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  1. Being an avid fan of SJS, it has been so exciting to see him come out as Joo Joong Won in such a lighthearted, witty, romantic comedy that has taken SJS to another level, another notch if you like, to challenge and overcome. SJS was absolutely fantastic in his role as JJW. The chemistry with GHJ was absolutely amazing and so real...(sigh!)...SoGong...!!
    It was such a great opportunity to have SJS dress all nice and fancy, to walk the walk and talk the talk, to be able to lead others, and address others as the Master of the Kingdom....(sigh!). Remembering all the other roles our SJS was involved in, WOW...TMS was totally different, and so satisfying.
    I really adore Cain and Abel and even though it did have some intense moments there, just having SJS play a happy-go-lucky-smiley-faced gorgeous doctor, Lee Choi In -  (for a few moments), drew me close. The chemistry too with HJM was beautiful and I absolutely loved the ending..(sigh!). This drama has everything I look for in dramas, and thats why I adore it so much. I can watch this over and over again, and never get sick of it...(sigh!)
    I absolutely adored SJS in Road No.1. The emotion, the passion and the commitment that SJS gave to portray brothers in arms, a brotherhood, a friendship, comradeship and love..WOW, another fantastic role for SJS who absolutely delivered an awesome and incredible performance as Lee Jang Woo. I cried so many tears watching Road No.1 over and over again...(sigh!). It was a shame, that Road No. 1 did not receive the accolades and credit it so deserved, and SJS, absolutely should have been recognised more as THE actor that would absolutely excel and become successful tenfold.. 
    SJS has absolutely changed his way of thinking with what roles he now chooses to portray and be part of. SJS challenges himself always to do better for his fans. I read somewhere that there was a point in his life where he felt, he was only playing roles to the expectations of his fans. Fans expectations can be so high, and it must put on so much pressure for actors like SJS to deliver. Is this the norm of fans everywhere? But then actors choose which path they want to lead, so its not really the fans expectations, right, or is it? 
    Because SJS was always playing in melo intense and dramatic roles, it enabled SJS to possibly shift his way of thinking hence "Phantom" and "The Masters Sun". "Phantom" and "The Masters Sun" have been received well and appreciated by so many fans worldwide. SJS portrayed a more lighter and charismatic role, still with the brilliance of being the leader and to see these roles stand out more from the rest, awesome work!! What has changed the minds of the viewers, the fans? Is it the different role that SJS chose to play this time? I absolutely loved SJS in ALL his roles (some more than others) because SJS was able to bring out emotions that I thought I never had, tears that I thought would never cry, and even anger that I kept hidden away (LOL!), so then why is it that these two "newer" dramas, have been accepted more. I think personally because the fanbase has changed, there are a lot of "younger" members now, who have learnt to appreciate/adore and plain old just love SJS. Those who tuned into "The Masters Sun" may not have known SJS, but now they absolutely adore him....thank you peeps..!!
    So at the end of the day, lets see SJS choose to take roles that are more energised, happy, loveable and cute. I think whatever role SJS plays, whatever song/rap he decides to perform, SJS is a class act, a caring and warmhearted individual and a fantastic performer. We as adoring fans, MUST ABSOLUTELY continue to support, encourage, vote, adore, love, appreciate, believe and have absolute faith in So Ji Sub, so that he can continue to do good work,  so that he can continue to deliver greatness, with the hope to find a beautiful soul to share his life with...(sigh!)
    Whatever new venture SJS is going to be involved in, please continue to stay by our Masters side...(fighting everyone!)...Kahmsamnida & Blessings!!...

  2. Not sure if Ive missed it but has someone subbed the interview that GHJ had at the fashion awards...It just looked a bit awkward for GHJ (poor thing) and I was feeling her pain..(where was her bunker)....just reminded me of The Greatest Love...where DJ had to protect her...hmmm, is this the same scenario, sort of, maybe, or possibly..!!! LOL!!... :-w :-w :-w

  3. cristurbat said: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8NTdocT1so   

    This couple in Cain and Abel, were absolutely divine, and so gorgeous together...Everytime I watch Cain and Abel, I love it even more. The connection that these two had I thought was really beautiful...sigh!! 
    SJS, Im hoping that you will soon find a beautiful soulmate to share your life with, and hope too that you continue to be blessed and enriched in your furture endeavours...sigh!!!
    The "ideal woman" for you...168cms in height...sheesh, Im just a little bit taller...LOL...fighting!! Good luck SJS and much blessings and happiness always..

  4. GHJ such a fashionista, such an icon..your sense of fashion is amazing!!..Even before TMS, your stylish chic and personafied elegance is absolutely first class...With such a fashion sense, your vibrant and bubbly personality shines out more, absolutely.
    I love that your tattoos signify who you are as a person, making a statement, and not being afraid to hold back...OMO..such a beautiful and charming actress. The "peoples princess", so friendly, so warm, with your character being so inviting to others, so humble and so blessed..
    Continue to do great work GHJ, you are absolutely adored by many, tenfold...fighting!!!

  5. HJM I think you are beautiful and the connections you have with your co-stars, all the time its like, WOW...can this one lead to real life romance..You are so cute and innocent, no wonder your male co-stars fall for you..OMO..
    Congratulations on your success with your new agency. You deserve much happiness, success and lots of blessings in your future...AND still the question remains, are you single? I adored you in Cain and Abel and thought too that the connection you had with So Ji Sub was real and amazing, but then when I watched you in Rooftop Prince..girl, you are so connected with your co-stars..absolutely admire and respect your talent. ;)) ;))

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  6. Lee Min Ho is gorgeous, so young and vibrant with a beautiful personality and that smile is so infectious, absolutely... I hope that LMH does really well with this series "Heirs", and that he achieves success and more adoration from us fans... fighting LMH!!!
    I met and adored you in "Boys Before Flowers" but absolutely went crazy for you in "City Hunter" - your best role/drama ever (to me). I have watched all your work, and have been pleasantly surprised in all that you do. Good luck, and thank you... :x :-bd :)

  7. willenette said: class="entry-title"i hear his voice…

    I hear, I like, I listen, I love.

    I have a thing for voices – especially when it comes to guys. Low and deep usually works for me, but there are those that are uniquely addictive that the two earlier factors don’t really act as pre-requisites. Here are a few voices that I could listen to almost all day…in no particular order.

    (skipped unrelated.....)

    So Ji Sub


    source : http://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/

    I loved this interview, very insightful absolutely..I can see too that his "ideal woman" needs to be caring,mindful and supportive of what he does. He gave an accurate estimate of  a certain someones height maybe (?), that was very insightful indeed...sigh! I think SJS KNOWS what he wants and who he wants...sigh!!!  SJS is such a humble, caring, and sweet natured person, no wonder all females around the world dream of him . I have watched all SJS movies/dramas and have heard his music. SJS is absolutely an artist, a creator and he has a good head for business absolutely. 

    SJS has a handsome voice which suits his character, his persona to a tee...makes him more appealing to the females, absolutely.. Loved and adored him in "The Masters Sun" - a challenge maybe, but he made Joo Joong Won his own, first class absolutely....I love Cain and Abel, and watch it all the time....TMS, an absolute lighthearted, witty, loveable romcom - I have watched too a number of times....my favourite K-Drama for 2013...

    This is such a great place where we can discuss all things So Ji Sub....love it love it....I will be back...fighting!!!

  8. GHJ you are an amazing talent, so beautiful, so charming, so bright and so humble. You are a peoples princess, your actions, your voice, your character stands out from the rest. I thoroughly enjoyed you in The Masters Sun, your ability and charming nature made your chemistry with SJS so amazing to watch. Thank you for being such an inspiration to watch, and for bringing K-Drama back to life....fighting!!

  9. Yay, have caught up now...
    Activity Day 5A: (A) Episode 12 "so you were right, You are bright like the Sun. TGS, I love you".Though both scenes were very sad and all  praise to the Hong sisters, this scene especially got the tears working overtime! Because I was unsure where the Hong sisters were taking this with only 4 episodes left, it made this moment even more heartbreaking. TGS was absolutely amazing in this moment, her tears of truth, pain, sadness and hurt for JJW, so raw, so deep and so intense, a class act absolutely. Everytime I revisited this scene, the tears would be there sharing in TGS's moment of pain/sadness, absolutely amazing episode. (B), Episode 15 - there is hope and JJW is alive, that he will definately fight and get his Tae Yang back, absolutely!!
    Activity Day 5B: © Part 4 "Touch Love" T Yoon Mi Rae T.All dramas are remembered especially because of their OST, the beautiful soundtracks and melodies that capture each special moment and leaves good thoughts in our minds forever. This song particularly was very sad, yet so fitting for this beautiful couple. I (of course) have downloaded all these tunes and listen to them fervently every day. These songs put a smile on my face and lifts my spirits (because of TMS). thank you so much..fighting! :-* :-j Julie, Australia.

  10. Didnt take long to become addicted to this...LOL! Love it, love it..
    Activity Day 4A: (B) Episode 11 "watch carefully and come back'.
    The first kiss scene (A) was amazing because all die hard fans were waiting for the moment that they would actually kiss and this of course did not disappoint. BUT, the kissing scene on the roof..WOW..breathless and I think more so because TGS had left in tears which made JJW even more emotional (conflicting between heart and mind), and then TGS pretending to be "possessed"..this made their kiss even more loving as they were both conscious and aware of what was going on. I think this was a good excuse for JJW to kiss her not only because he wanted to, but because this was the only way he could comfort and have the upper hand (again) on their relationship. TGS was starting to make sense and JJW didnt want to listen to her rationales (sigh) love the script!!
    Activity Day 4B: © Episode 10 "bang shil, fighting! president Joo, fighting!"
    Uncle "Hot Lips" is soooo funny, and I adore his character. Just those little one liners, so hilarious, witty..great work! I loved this scene particularly because it showed Uncles feelings towards JJW & TGS, he was "fighting" for them all the way..(sigh) And, he felt empowered because he knew Auntie was against their relationship...(more power for you Uncle!)...Name: JulieAge: 40sCountry: Australia

  11. Im so loving this forum..thank you so much!
    My pick for this week Day 3A : (B) - Episode 9I felt the heartstrings here because it felt like it was a moment between the real actors and not the characters. All JJW's hard work to get rid of the ghosts whilst being mindful that TGS needed a good rest and a good sleep was so adorable..and then he sits there and holds her (just in case she stirs). But then, TGS (absentmindedly of course) reaches out to touch JJW in such a romantic and loving gesture that JJW has to respond with wit and humor (but you can read between the lines of that smile of course) "You like that dont you"..such a loving comment (WOW), and of course HE liked it too because he made TGS happy at the moment in time, just the two of them in their happiness. JJW (aka SJS), took my breath away at that moment..(sigh)..- just like his other roles, there is always a "moment" - (sigh) and TGS, so peaceful with her safety net holding her.

    Day 3B - (A) Episode 8Just like a knight in shining armor, KW saves YR from the fans. Of course, YR misunderstands this gesture because it has never happened to her before and therefore comments "Yup, so Ive decided lets date" and she falls madly in love with KW (sigh).
    Congratulations, best wishes and adoration to the cast and crew of "The Masters Sun" - especially to the Hong sisters for such a witty and creative style of writing. Thank you for this spectacular and amazing drama "The Masters Sun"  (which is undoubtedly my 2013 favourite K-Drama). Much happiness, blessings and success to you all, thank you.

  12. I really love the conversations, discussions and the thoughts of so many adoring fans to "The Masters Sun'. Heres my take on the daily projects so far:-(Apologies for the delay).
    (Day 1)  Activity 1: Ep 4 - JJW was conflicted with his thoughts when TGS tried to comfort him with false words regarding CHJ, so he reacted with anger towards TY. Even though he was ruminating about what he had said to her, he was pulled to go and comfort her when he heard of the accident. This was the first sign (of many) that JJW began to slowly realise that someone else could be in more pain than he, and he didnt like it. JJW went to comfort TGS, a small gesture but which JJW knew, he at that moment was the only one who had the power to do for TGS.
    (Day 2) Activity 2: Ep 7 - JJW was struggling to sleep because he knew TGS was on a date with KW. Sec Kim was no comfort as he kept teasing JJW with subtle comments regarding TGS/KW. Even though it was only a phone call, to think that JJW made the first move to call her was a sign of his feelings and (weakness) towards this woman TGS. JJW pretended to discuss work, but was actually pleased with himself knowing that TGS had tried to avoid ghosts when with KW but couldnt. JJW knew then that he was surely the only one for TGS, the shelter/bunker and the safety net that she needed. Pleased with himself, JJW was able to sleep (awww!). No skinship, but lots of meaningful hearsay by phone..(so touchy feely break my heart conversation!). 

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