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  1. Happy Birthday So Ganji. ...such an amazing  year,  you have done your fans proud again, thank you. ..

    Sucb a special day today, time for reflection and celebration...

    Forever young and ageless. ..

    Take time out today to share in the love, embrace and enjoy your special day with those close to your heart....

    Be happy  and healthy always,  Live and Love hard,  Live life with no regrets...

    Thank you for being you, blowing kisses from my side of the world. ..

    With you always, continue  to  do  great  work. ..

    Congratulations  and Best  wishes....HAPPY  BIRTHDAY SJS,  FIGHTING! 

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  2. Woah...this thread has moved so quickly its absolutely fantastic! !....Everytime I come back, I have to play catch up. ..just in case I missed something. ...great work guys, thank you for keeping this thread alive and well,  your  admiration and support is daebak awesome, appreciated as always, thank you....

    Just wanted to say that I watched "Train to Busan" two days ago and all I can say is O.M.G.....WOW!!!! So thrilling and exciting and on-the-edge-of-your-seat-emotional. .....how amazing was that....It was crazy-zombie-weird (and kudos to those zombie actors, they were so ummm real...). The story was sad, emotional, heartwrenching,  tearful, passionate,  psychological,  endearing,  warm and so powerful...What would you do to stay alive? What choices would you make?....Yah, so dramatic and unforgettable. ....

    Our GY was brilliant,  the emotions, the actions, the passion, the portrayal of a father who was devoted to his daughter and protected her unconditionally by sacrificing himself.... (sigh, sob sob....), it was truly outstanding. ..lovedlovedloved it... All of the cast were amazingly awesome and bravo to them too....Kim Soo-Ahn....wow, so sweet and innocent, fabulous absolutely! 

    IT was action-packed from the moment they boarded the KTX (gives me the shivers now, when I think of my trip to Busan on the KTX.....it will never be the same...lol)...brilliant work to all those involved in this amazing movie...kahmsamnida. .

    Looking forward now to Goblin and the release of " The Age of Shadows" in my country. ...love your work, so proud to be a fan.. GONG YOO FIGHTING! !!!!!

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  3. Thank you so much beautiful ladies for all the updates and pictures of this gorgeous man. ...I too am looking forward to Train to Busan. ...OMG...Bravo to the success so far.....YAY! So proud, absolutely! 

    Hmmmm...and hes thinking about father hood...WOW! Yes GY, its like time to find that soul mate and time to settle down,   absolutely! This is YOUR year...woot woot waaat! 

    Thank you peeps for all the news.....GONG YOO FIGHTING! !!!

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  4. @lkgy99....waooo, thank you so much for the  July 2016 - Marie Claire interview. ....

    A beautiful insight into a guy who works really really hard......a guy who, hardly takes time out to chill (or rather prefers to work), enjoys going home to the cat and exercises hard as a form of therapeutic response to balancing his life.....a guy who does not have SNS (because a lot of things can be distorted in different ways), and loves NBA basketball. ...OMG!!

    GY stated that he found acting (at times) painful, which saddens me because they can truly be so hard on themselves right. So, how can we as non-actors know this pain when it is human nature for eveyone to have high expectations and try so hard to achieve great things, and yet never be satisfied or even fail......it is hard yet I think for actors and actresses,  because they are performing and choosing different masks it is perhaps daunting for them because its way out of their comfort zone or norm....and the public views of fans can be so harsh and so amazing at the same time.....

    All I have to say is, GONG YOO, thank you for your great work and for staying healthy and happy in your mind, body and soul. All the ladies in the house continue to adore your craft and support your goals and efforts,  Bravo absolutely! Looking forward to seeing these fantastic movies, kahmsamnida GY FIGHTING! !!

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  5. 11 hours ago, princess nour90 said:


    (South-Korean director Sang-ho Yeon’s Train to Busan is a zombie movie, but has a lot more to offer than standard living dead tropes. The film is in limited release now.)

    The least interesting part of Train to Busan, South-Korean director Sang-ho Yeon’s live-action directorial debut, a movie about zombies on a train, is the actual zombies. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with their realization, as they are frightening and deadly enough, and certainly pose an existential threat to the ever-diminishing number of surviving humans. But at this point in cinematic history, after decades of zombies on screens of all sizes, how much innovation can we expect in the undead universe? There are a few attempts at novelty here and there, where we learn what these particular creatures can and cannot do, but still, no wheels are reinvented. And yet Train to Busan is still a solid action thriller, thanks to a strong cast and a well-structured script that takes its time introducing us to the situation and the characters. If the stakes are meaningful, it’s because of the people, and not the monsters. Each death counts.

    This is not Yeon’s first stab at the zombie genre. Until now a director of several animated features, he releasedSeoul Stationwhich has a similar premise to his latest film, earlier this year. Though I cannot comment on that movie, I find his live-action mise-en-scène and direction of actors, here, very impressive. Little by little, we are drawn into the particular details of his protagonists’ lives, and when they each start to fall, we feel their loss. I am also in awe of the many ways in which he keeps the action interesting inside of the claustrophobic environment of a train compartment. Perhaps – who knows? – that’s a Korean specialty, given the masterful way Joon-ho Bong handled a similar set-up in Snowpiercer. Since this specific train is not dressed up to fit into the post-apocalyptic design of Bong’s film, what Yeon achieves in a much more pedestrian space deserves even more credit. It’s fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action at its best.


    The movie begins, after a chilling prelude in which we learn of a toxic leak that may or may not be about to spread something awful, in Seoul, in the office, and then home, of hedge-fund manager Seok-woo (an excellent Yoo Gong), a thirty-something divorcé who wants sole custody of his young daughter, Su-an. A distracted father, he fails miserably at finding Su-an an interesting birthday present, and when she confesses that all she wants to do is see her mother, he reluctantly agrees to accompany her to Busan. Just as their train is about to depart, a desperate, bleeding woman stumbles on board, unseen by the conductors, fleeing an attack of some sort. Su-an (a cute Su-an Kim) is the only one to see the platform overrun by zombies as the train pulls away. Soon, however, thanks to our injured friend, the virus will spread on the train, and in the confined spaces, there’s no place to flee.

    By the time the film is done, we have witnessed a lot of death and destruction, par for the course for this kind of genre. None of it feels gratuitous, however, as the director uses the situation as a way to tell a story about selflessness vs selfishness, rather than as an excuse to indulge in graphic violence. Sure, there’s blood – it’s a zombie movie, after all – and more than one train crash, but in an era often defined by the triumph of CGI over character, it’s a joy (despite the tragic story) to spend time in a universe populated by real people facing real danger.




    Well said, bravo absolutely! .......Sooooo excited about the interesting reviews out there....Good work FIGHTING! !

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  6. On 20/07/2016 at 8:33 PM, lkgy99 said:

    Film Review: Train to Busan


    Seok-woo Suh (Gong Yoo), a busy Seoul-based fund manager whose job demands a broad streak of ruthlessness, is in the middle of a contentious divorce. He has primary custody of his young daughter Su-an (Su-an Kim), though most of the actual work of childcare is being done by his own mother. But Seok-woo agrees to take her to the port city of Busan, where his soon-to-be-ex lives, as a birthday treat, mostly because he made the spectacular gift-giving flub of buying Su-an a Wii, which she already has. In fact, he gave it to her. Recently. Plus, he missed her school recital. The only other thing she wants is to see her mommy on her birthday, even if she has to take the train alone. Rock, meet hard place.

    So at the crack of dawn, largely oblivious to the steady stream of emergency vehicles they pass en route to the station, they're on the KTX 101 train to Busan. Their fellow passengers include an excitable pregnant woman and her husband; a pair of middle-aged sisters; assorted businessmen; a high-school baseball team, their coach and perky head cheerleader, and miscellaneous students, families and couples.

    The last to board is a scruffy teenage girl, clearly sick but unnoticed because everyone is half-asleep, busy settling in or attending to passengers. So no one but the wide-eyed Su-an notices that chaos is breaking out in the station, though an officious passengerdoes draw a steward's attention to an apparently crazy man who's cowering in a bathroom muttering about everybody being dead. Meanwhile, the onboard TVs are abuzz with news of rioting in the streets ("In the old days they'd be re-educated," sniffs one of the sisters) and the scruffy teen, who has died and reanimated, goes on the rampage.

    It doesn't take a hardcore horror fan to know what's coming next, though such fans will have seen it before, notably in the 1972 Peter Cushing-Christopher Lee film Horror Express. That said, the beauty of using a train as the main location is that it's simultaneously claustrophobic and in constant motion, and writer-director Sang-ho Yeonmakes effective use of the space, which has both plusses and minuses for the trapped potential victims. On the one hand, individual cars are relatively defensible; on the other, once the doors are breached at one end, the only option is to run down a narrow corridor to the next car and whatever awaits there. But the real drama, as is always the case in siege movies, lies in how the besieged behave. Do they freak out or stay cool, look out for number one or try to help others, react to the immediate crisis or come up with a big-picture plan?

    There's plenty of all of the above to go around in Train to Busan, and the sheer volume of gnashing-jawed zombie action doesn't leave a great deal of room for character development. That Seok-woo gets the lion's share is hardly a surprise, but a handful of others have moments that keep the film from settling into a tedious series of bloody set-pieces, though there is plenty of blood to go around. The bone-cracking, convulsive contortions of the newly revived—who are new-school running zombies, rather than old-school shufflers—are seriously creepy, as is one throwaway shot of a zombie crawling through a compartment via the overhead luggage rack. Yeon's social commentary, which includes the by-now obligatory government assurances that these pesky outbreaks are under control juxtaposed with handheld news footage of snarling zombies wreaking havoc—doesn't stray far from the beaten path, but Train to Busan is good fun for those who like their fun seasoned with gory mayhem.



    You know what's amazing. ...when I was in Korea, I caught the KTX from Seoul to Busan....such a beautiful ride....and Im thinking,  what if there really were such things as zombies.......OMG!!!......Just the thought of it right.......YAH!!!

    Another smash hit right there.......lovelovelove it. ....FIGHTING! 

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  7. On 29/06/2016 at 11:10 PM, princess nour90 said:

    Korean thriller 'Train to Busan' brings in $2.5 mil. from advance

    sales around the world

    Now on to the cinema scene...
    Since screening at the Cannes Film Festival in May...

    Korean zombie apocalypse film 'Train to Busan' has received overwhelming reviews.
    That has translated to global presales of the film... raking in over 2-and-a-half million U.S. dollars.
    Our Lee Un-shin takes a closer look at why this could be the summer thriller you've been waiting for. 
    Korean thriller 'Train to Busan' has been successfuly presold in a hundred-56 countries around the globe. 
    Since its midnight screening at the 69th Cannes Film Festival back in May,

    film investors from countries including the U.S., Canada, France, and China..

    have been reaching out, to purchase theatrical rights for the film.
    Global presales of the movie have so far grossed over 2 and a half million U.S. dollars.

    Directed by Yeon Sang-ho....

    'Train to Busan' portrays passengers' horrifying train ride with a group of living dead zombies that carry a deadly virus. 
    Through their desperate struggle to survive, and to prevent the spread of the virus....

    the film is meant to convey a thought-provoking social message for the viewers. 
    So far, the thriller has received very positive reviews from critics

    and movie-enthusiasts including a rating of 7.1 out of 10 on the IMDB website.

    "Train to Busan...it's a clever, well-put together film.

    And I think it's not as violent as some people might expect from a Zombie film.
    Strong genre titles, apealing elements...

    it's poised to do well at the local box office as well as in a limited way, getting some penetration into foreign markets. "

    Local movie investors added the movie will bring in additional profit from theatrical releases around the world. 
    The movie will be available at local theaters on the 20th of July.

    It will also be released in the U.S. in July and in France in August. 
    Lee Un-shin Arirang News. 


    WOW! ....How cool is that right....2.5million USD.....Great work guys,  looks scary, lots of action thrilling-with-that-edge-of-seat reaction..... so happy to see this movie generating a good vibe for viewers to check out. ....Kudos to EVERYONE involved in the making of "Train to Busan"......FIGHTING! 

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  8. @mathi.....you are sooo sweet and amazing,  love your work absolutely! 

    'The VIP Patient'.....would love to be Scarlets right hand assistant, right.....woot woot! OMG... soooo cool. .

    Still smiling right now,  thank you @EVERYONE for the fabulous pics and updates...@Kittiya Kantasirikul,  your hard work and efforts are appreciated,  thank you and cheers for that. ....FIGHTING! 

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  9. On 27/05/2016 at 8:32 AM, princess nour90 said:

    Lee Dong Wook Considers Joining Gong Yoo In Highly Anticipated Drama

    Lee Dong Wook Considers Joining Gong Yoo In Highly Anticipated Drama

    On May 27 it was revealed by a representative that actor Lee Dong Wook is currently considering taking part in a new drama, entitled “Goblin” (working title), by writer Kim Eun Sook. Star writer Kim Eun Sook is the creative writer behind hit dramas such as “Descendants of the Sun.” Lee Dong Wook’s role, if he takes the part, will be the grim reaper.

    Lee Dong Wook’s agency, King Kong Entertainment, stated, “We have received an offer from the production crew. We are reviewing the offer favorably.”

    It has been previously confirmed that actor Gong Yoo will participate in the drama. This his return to a TV drama in four years. Furthermore, Kim Go Eun is also considering the lead female role.

    The drama’s plot revolves around the story of a goblin and grim reaper who live together. The goblin needs a human bride to end his immortal life, while the grim reaper suffers from amnesia.

    “Goblin” is set to air in November on tvN.


    it'll be interesting gong yoo and lee dong wook together :wub:




    OH.EM. GEE. ....seriously,  can this get any better....another fabulous GY spectacular. ....waiting waiting, can't wait. ...

    Hang on, gotta watch 'A Man and a Woman' first....'Train to Busan' second......WAHHH. ...Happy days are here to stay...


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  10. On 26/05/2016 at 9:35 PM, princess nour90 said:

    Kim Go-eun offered lead opposite Gong Yoo in fantasy romance Goblin


    Ah! I’d be more than happy to see Kim Go-eun (Cheese in the Trap) paired alongsideGong Yoo (Train to Busan) for his upcoming fantasy-romance drama Goblin for tvN, to be written by Descended From the Sun star writer Kim Eun-sook, so it’s good news to hear that she’s been offered the role and is currently considering it.


    EDITED: Website doesn;t allow full text to be reposted in other sites. - moderator



    OMG!  OMG! OMG!......How awesome is that. ...KES was fantastic in CITT, and Im sure working with GY will give her more confidence and experience and faith in her craft and ability.....their collaboration will be amazing. .YAY!! FIGHTING! 

  11. On 23/05/2016 at 9:30 PM, paradicez said:


    Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin were both at the wedding~ :) 



    OH EM GEE right.....WAHHH..how awesome is that.....GY appears relaxed and bubbly....oh to be a fly on the wall....FIGHTING! 


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  12. On 14/05/2016 at 3:01 PM, princess nour90 said:


    The South Korean model-turned-actor on zombies, choosing projects, and Yeon Sang-ho’s Cannes official selection Train to Busan.

    MOD EDIT: Please do not quote images!

    This is an interesting thought: how would conscription impact Hollywood and its promising young male stars, the leading men of tomorrow? “No Star Trek Beyond for you, Anton Yelchin!” No exceptions. “I’ve just about had it up to here with your X-Men shenanigans, Nicholas Hoult!” Your hopes and dreams dashed like that, or just put on hold for a year or two—if you’re so lucky.

    The same fate of South Korean citizens—if you’re a guy, anyway—Gong Yoo served a two-year mandatory military service in his late 20s, at the height of his fame in 2007. By then, the wildly popular TV series The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince had turned the model-turned-actor into a household name back home and upped his demand overseas as a “Hallyu” star, or as part of “The Korean Wave,” referring to the increased global visibility of South Korean culture from the ’90s forward. Two years away sounds like a death sentence in entertainment, but despite Gong’s sparse filmography, he successfully returned to the height of it all. And it’s not strange that, as he toughened up in the military, so did his artistic palate. Once known for his romantic comedies, we saw Gong taking on Silenced (2011), a controversial film based on actual events in which young deaf students were sexually abused by faculty members at a South Korean school for the hearing-impaired in the early ’00s, and step into the shoes of a North Korean spy in The Suspect (2013).

    This year, Cannes unspooled Yeon-Sang Ho’s Midnight entry Train to Busan, which finds Gong trapped on the KTX (South Korea’s high-speed rail system) and caught up in a zombie apocalypse. This November, the actor will return to television following a four-year absence with Dokkaebi, a tale of a goblin and a grim reaper working together to help the dead pass through to the next world.

    We stole Gong away for a quick chat following the Cannes premiere of Train to Busan.

    The 69th Cannes Film Festival runs from May 11 to May 22.

    You had an incredibly enthusiastic response at the premiere. It’s my fifth year at Cannes and I hadn’t experienced quite something like that. Was it your first time seeing the finished film?

    It was. To be honest, I was a bit worried in the beginning because this is director Yeon-Sang Ho’s first live action film. But before we started shooting, we shared conversations about embedding a strong message against the backdrop of this zombie movie and that was very satisfying to me. I wonder if you felt the message that people are scarier than zombies when you saw the movie.

    I think we’re the scariest thing on the planet. I’m more and more convinced of this every day.

    We wanted to communicate that. We wanted to show just how scary people can be—not zombies.

    In every practical sense, Train to Busan is a horror film. But it’s also incredibly moving and sad. Did you find the physical or emotional demands more challenging on this shoot?

    To me, acting is difficult in general. It was hard work, both physically and mentally. But it would be embarrassing for me to admit that I was tired on this shoot because the actors portraying the zombies were so hard-working. I couldn’t possibly complain about the things I went through when what was expected of them physically was so much greater. They were put through a lot.

    Some time has passed since you wrapped on the film. I’m assuming seeing the film last night conjured a lot of memories from the shoot. Would you be open to sharing one of them?

    Although this is obviously a fictional movie, there were times when I was genuinely scared. When you’re operating on fear while in character, in this narrow space of the train, and one of the zombie grabs you by accident, it’s scary. That’s for the blooper real, but the expression on my face is real.

    You spend the majority of this film running for your life, and I totally bought into all of it.

    I’m running like hell all throughout this movie and I’m not faking that. I was scared. [Laughs] Even when we weren’t shooting, I didn’t go near the actors with their zombie make-ups on.

    Yeon-Sang Ho comes from the world of animation and this is his first live action film, as you mentioned before. What observations did you make about him as a director and person?

    If you’re going to work within the zombie genre, which had never been explored too much in South Korean cinema before, you need to have the confidence to see it through. I saw that confidence in Yeon-Sang Ho. I was confident that he would make a great film from the very beginning. He also has the ability to make actors laugh, so that created a comfortable atmosphere.

    You’ve been in the industry for a while now and explored a lot. What excites you nowadays?

    I look at the forest, not a lone tree.

    That’s poetic. You’re simply looking at the bigger picture.

    Exactly. If there’s a forest and the view looks great, I’m happy to explore it.





    Gosh......thank you so much for this.....made my heart flutter....so poetic indeed...and so honest. ..loveloveloved it...cant wait to see this movie  OMG! ....CONGRATULATIONS GONG YOO....


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  13. On 14/05/2016 at 0:39 PM, innerchild said:

    Wow, ten minute standing ovation after the premiere. Amazing! I'm so happy for them, surely it's gonna be another box office hit in Korea. Looking at his photo with kid actress melts my heart. So I'll add one more adorable old photo with Chun Hee Lee's daughter.

    MOD EDIT: Please do not quote images !

    Thanks everyone for updates, I'm glad to see this thread being more active lately. Shout-out to chakita babe. Don't I know u from somewhere? kkkkk

    More photos from Cannes

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     cr Korea media




    Festival de Cannes - Page Officielle


    photocall video



    @innerchild....dude...so cool to see you here,  fancy that....lol....great minds appreciating great talent (and great looking guys too right...).......Ive been a GY fan since forever, nice to see you,  nice. ...

    So proud to see this movie Train to  Busan be recognized by the Cannes Film Festival. ...such an amazing achievement and great honor right.. You can sense that Gong Yoo and others are enjoying their opportunity and chance to promote their film, bravo guys absolutely! 

    GY is so naturally happy around kids.....awww such sweet moments that make this guy even more awesome-er....lolz

    Cheers for that!  GY FIGHTING!  

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