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  1. it has nothing to do with his manager, this FMs tour deal was made by YNK problems started since Japan FM, then Thailand till now, according to the article in Kr they added the additional schedule and improperly handling the coordinator with Thai fm organizer that's what his law firm said in the news, they said they cause a lot of problems they call them A and B, should be Yumemota and The Creative Lab and Aman considering to terminate their contract (the contract that YNK signed with them) .but there s philippiens fm left, happens by next weekend also usa legs that's why we think he left YNK like couple of months earlier than his 6 months contract with them and decided to speed up his own agency launching. well if he made a mistake then his mistake was signing with YNK
  2. Events Agency Gives Statement Regarding Lee Jong Suk’s Detainment In Jakarta Events agency Yumetomo has given an official statement regarding Lee Jong Suk’s recent detainment in Jakarta. On November 6, Yumetomo, the company behind Lee Jong Suk’s fan meeting in Jakarta, uploaded an official statement onto their Instagram. The events agency confirmed that Lee Jong Suk and his staff members had been detained in Jakarta. It stated that it would be demanding an explanation from the local promoter, added that it would be taking full responsibility for the incident, and apologized to Lee Jong Suk, his agency, and his fans. Lee Jong Suk previously shared that he and his staff had been detained in Jakarta after a fan meeting, and that their passports had been confiscated. His agency responded by saying that their detainment had reportedly been due to a local promoter falsely reporting their profit from the event to local tax authorities. His agency later made an official statement that it would be taking legal action against the promoter as well as event agencies. Read the full statement below: “Hello, this is Yumetomo. We would first like to apologize for worrying everyone regarding the situation where Lee Jong Suk and his staff members were detained in Jakarta. “Due to the inexperienced business handling of YES24’s Indonesian branch, Lee Jong Suk and his staff members’ passports were confiscated. Because of this, Lee Jong Suk and his agency’s staff members were unable to board their plane at the designated time, and returned to Korea one day later than planned. “As an agency, we will be taking full responsibility for causing damage to the artist and staff who believed in and worked with us. As this unimaginable incident occurred, we Yumetomo and The Cre8tive Lab are demanding a speedy explanation from YES24 about this incident. We will earnestly take on follow-up steps regarding this incident. “To Lee Jong Suk and A-Man Project, who were most likely anxious for a long time in a situation where they couldn’t know what would happen, we would like to once again deeply apologize. We would also like to apologize to Lee Jong Suk’s fans, who were probably very worried as well.” Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/article/1258507wpp/events-agency-gives-statement-regarding-lee-jong-suks-detainment-jakarta
  3. Yes24: "#LeeJongSuk came to immigration office to pick up his passport and visa. The immigration was not detaining him, instead, they helped us who got deceived by the 3rd party who supposed to handle this matter." (via Viva) Via: KoreanUpdates!
  4. YES 24 you BAST*DS Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Confirms His Detainment After Fan Meeting In Jakarta Due To Issues With Local Promoters Lee Jong Suk and his staff members have been detained in Jakarta by local authorities after a fan meeting. On November 5, Lee Jong Suk uploaded a photo of an airport in Jakarta and talked about how he had been detained there after his fan meeting. He shared, “I was able to end the fan meeting with a thankful heart. But all of my staff and I are stuck in Jakarta. I think we’ve been detained since yesterday…” He explained, “The promoter [for the fan meeting] in Jakarta, yes24, had reported lower profits from the fan meeting than what they had actually made to the local tax authorities. Though my staff and I have no involvement in this, they took our passports and have not returned them. I hope that yes24, and their agencies The Cre8tive Lab and Yumetomo resolve things quickly.” Lee Jong Suk concluded by lightheartedly saying, “I’ve never been in this kind of situation so I don’t know what to do… (Mom, I’m coming home late today…)” A source from Lee Jong Suk’s agency A-Man Project confirmed what the actor had shared and stated, “They were originally supposed to leave Jakarta on November 4. However, a problem arose between the local yes24 branch and the Indonesian authorities. Because [yes24] reported that less tickets were sold than actually were, it became a problem. We believe that the passports were confiscated from the person in charge of them. Today, we are working hard to resolve the problem in Jakarta. Lee Jong Suk is currently in Jakarta. We are in the middle of adjusting his schedule as there are issues with his immediate drama filming as well other schedules.” Source (1) (2) https://www.soompi.com/article/1258015wpp/lee-jong-suks-agency-confirms-detainment-fan-meeting-jakarta-due-issues-local-promoters
  5. SBS Drama “Death Song” Unveils 1st Posters Of Lee Jong Suk And Shin Hye Sun SBS’s upcoming drama special “Death Song” has released beautiful posters of its leads Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun! “Death Song” will tell the story of Joseon’s greatest soprano Yoon Shim Deok (Shin Hye Sun) and her lover and genius playwright Kim Woo Jin (Lee Jong Suk). Not only will it follow their tragic love story that was highlighted in the 1991 film of the same name, but it will also delve deeper into the life and works of Kim Woo Jin. Now, the drama has unveiled its first two posters, featuring Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun. Both posters are in black and white, and the overall atmosphere of both reflect the sincere love and deep emotions that will be at play throughout the production. The posters also include the tagline, “Death Song, the last song sung at the end of one’s life.” “Death Song” is a special three-part series that will air on November 27, December 3, and December 4 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS. https://www.soompi.com/article/1257779wpp/sbs-drama-death-song-unveils-1st-posters-lee-jong-suk-shin-hye-sun
  6. Lee Jong Suk And Shin Hye Sun’s Drama “Death Song” Confirms Premiere Date The premiere date for Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun’s upcoming drama special has been confirmed! On November 1, sources from the SBS drama department revealed, “SBS drama’s special broadcast ‘Death Song’ will premiere on November 27.” The drama’s title, “Death Song,” is also the title of an album that was released by Korea’s first soprano Yoon Shim Deok in August of 1926. The album is also seen as the start of Korea’s pop music. The drama will portray the tragic romance between Yoon Shim Deok and playwright Kim Woo Jin. Lee Jong Suk will play the role of Kim Woo Jin and Shin Hye Sun will play the role of Yoon Shim Deok. The drama is scheduled to air after the finale of SBS’s Monday-Tuesday drama, “Where Stars Land.” https://www.soompi.com/article/1255695wpp/lee-jong-suk-shin-hye-suns-drama-death-song-confirms-premiere-date
  7. SBS drama special “Praise of Death” (literal title) is now set to first air Tuesday, November 27 (consists of 3 episodes) Via: AsianWiki@AsianWiki
  8. Child actor Kim Kang Hoon will be acting as young Cha Eun Ho ( Lee Jong Suk's character) in "Romance is a Supplement" Via: ljs206
  9. Child actor Kim Kang Hoon will be acting as young Cha Eun Ho ( Lee Jong Suk's character) in "Romance is a Supplement" Via: ljs206
  10. Cheetah Reveals She’s In A Relationship And Says He Looks Similar To Lee Jong Suk Cheetah is in a relationship! On October 30, the rapper appeared on MBC Every1’s “Video Star” along with Hwang Seok Jeong, Brown Eyed Girls member Narsha, Sayuri, and ELRIS’ Sohee. When asked what she’s been up to, Cheetah confessed she’s currently in a relationship by saying, “I’m always in love.” She explained, “There’s a store that I go to almost every day. One day, the owner called me saying, ‘Eun Young [Cheetah’s real name] hurry up and come right now.’ As soon as I walked in, I saw [my boyfriend]. The seat next to him was empty, so I sat down.” She continued, “I’m straightforward [when it comes to dating]. I have many parties at my house, so I invited my boyfriend. When I told my mom that he was my boyfriend, she said, ‘I thought a doll was walking.’ He has long arms and legs, is fair-skinned, and has a slim face. He’s similar to Lee Jong Suk.” The MCs then asked Cheetah to send her boyfriend a video message. She said, “I’ll see you later!” and sought the envy of the people on set. “Video Star” airs on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. KST. Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/article/1254943wpp/cheetah-reveals-shes-relationship-says-looks-similar-lee-jong-suk
  11. 7 Male Actors Who Can Pull Off The Middle Part Look The middle part hairstyle (also known as 5:5 in Korea) is the trend among men lately. Up until a few years ago, it was considered a tacky style, but that’s not the case anymore. Many top stars have been showing up with a middle part hairstyle lately. Both sexy and soft, it is the perfect hairstyle for the fall season. Here are seven male celebrities who can rock the look: 6. Lee Jong Suk In 2015, Lee Jong Suk appeared in SBS’s “Pinocchio” with the middle part hairstyle. Once during an interview, he said he thought he looked ugly with such a hairstyle. However, his fans wholeheartedly disagree. https://www.soompi.com/article/1254333wpp/7-male-actors-can-pull-off-middle-part-look
  12. Hide contents Oct. 30, 2018 "Romance is a Supplement" actors LeeJongSuk, LeeNaYoung and others were seen at a restaurant today Cr: as tagged
  13. Oct. 30, 2018 "Romance is a Supplement" actors LeeJongSuk, LeeNaYoung and others were seen at a restaurant today Cr: as tagged
  14. Tvn Drama "Romance is a Supplement" Recruitment Post for Cameraman Filming period: Beginning of November to end of February (1st filming: Between 1st to 2nd November) Test shooting: 29th October Cr info: stjerne_ & JessyYang Via: irene7an IG
  15. Tvn Drama "Romance is a Supplement" Recruitment Post for Cameraman Filming period: Beginning of November to end of February (1st filming: Between 1st to 2nd November) Test shooting: 29th October Cr info: stjerne_ & JessyYang Via: irene7an IG
  16. Many other celebrities have decided to take strong legal action against malicious comments and rumors as well. On October 23, FNC Entertainment issued a statement and update on their strong legal action on behalf of AOA’s Seolhyun. The same day, Fantagio Entertainment revealed that it would be taking measures against those who spread rumors about Wanna One’s Ong Seong Woo. On October 22, Lee Jong Suk’s agency A-Man Project stated that it would be taking a firm stance against groundless rumors regarding the actor. https://www.soompi.com/article/1252177wpp/celebrities-increasingly-take-legal-action-amidst-malicious-comments-spreading-rumors
  17. Lee Jong Suk Talks About Turning 30 And His New Agency On October 26, Elle revealed photos and an interview of Lee Jong Suk during the photo shoot for their November issue. Lee Jong Suk professionally monitored the photos as the photo shoot progressed. During the interview that took place after the photo shoot, he revealed his feelings towards turning 30 years old. He confessed, “My head was a mess when I first turned 30. I’ve been traveling, and I learned how to play the piano. I’ve also been busy establishing my own agency to work with the people that I like.” He will return to the small screen for his role in tvN’s upcoming romantic comedy drama, “Romance Supplement” (working title), which is scheduled to premiere in February 2019. The drama will tell the story of employees who work at a publishing company. Lee Jong Suk will play Cha Eun Ho, a brilliant writer and the company’s youngest editor-in-chief. When asked about the reason why he chose this drama, he revealed, “I had a great desire to keep on acting, and I also had a great burden to portray many different characters. But I started to think about what I actually like, and I wanted myself to do what other people liked. I think I’d be able to portray some of my actual self while filming for this drama because of its genre.” Lee Jong Suk also mentioned the most recent time that he felt truly happy. He smiled as he said, “I felt happy when I realized that I could order anything that I wanted to eat in a restaurant.” You can check out more of his interview on the November issue of Elle. You can watch Lee Jong Suk and Suzy‘s latest drama “While You Were Sleeping” on Viki below! https://www.soompi.com/article/1252127wpp/lee-jong-suk-talks-turning-30-new-agency
  18. [SBS Star] Lee Jong Suk Impresses His Fans with the Sweetest Gesture of All Time! It looks like Korean actor Lee Jong Suk truly has a heart of gold. On October 23, Lee Jong Suk posted a picture with a little note on his social media account. In the picture, countless duckling dolls which the fans gave it to him as a gift were arranged in three rows. While showing a adorable picture of the ducks, Lee Jong Suk politely asked his fans would it be okay if he donates his duckling dolls to the underprivileged kids. It turns out that the reason why Lee Jong Suk had so many duck dolls was because his nickname was 'Ddochi' 'Ddochi' is a character from 'Dooly the Little Dinosaur', which resembles an adorable duck. For this reason, his fans have been giving him a duckling doll as a present. Lee Jong Suk said while expressing gratitude to his fans, "While I was cleaning my house, I think I've met all kinds of duckling dolls in the whole world." He added, "Would it be okay if I share all these toys, and your kind gesture with the kids who need it more than I do? I hope that you could support my decision." After the post went viral, not only his fans, but also the public were deeply moved by his thoughtful gesture. Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk recently accepted a leading role in 'Romance Is a Supplement' (working title) which will be aired in 2019. (Kang Eunbee, Credit= 'jongsuk0206' Instagram) https://news.sbs.co.kr/news/endPage.do?news_id=N1004987812 출처 : SBS 뉴스 원본 링크 : https://de.hideproxy.me/go.php?u=7tM2Lg1KF1rHDqN2WDdkHdauAY3uWrw51MewzetnnQknuzuWopVSyLX5tvuXVXpCuwJdTZoX&b=5&f=norefer&plink=COPYPASTE&cooper=SBSNEWSEND
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