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  1. Update on the press conference on 26 Dec 2018 in Seoul..... Jinyoung, Park Sung-Woong, Lee Soo-Min, Lee Joon-Hyuk and the movie director Kang Hyo-jin were present for the press conference.... which was followed by Spot Live on Movie Vlive and Jam Live for the audience to answer questions. At the press conference: Regarding the Kiss with Ra Mi Ran.... https://www.soompi.com/article/1283439wpp/b1a4s-jinyoung-talks-kiss-scene-ra-mi-ran-upcoming-movie At Spot Live: When Park Sung-Woong recommended Jinyoung to Kang Hyo-jin, he met Jinyoung and commented that Jinyoung was "a rare friend of his with both personality and acting skills." Park also mentioned that he saw the actor's eyes in Jinyoung especially in "Love in the Moonlight."
  2. Yeah, I agree it's easier to keep tab of his drama activities than his kpop activities but he has seriously very strong K-fansites and some J-fansites(those who take a lot of his good pictures) for his kpop activities who follow him literally everywhere he goes and they are doing that for his drama/movie activities now. YJ has grown up to be a lady now....yes, me too...if it''s possible, I would also like to see them in another project again. The roof-top scene is so unforgettable for me...loll It would be good to watch MOA after it's done cos you don't have to suffer the anxiety of waiting... loll can be quite killing... Oh I have just edited to tag you an earlier post I made on jinyoung's and his company's ig accounts...plus a thread I just created for his new movie, <THE MAN INSIDE ME> which Soompi just made a feature of his interview in a press conference which happened yesterday. https://www.soompi.com/article/1283439wpp/b1a4s-jinyoung-talks-kiss-scene-ra-mi-ran-upcoming-movie You can start by following these instagram accounts for the latest update of what's happening to Jinyoung: jinyoung0423 link8enter He has many fansites on twitter in Korean and Japanese who take the latest update of pictures of him everywhere he goes....like his entourage, quite hard to keep up with them if you don't see them regularly, just to share a few, mynostalgia_ justyou1118 alwaysbemy_JY flying_b1a4 rainbow_huynh and many more...... but you can get an English collation at instagram account: jiny__love Hope you have fun keeping up with your dramas together with me and keeping up with him. I will tag you whenever there is an update on him...he is actually very actively promoting his movie now and then his next two dramas I believe.
  3. Jinyoung's Christmas greeting from <The Man Inside Me> and its teasers. One fun fact to share is the company which produced this movie is known as "Merry Christmas". Jinyoung, Park Sung-Woong, Lee Soo-Min, Lee Jung-Hyuk and the movie director, Kang Hyo-jin will be doing a stage meeting at a private press premiere on 26 Dec 2018 in Seoul but after that, they would do a jam live (on movie vlive) for fans interested to participate in a quiz set by Jinyoung at 9pm kst and win limited number of tickets to the movie.
  4. Hello chingu!! so good to hear from you and missed the good old times!! Congratulations on yr graduation and welcome to adulting!!! Hmmm... regarding his change of agency, I think you have taken a right mindset to look at it, so have I. Actually he has 3 projects: 1. [Wind-bells] coming end of Dec - web drama which won an award for its cultural contribution. Will share more details once I know where to watch it. 2. [The Person in Me] - very funny comedy movie in theatre from 9 Jan 2019 onwards... now its premiere time and tomorrow is a press premiere in Seoul. I see Jinyoung has made major breakthroughs in acting through this movie...so looking forward. 3. [Because its My First Love] is coming in early 2019....can't wait...Netflix Ah...so you are on CWPFN huh? Did you see the ladder scene where KYJ fell into the arms of YKS? Does it not remind you of the roof-top scene in LITM? Why is this KYJ so lucky always falling into the arms of the guys? Let's continue to clean!! If you have some space in yr mind to spare, try Memories of Alhambra....it's really magical. See you around ok? Watching dramas with you around is definitely fun!
  5. Latest video released on Naver by StarNews of the special premiere in Chungju, Jinyoung's high school and his interview of the movie with StarNews. StarNews Interview with Jinyoung (English translation): Hello everyone, I am Jinyoung. Happy to meet all of you. Q: How do you feel having this opportunity to have your juniors of your alma mater preview your first movie which you starred in it?JY: I feel great! As it is the first movie I starred in it, I am really ecstatic to share it with my Teachers and juniors. I am touched by the warm reception of the school and my juniors in today's event. It is a meaningful day for me. I hope that they will enjoy the movie. As it is a comedy, I hope it will bring them lots of fun and laughter and laugh heartily! Q: After the "Ms Granny" movie, how does it feel to return to the big screen 5 years later with the first movie being cast as the lead? JY: initially, I felt some burden. However, with the advice, tips and help from my senior cast, instead of burden, I gained confidence bit by bit. Also, I feel anxious and eager to showcase the movie to all to see your reaction as this movie really has some difficulties in the making of it, especially in trying to capture the special feature of senior Park to be him.Besides, we have age differences, our actions and behaviour are really quite different so I had to constantly observe him and seek his advice. He even came to my home and explained to me the differences in behaviour for different age group. He helped me a lot even by recording my lines for the script and gave me feedback. Thus, I could put more meaning into the making of the movie. Q: We heard that there is a substantial bit of fighting action in the movie, so did you discover any action talent in yourself? .JY: I would say something I am really proud of is that I did all the action stunts on my own without a stunts man. As to whether it is good, the judge is you as the audience. I can only say I have put in my best foot, have done many fun and thrilling stunts... so I hope everyone would enjoy watching it.......<THE MAN INSIDE ME> will be screened on 9 January 2019. Hope that everyone would come with their family and enjoy a good laugh together. Please give a lot of love and support to <THE MAN INSIDE ME> and Jinyoung..(End of interview)
  6. @wenchanteur Thanks for sharing your insights of the script-writing for this drama... Regarding mistakes in the story, I can accept it as long as it is not blatantly against logic in the way things work or even against the logic of how normal people respond to certain things for an average person to know immediately. For sc-fi, fantasy movies like interstellar (btw I enjoy this movie a lot from an imagination perspective), it is way too complex for an average man-in-the-street to understand quantum or cosmological physics, I'll just say, enjoy it as a movie which can stretch your imagination wildly of the existence of a 5th dimension. I felt that the movie has done a decent job in providing good entertainment value and that's the most important. As for the falling from the 6th floor, I totally agree that even in real-life events, there have been many odd reports of people surviving from a high floor fall and people just dying from tripping over something. So that is not exactly a script mistake, it is possible. He was not falling from a ridiculously high floor like > 20 floors so it's an acceptable range to survive the fall.
  7. JW said that: 1. Alhambra will become a magical place 2. Tourists, especially the rich, will flock there. So my guess is (1) is true because the game went on playing there automatically and lured him to return magically but (2) is not true because he never launched the game but everyday running for his dear life? Did you also notice, that when in the game mode, his left leg could walk normally? I am dying to find out how the writer-nim is going to explain all these variances logically.
  8. I find Prof Cha very suspicious too but I also find it hard to think that he would want his son to die this way unless Cha junior is not his flesh and blood??
  9. I agree, HJ is just a simply and caring person. Her only complexity in life is being the sole bread winner of her family which also develops her as a responsible and caring person for her family. She has a kind heart and feel grateful to JW for her windfall that solved her financial issues. However, when she saw JW suffering and going crazy, she wanted to return him the money and hoped that everything would resume back to normal...she linked his spates of bad luck to that transaction of buying her bonita hostel(?) which seemed unrelated. So HJ is just simply cute and sweet in nature.....a breath of fresh air for JW who has been meeting the wrong type of women not suited for him and unfortunately married them wrongly too.... But I am really glad he met HJ. SJ behaved too much like a victim, as if JW has always been giving her the shorter end of the stick but I believed he loved her before......perhaps he really neglected her emotionally but still it did not give her the right to betray the trust in a marriage. Even her father-in-law was still fuming mad with her messing around with both good friends, their business and in the end his son's life went into it as well from his POV. The second wife was like someone he married in a fit of spitefulness to spite his friend and his ex-wife but in the end, he was on the losing end himself. I actually enjoyed the tempo of Ep 5 and 6 for me to slowly think through things. I think this repeated attack from the zombie Cha was worthwhile for us to understand how JW slowly learned how to deal with him. The attacks were relevant because each time we heard his inner thoughts when the attack happened. I felt his horror of living like that....constantly being pursuit by an enemy. I cannot help but think this is a good way of sharing what game addiction is all about. Obviously, his opponent was "addicted" to the game and bent on killing him whenever he could even if there was a real motive to kill him...it was done through the "fun" of a game. And to drive one to think that he was crazy was another horror to me. I don't know all the answers to explain this strange phenomenon that JW is going through but the story really sets one thinking about many things. So I must say I am still enjoying the drama a lot. And of course the possible start of a romance between the two is starting to flutter my heart too. It's not just a regular romance but a romance of hardships and difficulties that they would go through together to solve this MOA mystery seems exciting to me... HJ's sis is really an important character, she gives out so many tips of info so relevant for us to know...so I like her for her precociousness. Prof Cha is such a serious character but I like his presence to add more mystery to the story....Is he really a caring uncle and father only or more? The way he tried to cover everything up for JW now appeared that he wanted to clear JW of any possible murder but it's quite odd considering the person who died was his son. So he is definitely enigmatic. SJ touched her pregnant tummy with some amount of angst in her when her father-in-law hinted at her for a no-autopsy option. So would she grow to hate JW even more in days to come, never knowing what was JW's involvement in her husband's death? I feel even more resentment growing in her for JW, not just a baby growing in her. So is she going to be a time bomb which would explode in time to come? *shivers* for JW.
  10. That's right!!! A taste of my own medicine! Make sure I get it twice the dosage!!! That incites further the killing instinct in me(JHM-femelle)! loll [Gosh! It sounds so bad, right?]
  11. Yes, you are probably right...the review comments were good...fun and laughter till the end..... I can't wait to watch it! *feel like a giraffe now* long-neck Spinda!!
  12. Yeah! Kudos to Hyun Bin for doing the falling scene without a stuntsman....It looks like a tall order! Brave and professional guy..
  13. Reply to @xiashenghan Hi Chingu, I have moved the info here: He has a lot of acting projects launching between now and in January, a movie and 2 dramas to be launched globally. There is a nation-wide premiere for his movie going on now in Seoul, Busan, Gwangju, Daeju and Daeyeon....and officially screening on 9 January 2019. He is so incredibly good in this movie as the challenge to act in multiple roles was amazing from the teasers....I so look forward to the full movie in Jan. I have updated everything I know about the movie here: He has 2 other dramas in the pipeline.. The 1st new web drama(not screened yet) <풍경> literal translation is <SCENERY> won the Korean Communication Prize Award for its cultural value! And it will be broadcast in 120 countries. Source: The 2nd drama <BECAUSE IT'S MY FIRST LOVE> will be shown on Netflix and screened in early 2019, cast with Jisoo and Jung Chaeyeon. Someone has created a thread for it so more details will be provided later. So there are a lot to look forward to in the dramas and movie now....before that he was busy with music comebacks and concerts..
  14. Yes, it's great that he has been getting awards for his acting. It's ok...you only missed one <IF WE WERE A SEASON> with Chae Soo Bin from LITM too. He was very busy with many things after LITM, fan-meets, concerts in many countries as far as USA, filming CFs, etc.... I think he has not stopped working.... Content moved to: Btw, what dramas are you watching now?
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