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  1. @Thong ThinSo cool you speak those languages +2
  2. @Thong Thin Oh I speak Canto, understand Toisan, studied Mandarin, Japanese & lazily studied Korea VIS dramas And you? +2
  3. @MayanEcho good night dear hi @Sarang21 @4evrkdrama Aww thanks we applied now the waiting game 35-45 days @partyon thanks I need all the luck. I have more oppa those came first to kind. My first ji sung (short oppa) was Kill Me Heal Me. How did you come up with Zoopa? (Zoo animal print?) I have no idea . @joccu Woah buses falling into ditches is a normal ?! Yikes scary! 464
  4. @Min2206 and friends who celebrate CNY. For me it was red envelopes and a nice big BANQUET meal dad made. The Chinatown Celebration would be later. Too bad not in Asia we would get days off, NOTHING here. C'est La vie. So for me red envelopes (win) and good food (win) is what i think of for CNY. 486
  5. @blademan @LeftCoastOppa Hi Friends!!!!! OMG yesh very excited and I too like all couples but the side couple was turning out nicely. OOH something to look forward to tonight then. Just had lunch and saw your posts. YESHHHHHHH
  6. Good night my friend @Min2206 Thanks, I have that appointment at the bank. Lunch was leftovers but trying to be healthy--roast beef, broccoli, rice and shrimp. 484
  7. 484 Early lunch time as I am leaving the office in 1 hours WOOHOO
  8. Hi Sarang21! May the same back to you too. +2
  9. OMG thanks for the goodies and I cannot wait to see the latest episode later when I get home as I am at work and it is only 11:30am here. TT But dang our painter when angry is not an easy going puppy to follow around our sneaker wearing CEO. I am actually glad to see the clip him showing his emotions. So far he was just following her and wagging his tail to TRY to see her and look good.
  10. @larus & @Min2206 Hello My friend!s I LOVE warm hugs and OLAF! He makes me feel so positive and happy ! Yeah! 476
  11. @sadthe1st Thanks Chinggu. I hope so too. Good vibes. I am feeling it that I have a good chance. Fingers crossed! The actual time to do it process will take time but I hope the initial steps it gets approved! 474
  12. +2 I should be working but why cannot I stay away?
  13. Awww @Min2206 Thanks Chinggu! Def I am trying to start the year with goals and plans to handle things that stress me out FINALLY. No more sitting around and no action. +2
  14. @larus @Sleepy Owl You know I wanted to watch Graceful Friends and I liked some of the actors but my drama rotation at that time as very full. Maybe put it on my list to watch when I can find a moment. It is going to be interesting as I took on a weekend job yesterday. I am going to be crazy busy. But i hope to stop by to say hi to friends here! 472
  15. Morning friends . I know you are not all in my time zone--so Good Afternoon , Good Evening as well ! @sadthe1st @mirmz @Min2206 @corey @partyon @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @iksunijini @Ernie @larus @joccu @Jillia @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama Welcome @Catleya Just got to work and now have a half day as I have to go to the bank later. I did say one of my goals was to handle financial matters. This is IT. Wish me luck going to try to get a loan (fingers crossed) so I can get a lower interest rate and consolidate everything. I hope I can GET it.
  16. Good night all! Almost 2am Yikes! @partyon L looks sexy in your profile pic. Looking forward to your Oppa list. @4evrkdrama Thanks for the hi. @Jillia Hope you have a productive day my friend! 506
  17. @MayanEcho thanks I will sleep in 2-3 hrs ergo avoid caffeine for now Hope you have a great morning +2
  18. @MayanEcho Thanks.But before I sleep for now I will have to pass. +2
  19. @sadthe1st Enjoying ep 11 almost over of UC @Min2206 512
  20. @sadthe1st 9 pm here watching Uncanny Counter now @Thong Thin I love the ML the story was promising and now over halfway mark felt too much of the same. Not horrific but not awesome for me anyways. +2
  21. @joccu pray food in freezer stays ok @Sleepy Owl i totally get you. I rarely drop dramas too. Just had dinner & watching Awaken. 504
  22. @mirmz Awww class, dang I only do a friends -friendly weekly or bi weekly Korean class for fun. Consumer Science cool! Glad last of the day? Enjoy your afternoon my friend! I am in the East Coast, it is 5pm and quitting time. @Sleepy Owl I do both. I like actor and will still watch if the plot rots to see the actor. Then I love the gems where the acting and story are united and they just look more GOOD to me. So I am a mix. @joccu Pray that the electricity comes back on soon yeah frozen food going bad rots and costs alot. +2
  23. HI Friends. @Sleepy Owl Well lost productive and lost notice of info to the planned ones. GRR. But at least the planned ones they tell. You but still they are not fun. I hear you, I am mix liking for looks and acting or if for LOOKS then let go of good acting and plot at times. @joccu At home? Hope your night time (dinner etc) were not affected. If past the time you slept, then that at least was during sleeping time. @partyon LOL nothing wrong with it. I like a mix . I do like a bunch of actors or I might end up liking an actor I did not think
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