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  1. Wow the power of editing! Haha. Watching all those clips/NGs/BTS individually, I didn't feel like there was much spark between them other than friendliness and a good working relationship. But after watching this fan made video, my shipper heart just BURST. If only... And its also made me realise that YSJ can be rather boyish and has his own aegyo when he is comfortable with people around him, rather than the awkward turtle that he comes across as in a large crowd Queen SHS, she is so good at making people feel at ease around her, so personable and down to earth. @meechuttso Thank you so much for translating the article! It is pretty long, so good effort on your part for sharing it here. I enjoyed reading it, and also made me realise, I have actually watched a lot of productions by this company too!
  2. I presume many of us have moved on now, but just thought I'd like to share that I made it to the overhead pass! This may sound mad but I tried to see if any marks were left behind from filming like from equipment or position markers but nope, clean as can be! And if anyone was wondering, that bridge is nowhere close to their house as per storyline. I took pictures, would've attached it here but I tried and tried and I'm just not smart enough for this! In other news, OST is yet to be released in korea, 2 more days, grrr I wont be able to get it before I leave. Again, I guess its indication that they cut the series short? And there really is no hype of the series here can't find the keyring anywhere, its all about that TVN sunshine series...
  3. Ahhh Please! Can they attend together? They actually sat beside each other (i think) for Baeksang this yr, obviously when they already knew they were gonna act together. If only some fans uploaded clips Where is he off to? @Tasia I am rewatching the whole series, but trying to stay level headed at the same time! Miss the series and our OTP so much. Huhuhu
  4. Mmm maybe they had to rush through filming because of the actor's schedules? Seems like everyone is too busy to carry out post drama activities Having said that, these actors are amazing, they can switch from one character to the next so easily, whilst I am still mulling over the drama and missing our 3017 crew...
  5. They released a BTS yesterday, but it was literally just a compilation of all the previous ones put together. Sigh, looks like that is it, we won't be getting more. @Dramanoona I'm surprised too, no reward vacation for a team who endured live filming in this extreme heat! Then again maybe because its a public broadcast station, hence no funding for that
  6. I Know! And seems like we're not the only ones lamenting a lack of post drama interviews from our lead couple, really don't understand why other than they want a break, or they are tied up with other filming? And the question remains, are we getting a drama special tonight? Because if this director's cut DVD doesn't get released, chances are we will never see all those precious moments captured BTS as well as actor's interviews
  7. Me too!! But I'm bingeing from start to end, and I'm loving the journey seeing how their relationship has grown from stranger-like and awkward, to being so comfortable and close as a couple and family. Whether its plain acting skills, or that they have indeed grown closer, I definitely hope its the latter
  8. @meechuttso Sobs.. its too surreal, that its almost time to bid farewell. Hopefully they release some BTS or interviews next week during SBS's one night of entertainment and we can all spaz together again. Thank you so much for starting this brilliant thread! On another note, I found WJ-SR's house in seoul, as well as our beloved overhead pass! Which I may just go visit next week when in Seoul I know I'm mad, but while that passion is still there, may as well revisit whats close to my heart now Links if people are curious: House-https://koreandramaland.com/listings/house-bundang-dong-seongnam Overpass- https://koreandramaland.com/listings/overpass-sapyeong-daero
  9. I see where you are coming from, and if I were to analyze the show in depth, there are definitely loopholes and missing scenes/explanations of stories dropped, but not answered to its full potential. But I think, like many of us here, I am prepared to overlook the finer details and enjoy the overall heartwarming message that was delivered, as well as revel in WJ-SR's sweet love story we got in the end (which I must say had too many unbelievable coincidences that really would not sit well in real life but heck, why not live in fairy tale land while it lasted? ) Uncle not in Seoul-- I would just leave it to imagination, maybe he went searching for his business partner or the friend who caused his bankruptcy? Naturally he had to lie, so as to not worry his family. Mystery lady-- Sister of Jennifer's husband. As to why Jennifer became estranged from her in-laws, I can only guess by conservative Korean family standards, she probably felt responsible for the loss of their child and could not face her husband's family as she was unable to keep their one and only offspring, hence left and avoided them on her own accord. SR herself said, her uncle and aunt should have sold the house and spent the money if life was that difficult to sustain with bankruptcy and her hospital bills, but I suppose the writer wanted to keep all her characters "good", thus the Aunt was shown not to have touched the money. As SR mentioned, her Aunt is not related by blood, so she had no responsibility so to speak, to look after someone in a comatose state. We probably also have to consider that Aunt was pregnant, her husband died trying to keep SR alive and divorced her to keep the house, so Aunt may have had some resentment towards SR too, so she left. I believe initially the Aunt sold the house with the intention to make ends meet, but probably felt guilt from leaving SR despite her husband who loved his niece dearly, and just could not bring herself to spend the money. Just my 2 cents worth, in the end, yup our drama is not perfect and despite me initially protesting profusely how rushed all the truths got revealed at once, just witnessing our main couple get their happiness at the end of the day was enough of a consolation. I can only say its inevitable that the side stories get overlooked to match live filming and a rushed schedule. I choose to remember their heartwarming story rather than lament what could have made it perfect.
  10. So for the rest of us here who can't read Korean, I finally found some translated opinions of Knetz! Thought it'll be nice to share some of it. It was nice to see they thought really similarly to us, as @meechuttso had mentioned! What I found really cute is that the korean fans call him King Gojong?? Lol. I noticed from their radio interview that fans were already kinda alluding to his name being "Sejong" (ref King Sejong from Korean history). He really is amazing at acting and yet so shy and humble! Anyone here who would have preferred Hyung Tae over Woo Jin? For me, Woojin was a character that was too well played despite HT's unfortunate circumstances. Who can forget WJ's priceless expression(s) when he claimed SR as his girlfriend over multiple instances? (credit to Nina @netizendrama wordpress) Ep 27-28: 1.[+2336, -34] Today, Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong’s tearful acting was daebak…the ending was a twist wow…I didn’t know Seo Ri liked him as well 2.[+1120, -18] Se Jong, You…with that voice and acting, I cried with him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 3017’s narrative is perfect ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I like this drama it makes you feel better ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 3.[+600, -47] ㅠㅠㅠ Se Jong-ah Hye Sun-ah, your acting deserve a daesang 4.[+472, -16] Today’s ending was crazy…Seo Ri also liked Woo Jin…daebak 5.[+420, -16] Seriously their acting is so good~ they don’t exaggerate or understate.. 6.[+254, -1] wow ㅠㅠ I decided to watch this drama because it’s pure and bright but the story is solid ㅠㅠ On the bus, Seo Ri didn’t ask Woo Jin because she didn’t know but because she liked him!! She already knew the way anyway, so it wasn’t Woo Jin’s fault, daebak ㅠ 7.[+247, -7] Yang Se Jong, Shin Hye Sun, this is exactly what you call an actor…Wow rookie monster wasn’t just words, he didn’t become a star out of luck, he really showed us a difficult acting 8.[+175, -2] They were each other’s first love. today was a complete fairy tale, their acting was daebak. Woo Jin-ah, thank you for coming back rather than running away 9.[+164,-2] How can a man be this innocent? Ep 31-32: 1.[+2101, -14] At the end, the twist was from she didn’t go study abroad till they got married, It was really fun ㅋㅋㅋ It was a warm and enjoyable drama without a villain, It was happy till the end~ All the actors and staff, you have worked hard!!~ 2.[+1171, -14] This is the first happy and perfect drama I’ve watched that doesn’t have any villain ㅠㅜㅠ I was really happy till the ending ^^ 3.[+671, -7] The ending was so pretty ㅠㅠ What will I watch now? 4.[+498, -8] It was a very warm and healing drama, I think I will always remember it every summer 5.[+174, -9] There are a lot of scenes that came out on the preview but they didn’t show 6.[+141, -1] Everybody, don’t you think the last scene were they kissed and showed the child actors was so pretty????? The ending was on another level ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m so happy ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 7.[+136, -3] In My life, out of the dramas I’ve watched this was perfect till the end 8.[+126, -1] Mr. Gong’s last line was a beautiful composition…I realized that the door of happiness can be a small part of our life, Thank you for being a good actor and for showing us a good acting…! Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong are both my favorite actors from now on 9.[+101, -1] I’m already looking forward to the year-end awards ceremony! Seriously give Thirty but Seventeen team a lot of awards! There is not a lot of nice dramas like this Naver – Sports Seoul: 1.[+1069, -10] ㅠㅠ but still he didn’t abandon Seo Ri…I can’t believe this is the end ㅠ I will miss Gong-SeoRi ㅠㅠ 2.[+623, -6] It was a really pure drama with no villains, I truly liked it~~ I felt good while watching it~~~ 3.[+600, -5] King Gojong 4.[+287, -5] King Gojong has succeeded ㅜㅜ 5.[+295, -69] If it was me I would date the one who took care of me for 10 years 6.[+100, -6] The content didn’t overlap with her (Shin Hye Sun) previous drama, she showed us a new concept…Jung Eum-ah, do you see this? this is what you call acting…that doesn’t make you remember previous work
  11. Is anyone else kinda hoping for more articles about this drama? Even websites such a netizenbuzz isnt translating any korean audience reactions to the drama and its wrap up. Only outlet is really soompi. Ratings are good cause its obviously a good script but public reaction just seems so lacklustre, probably overridden by craze for Mr Sunshine? Sigh. I hope at least SBS entertainment program next wk? Or is there an episode this week? Will cover the wrap up party. Please please please. I need a final dose of WJ and SR.
  12. Makes me wanna see the BTS of the rooftop kiss, and their wedding pictorial. You could just see his playful grin as he stood taller to kiss SHS at the end. Nawww.. he can be rather playful and fun off camera as well!
  13. Oh noooo.. does that mean we do not get a special next week? But I sooooo wanted to see more of their NGs and interviews and after dinner party. Sobbbb The BTS is wayyy too short, so many more scenes for them to reveal what happened behind the scenes
  14. Ok so I can't seem to stay away yet. Withdrawal symptoms? Probably. And can I say how HAPPY i am at the ratings?! Woohoo! Highest rating of the season. Can they please visit the fire brigade so we can see them together??? @m-sq and @inna75 your final insight and summary are just about as beautifully written as our drama have been. Thank you so much I really loved reading what like-minded people think, you have echoed my thoughts on the final ep! Did anyone else LOL at jennifer's over the top winter fashion as she strutted down the street with that blistering sun? And I have set my chat app wallpaper to our WJ-SR's wedding photo! Love how simple and realistic it looks. Also the beach selfie, now how is that not just a real couple already?! They look so endearing I miss them badly
  15. I found 2 friends! And I'm sure its not just us. I am desperately trying to keep level headed, but that photo! All their last few sweet and natural (acting) moments together. Sighhhh... if only it was MORE than just amazing acting skills. I don't mind if they do a Song-Song couple and get married a few years later Too bad YSJ is just too young at the moment, really doesn't seem like he is at that stage to date or settle down. But how can you not ship them when they just match SO well!
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