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  1. Reading Bride’s Story #12 now

  2. Enjoying the social networking Clubhouse while at work. 

  3. TGIF and glad to finish the week and last night was a doozy on my second job with broken water pipe. DANG.

  4. Caught up on RUN ON and True Beauty. Glad the OTP are DATING but come on why no hold hands after your confession?! Why do the OTP in True Beauty are faster than you both?!

  5. WOAH reputation crossed 10K (never thought that would happen) and posts are now 1,500. Back in May last  year I was FAR FAR from this. LOL.  Thanks Soompi Forums for keeping me sane!

  6. Wow made 1,500 posts! Wow Wow.

    1. partyon


      You will be Legend soon! :kiss_wink:

  7. Enjoying Mr Queen after a day out & watching 7 trying to marathon to ep 9 . Started last night and loving it.

  8. Loving True Beauty & catching up on Run On, enjoying both a ton. :popcornjackson:

  9. Over the weekend watched 1-10 of Uncanny Counter-- Love it!

  10. Belated Happy New Year everyone! I took Monday off from work and in work today! Catching up with stuff but trying to be upbeat about the new year.



  11. Happy New Years Eve (for me and others still in NYE). Those already in the New Year--- Happy New Year! Glad to rediscover Soompi Forums this year 2020. Hope 2021 is brighter, better, safe and healthy.

    1. partyon


      Happy New Year dear chingu!  :dorakiss:

  12. Started watching Extraordinary You, omg this a great drama.

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    2. Nodame


      Enjoying it a lot up to ep12 in 3 days. Love seeing faces of actors I have seen this year in dramas.

    3. agenth


      This is one of my favorites!!! And it's so creative and mind-blowing and totally cute!

    4. Nodame


      I agree with the creativity and fresh ideas. Good looking cast too, wow I am enjoying it now. So glad I am watching it.

  13. Snowstorm slated for tomorrow, I will be able to bust out my snow boots finally. LOL. But enjoying the calm before the storm.


  14. System reboot took 90 minutes ! Yikes at least got recycling and filing done!

  15. TGIF and Thanksgiving yesterday was nice. Excited I have short day at work today. YESH.


  16. Post up in Empress Ki rewatch party. Glad to be done! Thanks to @partyon for organizing the rewatch party and all the others with me in it. Finally a light at the end of the tunnel and great to meet you all! See you around friends @joccu @Sleepy Owl @chickfactor @partyon @faithwalker @the8dark8angel

  17. Woah made 1300+ posts when I was only 500 something in May. Dang I guess I have been more active.LOL

  18. Happy Tuesday! Glad some things were finalized after a stressful Monday start.

  19. TGIF! The weekend is here. Last Friday we got snow and this Friday we got temps 60s F compared to 20-30s F. Crazy NE weather here.

  20. Those in the USA and of voting age, please go out and VOTE! I was glad to vote early last week.

  21. So many dramas watched ended and some good news ones (some intense) and fall is ending here. Getting colder and have to watch my time on Soompi Forums. TT

  22. Been MIA due to recent vacation and busy at work. 

  23. Rainy Tuesday and short work week. I don't want to work. Such an indulgent weekend of major eating and spending time with friends. 

  24. TGIF! Holiday weekend here and loving it! Next week will be a short work week as I am going to go out of town, first travel of any overnight away out of state since Covid started.

    1. Sejabin


      I wish you will stay safe, chingu. I had not try to go out of my town yet. Perhaps in the end of the year :transforms:

    2. ponderings


      Stay safe! 

    3. Nodame


      Thanks all, I am going to upstate New York a road trip for 6 days this coming weekend. I am also going to take lots of precautions. Thanks friends! Hope you are all well.


  25. Happy Thursday! Finally some time to catch up on stuff here in the forums. 


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