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  1. @joccu YESH thank you my friend ! You are the best! I did not see the damage as I was stuck at the door. (Thank god) I heard pretty bad and affected a good 12 apts and some hallways. @Sleepy Owl Thanks for your comments. Another reason i did not go back is I have a full rotation of Kdramas right now. +2
  2. @Sleepy Owl I only watched one episode of HUSH and stopped. +2
  3. @joccu After the pipe bursting in a resident's apt last night, I soooo wanted one of those. LOL. +2
  4. @Min2206 NIghty Nighty. The place I went to is m ore indoor and not castles or anything that grand just cold room insteasd of a bar with slide and area to walk around. Not that fancy in Seoul. OMG those BBCream/Zombie make up Bts video---anyone even ZOPPA cannot pull off that look well. Still love his radiant smile. @partyon Aww never saw that drama. Park Hyungshik---hubba hubba his acting has grown leaps and bounds. I always liked out of the members in ZE:A +2
  5. LOL bbcream oppa @partyon He is ok to me --beautiful eyes though remember him from Cheese in the Trap. He has grown as an actor. @Ameera Ali and @partyon I am like @Lmangla I like looking and appreciate the visuals and acting, I don't need to have more. Definitely that he around makes me "happy" he exists. LOL. But I have enjoyed appreciating ZOPPA since Pasta. @joccu We do have those bars with ice and castles. I want to go to New Hampshire as they have ice sculptures castles and I want to check it out. Just don't own a car that is the problem. @Min2206 When
  6. @partyon Keanu is the ultimate in Matrix series but I love he is truly a kind man in real life too makes him the ultimate OPPA I agree! The clip from "Emergency Couple" happy to see Choi Jin Hyuk in that drama GET the gal. Too many roles he doesn't. But AWWW so hot. Awww life just dramas and wash rinse repeat, i can do those days but now with this part time job now ---I cannot have that luxury for now. Sigh. @4evrkdrama Envious Dimples are CUTE oooooooh latest crush Kim Seung Ho. 366
  7. @MayanEcho Ooh cool for chicken dinner. Ok weekends from now on my part time gig. But I will try to get errands done and one friend asked to do a morning walk at least. Got to be concentrated EYES on the prize to pay off debt. What about you for weekend plans? +2
  8. @Ameera Ali AWWWWWWWWW I was thinking is it RUGAL (as I did not see it) . Dang based on that clip I have to make some time to watch it as he was looking FINE as WINE! Thanks my friend! +2
  9. Hi All! OST song TGIF! Totally agree after watching ep 10 last night, that the OTP confession was done in THEIR way. The kiss --was cute. But I would not have MINDED a second kiss to be a bit MORE hubba hubba. I got more action in Real Beauty Confession kiss. This one was just pressing of lips. The Parodies are nice, I don't know all of them either but cool they do homages, very witty. Yes our artist stood up to DA and the article about DA and her relationships is true. Her barging into MJ's place trying fried
  10. @Sleepy Owl Phew glad you are feeling better my friend, I don't get headaches often but when I do it is not fun. At least you can relax. @sadthe1st Def agree more clips. +2
  11. @Ameera Ali Awww thanks! Oh great one----or is it @partyon Zoppa clip posted earlier with the car scene? Which drama? He looked so SMEXY! @Min2206 Enjoy the rest before sleep. I love those moments hunkering down relaxing. @joccu Hope you have alot errands done and good productive outing. +2
  12. @Min2206 Hope you are enjoying your rest and sleep @4evrkdrama Thanks my sister. I don't have a NETFLIX account. Right now just catching up on my life and goals so that is why. Got to hustle. I joined this Mandarin group for first time yesterday called CLUBHOUSE . It was interesting as my Canto is way better. @cenching OOOOH I want to try that Norwegian snack. I tried many different snacks during my trip in Denmark and Sweden in DEC 2019. I wish I knew of that snack then. I flew Norwegian Air to get there. @joccu We did not have a winter either here in 20
  13. TGIF and glad to finish the week and last night was a doozy on my second job with broken water pipe. DANG.

  14. Caught up on RUN ON and True Beauty. Glad the OTP are DATING but come on why no hold hands after your confession?! Why do the OTP in True Beauty are faster than you both?!

  15. Hi @Ameera Ali @sadthe1st @mirmz @Min2206 @corey @partyon @Lmangla @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Thong Thin @iksunijini @Ernie @larus @joccu @Jillia @forme26 fi @4evrkdrama @Catleyaand everyone else Good morning from my place TGIF! Good Afternoon and Good Evening where ever where you all are located! Now got to start work but wanted to say hi first! +2
  16. @Min2206 Thanks got home 12:30am one resident got a pipe burst so 6 floors of apt had water damage yikes. Let’s just say it was an interesting active night. pooped and ready for bed. All those in Asia - good morning friends! Good afternoon & good night too. +2
  17. @joccu Thanks heading out now to shift number 2 after my main day job. LOL. Appreciate it my friend. +2
  18. @joccu Me Too! Cedar Point is a must go to for roller coaster enthusiasts. https://www.cedarpoint.com/ When I went to Korea for Everland, I was not thrilled by the two top rollercoasters there. Heading to my second job tonight and no wifi there really. SIGH there til 11pm. Bye all! +2
  19. @joccu I can handle glass and tall buildings and roller coaster. Wow hiking/climbing and forget skiing and snowboarding (I am a klutz) I tried to ski horribly. I got scared going to fast and since I am not athletic the fear overtook me. Kudos and props to you my friend. RESPECT. +2
  20. @joccu I am afraid of heights. scary +2
  21. I know @MayanEcho @corey The Wolf was popular due to my pal trying to get me to watch it. LOL I said I barely sleep if I add Cdramas. Yes Li Qin is pretty. Just checked her pic out. +2
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