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  1. I don't believe that JH realized that he was never going to get GH back. He still in my view felt that he was right and she would come back to him. He was unable to get her to fall for his mess so he left her angrily and went to SW. What he hated most is that GH has no interest in ever going back to him. He could not understand that GH and SW are able to still love but let go if that is what is best for or what the other persons wants. As his brother told him just because that is not the way he thinks love is or should be does not mean it is not right. His brother pointing out that it was really his pride and not him truly seeing he is wrong made him stomp off in a huff. JH's way to love is to be selfish , arrogant and egotistical and then make demands never listening to the other person. Even though he was told time and time again by GH that she does not want him or want him around her or in her life he never listened to her thinking she had to be joking or lying saying so because she is still angry at what happen when that was never the case. He never let go of GH in his mind even though she let go and moved on. It finally hit him when GH told him point blank that she is not going back to him and his being around her is a burden on her. He truly thought that she was just going through the motions with SW and all he needed was time for her to come back to him but she told him even after this situation of her being ill she did not need or want him and she would never go back to him. His words to SW about seeing how SW and GH love turns out was born out of spite and jealousy because he could not get what he wanted. I believe he fully expected things to turn out bad and that SW can't cut it beside an ill GH. JH will be shown once again the type of love that SW and GH have over the kind he had with GH and then with SM. Exactly.. pride was what made him go to SW. It was never about what was best for GH it was more of spite to see if that type of love they have for one another would survive in this situation or after. He was still very selfish in my view and angry that he could not win and get GH or her parents to let him be close to her once again.
  2. I think the worst writing in this drama is they continue to torment the lead female. Besides her parents who are trying to encourage her to go to the hospital and seek treatment they have made everyone else continue to be selfish and not see the big picture. The doctor told GH I am sure that the best thing is to have people who care about her around her to provide support. But instead of trusting in YR and SW she listens to his father who is a poor physician and human being. How selfish are you to forget your vows to help people and only think of his personal feelings. He used this as a chance to steal his grandson back and get his son back and he will have to learn that it will only upset his grandson and son. I can't believe so many people who do not need to be around GH are. I have had it with this drama the min that GH showed signs of being ill and I am only waiting to see the last episode to see if she and SW really do end up together. I stuck with it this long only for this reason only to get a curve ball at the end with this new plot line. Was there no other way to try to redeem people and gain parental support? I guess not if they resulted to this. Extensions never do good in my view and the one they added to this drama has only made my view of this drama go down. Its not going to be one that I would want to put on my favorite drama list. I prefer daily drama's but with so many networks doing away with daily drama time slots I can see the future pickings as being slim and will have to re-watch old drama's to get my fix. I am very disappointed in how they are going about this. I am not surprised by GH's actions but someone should have told her how selfish she is being as well. Its too bad that there is no one around her to do so. I want to hope that perhaps SM will be the one person to wake GH up and provide something that makes her see her actions are hurting herself, SW and YR. Even if SM's actions are born out of selfish reasons to hold on to JH perhaps she will provide the kick in the pants that GH needs to stop it.
  3. I think it would be perfect if the only match out of everyone tested turns out to be SW. Its a huge slap in the face for JH who thinks he is captain savior. He will have to face the fact that he is old news and there will never be a future with GH. SW is her present and her future and he needs to go away and leave them alone.
  4. SW's mother for sure would be happy at this unfortunate incident. The biggest blow to her is that she will not get her wish for GH to go away. It will only make her son more upset to see her happy/gleeful at GH being sick thinking she would get him and YR back. Instead SW will make sure that he would be the one taking care of GH and YR without his mother being able to get near at all. Its going to be the hardest slap for this woman who still thinks that her way is the best way instead of realizing that SW is the one to make the choice for whats best for him and that is GH and YR. SH needs to wake up JH. JH can never hope to get GH back EVER! Let's not even talk about the fact that SH is about to marry GH's sister. Her parents never want JH anywhere near GH let alone to be double in laws. JH is just being super selfish and stupid. I think once the health issues come to light he will get a huge wake up call. If he tries to push in he will get a slap down from not only SW and GH who does not need the stress of his obsession but I can see everyone wanting to kick him out of the way. I hope SM fights to the end to stop the divorce for no other reason then to give GH and SW time to deal with her health with out JH running around getting in the way. I know it won't stop him from showing up in front of them as he still dares to be mad to see them together as a little family but at least he gets to suffer a bit for his cheating and betrayal. One of my biggest problems with his character is he got off too easy after cheating on GH and betraying her trust. He showed his true colors when SM was pregnant. Now that he does not have that child he wants to come back to GH because she spent years being loving and sweet and he wants YR cause GH loves the child and he does not want SW to be near his son. It has nothing really to do with truly loving GH or YR. JH got use to GH being a door mat for him and now he has had a taste of what a real life wife would be like. He wants to return to his comfy life he once had and he can't and never will get the opportunity to. He never took care of the love and wife he had truly because if he had he would realize what cheating would do if his wife found out. I can say that the best thing he ever did was betray GH and cheat because he freed her. Now he needs to realize that he lost GH and can never have her back and that all he is doing is being selfish and causing problems for GH. She does not need someone doing that at this point considering her health. SM deserves this for what she did but I do hope that she wakes up to reality and sees that holding on to him is not going to change anything. Her buddy told her correctly she just needs to get to the point that she realizes the mistakes she made and that GH was never a rival for her in anything it was herself that was fighting with her own internal issues. I too hope that it turns out that GH can live a healthy long life after treatment or with some form of medicine. There are some very good guesses that JH could end up being a match as he caused the most issues and still is up until he learns GH is sick. I do have to wonder if this is a side effect of her treatments before or was this the cause that her treatments did not work before? This health issue reminds me of another drama called "Enchanting Neighbor" I hope that we will see GH and SW married with YR at the end of all this turmoil.
  5. It could also be SM who is a possible match for bone marrow for GH. Either way the two people who caused her the most problems outside of SW's mom would really have to wake up to their own selfishness with this health issue of GH's. Its going to be a huge wake up call to everyone around mostly SW's parents who are still being childish and stubborn concerning GH and SW.
  6. I just hope that whatever is going on with GH health wise can be cured. It would be cruel for YR to loose another mom and SW to loose another love. I honestly do not know what the writers of this drama are thinking of. At this point to bring in a health issue for GH the lead?!!! Perhaps this is as some one mentioned in a post before mine this is a step to put everyone on the same page about GH and SW being together. Which means JH will finally have to give up his selfish obsession to get in GH's and SW's way and truly be a doctor that can provide information to help GH get well and insure her happiness with SW and YR. SW's parents can stop being stubborn and acting like spoiled children and finally see how devoted SW is to GH and how hurt their grandson would be to loose his mom once again. From what I have seen in the drama listing thread this drama has a stop date of Nov. 1 (another 4 weeks? I can't believe that) although Koreandrama.org says Oct. 18th is the last day (which gives us 2 weeks and 2 days left). I guess we will have to see when this ends but this new plot line is foolish. A health scare would only scare everyone and make GH afraid once again and want to give YR to his father as to not burden him and cause YR a new scar to loose a mother once again.
  7. There is no doubt that JH and SM need to divorce. SM is only hurting herself with her fear and jealousy of JH going back to GH. As she heard GH does not want JH back its just SM's own ego and Jealousy wanting to hold on to JH even knowing he does not want her. I say get that divorce but I want her to hold on to him until after we are assured that GH and SW have registered. I hope this will happen and we are not kept waiting until after they divorce and GH and SW decide to stay in S. Korea. SM is only hurting herself by holding on to JH as her buddy told her but she is ruled by low self esteem as you mentioned along with her ego and jealousy. Its a shame as he can plainly see that JH is not good for SM. I think he is helping SM purge JH but he is going about it the wrong way by bringing JH to the hotel. The guy totally likes SM and can't understand why she is so hung up on JH. SM is hung up on him because a. JH is the cold aloof type that does not want her as long as he pushes her away she will be obsessed with holding on to him hurting herself. b.because she can't stand that she can't get, keep or have something (self esteem issues) for some reason GH is the trigger for her as she has always felt she could not measure up to GH. Its a ego booster to her to have JH the only problem is SM never had him. The guy should have found another way to try to make SM see that she is hurting herself. Now all he has done is given JH the way out of the marriage he wanted. Lets hope that SM continues to hold on for just a few until we see them either registered or he is finally told by everyone to let go of his delusions. I think he will realize its pointless when he hears that his brother and GH's sister are marrying in a month. He has no way to get back with GH because no one will have him back and his brother will not give up his woman for JH to continue harassing GH who does not want him and has moved on with a new love. I can't feel sorry for SM because she made her bed by sleeping with and ruining GH's marriage. GH told her she would never be happy and she has not had one happy moment after the honeymoon. This is all because of her actions. SM knew from the beginning that JH did not want her but she still persisted. The problem was she was never going to be able to get JH because he is too self centered, selfish and stuck on himself as a victim to make a go of his new marriage. SM needed to see what she saw today because she need to stop deluding herself that she could make things still work even with all the friction between them. The issue is GH does not want JH back its all him running after her. What I do love is that Dr. Girl got smart and realized what JH was trying to do. He was trying to use her to continue after SW in order to get GH back. SO very BUSTED! Its insulting that he was trying to use her and I am glad that she has finally woken up to the fact she has no chances with SW. As for SW's mom she makes me think of a child acting out when they can't have their way. The woman is truly just awful, disrespectful and mean. How could she say that GH's mom wanted her son? The woman is so delusional that she is all that when she is not I just shook my head at that scene. I do not blame GH's mom for leaving as SW's mom is no one she needs to continue to stay and listen too. Just like she told her husband he should have scolded GH. GH is a woman in her thirties and someone else child at that. How could this man scold GH. I am very , very happy that SW did not fight with her just talked to her calmly and let her continue on with her nonsense. Its too late to think that they can sway SW he is a grown man. An apology for what she did to Bora and YR will not cut it and taking YR from GH is not going to happen. To keep SW near them and have their relationship mend it will end up with SM and JH divorcing. There is no other way. They will have to give in on GH and SW being together. I just hate that even in the preview his mother is hiding in bed like a child asking in the preview why does SW have to live with GH? It makes me angry that they still talk about GH like she is the bad person when everything that has happen is due to them.
  8. There have been a lot of changes in GH's life in the last year. So I am sure she is overwhelmed as she never expected to fall in love again, be a single mom or to find out that the man she likes is SM's brother and the father of her child. (That is certainly one way to get a baby daddy without having to do the deed..) LOL Its a lot to take in and then you have SM, JH , and SM's mother running their mouths at her and even the father not to mention her parents in her ear. She has finally got the peace from her side but there is still JH and his mother in law and father in law to deal with. The problem with GH is she worries about what people will say. She is a good woman who lives in a society that would frown on the messy relationships that are going on. The problem is life sometimes is messy and she has tired to do the right thing by staying away from SW. Now things are complicated because the child of her hearts father is SW and SW is SM's brother who is married to her ex. GH yearns to be with SW along with YR too but she is too much in her head thinking about what people will say and that its taboo although there is no blood between them. What JH's ridiculous words should do for GH is make her show him better than she can tell him and go to SW right then and go to register. That will stop all of that crazy as she has told JH once before to forget that idea he has of coming back to her. I think JH's problem (besides being deluded and selfish) is he honestly can't seem to realize that GH is truly over him. He on some level thought she would always be around single I believe and reality has shown him that not only did she get over him. She was able to adopt YR and find love and happiness again. Since things failed to give him the happiness or child he wanted with SM now he wants to go back to the old tried and true wonderful ex wife he had and raise the child he never wanted YR. But this will never happen and its disrespectful to GH , to SW and YR let alone his wife SM to even continuing to stand in her way of finding love with SW and the real dad of YR. It just goes to show once again that JH still cares only for himself and not how he will hurt others once again with his behavior. As for SM its good for her to hear it out of the horses mouth so to speak. Its time she wakes up from her delusions about JH. He never loved her or wanted her and the child was the only tie she had and she lost that and he refuses to sleep with her to make another. JH is becoming more and more distant and cold and you can tell he is barely trying to stay married to her. SM should have never married him but I am glad she busted up that marriage and married him at least to free GH to be with the right man for her.
  9. GH is such a good person and any family would be blessed to have her as a daughter in law. If she is meeting his dad its because she does not want SW to leave that way with him cutting ties to his family over her and YR. GH had one meeting with him already with him trying to be sneaky and saying she is holding him back and think of his and YR's future. Money is not everything. Look at the money they have but SW does not seem to have been happy and SM is a spoiled, selfish witch. Perhaps hearing that her parents have given permission for them to marry and that SW is determined to leave and live abroad with her and YR should wake this man up.He is truly about to loose his only son due to he and his wife's meddling in his life and their snobbishness. He has nothing to bargain with or threaten SW with as SW is a grown man and he has the right to want to be with the woman he loves and his son. Especially given that they are the reason the man was not with his last girlfriend and lost his son. This will be the moment when he realizes he has no standing as GH will tell him she chooses to be with SW and YR. I am happy to see less of SM. You can tell that marriage is already over. No matter how she tries to act superior she still comes off as having made a huge mistake with JH. JH does not even hide that he does not respect her, trust her or want her. Its only a matter of time before a divorce comes. These two will never end up going the distance because they are both so selfish. Everyday JH does not hide he is disturbed about GH and SW. So even if they could continue to stay married it would not happen because JH would act jealous all the time. They need to hurry and break these two up but not let SW and GH move in. GH does not need to live in that house for sure. In the end his parents will be made to come around if nothing else because of SW and YR and it will be GH who was instrumental in doing it. As for JH's mom someone needs to remind this woman that she had a good daughter in law who once helped her mend her relationship with her son but she betrayed her and her family and took advantage of their kindness to encourage her son to cheat and divorce for greener pastures. So now she can't get that daughter in law back so she can use her to help her with JH because that is no longer and option. This woman ran off and never thought of her son as he was growing up so it amazes me she dares to pass judgement on GH for finding love again instead of staying single so she can hope her son can go back to her. Frankly she needs to find away to pay back that money that her sons ended up having to pay for her instead of worrying about things that have nothing to do with her.
  10. I want them to leave but I doubt that they will. I feel like GH will try one last time to reach out to at least his dad maybe and if that fails she may fully be determined to go but something will throw a road block. This will be a huge blow for SW's family as he just came back and has not had one bit of peace from his family since he did. Learning that he is very serious in cutting ties and moving away with GH and YR should send them into a panic. Its not much they can do as YR is legally adopted to GH and SW is his father. I am sure that someone will throw blame for this onto SW's mother but the woman is so thick skin she still will not see she is the problem. You can tell in today's episode that she did not understand what she did wrong when she spoke with SW or get what he was saying to her as well about her not being fit to be YR's grandmother. SW was well aware that she would not have returned that child had he not heard him crying at her house. He is also aware she did not want to call anyone to let them know where the boy was not caring that they would be scared and upset at his going missing. It amazes me that even when her husband points out that what she did was wrong she still does not get it and goes on about the fact that GH and her parents would not have let YR come over. (Gee, I wonder why those people would not allow YR to go over to that house? What a selfish , snobbish idiot.) Instead all she did was lie to a child and scared him when he did not see his mother or his father and would not let him go home until his parents came making what she did stimulate everyone until GH and SW are allowed to be together and plan to leave the country to get peace and be happy raising YR. I feel like at this point once JH goes running over to run his mouth and his mother tries to put her two cents in eventually GH and SW will end up staying but there will be a lot of concessions on his father and mothers side. Its crazy he still does not get that he will never be allowed to be with GH again and there is one extra road block his older brother is with GH's younger sister now. So he protest GH relationship with SW because of SM but what of his brother and GH's sister even if GH was still crazy enough to still like him? JH has never thought of anything or anyone but himself and he still refuses to see how he messed up and gets no additional chances with GH. The woman has told him to stay a way from her but yet he continues to run up in her face. I really hope they get to leave but I have low expectations that they will. I do hope we see them registering their marriage though. I think this will be where his family gives in if nothing else to keep him from fully walking away and they not being able to see YR.
  11. The best thing at this point is to just go register then have a ceremony later (after JH and SM divorce). That way there are no mistakes like he made with Bora. They had a ceremony on their own but did not register. Registering stops his parents from interfering and threatens them with the past of SM and JH if they continue to meddle. There should also be a reminder that they lost their parent and grandparent card to be around SW and YR after the last stunt of stealing that child back to the house to try and bribe him. There is nothing they can do at that point since it is legal. They forced this situation by continuing to think they could step all over SW and GH to get what they want hurting YR. Finally GH's mom is doing the right thing. As I mentioned elders do not like to hear of breaking ties with parents but she is aware that SW is determined to be with GH and given how awful his mom is and the things she has done to YR (i.e. telling him who is dad was and that GH was his fake mom, kidnapping him to her home) scaring him I think this is her mini revenge against this woman. Her awful daughter ruined GH's marriage and this woman condoned it. Then she hurt YR by ruining the adoption (which ultimately failed thank goodness) but she also took this child without permission scaring everyone and was going to keep him had he not cried and alerted them to him being there. So I can see her finally saying why should I as an elder worry about this woman having her son cut ties when the man has said he is willing to be a "live in " son in law to be with GH and YR. One of the things I worry about is if they marry that GH's big mouth sister (this girl can't hold water, let alone think not to say anything about SW and GH marrying secretly) will tell JH's brother who in turn will tell JH who would try to stop the wedding or SW's parents or Dr. Girl may. I want to really hope she has woken up to the fact that she has no chance and never did with SW. It seemed like she finally got that she can't get SW with learning that YR is his son. His mother trying to continue to encourage her stupidity seems to make her finally see. I wonder if she will leave the country as well. I mentioned many pages ago that the one thing these people did not want to happen will simply because of their meddling. Had JH stayed in his own lane instead of lying about who YR's bio dad was perhaps he would have at least kept some respect from GH instead she realized that he still was holding on to some deluded thought of coming back to her (as if she would want used goods like him back!) and showing a serious case of jealousy over her personal affairs when he has no right. Trying to dictate who she can and can not be with. Even now he is still meddling upset that she is considering being with SW anyway. SW's mom is the main instigator of why things keep failing as all her plans tend to help the other side instead of getting her what she wants. Now she will have to endure learning that not only has she lost her son but her son has told her she is not fit to be around YR and is willing to marry GH anyway making good on his words the other day. But her actions will properly made GH see as well that she needs to step up to the plate and stop pushing SW away and do what she wants to do and be with SW with YR as a family. Her actions in scaring YR's mom should be the last straw. I would love to see them still leave the country with a time jump. That should fix his parents well.
  12. SW's mom truly does not understand the damage she has done. In her mind it means nothing if she hurts the child as she does not understand that she is hurting YR. YR is the blood of the family and so all of what she is doing is justified to get him back. It will have to be SW who shows this woman (because talking does not work with her) that she has a. no right to be near YR. b. has completely alienated and lost her own son due to her meddling in his life and c. that she will not get the right to be near YR in the future because she has done nothing but hurt the boy. I am not surprised that the woman has taken the child to her house. This is a good time for her to learn that she has no rights what so ever to do so. The police should be knocking on her door with GH and SW following behind. Let's see what happens if the police come to arrest her and SW and GH are standing there letting her know she has no right to be around YR and never will. If she tries to talk about court then SW will hit her with fixing it so she never gets a chance to be near YR in the future ever. Its also a wake up call for GH to stop thinking that its ok to run from her feelings for SW and stand beside the man and fight. He is willing to do so much to be with her its time for her to step up and become a partner in protecting YR with him. GH already knows what his mom is like so its past time to protect YR from this hateful , selfish and snobbish woman and make sure she is not allowed to be near YR scaring him. Frankly, after her talking to the boy in the hallway they should have put something in place to make sure she can not go near him again. This is lax in my opinion on their part. They know the woman is capable of anything and need to stop thinking that she has any moral character to realize what she is doing wrong. All this woman cares about is what she thinks and wants and never how it would hurt others. Even her son cutting ties with her does not register as she never sees she is the problem. Something has to shake her up enough to make her stop. SW and GH going ahead to be together and get married should do it with them not being able to stop it nor see YR.
  13. Perhaps the whole purpose of SW's family acting up is to push GH to choose SW and YR to protect. With his mom over stepping and saying that SW is his father and that GH is only a fake mom as if the child did not already know that GH was not his birth mom it will push GH to wake up and choose to protect her son and SW from his family. His mom had no right to say that to YR! She never thought of how it would effect him emotionally and look at what happened the child started crying. After all he went through this selfish and crazy woman never thought about what her words would do to the child when he finally found a mom that loved him enough to fight for him even though he was not her own. The woman still is emotionally and morally stunted. There is no remorse in SW's mom after what she had done to YR, SW and Bora. Now she is still at it again and frankly someone needs to get a restraining order out for her. Her threat of going to court is an empty one simply because a. no amount of money would make a court give custody of the child over the birth father and the history of how the child ended up being adopted in the first place comes out and b. The birth father would fight tooth and nail for YR and GH so all her going to court would do is show how many people love this child even though he may not be their blood and show even the birth father does not want them around the child and chooses to be with the woman he now loves who is the child's adopted mom. It will also bring out all the ugly things this woman did and shows she is not fit to be around a rock let alone an innocent and emotionally hurt child who is just starting to become happy and adjusted. I don't blame GH's mom in letting that woman have it. How dare she! That child may be blood but he has been adopted due to her interference in his life from the womb. Why on earth would she think that YR would adjust to her even if she could get her grimy hands on him? If that happened the child would with draw into himself all over again. I just hope this is not where this writer is trying to take this. It is past time that someone puts this woman in her place and she learns that her status nor her money means anything when it comes to true family and that does not include blood. The hateful woman needs a good slap down for scaring YR. This should be the motivation for GH to finally wake up and fight doing what she wants and that is to follow SW and be with him and YR.
  14. Now is the time for GH to wake up. She has done everything right and still they will not stop. They feel that it does not matter that they are the cause of YR being lost in the first place and the hurt he went through because he is blood and snatching him from the mother he knows now harming him once again as long as blood returns home. They would use GH to help YR integrate into the family and then kick her off fast if they could. The only person GH should be listening to is SW who is YR's bio father. They see GH as a soft touch so they will now go to appeal to her making her start to think if YR would be better off with his blood family. The father of SW thinks he is slick. They could not send the mom again because it would only alienate GH and never want YR around them. So he came this time. Its amazing how they want to claim a grandson now when they never thought of how SW felt to not know he had a child in the first place through to their snobbish meddling. It was ok to try to abort the child back then but now knowing the child is flesh and blood they want to pull him back. I don't blame her mother in the preview voice over asking her if she can really see someone else raising YR? After all she went through can she really give him up? SW has told her and told her that he wants them both not just his son. I need her to wake up and listen to the man. Its a shame that even his father dares to use a ploy like effecting SW's or YR's future when all the harm to the both of them have come from that family. I hope this wakes her up to realize that only by being with SW will she gain everything she wants and needs in her own little family. All we need is for SW to find out about his father visiting GH. I would tell the dad even if GH denies me I will never ever bring YR home or allow you to get close to him. Let alone stay as part of that family. They ruined his happiness once trying to kill his son and ran his woman away to have and raise the child alone now they are doing the same thing all over again with GH. Selfishness is running amok in that family and the ONLY one not selfish is the Aunt. They feel that since she has no blood ties her connection can't be deep and that is wrong. No one wants to address how they are not fit to be near YR. They look down on GH but they are the real problem as money has not made them good people. They encouraged SM to go after a married man and break up his previous marriage but they look at GH as the bad person. They condoned her behavior yet they are angry at SW for falling for the woman who has loved his son since she met him. This is the reason why a long extension should not have been needed. Had they not spent so much time on others in this drama the leads would have finally got together. They either ran out of time and realized they missed the leads getting together or they needed to slow down the plot line to make time for the next drama to go into production. Now we have to endure a week or possibly two of GH being harassed, questioning her role in YR's life and SW suffering trying to fight not only GH but his family as well. One thing I do like is that GH's father is aware that SW is willing to give up his family to be with GH and YR. That is huge as elders do not like to hear of breaking ties with family. Which is why it was so wrong for GH's mom to even think to ask SW to give up his parental rights to YR. Instead SW is doing everything right to show everyone that he is willing to go the distance and protect them both. I hope her parents say yes. That will fix his parents fast. They need to wake up to encourage GH to go for it since her mom knows that GH is in love with SW too.
  15. I think this is fear on her part. I think she is scared she will loose YR even though SW has told her he would not take the child she has to have a fear that SW would prefer his bio dad over his adopted mom. I think her fears are groundless because YR would not leave her but he would want to have SW and GH together. I think GH has to over come her fear and trust SW to protect her and YR and be with her no matter what. I think she will see his determination and decide to marry him. (at least I hope she will. )
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