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  1. @bliss1004, I feel the same way as you. I have not been interested in any other dramas just waiting for Wednesday to come. 2 more weeks and I will have nothing that interests me to watch.
  2. It was worth watching all the angst throughout the whole episode to finally be rewarded with that amazing kiss!
  3. I actually found the name of the original Chinese song sung by Teresa Teng. It is called Ye Lai Xiang which is a flower (tuberose)! Thank you so much for your answer, I found it on youtube and then I saw your reply! So nice of you to help me with the info. I had been wondering about it after starting to watch this drama, I remember listening Teresa Teng singing this but could not find the song before.
  4. I completely agree with everything you said. Also, CXX does have lovely hands and even though he is not super handsome, he is an amazing, charismatic actor. I became his fan!
  5. OMG, thank so very much for the detailed clarification of that exchange and for also adding what Gao said to LCY in prison. I was also wondering about that. You are so right about all the subtlety being part of the beauty of this drama! I wished my Chinese were as good as yours to understand it without subs and thank you again for being so generous in sharing!
  6. Thank you so much for the explanation. Could I also ask you what was the exchange between the emperor and Ming Yue's father before she killed herself on the same episode 50?
  7. Could someone tell me what's the deal with the emperor, what does LCY tell his father on episode 50? What did his father do?
  8. You are correct, I just read the synopsis and JIS is the biological mother. But why was she looking at TJ's shirt and smoothing the initials on it? Are they half siblings?
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