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  1. The first episode of Vicenzo was cringeworthy. I liked the beginning of the episode and I liked the end of the episode, but all of the middle they could have kept out of the drama. The comedic timing was off and wasn't funny. I like Song Joong Ki. He is very charismatic. Looks great naked and suited. But the rest of the cast of characters (other than the Father that's a lawyer, and the mother), I don't care for. I hope episode 2 is better. Song Joong Ki deserves a good drama.
  2. You are right, Minglan had a lot of different stories. But it was enjoyable. I felt the same way about Legend of Xiao Chuo. As long as the characters are not silly and have a good plot, I will watch even if there is no romance.
  3. Does that mean we won't be getting the raw eps for 51-55 or so? I heard they were not going to release 10 eps this week but would be releasing some. I now that the Chinese New Year is Friday. Either way, thank you for the information. Besides Nirvana in Fire, Princess Weiyoung, the Legend of Fuyao, Ruyi Royal Love, I have enjoyed this drama. I hope we have another Chinese drama that's not silly released soon. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.
  4. Is there a link out there for episodes 51 - 68? I am so anxious and excited about the next few episode! Like everyone else, I do not want XQ to be dead to WX for long. I hope Su'er will be able to assist. As for Huiein, I hope it is not true that he will betray XQ. XQ has done so much for him. It will really hurt both XQ and WX. I really wanted both Hu siblings to survive but it was admirable the way the brother gave up his life for XQ. I hope the the sister gets some type of revenge on everybody with XQ. As for WX having kids, why not just
  5. From the preview? Where? Please email me the site. I have been looking for one. It may not be avail in the US though.
  6. I really want TP to find out that YJ has been looking for him all along. I want him to know that she is crying over him and not SJ. I despise the character YR and SJ's mom. I want TP to have his revenge, but I want people to know it's him. To know he is causing their lives to be miserable. YR and SJ together looks sooo...I don't know...nasty? It wasn't sexy or swoon worthy. I know everyone likes SJ's abs BUT, that preview did nothing for me. No chemistry!
  7. Whatever happened to Ki Cha Ban's dad? I haven't seen him on the drama since the beginning! I thought he would be a big player since he is a very known actor. Maybe the writer forgot he was cast!
  8. I don't like Dae Ro's speech towards her either, however, I really don't like the attitude of either girl. Bo Ra is sweet when she wants to be but is also very rude. She really thinks she is better than Ah Ri (who is no better). Ah Ri is jus plain ole mean. From the beginning of the show, I did not like the character's attitude. First, she made the Byeo Ru lie about her mother being dead, then she tells the little girl she is going to send her to an orphanage, then lied to the parents, and so on. How are they going to change that? Anyway, I like the drama especially Hae
  9. I too skimmed ep 74. I think I am going to drop this drama. It makes no sense to me. Why would the Dad and DingBat Mom be put out of their house? Why wouldn't they have somewhere to go? It makes no sense that they would become homeless. I will check back at episode 90 or so and see if anything changes.
  10. I believe Seon Jeong is pregnant. Remember when she smelled the soup and she said it smelled fishy! Which Tae Woo will be happy about but his mom will lose her RickRoll. I hope that PJ will not leave SJ and help him figure out why he was framed. Not just have SJ do it himself. I think this is when Uncle Ha will show up. Remember, Uncle Ha did not know about the death until Cruella told him and he played it off. Uncle Ha has a lot on Cruella and SH. Is this drama now 150 episodes?
  11. I am so excited about the revenge aspect that TP will initiate. I really hope the writer doesn't get lost and take us on a round the world tour for 50/60 episodes just to wrap up in 20. TP will be very handsome in a suit. As for the SL and the SML I don't care if they stay together or not. I'm hoping the YR will get what's coming and not be redeemed at the end. Of course, because the kid is hers, they will redeem her in the end. Either way, I am ready!!! I hope when the amnesiac mom finds out what truly happened to her that she will join in on TP's revenge. The r
  12. I just don't understand why SA could not get a place of her own! I know I live in the US but she should have had enough to get her own apartment. What kind of mess is this? I still cannot stand the ex-husband!
  13. I have been watching this drama sporadically. I must say, I really want our ML to find another FL. I do not like either of the sisters. I want him to have a stronger FL (like someone who helped him to find the truth behind everything). Even the FL gave up on him, even if it was for his own good, she still could have done better. The SFL is a skank. She deserves the bottom. I really hope the Chairman finds out about his wife and the secretary soon ... but we all know it will be the last 10 episodes of the drama, if we are lucky.
  14. I really thought this show took a turn for the better with the Min Ho custody issues. But now, we are back to being complete trash. This drama is at episode 100 and we are still dealing with the scamming dad and not bringing up the bigger issues like the death of Secretary Park, the "death" of Secretary Ha, whinny boy with his mom and wife's scheming and lies. I'm tired of the doctor (they really need to get him another woman - not PJ). The Chairman is just plain useless. Sometimes I wonder why I keep watching dailies.
  15. I am so ready for this drama to take a turn! I can't believe how it is dragging... the ex-husband needs to be punched, the ex-boyfriend needs to grow a pair... the fake daughter needs to experience everything that BH has ... the fake mother and daughter needs to live/go somewhere else ... the real mother needs a reality check ... the real father needs to get up and start talking and handling things... but most of all ... BH needs to take control and show her backbone!!!!!!!!
  16. I must say, this drama has gotten a little better now that we are dealing with Min Ho. I am glad that soon we will be dealing with all of the other stuff like the death of Secretary Park, Ha, and all of Eun Ja's lies. I really hope they bring back her ex-boyfriend!!!! I hope that PJ will see how being evil towards EJ will benefit herself. I am READY!!!!!
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