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  1. Dec. 10, 2018 LeeJongSuk Filming Romance Supplement https://ve.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_pinmz7iWew1sl7awm.mp4 25-11-2018 LeeJongSuk Filming Romance Supplement Cr: an_jongsuk0914
  2. Lee Jong Suk Sends Former Co-Star Jung Hae In Coffee Truck For New Film Lee Jong Suk sent his former “While You Were Sleeping” co-star Jung Hae In a small gift on the set of his upcoming film! On December 11, Jung Hae In posted a series of photos to his personal Instagram account with the caption, “Lee Jong Suk sent a coffee truck for the cast and crew who are working hard on our movie as filming is nearing an end. Thank you so much, I’ll enjoy it.” The photos show Jung Hae In posing in front of the coffee truck that Lee Jong Suk sent, along with banners that read, “‘Music Album’ (tentative title) production crew members, enjoy a cup of coffee with handsome Hae In,” “To the production crew, please look after our Hae In,” and “Hae In, enjoy a cup of coffee today rather than a glass of beer.” Lee Jong Suk and Jung Hae In both appeared in the SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping” in 2017. Jung Hae In is currently working on the film “Music Album,” which he will star in alongside Kim Go Eun. Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/article/1276747wpp/lee-jong-suk-sends-former-co-star-jung-hae-coffee-truck-new-film
  3. [SBS Star] 'High Kick' Cast WINNER YOON & Lee Jong Suk Reunite in 6 Years K-pop boy group WINNER’s member YOON and actor Lee Jong Suk were captured together for the first time in six years. On December 9, CEO of a management agency YG KPLUS uploaded pictures from designer Ko Tae-yong’s wedding on her social media account. One of the pictures caught the attention of many, as it was a picture of YOON and Lee Jong Suk together.YOON and Lee Jong Suk appeared in a popular sitcom ‘High Kick: Revenge of the Short Legged’, which ended broadcasting in March 2012. In the sitcom, the two stars showed off their amazing chemistry as best friends who frequently fought over small issues.After they wrapped up the drama, they continued building their friendship. In July 2013, Lee Jong Suk even revealed the messages that had exchanged with each other. That was when YOON made his debut as a solo artist, so YOON had messaged Lee Jong Suk to let him know that his songs had come out. At that time, Lee Jong Suk replied, “I’ve already listened to them. I’m so proud that our Seung-yoon (YOON’s real name) has finally made debut!"YOON and Lee Jong Suk most likely have kept in frequent touch after that, but fans were no longer able to see their friendship. Six years later, they finally got to see YOON and Lee Jong Suk together. Fans responded with comments such as, "Has it been six years already? Wow, time flies!”, “They were both rookies then. Now, they are both superstars!”, “It’s so good to see them together.”, and so on. Meanwhile, YOON is gearing up for a comeback in December as WINNER, and Lee Jong Suk starred in SBS’ recently-ended drama 'He Hymn of Death’. (Lee Narin, Credit= 'eunkyoung_ko’ Instagram, Me2day, MBC) Source: (SBS Star)
  4. SONG JOONG-KI AND LEE JONG-SUK ARE THE HIGHEST PAID MALE ACTORS IN TELEVISON Industry insiders have produced a list of names of the highest paid male actors on television this years. However, although there are several names on the list, there are no surprises with the biggest names getting the biggest paychecks. According to entertainment industry insiders, seven actors received more than 100 million won (roughly 89,300 USD) per drama. Unsurprisingly, this list comprised of Lee Byung-hun, Jang Dong-gun, So Ji-sub, Hyun Bin, Song Joong-ki, Lee Seung-gi, and Lee Jong-suk. Further, out of the seven, Song Joong-ki and Lee Jong-suk are said to have the highest salary. Both actors are paid over 100 million per episode. After starring in the enormous success of “Descendants of the Sun,” Song is in high demand and is currently filming “Asadal Chronicles” alongside Jang Dong-gun. Similarly, Lee Jong-suk is starring in next year’s romantic drama “How to Publish Love.” On the other hand, Lee Byung-hun, So Ji-sub, and Hyun Bin were paid a substantial amount for their roles in “Mr. Sunshine,” “My Secret Terrius,” and “Memories of the Alhambra,” respectively. However, after the first few episodes, the actors proved by they have such a high asking price. Each of the dramas they starred in drew in a higher viewership rate incomparision to other other airing dramas at the same time. Notable, Lee’s “Mr. Sunshine” yielded an 18.1% viewership rate while So’s show always ranked in the top 10 most watched dramas. Likewise, Hyun’s program, which is currently airing, broke the 7% viewer rating in just two episodes. All of the actors have such high salaries based on their reliable acting skills, the weight their names carry in the industry, market value, and established reputations and fans. An example of how this is how “Mr. Sunshine” simultaneous premiered on Netflix, opening it up to a global audience. Moreover, broadcasters in the U.S., Japan, and Taiwan bought the rights to air “My Secret Terrius” at high prices. http://kpoplove.koreadaily.com/song-joong-ki-lee-jong-suk-highest-paid-male-actors/
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