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  1. @partyon May I suggest you to watch a Thai lakorn : Love Destiny.. I am not a fan of Thai drama or movie, but I watched that drama, don’t remember why but I must say that drama is worth to watch. it’s about time travel and a soul from future transfered to the past. I found the story telling is consistent from ep 1 to last episode. And I love the fact that even she knew about the future/history, she didn’t say/do much, because she believe what is meant to happen, will happen. Mr. Queen is indeed one good drama, but it failed to be a legendary drama for me. It won’t
  2. I would agree with you, BUT then I remember there was a scene where SY soul (?) drowned to the bottom of the lake. so what was the point of that scene ? I am not against SY-CJ ending, but they just don’t give us proper closure
  3. I am not asking/hoping for BL route, they can swap the soul back to SY, but please make it believable, don’t leave the audience disconnected like this lol..
  4. It doesn’t add up, what is the point of showing SY soul drowned at the bottom of the lake, if she is actually there all the time (judging from her reaction, she didn’t have a shock moment like SB first time arrived at Joseon era). Her attitude changed a bit, but CJ didn’t even realize that. What the.. ??
  5. Somebody, would you please be so kind to give (send) me the link so I can watch online for tonight episode ? TIA
  6. I don’t see it that way. IMO, BI is acting like a middle man, he has nothing to loose (almost nothing to loose). But there is power struggle for CJ, Andong Kim Clan and also Jo Clan (?). CJ was originally a mere puppet, he was choosen because he is weak and dumb. He has no allies, no political power, no money to buy people’s loyalty. While BI has Andong Kim Clan behind him (don’t forget his powerful adoptive father) and full support of Grand Queen Dowager. Simply put, CJ has to fight on his own, while BI has many allies who are willing to provide him the ammunition, ie : O
  7. When CJ returned the book to SY, I remember CJ said : “ I won’t confused you to other people anymore (?) so maybe it was SY who he loves, but due to traumatic experience, he loves HJ (as he thought HJ was little SY). when he said to HJ that he loves her even without that well incident eight years ago, I think that is his way to find out who really did save him at that time. It’s kinda giving HJ assurance that he loves her for who she is, not because she saved him, so maybe HJ would come clean to him. Simply put : it was a bait, he was looking for her confession. He was
  8. Interesting, please keep watching and tell us what you think about Byeong In and his adopted father relationship when you finished all other episodes available
  9. No, I do care about So Yong, like a lot.. But since this is only a drama and the story telling is quite amusing and comical, so I forgive and just enjoy whatever they have thrown so far. for CJ humiliated SY in public, I thought at first CJ actually wanted to help SY, but SY was giving a clue for him to go away and not wanting him near her. *of course CJ should have choosen the queen no matter what, just to safe queen’s face. But then again, SY was the upper handed with his family and clan power, while HJ (and CJ included) was a pityful one with less power and being bullied by the qu
  10. I read somewhere, during their first reading, someone said that this is a comedy drama, so they should laugh a lot. And one of the leading actor/actress said that this is not a melodrama *CMIIW.. So far this is one of the best writing in Korean drama, so let’s enjoy the ride Let’s assume we will have a happy ending haha Oh let me add something, I find this drama is so refreshing because without an A lister actor/actresses or Hallyu star, this drama could draw quite large attention, and achieve quite high ratings. *some people defending a drama when their top
  11. Wasn’t it from a scene where she was at the lake with O Wol ? It was a dream *if I remember correctly.
  12. My only question is, why CJ black robe (in the preview)has to be assymmetrical like that ?
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