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  1. @mathi....chingu...OMG!!!....hotness overload, absolutely...!!! how can this guy be sooooo SEXY...YAH!....:sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:

    @sojisubaddicted....your'e amazing in what you too bring to the thread, "the creative fans".....WOW! going so far as to create the same tattoos....WOW!!....Thank you for your updates...appreciated much...absolutely!

    I see there may be an imminent delay in the upcoming drama OMG!.....sigh!....here we were all ready to see this gorgeous man back in a role and on our screens, weekly and with the beautiful goddess SMA too, and now being told to like....wait, a little longer...chinta?.....aiiieesshhh!!!...(what to do what to do....):crazy::crazy:

    Lets continue to wait for our precious man and in the meantime, support and enjoy his next FM's in Japan and Shanghai.....(so busy this guy...)

    Thank you @ALL for the many updates and beautiful pics always.....SJS FIGHTING!! :):)

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  2. And I absolutely loved the pairing of KSH & our Gongvely, they just had this gummy, honest, amusing and sweet combination that made The Producers so enjoyable to watch. I thought it was hilariously cute and adorable, not too sensitive or melodramatic, just endearing and appealing that made this chick-flick-drama leave one of those feel-good-happy impressions that made me smile throughout......loved it absolutely!

    I thought after all our GHJ had been through this year, seeing her in a laid-back-relaxed-and-funny role, just enabled her to heal, gain strength and just enjoy the moment until her next project, which TBH sounds really intense and will surely challenge our Gongvely, which of course she loves doing....sigh!

    Makes me so happy and proud too when ALL those who collaborate and partner with our GHJ in a drama, cannot find words to describe their experiences, just lots of  "gummy grins" "sweet chuckles" "red-faced man blushes" and even "silly-boy giggles".....aaahhhh, GHJ, your'e absolutely one of a kind.....LOL!

    Thank you so much GHJ, your'e amazing and awesome as always, loving the new CF's, beautiful absolutely....Looking forward to your next project...YAY!

    GHJ FIGHTING!......@Everyone FIGHTING! :D:D

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  3. Thank you so much ladies, @ALL for your wonderful input and posts of yet another successful FM in Taiwan....To all our Taiwanese fans here, absolutely thank you kahmsamnida for your love, respect and support of our gorgeous SJS, bravo and well done to you all....The gifts, tokens of love and appreciation from SJSTWFC is absolutely truly amazing and so generous...Im sure SJS must be feeling overwhelmed with warm love and energy....good work to everyone!!

    I see already social media have gone crazy uploading their experiences at the Taiwan FM 2015....WOW...it really looked amazing and beautiful, thank you. His song 'So Ganzi' is so cheerful and so easy to sing and remember, Im like walking around the house "So Ganzi, So So Ganzi, So Ganzi, So So Ganzi..." isnt he so clever to keep the lyrics simple and sweet and easy to remember and sing along to, good on you SJS, and now with the actions as well....like swiftly pat yourself off on the shoulder....brilliant, lovelovelove it...!!! To ALL the 3000 fans that were fortunate enough to attend the Taiwan FM 2015, congratulations and kamsa absolutely!!

    @mathi....my sweet and dear chingu...love your capture on Ji-subs online chemistry "Shippers Paradise"....I guess being the Top Celebrity Star that he is, being able to bring across the feels of making hearts flutter, hormones go crazy and ovaries explode, will absolutely most definately cause ships to sail.....but alas, sometimes what is reel does not turn out to be real, and believing can be so...hard..but we can still live in hope, yes....(LOL)! :) I guess at the end of the day, nobody knows who is perfect for whom, who has been chosen for whom, who is suited to whom, who is compatible to whom, who is meant for whom and who is fated to whom even....for that is the journey of the unknown, the privacy of dreams, the beautiful mystery of love and being loved unconditionally and forever.......sigh, and yet still sometimes people get it wrong.....oops!...

    Whether SJS finds true love from perhaps his fellow thespians, his neighbour, his local bakery, his close associates, or his millions and millions of fans WORLDWIDE, it will be a splendid time to remember and to embrace, because finally, finally our gorgeous man SJS will find someone sincere and loving who will share his life and his journey with, tenfold, forever... SJS will be such an amazing and absolutely caring, loving, protective, sexy and strong partner to that lucky lady. SJS is so deserving of a great and well-spirited woman, who will be understanding, respectful, loving and most importantly stay true by his side forever....to all ladies in the house...woot woot!.....YAY!

    But serious-ness aside,ahem... until then, we can still admire, dream, fantasise, hope and create our own ships right ....woot woot!! :sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:Lets all continue to support, embrace and appreciate SJS for all that he does to us fans, and thank him for being the humble and beautiful man that he is, and for absolutely giving back to the fans....SJS FIGHTING!!

    Looking forward to the next FM now, YAY!....so much going on....and then finishing the year off with his cameo in 'Sado' and his new drama 'OMG'....!!!....sigh cant wait!! and in between all this, I hope he will be at work when I visit 51k soon, otherwise OMG!....LOL!!...woot woot!! :D...cheers for that....hahahahaha!!

    So Ganzi So Love....@EVERYONE FIGHTING!!



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  4. Ahhhh...chinta!....@innerchild, youre an absolute GEM!.....thank you so much for the updates and pics.....and especially kamsa too for respecting when to upload stuff here, good on you, Bravo!.....@everyone too, thank you so much for your ongoing love and support to this gorgeous man.....!!!....@EVERYONE FIGHTING!!!

    Loving his theme being 'Travel' this time round.....hmmmm, economy class....WOW!....and then he walks around the plane too.....sigh, humble in so many many ways...Imagine that, if we all knew which plane he was flying, we could have our own little FM on the plane too....OMG!!....woot woot!!!....

    Looks like another successful trip and FM for our gorgeous and sexy man, Congratulations! Chuka-hehyo!....and seeing from the pics provided, SJS appeared so much more relaxed and chilled this time round at the airport.....lovelovelove it!!!! Thank you to all Taiwan fans for the respect and admiration given to SJS.....your'e all amazing! Kamsahmnida....


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  5. OMG! OMG! OMG!......(is that truly the title!.....) KBS is probably in awe too because these two beauties have actually confirmed.....(But hey, of course they would, knowing that the other was given the sciprt...!!....OMG!!)....And did that just like come from left field....talk about nadda all this time until now.....WOW!!...I mean did they keep that quiet, or did they keep that quiet...OMO!!... Thank you heaps @Saturn for your information and return to the thread....you have been our light guiding us through the years, keeping us all informed and happy.....so nice to see your post here again after so long.....kahmsamnida...appreciated much....

    SMA is so beautiful and having them together again (not in a CF) but in an actual drama is like..truly, OMG! amazing, absolutely fantastic!!...the memory of the Giordano pics come flooding back....These two on screen will most definately increase hormones and burst ovaries.....I mean, and doing a rom-com too....its going to be fab! though Im not too sure about the storyline...ummm, two beauties talking about diets and health.....really????...not getting it.....Please writers, a decent storyline and script is absolutely a must!!!....The union of these two will be amazing visually of course and the chemistry will be OMG....interesting (to say the least...)...WOW!!... but we need that awesome script as well.....(I just cant believe it, finally they will be starring together....WOW!)...The stars have certainly aligned completely now.....excited much!!

    So in the interim, before we see these two light our.screens every Monday & Tuesday night, our man SJS will be meeting and greeting the fans in Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai, and then appearing in a cameo role for "Sado".....WOW....Thank you so much, kahmsamnida SJS, you have surely worked so hard this year.. Thank you for giving back to the many adoring fans....You are absolutely the best-est and the great-est....we look forward to what lies ahead, we look forward to seeing you on the small screen again...SJS FIGHTING!!

    Thank you so much peeps, to the old and to the new members....its good to have everyone here posting their happy comments with love and admiration to our gorgeous man....@EVERYONE FIGHTING!!

    :w00t::w00t: :D:sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:

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  6. OMO! OMO! OMO!....ladies....sleeveless, shirtless, clothed, semi-clothed, suited, casual, formal or informal.... this guy is OMG!....thank you thank you @everyone for the wonderful and sexy pictures....excuse me while I *faint....*...how amazing are you guys!!....And...@mathi..,your script is fantastic, hmmm, food for thought...beautiful story with great pictures....WOW! Just think, what role is our SJS looking for (?).....hmmmm,  what type of character will he choose (?).....hmmmm, will it be a melo or a rom-com (?)...hmmmm, will he decide on a movie or drama (?)....hmmmm...are we going to see him on screen this year (?)....hmmmm....So many questions, to be answered....but ladies, lets get through his FM's first....YAY! FIGHTING!!

    This thread has become such a delightful place to enjoy the many posts/pictures and comments of our beautiful man, SJS...Kahmsamnida @everyone....appreciated much! Here's a challenge folks, it would be nice to hear and see what type of drama/role each and every one of you would like SJS to do...ummm, what if everyone writes something short and sweet, just like the script @mathi shared with us, just something fun while we wait for SJS to complete his "Let's Go Together" FM's.....Its already obvious that we cannot get enough of him, sigh....and because everyone here have a fair idea of his personality, goals, needs and wants....hmmm, it would not be hard to figure out the perfect role for SJS to do.....YAY!!!...and to all those techno-savvy professionals out there, pictures in between the lines would be amazing too....YAY!!...can't wait!....

    I have enjoyed reading all your stories, posts, comments with fun-loving-gorgeous pictures, please keep them coming...Thank you so much for loving and continuing to adore and support SJS....Have a beautiful week peeps, enjoy and love life, embrace and appreciate, make a difference and be happy....!! Happy Happy Joy Joy....@EVERYONE FIGHTING!!....@SJS FIGHTING!!....:):)



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  7. OHHHH....ladies in the house.....absolutely, thank you so so much for the posts.....BRAVO ABSOLUTELY!!....Love all your work....and kamsa to @sojisubaddicted for changing our theme title/profile!! Keep up the amazing work, ladies!! FIGHTING!

    Looking forward to all the amazing and wonderful pics and stories of "Lets Go Together" FM's.....SJS FIGHTING!!

    Excited much....yay! and boy, has this year just like flown already.......YAH!!






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  8. Ummmm, okay ladies miane, well that didnt work....@mathi, how do you bring something from YT to the thread, soooo frustrating....!! Not my forte....! (ARH!)

    I just read your 'Brown Bunny 2007' @mathi...WOW, you are so brave girl!....much kudos to you, brilliant story, absolutely!...Seeing our SJS present such 'controversial' if you like pics to the world, just makes me want to salute him even more, and give him lots of hugs!! OMG! SJS...such a strong and unique man, absolutey! Always striving to challenge the norm, because absolutely, SK would frown upon such behaviour perhaps...and look, even today, 8 years later, just by being shown again here, there is discussion erupting, mixed emotions.....Love your work my sweet @mathi, absolutely!!

    @sojisubaddicted....WOW....another line of discussion, YAY!, I love discussions and 'debates'....I like what you have written in regards to our SJS doing the 'Brown Bunny 2007" photo shoot with this out-there-contentious photographer Terry Richardson. To choose SJS to achieve the concept he was trying to portray was to me, a great challenge and opportunity for SJS to undertake. Im sure at the time, SJS agency BOF as well as SJS himself, knew and understood what the reaction/s would be, internationally and most particularly within SK, being made aware of the risks perhaps of what this could do to his career, and yet, SJS, being the versatile and creative man that he is, accepted it without incident.....I mean, the manner in which people around you may choose to influence ones actions, perhaps deemed somewhat influential in this case, but Im sure SJS at that time took it as another challenge in his career.....

     From what I can see in these pictures, an art and ability of a man to create such substance in just one shot is just truly amazing.  I mean, look at how much discussion and impact such strong photo clips have created. I guess people were not used to seeing an Asian man in such up-front-opposing-yet-brave clips. This was probably a new facet that viewers were being exposed to. I guess too being that it was SJS, gave the photos more presence I guess, and more to talk about. Here was a beautiful actor, top celebrity star, portrayed as a down-with-luck-motorbike-rider-and-lost-in-love guy who had nothing to lose, and a sensuality on screen that was evocative and so powerful....hmmm, but what I couldnt understand was, the Ralph Lauren suits, ummmm, huh!! Being able to create such astonishing yet eye-catching and sensational photos is an art that only SJS can master, and that too is what Terry Richardson believed....and, happily achieved...

    I guess there are things in life that we can look back on and say, yep, 'been there, done that"...dont need to go there anymore, with no regrets. Life is too short to ponder. One must achieve all they want to do, embrace the fullness of life and create happiness and love every single moment......Im so proud of SJS, for his achievements, goals and success's of life. SJS, he is such a humble, gorgeous and gracious man. SJS has always been confident in the decisions and choices that he has made in his career and we as fans have seen the fruits of his labour by enjoying the many beautiful CFs (and then running out and buying the products ie fridges), like a crazy-woman would do...LOL, or re-watching all those fabulous melo dramas....(tuning in to Masters Sun every other weekend....), listening to SJS hip hop (and even becoming a new Hip Hop crazed fan....just because)....or even being lucky in attending the FM's and seeing him up-close-and-personal.....sigh!....WE FANS ARE SO LUCKY, ABSOLUTELY!!!....

    So thank you, kamsamnida, for all the choices SJS has made in his journey of becoming a Top Celebrity Star. SJS was already a well-rounded-cultured-humble-and-vibrant man before being in the limelight, and because of all these virtues, SJS has proven his right to success. ....YAY!

    Thank you SJS for all your great work, we as fans appreciate you! Looking forward to your FM's in Japan, Taiwan and Shanghai.....SJS FIGHTING!!


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  9. Good morning beautiful ladies of the SJS thread, thank you so much for the love and continued adoration of our gorgeous man SJS....Its so wonderful to see some of the old come back, YAY to @proserpinaespiritu. thank you for your sweet comments, also to @PaulaC, good to see you here too again......@innerchild....WOW!, thank you so much, I am in awe of you being in Serbia, so far and yet so near. WOW!...I have enjoyed too what you bring to the thread and with all the new updates, I assumed you resided in SK...., wah....isnt it amazing how this wonderful man can bring the world together, just by his mere presence, allowing folks from far and wide, from different paths, from different cultures, come together to unite and excite, discuss and adore all things SJS...brilliant, absolutely....YAY!!

    My dearest and sweet @mathi, working so diligently and so confidently and sweetly.....always a pleasure reading your wonderful insights and drooling over your beautiful pictures, and then fantasising with you in your happy dreams.....continue to do great work, much appreciated, absolutely!.....YAH!!

    My wonderful and brilliant-minded beautiful @sugarmay....kamsamnida, thank you for your kind words, always....My thoughts and prayers are with you always....and you know what, I was like OMG, I actually have a fan, really....LOL!!!...hahahaha, so sweet and generous of you....I was so humbled by your words....kamsa, but Im the fan here.....YAY!!

    So I guess someone would need to make a request with the moderators then...okay, FIGHTING LADIES!! you can do this....I think by changing the title to the thread with all his new and current events as they happen, allows all peeps to be up-to-date with SJS schedule, just my thoughts anyway.....please please, kamsa...

    WOW....I am having so much fun now, the vibrancy of this new thread is amazing, thank you so much ladies, fantastic work absolutely! I have enjoyed being a silent lurker these past few months, and yet it is always nice to  resurface again, from time to time....YAY!!....continue to do great work, absolutely!.....

    When I think of our SJS, I feel warm inside every single time. When I am feeling sad and down, I listen to "Yukinohana" which SJS sang in Japan at one of his FM, and this strengthens me every single time. Heres a song that I have been listening to lately, which made me think, life is so precious, every single moment of our lives should be embraced....we should always treat it like theres no tomorrow....sigh, SJS is a unique and versatile man, with such humility and grace, so much to give to others.....sigh, I just want to "Love with no Regrets" because every single day should be appreciated and not taken for granted.....enjoy...

    "Like Im Gonna Lose You...." by Meighan Trainor and John Legend.






    NB: Please continue to pray for the families of those affected by tragedy and loss in the Phillipines, Tunisia & Nepal.


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  10. Hey peeps, thank you so much for continuing to keep this thread alive with all the beautiful pics, reviews, updates and love, kamsa...

    Just wondering please to all the techno savvy ladies out there if someone would be so kind in changing the title of the thread from (one sunny day.....) to now headline SJS ('Let's go Together' ) upcoming FM in Japan 2015. Our once ever so charming, always-on-the-ball, miss-you-much, organized supporter Sara used to do this to keep fans updated.......we can keep the thread current like this for new and old fans alike....and hopefully our ever-conscious-and-biggest-fan of SJS will return to our midst....

    Always good to see the old clips and reminisce, love and adore...but would love to see more updates if possible of SJS up and coming events (wink wink nudge nudge @innerchild...)....you are in SK, is that right?...please please with bells on....kahmsamnida. ....

    Continue to do great work SJS fans....thank you in advance. ...All ladies in the house FIGHTING! 



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  11. Hehehehe...@aalhl....can I also say that seeing our GY in an action-packed-thriller was absolutely mind blowing!!....It was such a fast-paced movie, and GY absolutely nailed his part, every fighting scene, every look, every strength of emotion drawn into his character, daebak!.....lovedlovedloved it, absolutely!....Its kinda hard to say which of ALL his dramas was the best, because each and every single one of them was extra-ordinary and superbly amazing, in their own right, because of GY's fantastic and brilliant acting.....ahhhh, say no more......

    I am waiting in joy land too for 'A Man and a Woman' and I kinda think this will be more like the sensual-sexy-and-adorable GY that will probably bring out lots of the dimples, the smiles, the looks, the endearing emotions..OMG!....YEP!, this one will be worth the wait too...YAY! cant wait....absolutely!!... is this one a melo-drama?...wow, even more reason to embrace it...OMG...looks like lots of feels, sigh!!.....and heart-breaking tears......

    Amazing guy, Gong Yoo, he can make anyone think they are there too with him, on screen, in the moment.....LOL!!....happy dreams to you, beautiful absolutely!

    Thank you @aalhl as always for the updates...appreciated much, absolutely...Lets all here look forward with happiness to his new movies coming out soon....YAY!!

    Happy Happy Joy Joy...to us...!!! GONG YOO FIGHTING!! :D:D

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  12. Okay....Ive just now finished (finally) "The Suspect".....OMG OMG OMG!......I really love thriller-type-suspense-intrigue-macho-intense kinda movies and this one did not disappoint! absolutely!....

    Gong Yoo.....Omona! You are amazing in this role, brilliant....the action-packed-edgy-cut-throat scenes....fantastic! WOW! You are such an amazing actor, being able to produce and create characters that just light up the screens, and keep you wanting more.....Bravo, absolutely!

    It has been such a pleasure watching the many roles Gong Yoo has created and made his own over the years, from the sweet-and-adorable-school-boy in 'Hello My Teacher' to the long lost brother in 'One Fine Day' , what about the reformed playboy in 'Coffee Prince'  or the teacher in 'Silenced'......Gong Yoo has the ability and flexibility to perform any role he is interested in, and create memorable moments that remain with us, and allow us as fans, to appreciate and embrace him even more....sigh, thank you so much Gong Yoo, for your amazing and hard work....beautiful absolutely!

    Im so looking forward to 'Busan Bound' and 'Secret Agent'....more thrilling and action packed roles...YAY!! Thank you for your ongoing passion and commitment to the fans, GONG YOO FIGHTING!! :w00t::w00t::huh::huh:     :D:D:D


    NB: Gong Yoo looked really really fit and taut and handsome and trim and healthy and slick and gorgeous and packed (as in 6 pack...lol).....which made me embrace and appreciate the 'Suspect' even more......(just saying!!...):rolleyes::rolleyes:


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  13. Welcome @riyakong_stv to this thread....glad to have you here and hope you enjoy the ride!!...KHJ is amazing absolutely and seeing more fans appear on this thread is a credit to her awesome-ness, absolutely!!

    Not sure what the discussion is about here but I really like The Producer...I have taken this drama as a fun-loving-quirky-hilariously-funny-girly-show that has made me laugh and giggle...I do not want to take this seriously, because at the end of the day, if you start to analyse this drama, you would think OMG, what is wrong with the storyline, I mean what IS the storyline.... this show just does not make sense considering what they portrayed it was going to be like when they promoted it....still, its a fun-loving-warm show that KHJ has chosen to be involved in, and ALL her choices of dramas have been excellent, so I respect her decision with the Producers....

    Perhaps, KHJ chose this drama seeing it to be a light-hearted-and-funny change for her, because as you have all stated here, theres certainly a lot of drinking sessions, LOL! and its quite comforting to see folks going to work, discussing episodes, longevity of programmes, idols, celebrities...etc etc and then chilling with food and drinks...I think thats cute...I like seeing KHJ having fun....and I also smile and admire how KHJ can always always draw the male characters in, and have them contend for her affection...beautiful!!

    Its always a delight to see KHJ in a role that brings out her warmth and sincerity, thats why I absolutely adore her works...Not sure what the writers are trying to do here with the romance theme, they should be concentrating more on the behind the scenes Producer theme to be honest. It seems that they have ad-libbed everything because its not really flowing (in my opinion), but then who knows, K-Drama is K-Drama...and thats why we watch....

    I think the pairing of KSH and KHJ is cute, I believe there have been a few male actors who have always wanted to star in a role with KHJ and having these two together finally is beautiful. KSH is such a dorky and adorably cute actor....they both seem comfortable with each other, and its great to see...So far, this show has been received well and having other actors cameo here too, great idea and it seems to be working....(though JH was there for only a second!!...ARGH...not enough time!)....I wonder who will be next...

    Anyway peeps, enjoy the Producers because of our beautiful KHJ who btw is doing an amazing job and who will be committed to the end. Lets continue to support and embrace KHJ and look forward to her next works....YAY!

    KHJ FIGHTING!!......@EVERYONE FIGHTING!!....:):):)

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  14. Ahhhh @FruClaire, I like your thinking.....hehehe....GHJ absolutely shines on screen with EVERYONE she is know for creating this amazing chemistry with her cast and crew because she is just so natural and a down-to-earth-easy-going-charming-beauty that I think these Top Male Stars can feel drawn to and comfortable with, because they can be themselves.....sigh, no masks...

    I too would like to see her pairing with JWS because he is adorable....but I think the chemistry GHJ had with SJS was different to the others (though I think GY was kinda close....hmmmm), but GHJ & SJS was just so mesmerizing. ...and so endearing. ....sigh..

    Producers,  it looks so warm and quirky, another great choice for our lady...Its always exciting to see GHJ anywhere and her latest shoot with theTaiwan Magazine is absolutely beautiful,  so cheers for that....GHJ FIGHTING !!!!

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  15. OMG....thank you so much @aalhl for the update....hehehehe...cant wait to see A Man and a Woman and lets hope this movie is received well at the Cannes Film Festival.....sigh. Gong Yoo is amazing in that he challenges himself and tests out all roles that he likes which allows him a broad range to choose from ......brilliant! !!

    And waiting also for Busan Bound....woot woot..Hmmmmm, am visiting SK this winter....Im hoping there would be lots of promos done where GY can be seen in  public, sigh, but I'm guessing he will be busy with Secret Agent perhaps......such a busy guy. ....brilliant! !!

    Thank you Gong Yoo for your continued passion and hard work, WE fans absolutely adore you...FIGHTING !!!

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  16. Yep.....looking forward to Producers...its going to be fantastic!!!

    Anneyonghaseyo everyone. ..our permanent thread now I hope,  still a lot of maneuvering and searching (and I do hope it gets easier), so lets make the most of it again and celebrate our amazing lady, GHJ.....


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  17. @mathi.....my dear chingu.....LOL to that hahahaha....I somehow knew it wouldnt work...my laptop is out of order at the moment getting fixed and this tablet is hopeless so Im having trouble trying to maneuver everything. ...but thank you dearest for your instructions. ..I will try again next time...YAY!!!....and loving the kissy-kissy-touchy-feely pics of our very shy SJS....9_9:o

    @Sojisubaddicted....sooooo loving the collage of our SJS.....OMG..hotness overload.....YAH!!O.o9_9.....kahmsamnida....oh and thanks heaps for the upload of that clip (ng).. I knew someone here knew which one I meant. ..TBH it also took me a while to return to GLASS SLIPPERS because I hated KHJ's character and again the one sided love of CWP....anyway....

    Cain & Abel is my favourite SJS drama and it was good to read your views on this....very interesting, thanks @Sojisubaddicted....Okay @ALL. ..start of a new week, hopefully all has gone well with the transition..see you back in our new forums....

    SJS FIGHTING! !!. EVERYONE FIGHTING! !!......:D:D...... (LOL can you tell I like these emoticons.....hahaha! )

  18. Since everyone here have  been remembering their first moments of SJS.... please enjoy our hunky guy in Glass Slippers (NGs)......so hilarious and so professional. .. especially loving the Bruce Lee impersonations and his wild take on them....lol!!!!.... (hope it works...) ...

    http://youtu.be/watch? =MsXSCyp-Rc

    https://m.youtube.com/watch? =MsXSCUyp-Rc


    Admittedly  when I came across Glass Slippers back in the day I saw it had 40 episodes and I was like....no way!!!!.....So I cheated and went to the last few episodes saw that Cheol-woong Park had been killed off.....sob sob....got frustrated and never returned  back until recently....and of course lovedlovedloved it.......sigh  such a cute and wholesome character right there.....absolutely! !.....

    The ng's and bts shots of every drama reflect to me the spirit and  chemistry of a great performance. .....SJS FIGHTING! !:D:D:D

    credit to owners.....







  19. Hey ladies so good to see everyone here with extra new fans too....YAY!!! Thanks always for the latest on our beautiful GHJ...and looking forward to "Producers" absolutely! !! 

    Looks like another role which allows our GHJ to play with and experiment...sigh, GHJ is just so amazing right there....!! 

    And I think the transition should be complete by this time next week at least....is that right?.. Cant wait.....YAY!!

    Have a great week end peeps, please remember those affected by tragedy in Nepal.. GHJ FIGHTING!!  GONGVELYANS FIGHTING! !




  20. Ahhhh...fiinally....I have found my way back again....thank you for the updates....not liking this temp forum O.oO.o still confusing....but hopefully the transition is going smoothly though not sure if it will be user friendly. ...sigh... missing the "LOL" and "AWESOME" buttons already...:(

    Its good to revisit and see how this guys amazing career has unfolded....waiting for BUSAN  BOUND......


  21. Ooohh ladies..so good to see you all, welcome home and good to see the thread moving smoothly and happily without any problems. ...@mathi, my sweet chingu good to see you working your magic already with your bright and happy posts keeping us warm and satisfied....until your next one....absolutely! !!....Keep them coming please...

    Its so weird starting new though being able to reflect and re-visit when our SJS first came into our lives is beautiful , absolutely beautiful. ...sigh... I feel like a new fan all over again.....YAY..

    Lets enjoy and live life fully......SJS FIGHTING! !.....EVERYONE FIGHTING! !...:):)

    NB: Please pray for the families of those affected in the recent tragedies of Nepal and Mexico....

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