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  1. Nothing happen and just being patient and talking in submarine mode for respect and for the sake of peacefulness among rude fans and selfish shippers who are both so loud with big mouth.
  2. We are back to chilling at our submarine mode and collected all the proofs of their harassment I’m almost done with my translations too. That shipper account of the other ship. They are done for because they used Oh Yeon seo name fully i’m not going to spill any info anymore..... Bully , harass, and go crazy all you want. But one thing for sure : “fact can’t be changed” the japanese version for Hwayugi dvd is going to be released with extra features , you can def look forward to it. ciao~
  3. Good job , I will help with all the translations I will remain quiet too and just screen shot all those... the more they do those horrible things the more proofs I can get heeheehee
  4. listen here Coffee Lady... How dare you create a false rumor that ohvely is sailor moon and lsg is Tuxedo?!!! They are samjang and oh gong!! Silly kopiko shippers like you are the most dangerous ones. Please use accurate resources before posting or photoshopping pictures.. okay...
  5. It’s okay I have been busy too hahahha and I don’t even want to do anything because of this bullying which has been going around . Left with no choice other than surrender to the owner of the internet, social medias, and hashtag . . I will just stay quiet until the time comes, got no will to get engaged in this childishness.
  6. Aaaw so sweet hahhahahahahha and yes i’ve been constantly receiving pm about song lyrics, blah blah blah. As a florist and musician, I was like okay if the songs are that good I will try to listen to them and make sure that the lyrics touch my heart and soul but stop bothering me
  7. #WeWillBeFine they are obviously not fine with what’s happening right now Nevermind I will just have a good laugh because they are so funny #IamNotFineBecauseIamAtWorkandILaughTooMuch
  8. I’m sorry if they are so secure, why tag oys on their pictures? I’m having a good laugh because of that account right now Luckily we don’t do those kind of things. I feel so embarass for them cos it’s the epitome of cringe . It’s like they are begging: “back of from my oppa... my oppa belongs to Ms.X “
  9. Ah he is so cute. Vagabond has been looking super awesome so far... They sync too much and I guess that did riled up the insecurites in some people
  10. I really wanted to buy that sweater and her Fendi Handbags since I saw her wearing those in September This fangirl want her Cartier watch too but how ? This fangirl is too broke looks like My ohvely is in a very good mood today she posted 1-6 pics in a row, lol. Crowy is super satisfied with the shiny bling too
  11. Oh hi~long time no see I’ve been busy too. Yeah even in the past she was often seen by fans walking around without any mask . From when she attended EXO concert, hanging out with her bros, etc . It’s the first time seeing all her face covered up like that ooh who wouldn’t know what star mean btw them? And who is the icon of pinkaholic and Heart -lover? . Her heart items are countless that I lost count.. silly me...
  12. She is so busy taking off , hiding, and putting on and then showing her bling bling, right hand left hand... must be exhausting Sorry for this stupid random outfit thingy guys but: THOM BROWNE blazers on their movie stage greeting ;-)
  13. Another Photoshoot? a daredevil isn’t she? Showing her bling bling at the airport , lol ;-) It’s a bit strange that Hayoung her make up artist is not coming along anyway, I hope she has lots of fun in Jeju and eat lots of yummy foods
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