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  1. I forced myself not to visit this thread nor read any spoilers until I finished watching the last ep! lol Was worth it though. I feel like I knew who she's going to end up with but for a moment I felt that I might be wrong. lol Liked the ending :D I agree with one review I read ( after watching ep 12 ) that it didnt seem "forced" :D btw they are coming up with a special right? :D

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  2. GeumJanDi said:well gong hyo jin answer a question to her dc fan gallery,here some question and answer that related to IOTL 
    cre By 쏘꽁, ihearthyojin, @yumenas gonghyojinsoompiforum


    <Kong Hyo Jin Gallery>

    [1] Which of the following scenes did you genuinely laugh while filming?

    1. When Jo Dong Min took off his top. 

    2. When Hae Soo sang in the car. 

    3. When Hae Soo pointed to the phone and said "I'm going to kill you". 

    4. When Jo Dong Min hit Soo Gwang in the head "Only obey after being hit". 

    5. When Hae Soo bited Jo Dong Min. 

    6. When Hae Soo had to try that hard not to bust out laughing. 

    7. When Hae Soo went shopping at the supermarket 8. When Hae Soo was at the airport and in the dilemma of "going or not going" (to Japan)


    1. When Jo Dong Min took off his top

    4. When Jo Dong Min hit Soo Gwang in the head "Only obey after being hit". 

    7. When Hae Soo went shopping at the supermarket 

    [2] Which of the following scenes was your own ad-lib? If there was, please explain.

    1. "Where did you learn this buy-ice-cream-and-wait thingy?" and the smile that followed. 

    2. "Red bean or cereal?" - "Cereal" - "Pick red bean then!". 

    3. "Still manage to walk stably after gulping down that much alcohol? One, two." 

    4. Open the purse and say "Ooing~" 

    5. "Who are you? Who are you to do such a thing?" 

    6. When Hae Soo played with the rubber band.

    => Answer:

    1. Because that was the last scene, I already felt exhausted and just wanted to go home early. So I just acted randomly.

    2. That scene was supposed to be "Okay! Pick cereal" and followed by "Shall we buy red bean?", but later it was edited into "Pick red bean then!".

    3. This is just the perfect line.

    4. The word to express surprise.

    5. This is also the perfect line.

    6. Ad-lib. Actually, I did try to do a few more times but it was really difficult to hit it right.

    [10] One day, you wake up and become one of your roles. If you had to live the life of that character, who would you choose? 

    1. Yang Mi Sook 

    2. Seo Yoo Kyung 

    3. Goo Ae Jeong 

    4. Lee Jin Hee 

    5. Tae Gong Shil 

    6. Ji Hae Soo 

    7. Other ( )


    5. Tae Gong Shil. Kkong: Joo Gun is just fine and has a stable job... the most stable one; 

    6. Ji Hae Soo. Kkong: Because she has a handsome husband... plus living with Soo Gwang and Dong Min is nice too.

    [16] This is an X/O question. Please choose one.

    Q: Reaction to the popularity of Ji Hae Soo's fashion: *shrug*

    =>Answer: O. Kkong: because it is obvious...

    Q: Among all the roles I have played, Ji Hae Soo is the one whose characteristic is closest to mine.

    =>Answer: O. Kkong: Maybe I changed 2 years ago

  3. Hi :) I saw this on the thread and was wondering if all of us could help ( if you have some spare time) voting ends in 11 hours I think and you can vote up to 19 times :)
    Just vote for GHJ :D She's behind by a thousand and a few hundred votes :(

  4. quick question guys is anyone here familiar with how relationships work in korean culture? I mean when people say theyre dating, are they only on the getting to know stage ? Or are they considered bf gf already? Is there a transition period for it? or does the psuedo gf/bf exist prior to the real thing?

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