Sleepy Owl I do both. I like actor and will still watch if the plot rots to see the actor. Then I love the gems where the acting and story are united and they just look more GOOD to me. So I am a mix. @joccu Pray that the electricity comes back on soon yeah frozen food going bad rots and costs alot. +2
  6. HI Friends. @Sleepy Owl Well lost productive and lost notice of info to the planned ones. GRR. But at least the planned ones they tell. You but still they are not fun. I hear you, I am mix liking for looks and acting or if for LOOKS then let go of good acting and plot at times. @joccu At home? Hope your night time (dinner etc) were not affected. If past the time you slept, then that at least was during sleeping time. @partyon LOL nothing wrong with it. I like a mix . I do like a bunch of actors or I might end up liking an actor I did not think
  7. @joccu Yikes about the power outage. Was it during work or at home? @Sleepy Owl Hi Hi . You had an outage at work? Yikes no work done then. Yikes you know when you get them and a few times a year?! @partyon Hehe I did notice you go for the chiseled look. The Boyish charm and boy next door is not bad too but hey he is easy on the eyes. A flower boy/man indeed! DEF not fun to have them don't have them often usually weather related. +2
  8. @MayanEcho Good night @partyon Cute OPPA. I love it as he is cute the boy next door cute! OMG such a baby face indeed! @mirmz How's all going in the Heartland of USA? +2
  9. Wow made 1,500 posts! Wow Wow.

    1. partyon


      You will be Legend soon! :kiss_wink:

  10. @partyon I do. I haven't seen alot of his dramas but he seems sweet. Just caught up on reading 1) Park Shin Hye I think I would like her as a person, but as kissing actress. She doesn't do much. Granted not sure if lack of direction for director. She did "move her lips" Pinocchio and Heirs (the closet surprise kiss by Lee Min Ho). But I did dislike the dead fish no movement too and then the 360 swinging angle of the camera around the couple. (Remember that Mid 2000's in dramas til early 2010's? Don't miss that. Yea she was majorly rumored with Lee Hong Ki and Yonghwa s
  11. Hi @Ameera Ali @sadthe1st @mirmz @Min2206 @corey @partyon @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @iksunijini @Ernie @larus @joccu @Jillia @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama and everyone else I know a bunch of your resting now except those not in Europe and USA. Back at work after taking yesterday off. Now 2pm just had late lunch and decided to stop by. Work has been crazy. I haven't read what has happened since I slept.
  12. @Thong Thin Thanks my friend have a good day at work now the mail server is ok phew. i know I rely on technology for my job. When internet is down omg not good at all. Definitely understand. Take care and good night! +2
  13. Today i didn’t log on til now due to real life. Stopped by to say hi ! midnight here should sleep soon! Just caught up reading @Sleepy Owl Lol if only tearing off a fit body over my “real one” existed lol! @corey I am trying to do stretches and I don’t love exercise myself. Def good for pain relief for the back. Feel better my friend. My NY goals tackle my debt, organize my stuff & be more aware of my health . +2
  14. @kyakyariThanks for the BTS/making clips Enjoyed the posts and theories etc. for ep 10 loved it a lot. Enjoyed this episode a lot. King consoles himself from nightmare writing a dictionary of the Queen’s quirky vocab. The chef through the Queen sharing his lonely past to Lady Choi who he is crushing. Lady Choi so aggravated getting the energy out like the cook screaming out words to feel better. The consort is def shows her upset at the Queen and trying to show her claws are coming out . Aww So Bong is a cute.
  15. I so want a late night snack but I must abstain. this is already an issue sigh 572
  16. MR Queen was good . Now - A Love So Beautiful 12:18am +2
  17. @sadthe1st clothing dried in the sun are the best. I live in apt and no dryer too and in my bathroom . Do I understand. Glad there is sun at least. +2
  18. @Sleepy Owl Good morning my friend! Enjoying MR Queen now , Love the food porn +2
  19. @sadthe1st My parents were bothering me I just now started Mr Queen Hope your morning is well 11pm here. glad the rain finally stopped. aww don’t miss my 2 jobs ago dealing with POS. 556
  20. @Thong Thin Roast beef, whole boiled shrimp & watercress soup with rice. I love leftovers. Mom and dad are visiting . Yikes about the damage from the rain. I agree with @sadthe1st omg @sadthe1st Secret Garden yes! Finally watching Mr Queen! Yesh +2
  21. @Lmangla love the idea of the video of other places. I def need to check out later. Thanks. Right now cooking dinner +2
  22. Hehe @aisling Love the meme comparison! @poopytubby Thanks thanks bless you for the subs. I know it takes time. Only 12pm Sunday here so I have to wait a few more hours for subs til tonight.
  23. I cannot wait to watch Mr Queen later! Yup still housecleaning lol +2
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