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  1. Lmao in all honesty I forgot about him. Bo Mi really needs to apologize to him big time and let him go if she is not serious. I do hope they find out about the infidelity soon, hopefully this upcoming week. Gives it time to enjoy the new life change of the actress. Idk what to expect with the manager moving in. I feel like he does care for the real Bo Mi but his caring side is barely being shown because the actress has shown vulnerability to Bo Mi character something he had not seen before. I completely agree with your opinion of the body swapping romance because at this point he is technically bonding more with the actress. This is the reason I couldn't take the Oh my ghostess drama seriously. I really enjoyed reading your points of view. I wish more people watched this drama is so fun to watch.
  2. I am beginning to feel bad for the actress. She genuinely loves her husband and bestfriend while they don't love her. I am sad for her when she finds out the truth idk how she will deal with this. It will be a heavy blow on her kind soul. I am glad both girls are bonding to the point that Bo Mi called her sister. At first I was shipping the manager with Bo Mi but now idk he kinda makes a cute couple with the actress too. I think the actress will get both Bo Mi and the manager together but I also want the actress to find a new love.
  3. I need subs!! so much dialog. My body language reading isn't working on this episodes. And like someone previously mentioned I do see them getting back together but as an open ending.
  4. I just found out her bestfriend died. Why did she have to die? Now HR is truly alone plus this wasn't even something the bestfriend had to get involved in I feel like it will end as an open ending. Leaning towards both leads staying together at the end. I feel they only have each other now. Regardless of this big mess they truly love each other, it can spark again. If they go their separate ways I'm fine with that too.
  5. Ahhhhhh this drama is so good!! The chemistry between OTP is off the roof. The eye contact is always intense and heart fluttering but a part of me also feels guilty like our main female lead :(. I am sure he will be heartbroken when he finds out the truth.
  6. Now I don't have doubts of Rooda and BJS are ending up together. The story is prioritizing Rooda and BJS relationship thus far I see no worries ahead. It's all smooth sailing for now lol I know there's more to the story then just romance like character development etc but I can't help it, I ship it a lot! I am curious about how it will all play out. Is BSJ going to try to pursue Rooda romantically? Or keep boundaries but be nice to her because well he is very thankful to her, loves her and she died for him(accidentally)?. I mean she did reject him and told him it was not mutual but cared for him. If someone tells you I don't like you more than friends and you went back in time would you try to make the other person fall for you? Or would you respect their previous answer eventhough it has not happened yet? I think he is just going to follow his heart in treating her well without intending or trying to get her to fall for him but at the end she is going to realize she loves him. I am sure he assumes his love isn't going to be mutual and will be shocked when he finds out it was. I can't wait for Rooda to get her memories back. Her feelings are still there because she did live through those experiences. Maybe now that she isn't dating Kang she will reflect on her feelings more deeply and if the outcome is still a no for BJS love line I honestly would be okay with it but I need closure. I hope they don't go through the open ending route.
  7. I haven't logged into this account since Pinocchio. That should tell you how much I'm hooked in this drama. I started the drama without know the ending of the webtoon when I found out about it I made a decision to continue it and hope for a different ending. I literally put my heart at stake cause 99% change it was going to break if Rooda didn't end up with BJS. How she worried about him gave me much hope for my ship to sail but now that she confessed why she cares for him it really gave out no sign of romantic feelings on her part :'(. That made a hole in my ship. I think it will soon sink. I also don't want Rooda with Kang she deserves better. He is a child...as for BJS I am sure he will be happy if ruda is happy. If he doesn't end up with Rooda at the end can the writers hint at a possible relationship at the end with someone. I want him to be happy and build a family. I still have hope for them to end as a couple though cause have you all noticed that Kang and Rooda have not kissed even though they are dating? Either the writer wanted Roodas kiss to be with BJS or he is using it to keep us wondering who she will end up with. Because let's be honest if we saw Rooda kissing Kang it would have ended our hope for her and BSJ in a heart beat.
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