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  1. There is no age limit to enjoy dramas even if not your own age range. I am 48 myself. Cool @Gamechanger11 @hyall I watch all varieties as long as the story is good. LOL. I love actors too that helps. Looking forward to this week's episodes here are highlights posted of other episodes plus major bummer no episodes this week.
  2. Making of the latest episode kiss (I haven't watched it yet as subs are always so late) I do try to watch raw when I can but haven't this week ep 8. Preview for next week's episode 9 Found this collage of clips of the Digital and Low Tech chemistry of their romance
  3. Hi All, I am dropping by. I have been watching the drama for Nam Goong Min and enjoying the plot. Lately not loving it but still interested to keep plugging /chugging along to watch this drama. -Sad that NGM character has a finite amount of time to live. Glad he is trying to bring down the FOUNDATION. -The female cop and she likes her boss but he admitted having her close to hold her dad in check as he works for the Foundation. I concur GLAD she found out by hersel (though ML gave her breadcrumbs). -The maknae of the group loving the praise he go
  4. @O Thanks for your kind note. I agree with you. MJ is not 100% innocent but she paid her dues with her ex hubby. All deserve to be happier and free and have healthier relationships. I concur that JH is more brother like with SA ( I mean she is his BFF lil sis--if he was interested he could have dated her but he opted not to as he did not reciprocate her feelings). So he is NOT jealous of NR with SA but knowing she is with a guy with a dicey past makes him worry. We are guessing that James and MJ got married due to her getting pregnant (is our guess). For one, he is not
  5. OH I caught up and watched the latest. OMG. @nosnoop I agree the poster helps figure it out and SR is a MAIN person and to me always was a FL due to that . Her being Anna's mom etc. Video I found about twins I love Making Videos This was last week not sure posted already sorry if it was
  6. Thanks and kudos to @Lmangla and @partyon Yes it was fun. I admit I did not sit and try to figure out where to go around Soompi forums ---not good at that and also doing this while at work (I know my thin excuse). Some lovely holiday cookies to share. Advent Calendars (found some time to go back read some pages) I did not know they were a thing til my pal sent me for two years 2 different kind of Advent Calendars -chocolate -L'occitane and Origins They were def cool and I had many trial size samples of their pro
  7. Farewell Kairos! To echo other members of the forum @tofumochu @Ashbelle @larus I too overall am glad that I saw this drama. 1) I agree that GW got off easy. Though his move to steal from HR was horrible like @tofumochu he did redeem himself helping her out though she sounded crazy about her calls with future Seojin and no one believed her. Still the LOTTERY winnings, he DID get off easy. 2) HC did have WEAK reasons GREED to do what she did? No excuse why not do a divorce than orchestrate a messy kidnapping of DB? What? Though she did have a tough
  8. Hugs @Lmangla and @partyon I adore Taecyeon too and yes a cute pic. Not great at this so just guessing as not good at the figuring clues - I admit it. here are my haphazard guesses for days 8-12 & didn’t read the others guesses or old pages before either. Thanks friends for this game.
  9. Some clips ep 5-6 some clips ep 3-4 Method our OTP are finally getting closer due to a cat Wow I am finding I am watching more off the radar dramas then popular ones. Anyways, the subs come SO LATE. I just watched ep 6 last night with them. I watched them raw and got the jist. Thanks to @Jillia loving the OST. Clips from today's ep 7 see under spoiler tag Ep 7 From what I can gather of the clips in my Korean -Our FL learns
  10. I saw ep 15 last night and don't want to say goodbye to this lovely drama. OMG. Scenes ep 13-14 last week EP 15 yesterday was a doozy and more plot twists. OMG. I am wanting to watch the clips but thinking it is almost 4pm and I can wait to get home to watch it with subs. LOL. @Jillia Thanks for your hard work and the clips as always Cannot wait!
  11. HI All. Interesting this is my second weekend drama to follow in real time after ONCE AGAIN. I like the two OTP characters. the FL is so cute and the actress has a beautiful EYE SMILE indeed that is so bright and gorgeous it lights up her face. -Love line HD and SA brother (we saw a mile away) we are not seeing it yet for those two. But we know all SIGNS lead to them being together. She will get her CHAEBOL connection not her real parent but via her boyfriend. He likes her company but loves her skills. Interesting he was not liking her outfit suggestion for the gal
  12. All in this forum, thanks for being in the journey. @Phi Always appreciated your constant info and posts in this forum. Also thanks to all others. This is another underrated Korean drama I have seen this year. Due to covid and lack of travel, I have watched a TON more of dramas than I usually can consume. WOW. This was great --strong woman. Though I loved Eric Mun alot, I am glad she did not just go all lovey dovey on him and cheat on her hubby Derek with the sexy Ex. In that I respect her for trying to make it work. Also her finding out she had a knack in being a spy.
  13. Yesterday was a doozy finding out about YH is the killer of MSA. OMG. I am enjoying the sparks of Logan Lee and SR. Now LL knows that SR was NOT living happily as he thought. Dr. Han is free of SJ but having EB unstable hearing of their divorce is upsetting to him. RN is a bit crazy loose canon with the wig and trying to drink YH going on the evil deep end, OMG. Def Makjang def not a boring moment. some clips from today's episode More clips in spoiler
  14. Thanks for this forum. Saw this on DIGGLE Enjoying this drama easy breezy and filling in the void as I watch some other more serious fare this rotation. My sis reads the webtoon and I have not read it. But I love MGY and the male actors are not shabby other. I saw the biker boy in "18 Again" and he was great there. So great seeing him here. CEW has improved alot since "Your ID Is Gangnam Beauty". He is improving but I agree that biker boy is more compelling. But of the trio MGY does shine the brightest as the FL. I agree with others her
  15. Started watching Extraordinary You, omg this a great drama.

    1. Nodame


      Enjoying it a lot up to ep12 in 3 days. Love seeing faces of actors I have seen this year in dramas.

    2. agenth


      This is one of my favorites!!! And it's so creative and mind-blowing and totally cute!

    3. Nodame


      I agree with the creativity and fresh ideas. Good looking cast too, wow I am enjoying it now. So glad I am watching it.

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  16. As we wait for the weekend and new episodes this was released for ep 25-26 some select scenes from last weekend Called best/great scene Spoilers some scenes clips ep 26 Thanks all for keeping this forum alive with comments/thoughts etc. Last weekend ok. - BCW dad tries to get closer to his daughter and is def impressing Koala. OMG the set up to do the hand drip coffee at a construction site? How impractical that can be but very impactful -James (JH dad) actually asking his staff why the
  17. Here is something I found on DIGGLE. Gosh I cannot wait to see the episode tonight. Now only lunch time my time. BOO HOO.
  18. @partyon Sorry my friend for not labeling where the ABS clip (IF THERE WOULD BE ONE) as I did as fast as I could and then had to do some work. Sorry my chinggu!
  19. @Secretz LOL OMG I was thinking the same thing, Logan Lee's wig did not fall off?! Amazing! he takes it off so easily when he is back in the hotel. Then the GIG would have been up. So true. Seok Hun with Anna Lee, he did not have any feelings of attraction unlike Bae Rona. (We saw it slowly when he helped her get over the wall--due to his sis). But later he could help himself to star at her and look at her. So making his initially "false" crush interest on her turn real. It was never the case with Anna Lee the tutor. She was supposed to be "older" and tutor them. So he was not inte
  20. @lebritneeey YEAH thanks I agree. Right now there is not way they can be together with Rona being told he approached her not truthfully in the right way (true) but what she doesn't know he truly came to like her. I am proud of her to step away from her. Frankly, she has to protect herself, how can she believe he likes her. He showed indications per their group making comments----taking her patches after he got beat up, eating Rona's mom's cooking etc. Still initially we know he only approached her due to his twin sister. But still if there is a WHIF of a chance of them together, I wouldn't min
  21. @Jillia I know what you mean about being behind on dramas. I took half days on Friday and Monday and it HELPED me catch up. LOL. I just did quick translations of the clips you posted here. Darn it wish there were more posts my friend. Liking the trio in TRUE BEAUTY alot and thanks for the recommendation for The Uncanny Counter. Yeah LIVE ON is cute and I watched the most recent episode RAW and got the jist. The story is easy breezy. Finally that secret person loading the stuff online is FINALLY found out. (Then again the web drama is ending soon.) Not sure i
  22. Thanks my dear friend @Jillia Always love seeing friends in other forums. As I am at work, snowstorm is now coming tonight til tomorrow. I have all this work but I WANT to know today's episode. LOL thanks for the clips my friend. Ahh just watched the clips thanks to my dear pal @Jillia Clip 1 -our FL denies she is the pretty gal in school. the ML is like no it is YOU! He even corners her to the wall and pulls the hair band out of her hair. To my EYES you are her! -Even as our FL denies, her mom at that moment comes and says her name LOUDLY. Caught!
  23. Though a heavy and serious drama, it is nice to see the BTS videos. Here is the cast singing Happy bday to our ML! YEAH. Awww.
  24. OH my @partyon Hubba Hubba nice abs indeed. LOL. This drama does take awhile to be subbed for me but I had to watch the RAW to see the ABS myself. LOL Clips from ep 5 More in spoiler
  25. YEAH it is Wednesday but 10am right now for me. Ep 13-14 highlights Ep 16 finale preview
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