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  1. I forced myself not to visit this thread nor read any spoilers until I finished watching the last ep! lol Was worth it though. I feel like I knew who she's going to end up with but for a moment I felt that I might be wrong. lol Liked the ending :D I agree with one review I read ( after watching ep 12 ) that it didnt seem "forced" :D btw they are coming up with a special right? :D

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  2. Hi :) I saw this on the thread and was wondering if all of us could help ( if you have some spare time) voting ends in 11 hours I think and you can vote up to 19 times :)
    Just vote for GHJ :D She's behind by a thousand and a few hundred votes :(

  3. quick question guys is anyone here familiar with how relationships work in korean culture? I mean when people say theyre dating, are they only on the getting to know stage ? Or are they considered bf gf already? Is there a transition period for it? or does the psuedo gf/bf exist prior to the real thing?

  4. cassia_lela said: I'm curious to the end of the drama. Please, let it a happy ending. I can't stand how the end of SDLGTS make me want to delete that ending scene. So that man is the man from JHS's phone, the one JJY will get envious. Because of the increase of rating, there are quite a few articles today, about how unni's drama got a high rating or something like that for the 5 drama start from Thank You. I'm really expecting that this drama will get a high rating. Yes I don't care about it, but it is such as plus to me. Yet, it's too early I think for the media to get hype about it. It's not the first at the time slot, and it's just one episode. Now the rating has a good increase. If tnms still be the first media to see the rating, then it's IOTL become the first.

  5. paradicez said: @clalenny hahaha thanks for the funny GIF.

    I honestly thought the biting scene was really inspired by Ha Jung Woo's drunk story LOL. (Guess not!) Did you guys notice something? The trailer/teasers totally trick us into thinking that there will be a lot of bed scenes hahaha. Well...maybe in the future.. but anyways...I shall stop here. 8-X

    & I knew it! The jacket she was wearing while jogging is North Face...it is the same pattern as the one Yoo Yeon Seok is wearing on my signature keke !!

    BTW! Running Man and TWTWB made an appearance in IOTL! I hope to see Master Sun in IOTL! Lol... please SBS, make that happen! ..:P

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