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  1. @partyon HAHAHA Sunbaenim I guess joining in 2007 makes me one? I for many years was not active. I loved SOOMPI as info and resource. I was watching "Coffee Prince" and I believe that is why I joined. Yeah Empress Ki was LONG why when I did not watch in real time, I did the REWATCH party and if not with my friends, I would not have survived last year. I wanted to quit halfway truth be told. Then for a few years I laid low. Then 2013-2014 here and there lurked and did post a bit. Quiet til last year during Covid. (edit) Love Big Bang and
  2. @joccu error should be just -2 C (not -20) my bad I don't know why I typed the extra zero. You are right. @Sarang21 LOL only started being active here last week. Very new this forum. 396
  3. @partyon Hugs not going to lie. I haven't posted much on other threads as I did before. LOL Thanks Chinggu! @joccu ok here is about -1C I will take it. +2
  4. @Sarang21 Congrats! I joined pre 2010 but was not majorly active. I don't know about IMMORTAL but yeah even getting to LEGEND was a trial and did not expect it. @partyon chinggu thanks so much! WOO HOO +2
  5. LOL hope it is warm enough for you @joccu my friend Glad right now not uber cold YEAH though unseasonable for now during this time of year here for me in Upper East coast USA. +2
  6. +2 Raining here, awww pulling double shift today. Going to be a LONG LONG day.
  7. Sleep tight to all the friends in Asia! @kokodus OMG loved him since his role as Chilbong. OMG I cannot wait for S2!!!!!!!! +2
  8. +2 Just ate leftovers for a late lunch, awwww. Yesh.
  9. @partyon Thanks so much. Ok I did see Zombie Detective and YUP he is OPPA for me too. LOL. +2
  10. @LeftCoastOppa You are an ANGEL! THanks my dear friend. How has life been? You are a godsend. THANK THANK YOU i Cannot say it enough!
  11. @partyon @joccuChinggus thanks so much! Komayo! I did not even think this would happen! LOL. LEGEND--I never thought i would get to this point. LOL. I don't watch much C dramas too much. But the few I did watch I can see that is very attractive women /men. Yeah not realistic but I don't watch Cdramas, Kdramas or DRAMAS for realism as more of a mistake. But doesn't stop me from making comments about it. LOL. +2
  12. +2 @Lmangla Chinggu thanks for the awesome photos "pongal" . Much appreciated!
  13. OOOH I liked yesterday's episode. Now I have to wait til tonight to watch today's episode 10. Love our second couple and glad the artist STOOD up to his crush to not be toyed with. Though he likes her, he is not going to be a push over. YESH. Loved this song and love that JOOHONEY of MonstaX is on this track for the OST. Making just posted I think posted already but I love this Cute commentary got to revisit now got to wait til next week sigh
  14. Dropping in to say hello as I am waiting to see this drama this weekend we got these old clips released. I am glad I marathoned this drama last week but one DOWNSIDE is the weekly wait. UGGGGHH.
  15. Ok need to catch up on posts Preview for ep 11 is OUT (I am at work as 11am now) at work now Highlights Look under spoiler for more stuff
  16. WOAH reputation crossed 10K (never thought that would happen) and posts are now 1,500. Back in May last  year I was FAR FAR from this. LOL.  Thanks Soompi Forums for keeping me sane!

  17. @partyon Yeah EXACTLY nice old lady but the stench was NOT fun for 6 hours. 434
  18. awww @joccu Thanks I need all the POSITIVE vibes my friend. Much appreciated. @partyon The actor is handsome but I agree he looks older than his physical age. But agree with @MayanEcho He has a smooth face with his skin so he is not looking TOO old thanks to it. LOL. @Min2206 Yup agreed it was not fun. +2
  19. Ahhh Always love the welcome. @partyon Wow cool list of the 50 TROPES---YUP YUP YUP @Catleya Your oppa choices are handsome. ( forgot to add him to my list to @partyon Kim Jae Wook (OMG when he was in that drama with Park Min Young----SWOONY as Ryan Gold. ) This is from someone who easily forgets Character names. LOL OOOH cool never had Pongal. Then again not much variety of Indian cuisine that i can get my hands on here. So cool learning of various dishes etc here . Plus any visuals are welcome and love the explanations. LOVE it. @Sleepy Owl @Mi
  20. Good morning friends on my end got into work and starting my day. Hi @Ameera Ali @sadthe1st @mirmz @Min2206 @corey @partyon @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @iksunijini @Ernie @larus @joccu @Jillia @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama @Catleyaand everyone else But to others I know in other parts of the world--Good afternoon, Good Evening, Good Night. Hope you are all doing well. It is Thursday here and ready to tackle the day. The Loan Meeting was good and informative. I won't know the verdict for another 35-45 days. So I am keeping my fingers cros
  21. hi all! @4evrkdrama Good morning late here 1am @sadthe1st You deserve the break you got this. Hwaiting! +2
  22. @Min2206 First time seeing these Nian Gao cool. @sadthe1st your floors will be sparkling @larus cool factoid thanks. +2
  23. @MayanEcho @Thong Thin cool to hear of the CNY cakes We don’t have them here +2 @iksunijini hi good morning almost midnight here watching True Beauty @Lmangla year of the ox 2/12 is the date I take the predictions with a grain of salt but def interesting +2
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