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  1. On 12/05/2016 at 9:48 AM, lkgy99 said:

    Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Min-hee, Kwak Do-won, Gong Yoo and many more at Cannes


    The 69th Cannes International Film Festival is swarming with Korean stars.

    Ha Jeong-woo, Kim Min-hee, Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi and others are attending the 69th Cannes International Film Festival. This year, director Park Chan-wook's "The Handmaiden", Director Na Hong-jin's "The Wailing" and director Yeon Sang-ho's "Train to Busan" will be featured at the CIFF Midnight Screening. Director Park Yeong-joo's short film "1 Kilogram" and director Yoon Jae-ho's "Hitchhiker" are also being featured this year.

    "The Handmaiden" cast Kim Min-hee, Ha Jeong-woo, Jo Jin-woong, Kim Tae-ri and 4 others are going to Cannes with Park Chan-wook. "The Handmaiden" is based in the 1930s during the Japanese Invasion. The movie is about a wealthy maiden who inherited her wealth from her parents, a count who wants her wealth and The Handmaiden's guardian who was offered a deal by the count.

    Ha Jeong-woo is the only one of the four who have been to Cannes in 2008 for the movie "The Chaser". "The Handmaiden" is meant for the CIFF competitive section and there was only one other time a Korean star was awarded a prize at CIFF and that was Jeon Do-yeon in 2007 for the movie "Secret Sunshine".

    Park Chan-wook's "Old Boy" and "Thirst" were awarded a prize at CIFF before. This time, "The Handmaiden" is under great anticipation and the cast are participating in the official screening and Red Carpet event this year.

    "The Wailing" representatives director Na Hong-jin, actors Kwak Do-won, Cheon Woo-hee and Japanese actress Jun Kunimura are headed for Cannes. "The Wailing" is about a series of events that happen in a village ever since a stranger shows up and a cop sets out to save his daughter.

    "The Wailing" will participate in the screening, Red Carpet event and press conference on the 18th.

    "The Wailing" is the only 'perfected' version of a movie out of the 5 movies that were invited to Cannes.Kwak Do-won's performance in the movie, Hwang Jeong-min and Cheon Woo-hee's chemistry have earned some interest for the movie. Director Na Hong-jin completed "The Wailing" in 3 years. Reviews about the movie have been good and Korean fans have high ancitipation.

    "Train to Busan" starring Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi, and director Yeon Sang-ho are going to Cannes. While a natural disaster has struck the nation, a KTX train to Busan and the people inside it struggle to survive. "Train to Busan" will attend a press conference on the 14th after a screening. Gong Yoo, Jeong Yu-mi, Kim Soo-an, and director Yeon Sang-ho leave for Cannes on May 12th.



    Congratulations and Good work everyone. ....Such an inspiring moment....FIGHTING! !

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  2. On 08/05/2016 at 9:48 AM, pink_sm said:

    I'm not sure who has posted this video yet? I found this clip for who want to go to the 51K. In this clip, a walking distance of 150 m, starting at The fab.:)


    Cr to owner


    There's actually a shorter way to get there. ...but she did well  and the beating of your heart as you draw near to 51k is so exciting, fast and furious,  and it gets louder and loudest. ..lol....!!!

    And to EVERYONE visiting beautiful South Korea, you must must must take the opportunity to visit 51k absolutely,  because just knowing that you are looking at SJS work place is an accomplishment in itself, who would have thought right....and  you meet other beautiful fans there too, embracing the moment and waiting for the chance to see him..... (which so many have been lucky to achieve. ..)....a once in a lifetime opportunity,  absolutely! 

    Many thanks to all who continue to keep this thread updated and exciting. ...kamsa!



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  3. 22 hours ago, joowonie said:

    It's ha ji won not HJM. And she can definitely play any role given to her.


    Oops,  gosh,  sorry about that, looks like I hit a raw nerve there, I DID mean HJW... (typo error..) and don't get me wrong matey, HJW was amazing in Secret Garden and fabulous in Empress Ki...and I do believe she can play any role absolutely because she is a top celebrity in her own right.....all I meant was I cant see the chemistry here between GY and HJW...thats all....my own opinion... my own viewpoint,  my own belief.... Sorry if I have unintentionally offended you all here.....

    At the end of the day, they choose who they choose and all the ladies here would be perfect. ...lets see who they choose and look forward to the drama with excitement okay....

    Gong Yoo FIGHTING! !!

  4. On 23/04/2016 at 8:31 AM, joowonie said:

    They are sooo overdue for a project together! The acting and visuals would be amazing!!!!! Ha ji won is such a great actress :) love her!!!!


    Not really a fan of HJW.....mianeyo.....cant see the chemistry working tbh... (from HJW)....and though she is an amazing actress in her own right and drop dead gorgeous too,  the female role should be given to someone who appears soft and gentle, naive and sweetheart'ish...if you know what I mean...but whomever they choose....its going to be amazing wonderful. .YAY!!!!!

    Another one to look forward to,  OH EM GEE.....life in K-DRAMALAND just gets better and better every time....GY FIGHTING! 


  5. You know, just quietly, in relation to writer-nim Kim Eun-sook, her works have been popular and remembered by many with some big hits.....(Heirs DOTS, Secret Garden) and I think GY accepting the role shows he has respect, humility and admiration for KES...Okay okay,  BIG was (can I be blunt...) a disaster. ..but we had some great actors there who have not been phased or upset by it at all....you win some you lose some  as long as they enjoyed themselves,  absolutely! 

    Gong Yoo has become such an amazing  thespian in his own right that by returning to the small screen in a KES drama does not deter or disillusion him in any way, and I say Bravo to you GY, absolutely! GY appears happy and appreciative to be considered for this role and I think he will have fun and enjoy the time again doing tv dramas.... ( though just quietly,  I love him doing movies...). Gong Yoo has proven himself to be great and inspiring in whatever he applies himself to do, and what I admire about this guy is his sweet-natured-laid-back-chilled persona that shines brightly in all his challenges that life has blessed him with to achieve, absolutely! Kudos and bravo to you....

    Thank you @ALL for the updates and gorgeous pictures,  GY FIGHTING! 

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  6. On 20/04/2016 at 0:31 AM, badsmuler said:

    Who will be Gong Yoo's leading lady in 'Goblin'?


    1. Gong Yoo and Han Jimin


    2. Gong Yoo and Bae Doona


    3. Gong Yoo and Song Ji Hyo


    4. Gong Yoo and Shin Se Kyung


    5. Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi

    Daum Cafe: Kim Eun Sook x Gong Yoo's 'Goblin' confirmed to air in November 

    -Hul daebak. This will be his first proper romcom after 'Coffee Prince'

    -I'm just excited to see who they'll pick as the female lead

    -Please cast Jung Yumi

    -Either Bae Doona or Jung Yumi

    -As long as it's not Song Ji Hyo!!!

    -Han Kyul is back!!!!

    -He looks good with Jung Yumi or Han Jimin

    (tn: majority of the comments want Jung Yumi)

    Credit : http://kkuljaem.blogspot.com/2016/04/who-will-be-gong-yoos-leading-lady-in.html


    OMG. ...Absolutely Jung Yumi or  Bae Doona......woot woot.....the feels..YAH!!!


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  7. Woot woot...our SJS looked absolutely fan-tab-u-lous when in HK....thank you @ALL for the many beautiful pics and updates.. SJS as always looked absolutely divine and even though it appeared chaotic and confused, proud to say our SJS handled it with his usual cool, calm and collected manner, his presentation and demeanor affirming experience, class and professionalism absolutely! 

    The lead up or rather the departure from SK to HK....bravo beautiful fans for the eagle eye, big brother visuals....WOAH,  amazing right, this guy cannot hide from fans, he is soooooo popular.....poor guy, and yet he takes it all in his stride.....another day in the life of SJS, the Top Celebrity Star that he is.... he is so accomodating and so warm to his fans, sigh...I wish I was one of those lucky ladies sharing a photo with this sexy dude, I mean OMG!!! right......I was in awe seeing the fandom at the J.estina presentation,  WOW!!** Well done and Congratulations to SJS and all those involved for this successful meet, bravo absolutely! 

    SJS looked OMG, relaxed,  sexy, excited,  sexy,  handsome,  sexy, charming. ....OMG! (..I am thinking he did have some sort of support belt around his lower back area too..) which makes me sad as it appears our SJS is still suffering from this chronic injury.......dude, can you hire me to be your personal nurse....lol...(.or as seen here in this new and crazy exciting thread) there are many who would line up for you too....absolutely! 

    Thanks peeps for continuing to keep this thread alive....the new energy here is intriguing to say the least....love the new vibe and welcome to all the new members.....I admire how fans of all ages are here to talk SJS....maybe a collaboration of wonderful minds and energy could organise some gifts for our SJS in preparation for his new movie role on behalf of our Soompi thread. ...and those visiting SK this year can deliver the goods to 51k in person....WOW....I mean SJS needs to be aware still that Soompi is still alive and kicking and as supportive and adoring as ever right.....woot woot!! Lets do it ladies....

    @sojisubaddicted @mathi @xoxoprincessxoxo .......@EVERYONE ...excited much,  lets show SJS that we are still here for him too and lets do something great for him, YAY!!!! SJS FIGHTING! ....@EVERYBODY FIGHTING! !!



    PS: Please keep a thought for those affected by sadness in Japan and Ecuador. ...peace to all...       




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  8. 10 hours ago, AprilynC said:

    i saw so ji sub in a j. estina event? is he replacing gong hyo jin as an endorser? or are they co-endorsers for j-estina?? or are they going to collaborate in endorsing j.estina? 


    LOL right.....such a beautiful thought......(just quietly.....).....another collaboration of sorts hmmm.... absolutely! 

    Thank you so much @ALL for the amazing and beautiful pictures and updates of this gorgeous gal GHJ.......much appreciated and embraced always....shes looking fantastic......

    Looking forward to her next project, absolutely! GHJ FIGHTING! !

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  9. @Ikgy99.....waaaoooo......thank you so much for your posts. ..A Man and a Woman. ...OMG! ....how intriguing and amazing AMAAW is......is this available for international viewing now and if so, do you have a link.....gumawo. .

    Gong Yoo is an amazing actor who loves challenging himself in the roles he chooses and we love his challenges absolutely!  These roles define GY as an extraordinary actor who steps outside the box without regrets....lovelovelove his hard work and efforts thank you Gong Yoo.....absolutely! 

    Good to see the BTS clips of fun and laughter. ...thats what Im talking about, hard work with happy happy joy joy times reap a successful outcome to all those involved......kahmsamnida,  GY FIGHTING!  

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  10. Enjoying and appreciating all the fabulous pictures and updates of this amazing woman. ...Shes in Australia now is that right.... OMG, excited much. ..Forgive me, miane for my ignorance,  but does anyone know exactly where here in Australia,  they are filming ......OMG! 

    Nice to see you here again  @mabelialong, its been so long. ...GHJ looks absolutely amazing and beautiful in Elle as well as Cosmopolitan. ...green is such an awesome color on our GHJ, Bravo absolutely! 

    Looking forward to  all the great work we are going to embrace this year, thank you kamsa for all that you do.....GHJ FIGHTING! !



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  11. On 19/03/2016 at 10:57 PM, lynn91 said:

    He melts this ajumma's heart :wub:

    LOL.....and this ahjumma too.....most definitely! !

    Thank you @EVERYONE for the updates and beautiful pictures. ...So proud to see SJS work the red carpet like a true professional that he is.....so handsome,  so debonair,  full of charm and charisma. ...thats right peeps, its all about the sex appeal, the magnetism that this guy has and he knows how to use it....woot woot! 

    SJS worked that red carpet with presence....brilliant work absolutely!  .... And then proceeding to speak with the media in a cool, calm and collected manner....OMO OMO....sooooo proud to be a fan, YAY!! Bravo absolutely! 

    Seeing all the beautiful ladies wanting to have photos with this guy, OMG!.....WOW!! This sexy guy is definitely a wanted man, all over Asia..**.(ahem the world!)...take your pick Mr So , as promised,  they  (we) are lining up in front of you...It has been written in the stars that 2016 is going to be amazing for SJS. ...both professionally and personally....woot woot! and there it is....good start Mr So....its going to be an awesome ride, I feel it in my old bones. ..and your fans will be there right beside you 101%!!!

    Loving the So Ganji style, such a  master of fashion,  thats right dude  you work it like only you know how....woot woot! And great to see those healthy cheeks again, gorgeous absolutely! 

    Seemingly SJS appears tired, but he knows the way it works and he is a professional and entrepreneur doing what he does best. Love your work,  love your mind.....thank you for all that you do. ..SJS FIGHTING! 

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  12. Thank you so much @Ikgy99 for the beautiful pics and news, thank you also to @istanbullu_emine for sharing and caring. Always a treat to see updated pictures of this gorgeous man,  absolutely! Kamsa. ...

    @princess nour90, agree totally that GY & GHJ make an amazing twosome on screen and I too would lovelovelove to see another collaboration of them together,  nomu nomu juseyo.....FIGHTING. ...!!!

    The Discovery Expedition Spring 2016....does anyone here know where the pics were taken...gumawo....

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  13. On 1/10/2016 at 5:04 AM, lkgy99 said:

    i miss you boys :bawling:


    Im in a bit of a bind here ladies....I too have missed these guys on screen,  more so our Gong Yoo,  so I have returned to watching CP again.....OMG....adoring him again long time, and currently on episode 8.....how coincidental that others are feeling it too....!!

    GY , waiting in anticipation for 'A Man and a Woman'.....CP  always  amazing,  always emotional,  always-giving-me-those-feels,...... love your work,  GY FIGHTING! 

    PS: Hope your Valentines day was sweet and memorable. ....

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  14. Hey ladies  such an exciting year for many artists with projects coming through left right and centre.......WOW!...

    Looking forward to watching SYJ again in Bad Guys Always Die.....excited much.....Clash of Kings....I was so excited to see SYJ with the ever-young-and-sexy SJS....OMG!!!!....Will there be a collaboration and pairing in a movie soon or will SYJ perhaps decide to do drama again one last time with this hunky man......OMO OMO OMO....!!

    SYJ FIGHTING! !!!!

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  15. WOW...an LBH & KHJ  collaboration. ....didnt see that one coming....very intriging to say the least...So proud to see our lady choosing projects with substance. . ....This will be based in Australia perhaps for a short time.....amazing,  it will be so awesome to meet/see GHJ here in Brisvegas...OMG, excited much.....omo omo omo....YAH!!! WOW. ....

    Time flies so quickly these days, another birthday to celebrate. ..YAY!! GHJ, looking forward to Missing.....you're looking absolutely young, fresh and beautiful as always.....GHJ FIGHTING! 

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  16. OMG......imagine a collaboration between SJS & SYJ.....another pairing of beautiful individuals. ...I have always hoped for a unity of these two.....OML....Excited much.....gosh just seeing them side by side doing Clash of Kings.....omo omo omo!!!! (**faints...)..

    I love SYJ and embrace her work absolutely. .....SYJ is a fabulous movie queen.....hopefully with SJS ongoing steps towards becoming more comfortable doing movies, we may see these two gorgeous people together. ...PLEASE.....!!! Even though they were siblings on DP....they looked so divine and comfortable with eacb other....OML.

    2016 is going to be amazing for SJS....I can feel it. .....SJS FIGHTING! 

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  17. @mathi.....OMG. dear, I just had to respond to your delightful post of the true number one fan of SJS, that ahjumma... hahaha. ..how amazing is she,  lol , and her loving husband, OMG! ...so sweet and understanding. ...hahaha. ...is she counting to ten for her husband to sleep  and then he obediently shuts his eyes seemingly attempting to sleep,  then she moves the family photo to reveal her gorgeous man SJS...and then proceeds to say goodnight.....hahahaha....hilarious. ..OMG! That was truly DAEBAK!   

    And then we have the faithful fan who watched him sleep for 5 hours.....5 HOURS!!! WOW! and OMG!!...Absolutely true and sincere fans...OMG!! Kinda makes me feel like a failure because will I react the same....

    I remember when I visited 51k,  there were fans already there who had  been waiting 4hours....4HOURS! And it was pretty cool and windy that day....I was truly emotional and overwhelmed by those adoring fans and especially the impact and effect SJS has on the female population.....I  mean AMAZING ABSOLUTELY! !.....but I could only manage a couple of hours due to the weather... (I know, something I have to justify to myself every day since...) But then I thought, I want to see him in real life, but I dont want him  to see me. ..lol...I would probably faint right there....OMG!  In other words, BRAVO absolutely to those fabulous and beautiful fans for daring to be up-close-and-personal with our sexy sexy man of the moment. ...Kahmsamnida absolutely! 

    But I have to take my hat off to this amazing ahjumma with her understanding husband and son....not sure if that is weird and scary or sweet and innocent. ....but it brought a huge smile to my face. ....thank you!!! You go girl!  And your actions are giving us ahjummas more strength to 'man up' and be brave. ......LOL...


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  18. To all the beautiful ladies in the house. ..thank you so much for your ongoing love, respect and support for this amazing guy as well as each other, bravo absolutely! 

    Like how @sojisubaddicted  so kindly reminded  us here, the sad words of SJS from his interview in 2014  that he has always remained in the same place, and it has been others who have chosen to leave him......sigh.....@gc05, love your insight love your thoughts, your discussions have always been amazing,  and your passion and heartwarming adoration of this guy has now caused you much pain. We are all entitled to freedom of speech absolutely and tbh, when I first read your comments,  I was hurt and sad.....especially because you have so much emotion and penchant that your beliefs and values were suddenly, in your eyes, being disrespected due to such a controversial script. ..My dear @gc05, please don't put blame to the actor,  but see it as another challenge and opportunity to embrace the ability and craft of this amazing actor.  Road No.1 proved his talent in being part of a drama that appeared so real and meaningful allowing fans an insight on what happened during the Korean War, which was incredibly soulful, sad and inspiring.  SJS was brilliant....and Road No.1 opened my eyes to a war that I knew nothing about  which made me, an international fan, appreciate even more the diligence and dedication of SJS, and I thank him and all the cast and crew for Road No.1...no more ignorance but heartfelt empathy and empowerment.....

    HASHIMA is a new movie and is still in the making so I am  thankful that SJS is up for the challenge... so proud...FIGHTING! Another part of history that our generation will respect and recognize as being only that, a historical event that caused much pain and heartache to so many, and one that will be remembered always. Of course there will always be conflict,  confusion and ongoing debate, but if all fans embrace it as another movie to be watched over and over again, a form of entertainment,  there will be no need for  disputes, anger or controversy. 

    Thank you as always to our sweet @mathi for sharing a Japanese fans (jisub-aholic***) perspective and personal thoughts on this imminent movie....aware of the (in-the-making synapses...),  positive feedback and support for SJS, no discernment or disregard whatsoever towards SJS choice of projects. Such a proud and faithful fan to SJS, hes so lucky right....Nice work guys,  thank you....

    Lets all continue to love, respect and adore SJS, no matter how much his decisions may affect us/you. We are just fans, fans who support him in everything he does  thank you. ....SJS FIGHTING! Lets not choose to leave him but remain by his side always...

    WELCOME to all the newbies in the house,  your fresh-ness and colorful comments has been hilarious,  hope you enjoy the ride here on the thread, enjoy, embrace and excite.....



    NB: Please spare a thought for those in Jakarta, and all those affected by pain and sorrow....



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  19. Quite excited seeing the pairing again of GHJ & GY.......yah.great start for the New Year, loving their CF together but it appears too formal and stuffy, ...not showing their cute personalities and gorgeous attributes,  or is that just me wanting more.....

    Anyhoo, Congratulations to our GHJ for winning the Couples Award together with KSH & CTH.....I am so happy and proud of the Producer cast because of their respect and camaraderie they have with each other, and this was again seen at the KBS Awards night.  I too like @lovedaisy13 said , was happy to see the cardboard poster of her in between her past co-stars, woah.....only our GHJ has that respect and deserved admiration from many...right...

    Looking forward to a great year with lots of new things unfolding...its going to be DAEBAK and what ever new project our GHJ will be participating in,  the support and love of her fans will be there with her always.....absolutely! 

    Kamsahmnida @ALL for your ongoing love and support for our GHJ, have a fantastic week.....FIGHTING! !!

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  20. On 25/12/2015 at 7:46 AM, sin hoonsim said:

    Bravo, thank you so much for the link. .....very emotional and endearing to see GHJ's past work and collaborations. ....so proud to be a fan of this amazing and brilliant actress...

    Looking forward to so much more in 2016.....Wishing so much happiness,  love and great success this year for our beautiful GHJ 

    Happy New Year to all the ladies in the house, thank you for your hard work here.... FIGHTING! 

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