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  1. (Official) Lee Jong-suk Fan Clubs donated more than 10 million won to the victims of the typhoon Lingling Actor Lee Jong-suk’s Fan Clubs generously donated money to the residents who were hit by the typhoon. On September 18, Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association announces that, “Lee Jong-suk Fan Clubs donated 11,890,914 won to the association (President Song Pil Ho) to help the affected residents of Typhoon ‘Ling Ling’.” The donation was raised by the official fan clubs of various countries for celebrating Lee’s birthday (September 14, 1989). A total of 10 groups including WithJS, い·じょんそく Club-J, JShine, Hot Mum Fan Club, LJS-HK Fan Base, With JS Thailandand, Hello LJS.Tw, WithJS Indonesia, WithJS Philippines, WithJS_Myanmar participated. The WithJS operation team said, “Lee Jong-suk is very concerned about charity, so fans follow after him to participate in meaningful projects. Although the amount is not large, but they hope to bring comfort to the victims.” - Translated by @ljyoliverljs Proofread by @joanna5959 Layout by Tina
  2. Sept. 18, 2019 Today, Jong-suk fans from many countries, including Thai fans, have raised a donation to the victims of the typhoon. ✨ 11,890,914 w ✨ Thank you all from the heart for this kindness https://twitter.com/WithJSThailand/status/1174227149093572608/photo/1
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