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  1. 8 hours ago, ibru said:

    Hi, Everyone!

    I'm in bad mood today...

    ... I have found out that Lee Min Ho's fans are making daily post on IG: he is coming for his work and back from the office.... So they all know.... where it is and Min Ho doesn't make any secret of his location...


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    Jong Suk .... I don't understand...

    He left without any message to the fans on IG... or Weibo... I was waiting... And you?

    Why he even did not come to the Romance is a bonus book - Wrap Up Party on March 7th...??? - It's a pity!

    I remember that when he did not come to W2W Wrap Up Party (because of photo set for InStyle)... he made a V-Live video chat with fans..

    I'm a little bit upset...

    .. D 661


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    Don't be sad sweetie he's probably more upset than us and didn't want to show it cz he doesn't want us to get more sad than we already are...he didn't want to make a big fuss of the enlisting thingy u know what knetizens might say and react, they could v make a big deal of it... as for the message to fans he already met them in person in his latest fm tour, talked to them, and us cz what he said was for all of us not just who were there, he thanked us all and said good bye wz tears...


    as for daily posts of him going and leaving his enlistment place, it's still too early not before a month or two i think cz at first he will be getting some sort of training or something like that 




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