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  1. Just finish watching the live stream. Am putting down/ ranting some thoughts here: 1. Kamsahanida to all the live recappers, gif and video posters, all the chinggus here are daebak!! Thank you. Make my live streaming easier..hehehe..saranghae... 2. Applaud to those who came out with the theory that RG's mom DID NOT ABANDON HIM (if I'm not mistaken, I think there was a noobi and some chinggus I always came across in many threads before, who came out with this theory. Daebak!!) In fact, she had been missing him (tears still rolling while writing this)....Thank u to the PD nim and Writer Nim for creating this part so beautifully. And RG being RG, always calm and understanding, no unnecessary emotions wasted here...just pure emotion of a son missing his mom and a mom missing her son... No makjang here whatsoever. THANK YOU! 3. So, now we come to the biggest issue of all for this drama - the ACTUAL relationship between DM, RG, EG, DM's mom. Please, oh please PD nim and Writer Nim. So far the drama has its own class. Please resolve this issue with class too. Jeballl.. 4. The drawing to bed scene - not going to complaint much. Though, i was hoping the kissing was done even longer and there are scenes that led to the bed (hahahaha..me and my delulu self ). But I guess, the fact DM wore RG's shirt in that bed/ cuddling/ spooning scene says everything. I guess now I really need to buy the DVD. I got a feeling that missing link scene might be there...hahahaha Ok..done ranting..signing off again...hehehe Edit: Just run through my soc med (twitter, IG). I guess there were many who were disappointed with the scene leading to bed scene. Most were saying "WAE? WAE? Why was it cut?"....hehehe..although I agree that the whole drawing-kissing-paintbrush pulled from hair scene was done beautifully, but I guess many were hoping for more after the many ad lib couple scenes and the rather sensual scene of DM trying to lure RG into the painting room...hehehe..cannot blame them though. So, again if PD nim and Writer nim is lurking here and you guys are still filming, errr...either you guys add the missing scene in the next eps or redeem with a better one for the last ep...hehehe...jeball and kamsahanida
  2. Hehe..no dear..you are not delusional..I saw that too and I totally agree with you..and I was all giddy whenever the couple laugh and teased each other on the set..hehehe..part of me was jealous too...hahaha..I wish I have someone that I can be comfortable and carefree like that, even in the public... The only thing is that, I still need to see more to really accept that there is something more between these 2 leads....hence, for the very first time of my years of following kdrama, I participated in the pre-order dvd of this drama and am willing to pay any price for it, to get hold all the director's cut and unreleased images and BTS, even without subtitle! hahahaha...that is how desperate I am to see more of those natural and genuine interactions of this couple which we have not seen before...and how desperate I need to be convinced that these two are a special kind of couple (on and off screen)...hehehehe..chinnnca....
  3. I agree with you guys..I was from the other ship but I was on board of this because I see something between this two that I rarely see in other on-screen couple. The last time I had this "giddy" feeling about an on-screen couple was with LJ-JSM from My Father Is Strange and look how they turn out! hehehe.. Anyway, I too think we should be matured enough to accept any possibilities...sometimes the couple we want will end up with each other, sometimes not. Look at SJS..who can guess he would date someone 17 years younger than him when to his hardcore fans it was almost unacceptable when he was pair up with someone years younger than him in his last drama? We cannot control who they like or date or end up married too. All we can do is be happy for them with whatever choices they make even if personally we think they make the wrong choice because we think someone else suits them. In other words, let's be open minded and matured about it. Now, coming back to this couple. Why I think they seemed to be made for each other? They can end up as really good friends, sis-bro kinda of relationship or really good acting buddies later on. But they can also end up as each other's best friends, partner in life and even soulmate. Anything is possible. But one fact that no one can deny is the interaction and the visual communication between these two leads we saw in both the drama and BTS so far is daebak. The comfortableness and the closeness are not fake at all. It is not easy to fake that kind of laughter, gaze, sweetness, cuteness, at least to me. Honestly, at the early stage of HPL, I never thought of much about KJW. I was not his fan at all. PMY, I like but after 7DQ, I was not too keen of her. I like her in WWSK but I like her and PJS as a couple, not her individually. When the first teaser of HPL was out, I was not thrilled. I thought I would skip this one and focus waiting for Asadal Chronicle as I am SJK's avid fan, among others. But boy was I SOOOOOOO wrong! I am now hooked to KJW and PMY both at the same time. I felt that if without the other one, they kinda like a missing link, yet at the same time they are GOLD (pun intended..hehe) as individual. What I mean is that whenever they appear solo on a screen, I felt there was something missing but when they appear together, felt like the drama is complete. Even so, when they are in their individual element, their personality still shines despite the missing link. As if as whatever aura that they absorb from each other remain substantiate throughout the whole shooting even if they appear as solo in the scene. Hmmm..did you guys get it? hehehe. It is ok if no one understand what I mean..hehehe.. In short, this drama, the whole couple moments create one of the most memorable OTPs in the history of kdrama, at least to me. Hence, I don't understand when there are people in some other forums commenting that they did not get any romantic vibes from these two. One comment I read was even ridiculous i.e the person claimed that DM has better chemistry with EG than RG! Seriously? Is she watching the same drama? EG is perhaps the most loathed character in this drama so far as the Writer has yet to redeem his character in support of DM since he is supposed to be her childhood friend. Until the Writer did, there is no way EG and DM's interaction can even reach the same standard as RG and DM's interaction. Really people. If you are jealous, go ahead. If you don't like KJW, fine, it's your choice, your right. You have the right to hate the couple because you want your own ship to sail but to give such comment shows how immature one can be since EG's character is hate-able at the moment. Be real please. I am very2 happy that the PD and Writer kept on putting them together on the screen in each episode without fail. I felt that KJW personality shines in this drama and he put all of his true self in playing RG. I felt that PMY enjoys herself immensely playing the role of DM that she too decided to put her true self in that role. Hence, we have natural interactions, genuine cuteness and seriously, achingly sweet couple moments. Thus, I was able to be on board with this ship because I cannot find any fault in their moments at all (at least for me). I do hope in the future, they will have the opportunity to act together again..maybe in a melo. Most importantly, they need to bring themselves into the set, if they do have that chance again because what we are watching right now so far (at least to me) is KJW and PMY rather than RG and DM...hehehe In real life? I leave it to them. It will be a lie if I said I don't want them to end up together. They have all the potentials of becoming a real-life couple (and I believe if they did, they will be the sweetest couple alive!). But I cannot shake the fact that PMY always have good chemistry with whomever she acted with. So, I still cannot get that kind of vibe from her as compared to the vibe I got from LJ-JSM and the Wolgyesu couple. I did get the vibe from KJW though. I can see how much he adored her but PMY seemed to treat him the way she did with all he co-stars, even with PJS. Hence I need more than just the BTS and fan cam moments to convince me that these 2 are actually together in real life. Plus, I don't really know KJW before since I guess I never had the eye for him before. But now, he is among my Top 5 list for the most talented, sometimes underappreciated, yet so charming, alluring and beautiful (in and out) actor...hehehe..So, it will take me some time to comprehend if the way he treated PMY is the same with his other co-stars or not. I need to "study" him more but as far as I can see up till this point, if a guy treat me like he did to PMY (the gaze, the laughter, the look, the smile, the soft, gentle but manly voice, the mischievousness, the cheekiness, the unintended touching and caressing, the caring, the closeness, the comfortableness), I could misunderstood all that as a sign of him interested for more...hehehe..just my 2cents...
  4. Hi..been lurking here but I thought I just want to share my thoughts out too.. I have to admit I was first from the other ship as I thought they would sail soon but I guess it is still all hopes.. But now, I am on board with this one too. In fact, I was on board from the very first ep, even when they were not yet together as a couple. For some reason, I felt the chemistry from the very start which is so weird for me. Usually I need to see some sort of skinship or something to that effect for me to felt that about any leads but I was hooked the first time at the Chinese Gallery scene. Straight away... I too agree with most of you guy's assessment about KJW-PMY possible actual connection. It is beyond romantic, it is beyond any defined relationship. There is something special between them that they are so comfortable with each other. From my own observation, I think KJW is actually smitten by PMY, hence being near her make him hot and flushing (seriously, he keep on blushing in every scene they were together. Especially his neck and ears..hehehe..). I think PMY find KJW one of the most comfortable men she has been around that she did not mind him being all touching and feeling with her. I mean, every time I rewatched their moments together, the second time around I would observe where he puts his hand...hahaha..and it is like inches away from her...hmm..(ok..I leave that to you guys' imagination..hehehe).. My favorite scene so far would be the latest episode. I like all the kissing and hugs kisses of course but I love the first scene of Ep 12. The one where they were sitting together at DM's "penthouse" veranda and just holding hands. Why? Because PMY was not wearing any makeup (maybe very2 minimal) and KJW still gazed at her as if she is the most beautiful woman. I know that is probably acting but if it just merely acting, than KJW is the most talented actor to pull that gazed off. I mean the look in his eyes..wow!..if I was PMY at the moment, I don't know if I can stay still looking at him gazing at me with that eyes...seriously...probably he can hear my heart thumping loudly at that moment if I was there..hahahhaa..If it is acting, it is the most natural acting. But somehow, there is this small part of me believe that every gaze KJW pull off in all his scenes with PMY is actually real, from his heart...hehehe..just my instinct... Although I was on board on the other ship, I will not be surprised though if PMY and KJW end up together. In fact, I would be very2 happy for them. Their level of comfortableness with each other is something no one could deny. I was lurking on the other ships' thread and they were all like trying so hard to justify this connection as either bro-sis or just friends. I don't agree much but I dont blame them either though. It is normal since, of course, everyone wants their ship to sail but to me who ever PMY ends up with in real life, I hope it will be the best for her. Same goes for KJW. I would want him to end up with someone he can gazed lovingly with or without makeup the way RG gazed at DM, someone he can support through good or bad time, the way RG supported DM, someone whom he can protect and allow to protect him back, the way RG protected and allowed to be protected by DM...If, just so happen, they both end up together, I too will be the happiest person in the world for them, though a bit jealous ( I want my own KJW/RG too..where can I get that?...hahahaha)... So, KJW and PMY,...hwaiting!! I agree about the amount of ad-libs in this drama. I guess the director saw what most of of us see too. The BTS moments seemed to exude more natural interaction between these two leads that the director felt he rather use that scenes more than the actual one he shots...hehe..which, to me, is the best decision both the director and editor have made so far! Because of that, we got to enjoy natural couple interactions. And again, because of those scenes too, i made peace with the idea that PMY and KJW might end up together for real. I mean, as I said, I was on the other ship but now I can accept anything. If fact, every time I watched their scenes together, I will be smiling like a fool and then keep on telling myself "this couple will be the death of me because they are too sweet together!" Even when they are fighting/ seemed to be in an argument in the actual and BTS scenes, they seemed to have sweetness surrounding them. I will not be surprised if my sugar level escalate all of sudden...hehehe..
  5. Wow girl..I like your writing here. Daebak! ok..I too need to put some perspective here before I sign off again Agree with the whole relationship thingy. This is what I was hoping from early on. We have RG's value as THE MAN in the relationship from the earlier episodes and now DM's value as THE WOMAN has escalated to match his and perhaps more. Their dynamic in filling each other's void in life is so amazing (and for the umpteenth time, where can I get my own RG? Sigh..). At this point, they have become each other's best friend, partner in life, soulmate. I love that the Writer has written this premise of the relationship for this leads without weighing it down with too many emotionally drained or melodramatic moments. The writer has kept the whole relationship in balance - happy, sad, being there for each other, respect, fight, reconcile, etc.. I also like the fact that the Writer has manage to resolved most issues in the most uncomplicated manner. I was worried that the issues might get to tangled up to the point we will be frustrated but I was surprised how "simple" the solution was for this drama. So, I agree with you @tensaitekikuroneko I hope the Writer and PD nim would not resort to the usual or some people refer to the "starter pack" of a kdrama in resolving the next big issue - RG's mom. I hope there will be NO TIME JUMP, NO NOBLE IDIOCY, NO "I NEED SOME TIME AND SPACE"..I am looking forward on how the Writer would penned out DM's role effectively as the supportive GF for RG when he finally found out the truth about his painful past including about the memory he had with DM as a child. Though, it is expected that the next 2 episodes would be heartbreaking, but as I mentioned earlier, I am sure there is a better way to resolved this without making us too frustrated. So far, up till Ep12, at least for me, I am very, very, very satisfied with this drama and was surprise how refreshing the whole premise of the drama. So, Writer Nim, if you are lurking here..jeball...dont make it too harsh for RG and DM, please... p/s ..btw, anyone knows where and how we sign up for the pre-order dvd/ blue ray? @bliss1004 I suspect they want us to pre-order this to see either long version of the kiss u mentioned or the actual director's cut..hehehe..#justmy2cents..hehehe
  6. Ok, just briefly appearing here.. Dear Kdramagod, Can I have KJW play the character RG like..hmm.. forever? Pleassseeee...he is too adorable, too sweet and whenever he broke down and cry, I feel lke breaking down too. Why? Why? Why is KJW making us losing our sleep like this? Anyway, so no preview..either the secret will definitely surprise us..or they have yet to complete the shooting.. I missed some scenes because my stream is so lagging today. Are there any kissing scenes apart from kissing palm and forehead in this ep? Just wondering if I miss anything..hehe..
  7. Chinggu..thank you for your insights. It's ok to disagree with me. After all, this thread is supposed to discuss what each of us is thinking individually. So I am ok to disagree about anything and I welcome any insights which are different from me. In fact, I've read some of your insights within this thread before and I am actually amazed by your thoughts since you manage to capture certain emotions which, at least to me, not so clearly display but for some reason, there are people like you who can see right through it. It is refreshing actually and also give me some sort of peace in mind since the roller coaster of the emotions in this drama really made me nervous. As I mentioned before, this drama gets to me and somehow I have invested my emotion too deep for the OTP that all I want to see is only beautiful things surrounding them. Thank you very much chinggu for assuring me that probably I have been wrong about them..I look forward from more insights from you chinggu...
  8. First of all, annyeong @valzki..hehe, I'm suddenly back too chinggu after a long hiatus because this drama really gets to me despite the rating. The OTP's chemistry is no joke.. Secondly, @SC2019..kamsahnida for the link. I've been looking hi n lo for the manhwa. Finally a kind soul posted it here..Thank you. And thanks to you too, now I am more peace in mind since I realised the drama is so much different from the manhwa, though the premise is the same: fangirling and obsession..But this also means that there is a wider latitude for the PD nim and the Writer nim to direct the whole drama to give us the best ending and OTP moments..I hope so..I hope so Anyway, this is going to be another long post. Just want to rant out some thoughts. Disclaimer for those who have mentioned anything I have written here. This just means I am either echoing you guys or just putting my own agreement for any of your comments in a long writing..hehehe..(the thread is moving quite fast. Could not backread all, so I might miss some of the comments or answers to my questions) So, here goes... Dear PD nim/ Dramagod/ Writer Angel(whoever is lurking here in this thread and read all the comments..hehehe), I have few wishes here that I hope will come true since my life now revolves around this drama: 1. I wish that the whole misunderstanding/ miscomm will be resolved the latest by next episode. And I don't mean resolving at the last 5 minutes of the episode of which we will see RG suddenly has this epiphany to run after DM and be honest with her about his feelings and then suddenly the scene froze and we see the ending credits. No, no..a big no, no.. I don't want to wait another 24 hours to see what's next or how DM react..I want the real kiss, the real deal at the end, ok, capish? And I don't want the cold RG to appear more than the cute, supportive RG the whole next episode..ok, capish? (#wishful thinking...) 2. I also wish you put the two second lead cum antagonists (seriously, they seemed to portray themselves as antagonists more than as second leads..aishhh, though DI not so much but EG starts to irritate me to the core) in a situation whereby they both can realized how much damage they had done to the OTP. Something like making them stuck in the gallery storage together (the door could not open) and because they inhale to much acetone or whatever art related chemical in that storage, they start having their brain confused, intoxicated with all the chemicals and suddenly has the urge to pour their thoughts out truthfully. At this point, EG will admit to DI that he knew RG was already in love with DM and DI will admit she manipulated the truth to make DM thinks RG wanted nothing to do with her. And both will admit that they had defeated even at the earlier stage. Something like the truth serum in "The Ant Man and the Wasp" movie...hehehe.. What they did not realized was that there is a CCTV recording the whole conversation. And since DM, is the main curator, she will be the one watching the security camera later. (ok..another #wishful thinking ) 3. My last and final wish...whatever kissing or make up scenes installed for the next 8 eps, please make it classy enough, as classy as the leaning to the wall almost kiss and the couch kiss or if possible, even better. Come on PD nim, this is KJW we are talking about. Those who follow him knows his "skill" very well...(hehehe, seriously, why did I not notice KJW before? Where was he all my life? Regret, regret, regret...hehehe) On a more serious note, 3 things I want to point out: 1. I agree with most of u guys that EG seemed to be more petty that DI. At least, DI has the conscious to admit to herself that she is playing dirty but EG seemed to be oblivious. What really irritated me was the fact that he blurted out about the fake relationship to DI without even feeling guilty about it. Plus, he did not even consider whether DI can be trusted with that info. I mean, it's not like he is not aware. He did say that he realized DI was not that close with RG that RG never disclosed the secret to her. And yet, he went and blurted it out to someone he considered a stranger. On top of that, he did not even bother to protect DM's pride by blurting out the secret to someone who is a perfect stranger to both him and DM. So, what makes he think he deserve to be with DM better than RG is beyond my comprehension. In fact, from the very start, despite he knows about DM's alt life, he was not that supportive. I tried to accept the time he protected her from the crazy fans and when he attend to her wound, but that does not make him supportive enough for me to empathize him. Protective maybe but not supportive. RG, on the other hand, protect and support DM's obsession all the way. I hope along the story we will be made to understand why RG is so understanding about all this since the other men in the drama seemed to be quite oblivious(this include SJ's husband and her co worker) 2. There are still some mysteries need to be answer in the next 8 episodes. RG's mom is one. His connection with SA is another. There is also the matter of SJ husband who just copied the whole stock of pics of RG and DM. Not sure what kind issues will arise from that. And then the final one, which someone mentioned earlier in this thread, DM's mom memory of children playing. We know in the earlier eps that there was supposed to be another son in DM's family but they lost him (not sure whether they lost him at birth or after he grew up a bit). EG was a "surrogate" for that lost boy, hence DM's mom willingness to raise him like her own son . So, I wonder how this story will be linked with others. I remember someone in this thread also analysed the first part of the episode about the memory of children playing. That scene and DM's mom scenes are still vague in terms of its link to the overall story in this case. Hence, based on this I guess the next few eps, we will have more pressing issues to deal with than the miscomm between the OTP. I hope so... 3. I know this is a rom com. I cannot expect melo type of premise for the OTP's romance. But I do hope that within the next few eps, we would see the reason for RG's growing feeling for DM is beyond than just being smitten with her beauty, her tenacity and wittiness as both a curator and a homma as well as the sexual tension between them (though, I dont mind this so much...hehehe). I would hope that DM would be the reason for RG's return as an artist, or at least the link between him and his supposedly mom which then motivated him to resurface as the genius artist whom he is supposed to be. To me, this would be the most significant premise for both EG and DI as well others who have been skeptical about them to accept the fact that RG needs DM as much as DM needs him. I hope the ending will be somewhere along this premise..Why did I want this? Because in the last episode, I was a bit bothered when DI asked DM whether she has seen RG work on any new art and then commented about him quitting and so forth. And DM could not answer nor comment about that. And then I realized all DM knows about him is he has some inferiority issue related to holding hands and he lied about Lee Sol's painting. Other than that, RG was a rather closed book to her, which make her position with DI to be at par or probably below. DM, on the other had is an open book despite she tried to hide her alt life. Hence, RG's growing love for her. So I want to see DM has the "exclusivity" in terms of knowing RG as a person and as an artist. Sorry for this long post. I just to want rant out all my thoughts up till the latest ep because this will probably be my last post for a while. The next month is a rather busy month for me as I have to focus on my spiritual enhancement, hence I may be lurking here but not as frequent, and just to read and not post anything. I hope you guys keep on posting all the videos and image excerpts and comments. Looking fwd for all the comments and insights from you wonderful chinggus..annyeong..
  9. Hehe..love ur positivity too chinggu.....hope so, hope so...if this is based on the PD's last drama "Live Up To Your Name", yes, I too think this will be resolved by at most the 10th ep..
  10. @blademan..love ur positivity chinggu...I hope so to, I hope they wont add up to the angst in next week's episode because the one issue I hate the most in any relationship is miscommunication. We have too many in makjang dramas..please not this one...jeball!! huhu.. please focus on other issues apart from miscomm... Anyway, i did not get to watch the stream today. I am basing my views on the post u guys made. Thank you to all the chinggus for posting bits and pieces of today's episode and the video and image excerpts But I managed to sneak watched the first 5 minutes. I dont care if it is just imaginary, I love the kiss!! KJW is the man...hehehe So, here are the list of the kisses so far: 1. The almost-leaning kiss (Episode 3) 2. The thumb kiss (Episode 5/6) 3. DM's 50 shades of grey kiss (imaginary though - Episode 7) 4. The imaginary couch kiss (Episode 8) So, PD, let's add up to this list with hmm..more creative and hot ones please...hahahahaha.. p/s I am preparing myself to watch the raw in an hour time. I dont think I will like it though based on what I read so far but I know I need to brave thru it...huhuhuhu
  11. Just some after thoughts after watching the subbed version: 1. I hope/ wish at some of point of the drama, DM's parents collection are exhibited for the public to see (like the collectors' exhibition for example. I know they wanted to display celebrities' collection but RG did mention he wanted something unique apart from paintings. DM's dad's rock collection (or they called it "sesuiki", right?) seemed to have some artistic value. Even RG showed some interest about it despite it's stony features. Both or either one. Then DM would not feel so "lonely" about her obsession. She started to obsessed because she felt that her parents' focus were on their obsessions (referring to Episode 1). After her attempt to study abroad failed, she focus all her energy towards her obsession. This is what I got so far from the last 7 episodes. And I think our sweet RG also saw that about her. Hence, his understanding about her obsession and his happy face watching her all excited about it. Damn..I need a man like that. It's hard to hide who you truly are in front of someone you love (the crazy part of you at least) but DM is so lucky. If only she knows how lucky she is that RG could accept the craziness part of her. Sigh... 2. If RG and Sian are truly brothers (stepbrothers), I guess I would thank their mom's DNA for giving birth to two such sweets boys!!! There are seriously the sweetest guys I've ever known. I dont know how many time I've repeated this but I could not help myself. My tooth ache from their sweetness! . If let's say in the future, there are rivalry between brothers for DM, I think either one she chose will still be a winner for her (even if I am team Ryan all the way! hehehehe) 3. @ganko..agree with u chinggu. Let's get both the 2nd lead together. After all, they both are already losing both their crush at this point. If only they knew that there are only "if only" between the two leads..hehehe..got it? What I mean is, the only gap between the leads are their misunderstanding of each other's feeling. If only RG knows about all the pic DM took of him and her sudden admiration/ crush for him. If only DM knows RG knew and accept her obsession. If only DM knows the one person she responded to in her blog was RG (aka Latte). If only DM knows RG has been protecting her for no obvious reason except the fact the his feeling for her is growing. If only....So, if only the other two know that RG and DM are already entangled in each other's life figuratively, they would know that they are already at the losing end, then why bother fighting? Hehe..just my 2 cents Anyway, someone mentioned about not being too happy about tonight's ep based on the preview (sorry chinggu, whoever you are, for not mentioning your alias here. I could not find the original post). I agree with you. Tonight's episode made me pretty nervous of the direction of the drama (in particular the direction of DM and RG's newfound love for each other). Even so, I am looking fwd for the theme of tonight's episode: JEALOUSY - next step in falling in love...hehehe. Even so, I like that RG and DM is working on something/ a project together tonight. I always wanted that kind of scene. And if the PD dont' mind...err..maybe later, you can throw in a scene where they are making potteries together? hehehe...ala "Ghost"...please? Something like a scene where RG with his sexy bare-chested sweater is sitting behind DM with her oversized white shirt and overall, hair tight back with the scarf (the legendary bathroom-scene scarf) while making a pottery together..hehehe..If it is not for real, if the PD can make it like DM is imagining it would still be ok...hehehe...just throwing some ideas....hahahaha
  12. Hehe..I too did not put my hopes up even if I was like literally could not breath when she pushed him on the sofa n then leaned towards him to kiss him..hahaha..Hence, if you notice, I did not put any emoji next to my post..I already had my heart broken a bit after the whole week many threads (not just this one) has been discussing about the thumb kiss..so I learned my lesson, not to trust the PD too much..hehehe.. By the way, whoever zoomed in about the thumb kiss at earlier stage is so daebak..when I watched that scene live stream it never occur to me that RG put his thumb there. I thought even if he pretended to kiss, he still kiss on her lips for real. I thought that even it was a pretend kiss but still lips kiss, right after that, he would have felt something even deeper. So did DM. But I was wrong. It was only DM feeling that, hence we saw her crushing over him the whole episode, even when she was supposed to be all excited about Sian at that time.. (seriously, if I was there and RG was standing next to me, my focus will be on him totally!..hehehe) Anyway, another thing I am sure about. Despite RG's cold demeanor and Sian's popular self, they both are so sweet! Like so sugary sweet. Sian was so sweet to let RTS to take selfie without her masked off and RG, well, he was so sweet all the way. I wish someone else took picture of RG when he was smiling while watching her being all excited about taking the selfie. Something like the novelist and the photographer's thingy - "His smile was actually a smile of a man who saw how happy the woman he loves able to have her dream fulfilled". Then if DM saw that, she would not be too scared to show her true self. If only she knows.... @turtlegirl, agree with you dear...the second lead are seriously annoying right now..especially the girl, Da In...EG wasn't so much as Da In though.. but whenever his scene is up, I was not too thrill to watch, hence I changed channel..hahaha..so I actually missed some part of today's episode..maybe I'm being bias since RG is all I can think about..hehehe...DM/ PMY is so lucky!!
  13. Ok this time..they did kiss..lips to lips..at least on DM's side. Not sure if RG is reciprocating. But I know for sure RG is the sweetest for understanding her obsession! If only DM knows how he is protecting her...RG is a gem!
  14. @greezlybee..thank you again for the insights chinggu . I am not a fangirl. So I really dont know how fangirl should react in this kind of situation. Even so, as I mentioned before, earlier I was too a bit bothered by the fact that choosing between SA and RG would be a trivial reason for any relationship to be rocked by. Especially, to top all that, RG already knew how obsessed DM was about SA and yet he still adored and run after her. So, yes, I agree with most you. Sian might not be the main issue here but the fact that "fangirling" is still the main theme of this drama, I could not shake the feeling that Sian might be part or probably the catalyst to the main issue. What is the issue? I've yet to know. I wish someone from this forum can enlighten us with the content of the manhwa. At least, for me, I need to know, to feel less nervous.. After watching yesterday's episode with subs, I too echo some of you about the reasons RG was panicking and running to find her everywhere and then the kiss. The incidents that lead to that point were not too big enough to induce such reaction. But then again, we did watch RG gradually falling in love with DM beforehand and he did see her tearing up when he practically barked at her prior to the kiss. And we also know that he is actually a big softie despite his lion persona. So, that might be the inducer. Still, I hope we get to see deeper reasoning in next episode or at least some explanation to what really motivated him to react the way he did. I also echo most of you about the chemistry between KJW and PMY. It is seriously no joke. i started to post/ follow any threads/ watch live stream again after being in hiatus for many months because of the chemistry of the OTP in Episode 1 (the Chinese Auction House). I never really notice KJW before but now regretted that so much and trying to binge watched some of his dramas starting with Temperature With Love...he is seriously a gem...
  15. @blademan...thank you for the BTS video. Now we need the sub. @stroppyse..do your magic chinggu...hehehehe. Kamsahanida @SC2019..i think the BGM is the official melo OST for this drama. It is not out yet, I think..I hope so because that song now haunts me too...hehehe
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