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  1. yeesss, this is also my fav bts. why? it's because they look so close with each other!!! There's no way PSJ would do something like that (blow air from his nose) to someone that he just know, more over his sunbaenim and older than him, on their first shooting (what i mean is - this is the scene from the 2 first episode so they must be shoot this on the first week of wwwsk shooting) also PMY looks so comfortable with PSJ in here not like their next bts where she looks so careful and cautious around camera and the way PMY warn PSJ to not blow the air from his nose is soo cute, also there's no way she would warn him like that if they're not closeee~~ sooo cuteee~
  2. i've read in one of PMY's ig fan page a long time ago, but i can't find it again now, sorryyy~
  3. as far as i know, Leon is the son of her sister dog and the photo grid of 2 dogs is leon's father. before leon, PMY had dog named zzup but she died in 2015 and after that PMY adopt leon. CMIIW my assumptions is maybeee simba also the child of PMY's sister dog..hehehe
  4. I think we shouldn't compare PPC and SSC answer when their rumor surface, as their situations is totally different, with SSC most people believe that they dating after or maybe while they were shooting the drama (CMIIW as I'm not following them) so for them to give vague answers and not denied anything won't do anything harm to them as people still love them but for PPC, the situations are more complicated than SSC as they are so many rumors that could harm both of them is they took the same way as SSC in term of handling media and public (not denied the dating rumors firmly) such as : 1. Rumor about PMY got the role because PSJ 2. Rumors 3 years dating. if they're not denied it , both of them will get more hate. Public will say that they are not profesional, arrogant (as we already see so many comment like that on PSJ's article) also if they're not denied about 3 years dating rumor, PSJ will get hate as knetz thinking that he was the victim of BJH and YHM dating (knetz thought BJH was cheated). Same as PMY because of LJK scandal. When those rumors happen (BJH dating news, LJK dating news), both of them got so many sympathetic responses from knetz , even at the time both PMY and PSJ already cleared up to media that they got nothing to do with them, that they were only friends, but knetz still believe they were victim and blaming BJH and LJK. So, if they didn't give firm denial answer about 3 years dating, knetz will bash them. The conclusion is, all of the answers from PPC are the best things they could do to protect their personal life and also their career. This is also what JTBC reporters discuss, that they also thought the public response gonna be totally diff with SSC if they admit they were dating. So, back to the main point that i want to talk about, why we must compare SSC and PPC answers when they are diff people and on diff situation? But one thing that i'm very sure are the reason why many people compare PPC and SSC is because we wish PPC could be like SSC, it's because how inspirational SSC to us, that's why we want PPC will got married like SSC too in the future, i believe that no one in PPC shipper trying to copy or replace SSC.
  5. Yes, THIS is why i love him so much and wish he could protect our lovely PMY forever. On the interview, He always put PMY first before him and always stay humble. PMY also acknowledge his considerate behavior towards her and said that he is a great partner. This is the reason why US - parkpark shipper - adore them so much!
  6. this is to beautiful! and it could apply to PSJ and PMY real life with all of those coincidences! I'm cryiiiingggg >.<
  7. I agree with you, there's must be something behind why PMY's article got delayed. I believe that all PMY's article got checked first with her agency before it out to public. But not the first article that out, because on that article PMY's answer had the same vibe with PSJ's answer, too vague and could lead to another negative comment for both PMY and PSJ. Also, as far as i read all the korean article, PMY didnt said she's in secret relationship. She said that all of those evidence are not true, i'm not dating PSJ or in any kind of relationship with anyone - dating or soon to be married. But i will inform everyone if in the future i'm dating someone or planning to married with someone. That part is totally diff with PMY's last answer regarding public dating. As we already know, all the answer regarding the possibilities of them dating its totally diff with their last drama intv. PMY clearly said no to the possibilities of her dating YWJ, she said that he's only sunbae/oppa that she want to learn from, PSJ did the same with KJW, no we're not dating. she's only his good friend. And this is also what those 3 reporters talking about on jtbc video, how diff the answer from PSJ with the exact same question 'is there any possibilities for them dating?' - although when explain the rumors with KJW he also said that because they were acting as lovers so you must feels something, but he add that with KJW they're only good friends and nothing more. It's totally diff with the answer with PMY now. For me, if there's nothing between them, he could said NO, we're only partner on drama and there will be no more issue. And for everyone who said that would be rude to PMY if he answer like that, then why he firmly answer no to KJW? As it will be a rude move to KJW too. For me, if there's nothing happen between them, the way PSJ answer with vague answer like that is more rude to PMY as she will also get bash and also give him negative impact. Why would he said something like that when he clearly knows, that too many things gonna lose from him if he answer like that if there's nothing going on with them? The conclusion is, whatever their status right now - dating 3 years or just reconcile after long break up or in 'some' stage - i believe that they like each other and i will forever support them <3
  8. Yes, she didn't deny anything only said that all those instagram things are not true and feels sorry to other casts as all the reporters ask about the rumor of them dating instead talking about drama. also, she said that if later she dating or getting married she will inform anyone before the news. wow. never expected something like that from PMY. i thought that she's gonna denied firmly that they were only close friends. but the article got deleted. why? is it because it's not the time for the news out? or... hm.. hmmm...
  9. Cmon guys! dont let the mood going down! This is the time we should be happy and be delulu, so i'm going to turn on my delulu mode! Yes, PSJ denied all those silly linked to PMY on instagram such as shoes, cap, holiday trip, baseball uniform, etc. but he didn't mention and denied about 1 thing! Simba and Leon!! >.< delulu mode off : maybe he forgot to mention about it and also because so many people in korea and the world who have dog with the same breed, so he thought that he doesn't need to explain it. but with my delulu mode on, i will believe that leon and simba are siblings (from PMY's sister dogs as leon is son of her sister's dog) , and that's the reason why he bring simba to shooting location, to meet the mom of simba's brother. kkkkkk, all those matching shirt, cap, shoes are soooo last year and it could be a sponsor brand, the same location trip? it could be 100% coincidence as we shouldn't believe 100% with the content on socmed, the picture could be late post pictures, for the uniform? i, 100%, will believe from what PSJ explain. BUT not for these 2 cuties, simba and leon. As PSJ said, people only believe what they to want believe, so i will believe that simba and leon are siblings. because it's super cute and sweet to think they were a couple with the same breed dogs. hihi <3
  10. Sometimes i cant get with the way knetz thinking. If PSJ confirm they are dating they will bash him & PMJ, he denied it they bash him too. Why they are so bitter and full of hate? Also do not rely 100% on netizebuzz as they were always translate the article with most negative comment, mostly from nate (which almost comments on nate's article are from bitter knetz), it's totally diff tho from comment in article on naver, many people still support PSJ way to protect PMY and super supportive about their relationship.
  11. I think for him to explain and denied all the evidence that they were dating like baseball uniform, holiday trip and those matching accesories its what he should do. Because if he not denied those things, it will only gonna harm PMY - fans of Lee Junki will bash her bcause it's unfair that only LJK who get a lot of hate while she also dating PSJ during MEC and people will bash them again for being unprofessional because they were dating while shooting the WWWSK (which i thought, why they cant do that? But knetz are bitter af, so that's the only way to not rise another problem), and also it will harm BJH (for the 28 uniform number). For PSJ said that 'we dont know what the future will be' and not denied like what he did before it's already speak so much, so just be happy guys and be delulu againn~ Also, i read some of comment on PSJ's korean fan account on instagram, regarding PSJ answer about the dating rumor, all of them are confused and wondering why he answer like that, it's not like him as he always firmly said no to the all the dating rumors. Sooo~ there must be something right? I mean, no way PSJ will said something vague, leaving the possibilities and not 100% denied, if both of them are not in some kind of relationship right? Because that will be rude to PMY if PMY already had bf and also he's not considering his gf, if the gf is not PMY. Right?
  12. I read the article, PSJ didnt recommend any artist for the role of kim miso. But he said : there's no many actress on the same age as he is and PMY is one of the actress that he really want to get pair with, so to finally have the opportunity to work with her is really good for him. He's really the man!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  13. Daebak!!! He's the man! He's not denied anything about the rumors and said that everything could happen in future! YAAAAASSS! i love him so much!
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