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  1. Despite dating denials, insiders claim Nara is planning to move to a new suite 5 mins away from Lee Jong Suk's house Shortly after dating rumors between actor Lee Jong Suk and actress/former Hello Venus member Naraspread on the web, their label A-Man Project firmly denied the relationship as false. However, new media outlet reports claim that Nara is currently planning to move to a new apartment complex, 5 minutes away from Lee Jong Suk's house. Insiders stated that Nara recently signed a lease with an apartment complex in Seoul's Oksu-dong - a complex located approximately 5 minutes away from the luxurious Hannam-dong L-villa complex, where Lee Jong Suk lives. Furthermore, Nara very recently decided to move out on her home after living with her younger sisters for a long time, according to insiders. Previously, dating rumors claimed that Lee Jong Suk and Nara gradually progressed from close sunbae-hoobaes to lovers earlier this year. Depite A-Man Project's earlier denial, sources continue to claim that Lee Jong Suk was very personally and actively involved in recruiting Nara to A-Man Project. Nara was allegedly spotted numerous times at a cafe owned by Lee Jong Suk in Shinsa-dong, called '89 Mansion'. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk debuted as a fashion model in 2005 before switching gears into acting in 2010. Nara, on the other hand, debuted as a member of Hello Venus in 2012. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/07/despite-dating-denials-insiders-claim-nara-is-planning-to-move-to-a-new-suite-5-mins-away-from-lee-jong-suks-house
  2. By: ikemenkaoru Phone Art - I can’t work on my laptop, even tho I own a predator. I can only draw on my phone or Sony Tablet. This guy, Lee Jong Suk is currently in the army, but he keeps entertaining me with new sides I haven’t seen in drama’s yet. I feel there is a whole side to it! - All in all, just wanted to share.
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