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  1. False. It's work time over here now. The next person... went swimming while it rained before.
  2. True. The next person... can shuffle dance.
  3. False. I'm trying to fall asleep. The next person... can reach the ceiling when jumping.
  4. True if I'm in the mood, but I'm rarely in the right mood so I rarely know how to be funny. The next person can't help staring at people who are so overweight that a car's suspension would be pushed down to the maximum despite knowing that it's rude to stare.
  5. False, I already graduated. The next person took Calculus in high school.
  6. True, but I haven't finished any yet. The next person uploaded a YouTube video that has more than 10 thousand views.
  7. True. I usually draw more realistically, but I'm making manga-like emoticons now. The next person is being surprised about current events.
  8. True. I was very busy during the last four weeks. The next person has helped someone practice driving before... and it was a scary experience.
  9. True. The next person goes to bed before 11pm.
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