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  1. 1st of all sorry for ur dog, hope u ll feel better wz days passing as for the photos not sure if they were before or during his enlistment what i know that they are from last year.. but yeh it's good to see him again altho those aren only pic released for him during his enlistment (if they really are) there are few others released after those whether in his cafe nd wz woo bin .. so regardless when taken it's good to know that he's doing good
  2. why hiding if they are nrew? nothing wrong with that.... and fans who are saying they are old picture didn't agree among each others to say same things at least i know i didn't talk to anyone abt them... if the ones i posted here aren't same pict then they are very similar but anyways those photos are from last year i mean check coments below this post
  3. These dramas are included on Filipina celebrity Ms Janice De Belen’s favorite drama 1. Romance Is A Bonus Book 2. While You Were Sleeping 3. Pinocchio You can read the full article on this link: https://t.co/NhBgnQpD5t?amp=1 via: https://twitter.com/withJSph/status/1287006651090735104
  4. "Supporting our hope Actor Oh Eui Sik and <Once Again> Team." -from actor lee jong suk- "Acting genius, fighting!" "To the actors and production crew, have a cold drink and cheer up. "
  5. 8 'Friends to Lovers' Korean Dramas That Will Definitely Give You Various Emotions "From 'Friends to Lovers': We always see these types of themes not only in K-Dramas but also in international movies and even in novels. Though some of the viewers will think that this is a typical story, some dramas are still living the expectations of the audience, giving an extraordinary experience while watching. Here are the 8 K-Dramas about 'friends to lovers' that you should watch then: 5. Romance is a Bonus Book's Kang Dan Yi and Cha Eun Ho (Photo : t
  6. #YangJeongYeon signs an exclusive contract with A-Man Project, #LeeJongSuk and #KwonNara agency. We will look forward to your projects.
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