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  1. I have been wondering, how could JSM die or her soul be transported to the afterworld if she died in Seureumdong and without SOG’s invitation, a minor character like a grim reaper wouldn’t be able to enter? Lol


    Frankly speaking, being the infamous SOG, which grim reaper dare come claim the soul of his bride? Maybe Wang Yeo, since he is bestie with Goblin? Hahahaha

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  2. 21 minutes ago, missirina said:


    The crux of the matter is SM is born as Samjang who's destined to save the world. Her birth brought an end to an epidemic, and she faces evil spirits on a daily basis despite being a human. And in the end she will die to save the world. Like what the peddler said, she is a special human who will be able to make a choice that no one else would be able to do. And I'm probably being very brutal now, but it is not that uncommon to die for love. If her sacrifice in the end was only to save OG, wouldn't that be a step backwards for her? A human whose life was so full of sadness, yet grows up to become a successful CEO; a human whose been treated so unfairly by most of the people around her; yet has the strength and inner purity to fight and save the world and the very people who see her only as a misfortune. That is her calling. This is the special human JSM whose soul is so pure and with an inner strength, that SOG falls in love with. If in the end she chose her love over her duty, wouldn't that also be interpreted as her being selfish? And from SOG conversation with MW at the dragon site, he himself agrees that he would never try to stop her if it comes down to it because he knows her selflessness and he respects her enough to not stop her. This comes from a being who once upon a time was so selfish and will only do what he wants without thinking of the consequences. 


    Now this doesn't mean I agree with the writer's decision to have KDS killing her in the end - they could have done this differently. But its what happened afterwards that I do feel quite satisfied with. By having SOG decide to fulfil SM's wishes, that is to save the world, he's basically come full circle. From a selfish guy who back out of a promise to a young girl, then falling in love with said girl and doing all he can to save her, to finally decide to do something selfless even though SM is dead. This I feel is SM's greatest accomplishment (in this story of course, although the feminist in me is raging like a bull, like, come on man, is that the only thing a girl can do???) - in changing OG to do something selfless without any hope of reward. Of course this feels a bit bittersweet; after all why tease us with SM having powers etc when it all seems useless in the end. But then again, technically she managed to save the world by just being herself - no power or supernatural powers, just a human being.

     If the rationale for having SJ killed by kds is to show how much she managed to change SOG, I give Hong Sisters a “PASS”. Lol


    while I lament that the death bell premonition wasn’t followed thru, I am also glad that it proves again SJ and SOG has changed the course of actions the heaven has previously planned with their love for each other.


    and SOG willing to complete SJ’s assignment after her death to destroy the a black Dragon shows his love has grown beyond just JSM herself. It also includes the human world which JSM loved and wanted to protect.


    CG is subpar which is so really a let down. Even the glutton ghost that used to be fixated onto Alice was better.

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  3. I am a bit disappointed they didn’t follow thru the Death Bell premonition. I rather it be SOG that stabbed JSM than KDS. Like SOG tried to fight the dragon but was not gaining much and maybe at the verge of dying until SJ stepped in and let what the deities have predicted that she will fill the evil dragon in her and SOG killed her (accidentally or not) with the given sword and then the dragon gets destroyed and then SOG collapsed.


    If this sequence I can understand why he will then lock away his memory and give up on himself and waste his days away in seureumdong. To kill his beloved is definitely the most painful memory.


    Actually didn’t like this development at all coz it will be way too similar to the other popular drama. Memory loss, time jump, summon him back from wilderness, reincarnation.


    1 last episode, whatever the outcome, satifised or not, this will still be my most fav LSG drama. He came back from army, much more mature, confident and manly.

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  4. Ep20 text preview:

    흑룡과의 대결로 온몸이 부서지고 기억마저 모두 잃은 오공은 겨우 살아남아 수렴동에 스스로를 가두어 버린다. 
    천계로 돌아오지 않고 계속 폐인처럼 살고 있는 이유가 금강고 때문인 걸 안 천계는 금강고를 빼기 위한 방법을 강구하는데...
    한편, 피의 주인인 삼장(진선미=오연서)이 사라졌지만 소멸되지 못한 아사녀는 숨어있던 끝에 팔계를 찾아오고, 아들의 행방을 쫓던 우마왕은 뜻밖의 곳에서 단서를 찾게 되는데...
    Rough translation:
    after the deadly fight with Black dragon, SOG survived but lost his memories and locked himself in Seureumdong.
    Heavenly realms believed the reason why SOG refuse to return to heaven and living like a pauper was due to GGG. Heaven try to find a way to remove GGG.
    although JSM has disappeared, ASN survived and went into hiding but eventually she went to look for PK. MW tried to find out about his son and found clues of his whereabouts at an unexpected place.
    pardon me as my Korean aint that proficient. Hope I get the gist of it right.
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  5. 26 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

    Preview ep 20 - finale ep. I cant believe its almost over. 


    Calling for translations :wink: MANY THANKS in advance.



    I try to translate:

    SBR: This star (I believe it is the necklace JSM is holding) will allow you to stay in the human world for exactly 1 day.

    MW (to peddler’s grandson): you are told to pay respect to a fallen star?

    MW (looking at ChaEun’s painting): is that child our child?

    JSM: why can’t I remove it?

    SOG: remember my name. I will definitely go find (you/it).

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  6. Shocked and “amused” with what I refreshed the discussion this morning. We jumped 2 pages overnight (in my part of my world) coz of someone’s “unique” POV.


    Along the line someone mentioned “statutory rape” for another popular drama. But I think she might have mixed up? It only happened when they met again, 10yrs later. And she is 29YO by then.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, haymochi said:

    Ep 19 text preview is out!!! Someone please translate  :o


    -The otp spent a beautifut night together

    -OG did something to save Sunmi

    -Sunmi is angry knowing OG wants to die in her stead. She goes to the grandma shop owner and said that she will bear this fate as samjang

    U are more or less there. My translation is an estimate as I’m not that proficient.


    “After confirming their love for each other, SOG and JSM spent a blissful evening with each other.


    In order to save JSM, SOG sent SM away so that he can fight with the Black Dragon.


    After she realised SOG is preparing to die in her stead, JSM went to find Patriach and inform him that she will fulfil the calling of SJ as directed by the heavenly realms.


    At the same time, ASN wanted awaken a dragon to show off her strength to KDS, she awaken the Black Dragon...


    JSM headed to stop the Black Dragon and was at brink of death(?). SOG rushed to JSM to rescue her.




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  8. 5 minutes ago, YourHighness . said:

    Rewatching episode 18 and it struck me. No one is actually giving a thought to saving JSM but SOG. :( Everyone wants to save SOG. MW was funny and all, sure, but he was trying to save SOG by trying to figure out how the GGG can be removed. Because that meant he could easily kill JSM and live. JSM is still just a tool for them all. No one but SOG actually cares for her. Summer Fairy did but she is gone.


    Which makes me curious; will MW tell JSM about SOG's plan to die in her steed by himself or will she have some kind of vision and question him?


    Cant blame them

    1. It was SJ’s calling to stop the mega evil spirit, not SOG

    2. JSM is a human who dies in a matter of decades as opposed to OG who is a powerful immortal being.


    if one thinks objectively, it is natural that SJ is the one to be sacrificed.

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  9. Not very good. But roughly it is as such;

    살인을 일삼는 정체불명의 좀비에게서 자신의 기를 느낀 우마왕(차승원)은 그 동은 
    천계가 나찰녀(김지수)와의 아들을 숨겨왔다고 확신하기 시작한다.
    한편 선미(오연서)의 희생을 막기 위해 악귀가 쓰일 인간을 직접 찾아 나선 오공(이승기). 
    오공은 오정(장광)의 그룹 후계자로 화려하게 인간들의 사교계에 데뷔하고,
    여러 유명 인사들을 만난 끝에 드디어 강대성(송종호)과 대면하게 되는데...
    MaWang sensed his energy (Ki) from an unidentified murdered zombie and firmly believes the heaven has hid the son he had with NaChal.
    Separately, for the sake of preventing SunMi’s sacrifice, Oh Gong looked for the human that is making use of evil spirits.
    OhGong made use of OhJeong’s Group to be appointed as his successor and through the connections, met up with many famous people and eventually managed to meet up with Kang Dae Sung face to face.
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  10. JSM has always been so reserved due to her bad childhood that I hope her opening up to OhGong (albeit in a drunken shape) can help OhGong understand her fears more and also allow JSM to release some stress she is currently facing.


    I don’t see her as coward or wishy-washy or that she don’t love OhGong enough to fight alongside with him. But he is so dear to her that the thought of losing him is too much for her to bear. Esp when she has grown up ostracized being the bad omen child who “kills” everyone she cares about.


    But also knowing OhGong’s stubbornness and defiant nature, she fears that he will just go against everything to protect her. And if that source and motivation of that protection is really just GGG then it is quite unfair to OhGong too. Means she is really just using him for her own protection.


    I think only without the GGG can she (and OhGong himself) be certain that all these are sincere. And she also rightly said, if after GGG is removed and OhGong still finds her pretty, she will definitely grab onto him. I think she is just being fair to both parties, to have a chance of having a relationship based on sincerity.


    Her belief in the Love Bell isn’t superstitious. In my opinion, it is her, trying to find some clue that this relationship doesn’t change after GGG is removed. Her achilles heel to fully immersing herself into this relationship is always the GGG. But she is afraid to remove the GGG now as she knows she doesn’t stand a chance against the world catastrophe she fated to prevent without OhGong.


    So to try to make my story short (hee), I am not frustrated with JSM nor the story. Everyone is acting their true nature. While they have character development for most, their true nature did not change. I don’t believe one becomes a saint just because he is in love and I am glad OhGong kept his menacing nature while still being able to selflessly love JSM, GGG induced or not. 

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  11. I’m not sure what constitutes good acting. As a viewer, as long as the characters’ and the story are able to reached out to me in a way that I care about their story, past, present and future, to me the actors and actresses has done a great job.


    I don’t see how the lead actors/actress must be the most handsome or prettiest. It all depends on what the story wants to tell us.


    LSG is doing a fantastic job (LSG fan here). But I think it is more than just his own efforts. OhGong character has a lot to show, charisma, character development, fashion etc. and obviously LSG did a terrific job bringing out all these to charm viewers.


    But what I love about this drama is the entire team work. No character (maybe except for Dragon Prince prolonged residency in Alice’s body) are just a “vase”. They role may not be significant so far, like Prof Kang, but we know they are they big bad going into the end of the story. So it makes us continue to be wary and mindful of this Presidental hopeful.


    6 more episodes to go and I’m all geared to prepare myself as to what come may. I can accept any ending (happy or sad) as long as the story line holds true. I don’t like fan service endings. I believe a good script writer should always have an end in mind and should stay true to it.

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  12. Just thinking out loud. It was been clearly displayed that OhGong’s love is adult Jin Sun Mi after the episode with the Bookseller.


    We can be certain that OhGong can definitely tell the difference btwn JSM and ASN if he can see through ASN residing in BuJa’s body. Doesn’t make sense if he suddenly can’t tell the difference.


    What is uncertain is OhGong’s death fate is with SJ or JSM. So if ASN trade souls with JSM does it mean the SJ body and blood remains but with ASN as the soul? So can OhGong kill ASN residing in SJ’s body since we know GGG’s activation is JSM the human and not SJ the monk/priestess? But of course OhGong can’t destroy SJ’s body otherwise JSM will have no body to return to.


    I think I am confusing myself now. rofl

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  13. 29 minutes ago, haymochi said:

    Ep 14 text preview (please someone heeelp)

    나찰녀의 윤회를 대신 받아낸 후유증으로 시력을 잃게 된 우마왕. 우마왕이 앞을 보지 못하는 틈을 타 아사녀는 동장군을 이용해 향로를 바꿔 치기 하여 삼장인 선미와 자신의 영혼을 바꾸는 의식을 속행한다. 갑자기 미래를 보는 예지능력이 생기고 이상한 꿈을 꾸는 선미를 보며 불길함을 느끼는 오공. 오공과 결혼을 결심한 선미는 꿈속에서 아사녀를 만나는데...

    Apparently Sunmi really decided to marry PG but ASN keep coming into her dream (telling her about the death bell)

    uuurgh i hate her and General Frost so muuuuch

    I try my best


    MaWang lost his eyesight as an after-effect from receiving NaChal’s retributions. Making use of Frost General, AhSaNyeo switched the incense from the blind MaWang and started to switched souls with SamJang SunMi. OhGong is uncomfortable with SunMi’s sudden promonition abilities and dreaming weird dreams. After SunMi made up her mind to mary OhGong, she met AhSaNeyo in her dreams.


    Edit: Recarnation is the word used. But I’ve used retributions as I think her each carnation is her retribution.

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  14. 8 hours ago, haymochi said:

    At least bookseller took the suffering kids while thinking that they will be better off trap in a fairytale book where they will be happy all the time


    This Nachalyeo eating kids and killing their mother to save her own child. Much. worse ... She deserves her punishment.Mawang needs to wake up


    Agree that killing others to save thy child is not a forgivable crime.


    The issue with MW’s obsession to save her is because HE was the cause of it. If she had not met him, had not had his child (which I reckon), she will not become this way. Hence his desire to save her and willingness to take all her punishment onto himself.


    Whether it was guilt or love or both, HE started it all and hence he should be taking the punishment and not NaChal. I can fully understand where MW is coming from and why the rest are not stopping him from “saving” NaChal.


    Can any one give a more detailed translation to the dialogue btwn MW and 50 over his decision to save NaChal?


    I sort of understand MW saying that he and NaChal are to reconcile but some “thug deity came along and took away the Iron Fan” or something along that line. 50 said he thought he could take his own sweet time to return but before he could he was trapped in the Five Elements Mountain for hundreds of years.


    if any kind soul can give a one-on-one dialogue translation will be very much appreciated.

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