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  1. I'm already here What room is yours? today is the day! Guys, I don't know where to live stream so I'll just wait for your posts later. I don't want Chief Na to dieeeee....
  2. But, but.... I got no cookies to chew the past few days especially when I knew I won't be able to watch the latest 2 eps. I made up for it by gobbling one box of your that I got the other day. Oh, the box with 100 pieces each.
  3. We all do! I am hoping for no cliffhangers since last years season end sent me in a mini panic attack No KW in the picture though
  4. Hhaha, I was about to cry when you mentioned only two more eps then I realized we actually have 4 more. Still catching up on Eps 11-12. And OMG I won't wait long for Ep 13!
  5. @40somethingahjumma Very well said. I agree 100%. Prior to this serial case, I loved how they save people from their day to day cases. That sense of satisfaction you get when you see the GT team save different people at the end of the day. It's a humbling experience. You are definitely on point on this one. He is still KW despite being a psychopath (although I agree that they wrongly diagnosed him). He is more than the son of a murderer and he tried his damniest to be on a different path.
  6. Yes yes! I haven't caught up yet with the latest episodes since we've been working overtime lately. Aaaaaand I have to read everyone's post. You guys are amazing. I love all your theories. I still have to watch the last 2 episodes though.
  7. UGH, I missed this! I was out of town! I miss Kouseke! Do we still have more? I'll hoard.
  8. Not dead please! haha although we have a lot of foreshadowing as to KW and KJ's fates, I won't be able to take another Possessed kind of ending. Was he referring to KW when he said "your friend"? It could be KW or someone else but why would they want KW dead when they want him to go to the dark side first?
  9. I ran out while in the middle of Ep 10. I will probably need a daily fix from now on until the next episode. So many questions and theories but my poor heart is still rooting for KW and KJ. Those two, I agree with everyone when they said they really need that shouting match. KJ held her own, I'm one proud mama. Those two really need to talk. Like TALK a lot. They're both hardheaded thinking they can take all the problems of the world on their own. We can all understand KJ with what's happening around her and the problem with her hearing she's going to snap. It didn't help since KW is still keeping secrets. Had he shared it would have been a different story. I don't know why but I find it funny that Agent Park and Agent Yang caught the KW bug. Haha, have you noticed them shouting and getting angry on behalf of the victims while KW is just quiet at the back. Yukiko's husband is creepy. That scene where he was crying while the medical examiner was still there and abruptly stopped crying when the ME was gone? Ladies, we've got the makings of a great psychopath. I'm excited to know what more he can show us in the coming episodes.
  10. hahha, we'll finance you. Just keep em coming! I think I got your sugarlicious bug
  11. I'm with you. KW's memories are the key. Without that, he will forever doubt himself. As for the jungle scene, it could be that he went back to their place before in Japan to uncover the past. But it's also there that something bad might have happened to him. When the old man said he's coming back to us or something of that sort in the end of S2, they could probably mean him going back home to know the truth. I'm not so sure about the tech guy too. Hmmm...he was in the picture so fast and then out faster too. Could be that they are going to get more people in future Voice season and they're testing the waters or there's a reason for him to be there storywise. He got the info about MH on his own and way faster. That was suspicious. I'm waiting for the subs for Episode 10. I will have to wait until tomorrow
  12. For now, do what @sushilicious do - watch fanvids in youtube. They're so innocent from before, sweet and cool. A far cry on what they are right now. V3 has gone dark. I'm missing the team in S2. ahahah
  13. Hahaha, you're so funny but we're rooting on you as well!
  14. Indeed! I just watched it with subs. He's creepy too but we're about to see how good he is in the coming episodes. Are they going to drag the Kouseke storyline more? We're halfway into the season and we don't know yet about the old man from the ending of S2. I think we are just at the tip of the iceberg and we're no nearer in making sense into the Kouseke thing. Regarding that new tech guy who helped them, are they planning on expanding their team? Also working with the Japanese police, they are going international too. I kinda liked their first case in S3. The story line becomes more interesting. I agree. It was a really emotional scene when DKW did not answer KKJ's question. There's also a flashback where he thinks he really is the killer of MH.
  15. @sheelatpsfm hahaha, @sushilicious's cookies are special.
  16. I love these! Thank you thank you so much! Oh my poor heart! Hahaha, only 5 are left. I made good use of the first 5.
  17. Hahaha, you should start thinking how to mass produce it. A lot of us here are getting antsy because of Voice 3
  18. sooo stingy. I would need more than one since I can't wait for tomorrow's episode! very well said @nateko You learned from the best. Hahaha. Just another thought though, I went back to the BTS pics of the latest episode you posted last time. I thought I remember seeing photos of Chief Na who found KW choking the life out of KJ and it's not there anymore. If I remember right, I think there was a scene there were KW hands was on the table but KJ was on the floor on his side and Chief Na was on looking at them with his flashlight. I'm not sure I remember right so I went back to check but it's not there anymore
  19. And for that you owe me and some drinks. hahaha
  20. I sooo envy you! We're doing overtime. One more day and we see Kouseke!
  21. Kim Jae Wook was Mo Tae Gu in Season 1. I think there's been a mixed up. But you're right, he's really cute in Her Private Life. It's possible that he has been brainwashed. He did say that he doesn't remember which memories are real and which ones are not. That's why there are a lot of theories right now as to how Kouseke fits in all of this. It's also confusing and makes us doubt since everyone around him is so sure to say that he murdered MH.
  22. Nooooooo please. What really happened before? that's a question we all want answered And is that guy KJ's doctor from her rehab? If yes KW's condition may have been worsened because it was aided and not a natural result of the explosion
  23. Almost there @sushilicious almost there! Haha, this is a good one! I miss MJH! He was amazing in season 1.
  24. Happy Eid Mubarak to you to @ellelyana88! I don't want Voice 3 to end yet but we're so close. Hopefully they renew for season 4. MH brother was just a pawn. It's just so disappointing that he has to die like that without any showdown with KW or even the Golden Time team.
  25. New follower in twitter! They have different theories. So fun to read! Thanks @sushilicious!
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