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  1. @ck1Oz Great to see you here & I get what you are saying about wanting to know about FL feelings for CEO Yoon. Feelings and liking someone is messy and never easy. @Jillia Thanks for the gif goodies ! Saw ep3 and enjoyed it it a lot especially in regards to our OTP. -Seeing why SA go back to JY to sign her CD & her decision to hang out with him over MS. ( frankly I would have done the same. Seeing MS over drinks is easy but not with handsome JY. Also how their continued awkward interactions some one said before so natural. I agree not contrived or so
  2. Great seeing friends in this forum here! Love it! @Samuel Yohanes So agree the stunning visuals in this drama. Sigh. @Jillia Love your gif---wow so good and yeah so meaningful. It is a SMALL world that both our OTP meetup at Incheon not knowingly. How their paths connect again unknowingly. Joon Young unknowingly like a moth to a flame flickering interest and awareness of Seong Ah (her poor name sounding like an apology--what a pain indeed). Loved how he knocked the music sheet so the conductor could stop digging at her, his wanting to give an umbrella (thoug
  3. @violina Awww thanks for the kind words. @chickenchopflipflop83 I have to say I have to agree with @violina about the nuanced crying scenes. Already while draining I am sure for the actors doing it, i concur the feelings evoked for the viewer for each time there is a crying scene you have a different feeling and emotions. I TOO was not BOTHERED how LJK took it up a notch on the bridge. I think it was like that dam that was soooooo full and ready to BURST. The bridge reunion for DYS and CJW was IT! After he realized JW knew about his real identity and never GAVE up on him a
  4. Hi Everyone! OMG I watched ep 11 last night and dang. @Lmangla Awesome post and you wrote my thoughts so eloquently, thanks for sharing. Others wrote great comments too --too many to remember but I appreciate all of them @ainipang @-Love Blossom- @Jillia @Latte_Anyday @violina @holyfea @kara_mella @H0ney (your checklist) @kehrite @aisling @whiteclover @hunybunny @noor1 @chickenchopflipflop83 Always loved Lee Jun Ki since his debut movie role. He is such a nuanced actor and his expressions. I loved Moon Chae Won too myself as well alway
  5. Hello Everyone. Finally caught the finale last night with ep 16. I echo @Annie12 What type of lack of reunion?! AJ is heartbroken crying to mom and ODO leaves her to write (though he is probably right with the netizens and critics censure) but they shouldn't be in the way of your being NEARBY for each other. I was touched AJ mom making food for ODO. Yup KPD and Sook Hee only having her give looks to him at the party---WHAT?! That was a waste. Thoughts -Overall love the actors but the plot was a bit BETTER than the "Men is Men" "To All the Men Who Lov
  6. Hi Everyone! Haven't seen ep 4 yet as juggling a bunch of other dramas and real life. But going to try to watch both episodes tonight after work (morning and started work 1 hour ago). Here are 2 making videos
  7. Thanks @0ly40 for preview ep 5 Ep 4 clips Found some clips for Ep 4 funnily not under MBC but somewhere else. It was a treasure trove. Anyways, enjoying ep 4 plus enjoying it alot sad it is only one episode a week. Nice and breezy. EP 4 thoughts -Glad that Na Eun got to get a writing contract and she found out that Kang Woo paid a pretty penny to fix her computer when he couldn't himself. I love that her friends are honest and helpful on advice on her writing from Ji A and just support from her cafe fr
  8. Thanks as always @jeonghyang for your recaps Loved reading everyone's comments. Excited to watch this tonight. highlights ep 11
  9. Here are ep 4th clips (more in the spoiler tag) as there are a generous amount from MBC I will watch it tonight.
  10. Last night watched ep 2 and totally in on this drama. As others have said, I am loving our OTP. @Fabbo Mentioned alot of points I agree on the FL and some moments in the drama. I liked how Seong Ah requested the song and Joon Young was able to play it even if just once. He was sweet to take the coffee (switch with SA) that was half spilt. I liked how he went to SA asking her to help and helping her feel calm to be a page turner. I liked that after that Awkward moment at the music store when her classmate made that rude comment on Joon Young, he was still nic
  11. Hi All, Finished the drama. Gosh other than liking the actors in this drama the story was meh for me. Not a strong plot and had good potential points but def not a resounding recommendation at all to friends. EP 16 -The resoluation with KSH was very pat and very nice of HJ but dang (she deserved some just desserts ) other than wallowing in her guilt and drinking. She got off easy. Though she is not to "blame" but sent in to have MinJoo captured but Sunbae was instead. To be tortured and interrogated (not a cake walk) and she did not care of
  12. Hi Everyone, I miscalculated and watched 1-2 on Monday night and last night 3-4 after catching up on my other real time dramas rotation. Ep 3-4 thoughts -Still think it crazy that no one thinks SeungNyang is NOT a guy (Until her dad figures out her true identity. Wow it was touching when she did not want to know her other siblings and just wanted to be by his side . I liked how she wore the rings together and that due to her bathing she had to take it off. Honoring her wishes to hid her gender identity and later seeing her dad being tied up and dealing
  13. @lebeaucouple Great post and examples. I couldn't have said it better myself! Thanks for the clear examples and explanation. Stellar! I will watch the next two episodes tonight. I was tempted last night but balanced watching Empress Ki instead.
  14. Thanks for the spoilers @herina_90 Hi to @kyutrogue I am at work but here is ep 16 making released I will write more when I have a chance to watch the finale tonight.
  15. @lightbringer06 Our OTP is not OTP just yet. I feel writer nim is establishing the story. From ep 1, they are setting it up that both are in love triangles. I think from HIGHLIGHTS and preview ep 3 (I have not seen ep 2 yet as at work still) they are charmed by each other with beginnings and glimmers of awareness. I saw them from the RAW ep 2 clips. @Samuel Yohanes Hi good to see you here! Yes our OTP are handsome and pretty. PEB is so pretty and I agree even more so with her long hair too. Actress as evil Jennifer Song (I did see her and think hope she is n
  16. @lyd89 Thank you Yeah Jae Ho personality is that good. I am not surprised. I would want to be his friend too! Cool! He is definitely the connector type of person no wonder he is good at what he does. Love his bright personality, confidence and go getter attitude.
  17. @faithwalker @Jillia You know that is a great question. I just saw ep 1-2 last night. I don't recall a CLEAR answer to the group she led as Jackal. I just know after the men were released by Commander (Ki's dad). Then we see scenes of Ki signing up to want to be close to Commander. So not much story explanation at all. I am assuming they parted ways but I feel bad. Without her, how are these men able to get their relatives back? I guess find another leader? (The maknae member who spoke up for Ki while being interrogated by Commandeer was so sweet and endearing. Plu
  18. Ep 3 preview Found this cute interview where our OTP are interviewing each other Sorry no subs.
  19. Awwww ep 15 SWOON scene--first and last love of ODO Tomorrow is the FINALE.
  20. Waving hello to friendly names I see here in this forum! I have been waiting for this drama and I adored Nodame Contable--manga,live version and korean adapted drama. Ahem my ID name is "Nodame" When I went to Japan eons ago, they had the Nodame OST and key chain. I had to buy it then. I have good memories of this drama and manga. -Glad to see classical music in this drama and I played violin while younger for a few years -the OTP are so cute and glad to see the ML finally BE a ML (yeah!) Love the FL too! -Just beautiful visuals, stunn
  21. Hi Everyone! I am excited and slow late start to the party. I have to read the other pages (sorry I have not yet ). I am at work I just watched ep 1-2 last night/early morning. If it was not 3am I would want to marathon a bit more. OMG love it! Awwww thoughts so far: -Hunky men in costume--JJM, LCW and the actor as Tal Tal as the top three in my head -I love Ha Ji Won but SERIOUSLY they thought she was a MAN ---really? Not believable she is too PRETTY I mean the Crown Prince and all note her scrawny frame, then when the Crown Prince tried to teach
  22. Thanks @larus for the updates and articles. Glad they could push up the schedule and finish and still be safe. Clips for today ep 15 and more in the SPOILERS as KBS has a lot of them. Thanks! I watched ep 15 last night, kind of happy to see the last two episodes not spanned for two weeks and glad they finished filming safely too. -I liked the lovey dovey scenes.Why is HJ so reticent to be hitched? I know she has issues from the past lives. Glad we learned from JW that he mentioned what happened from the other two earlier liv
  23. Last night finally got to see the English Subbed version this time for ep 15 it was late on Netflix. Yeah powering through to the end and glad to see: -DC and PD scene. OMG. Loved the father son scene and he finally opened up why he did not tell him earlier about his mom . So awesome. HN being sweet to DC saying wow your dad is cool and A BOSS so manly. DC loved being called manly. Then later the bullies were eating with PD and DC and HN. Him saying he was stabbed, shot at and even dealt with an ax but saying WORDS are scarier--the bully got the memo wll the while cut
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