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  1. I understand what you are saying...but even "rookie" agents know not to identify themselves when they are undercover. Even if CDG found her identity, she could have let CDG call for the clearance. But she keeps repeating it...rookie or not, she was not professional. But as sweetseptember09 said, it may be character development. I really hope so. I also did not like the new female assassin... it's almost like they [writers] are trying to make this into a comedy. When CDG was doing his video interview, that was natural comedy. This female assassin is trying to hard to be funny or over the top. But then again, the writers may make her a love interest and she turns on her employers. Now I would like that. Just my opinion.
  2. Ep 3 was lacking fir me. I dont like how Haeri is taking credit for uncovering the terrorist attack or the fact she was excited because she spoke directly to the director or the fact that she keep saying she is an NIS agent. She really got on my nerves. The mole in NIS is fast. And the J&M lady is just plain evil.
  3. I too hope there is a second season! I feel like there was no closure to this drama. Eunseom was only a few steps closer to being the leader of the tribes and to making his own country. I really wanted more. I really needed the trio to meet and for the Neanthals to assist Eunseom. I want to see the fall of Tagon. I feel like Tanya is no more than a puppet be because of Saya. And if Tanya can hear thoughts, why didn't she hear Saya's thoughts about the Wahans? And when the Wahans were huddled together, why was Taelha there? I have so many questions. So bring on Season 2 next year. I really want closure!
  4. I have been watching the raw episodes, so a lot of what is happening I do not understand. Is there website with a good novel translation? I want to know what will happen to Asule. Will Jiye and Yuran be together or will Yuran figure out that Asule is the man for her?
  5. I am enjoying Novoland Eagle Flag but I feel like Ji Ye story is overshadowing Asule. I like Asule and I want him to be stronger but it seems as though everyone around him is getting stronger and he is getting weaker. Ji Ye is all about himself. Yuran is running behind him because he is the love of her life, yet he is not going to be the one to love her all her life. Ji Ye will always put what he wants ahead of others. He wants fame and fortune. Asule puts people first. He is putting Ji Ye and Yuran ahead of himself. Maybe when a huge betrayal comes about, he will become stronger. Some new chick has appeared in the picture and I don't know what her deal is yet (no eng subs) but I don't like her, but then again, I don't like Yuran. Asule deserves someone who likes him first. Yuran is a brat! I wish the subs would come out faster. Right now we are 10 episodes behind on any website. If someone knows of one that is current (up to ep 26) let me know.
  6. I know that my opinion will not be a popular one but I am going to express it all the same i do not like Yuran all that much. She is causing a lot of problems. She will also cause more problems for the boys. Hoping this changes. From the moment she interacted with Ji Ye her character has bothered me. Again, hoping that changes. So far, all of her visions have been her caught deciding between Ji Ye and Asule. But I think she loves Ji Ye. The visions that the boys get are more profound. Asule's visions are hard to understand while Ji Ye's helps him understand himself. I hope that in future episodes i will be able to see what the writers are trying to convey. This drama is fantastic. The cinematography is shot beautifully. I hope the drama is picked up by Viki soon so that the subs will come out faster because for a non speaker of the language, a lot is hard to understand. EP 16 WAS EPIC!
  7. OMG! Djimon Hounson is in this drama! I am definitely going to watch this drama! It is very seldom that black people are represented in a Chinese drama or movie. This man is an excellent actor. I hope the director and producer allowed him to play the character his way. Oh my gosh! I just can't believe it! You guys have no idea how sexy and talented this man is. Whew!
  8. Episode 12 started off slow but it had two meaningful moments to me. The first moment was sad. It was when Satenic (sp?) died and everyone put their hands on him and said their name and tribe. Satenic was also correct when he said that they would stab someone to see if they were truly dead. It was moving and sad. The second moment was powerful. Tanya's dance was not as beautiful as it was when she danced with Eunseom, but it was very gripping. The bird coming through the ceiling and almost perching on Tanya's hand, the anticipation of it all had my heart beating wildly. I wasn't even sure what I was feeling when the bird flew into the ceiling breaking the shield. I was like, "what is going to happen now?" "OMG, the bird killed itself." "Oh no, what is Tanya going to do now?" "Oh snap, she did not just use a sling shot!" "What is that... it doesn't look like a bell?" "Well damn!" The anticipation was oh so good! Tanya recalling her learning was great! And then... the sound of the bell...just WOW!!! I have not been a big Tanya and Saya fan, but Tanya made up for it in this episode. Saya's expression when he heard the bell. Flawless! However, I am ready for Eunseom's arc. I'm ready to see him rise and become great. I'm ready for the love story to flourish.
  9. In the American version Kirkman's wife had already died. The person involved was not a secretary but more of a consultant. But there was only friendship. He was still mourning his wife. The K-version is only following the bases of the American drama. The biggest difference came at the beginning. Kirkman knew he was a designated survivor. Their daughter was not injured nor at the scene. The staff was shell shocked but did not try to take power or make him a puppet right from the start. I love Ji Jin-hee! I hope this drama becomes a hit for him. And even though I point out the things I don't like in each episode, I am enjoying the drama.
  10. OMG! I love Dongjoo!!! It was such a satisfying scene. All i can say is Song ah finally knows what a real man is like. Lol
  11. In the American version there was no romance for the President other than his wife. There was a hint of something but it was always his wife.
  12. After watching ep 32, let me say that shady mom is batsh!t crazy! Who reacts so violently when someone cares for your kid? I loved Song ah telling aunt that she will call police if she hit her again. Finally a writer that recognizes that a slap is battery! I think Eunji will cause Eunsuk fashion show to fail with a horrible incident befalling on Eunsuk. I'm ready for Dongjoo to manhandle Youngman tomorrow. Youngman does not know what a real man is like. Lol
  13. Ok. Episode 2 was a bit better for PMJ. I still don't like the opposition seeing his weakness (shaky leg). I really need some of the staff to be there for him and not try and take authority over him. They need to come together ... make great speeches... get more than 60 days...PMJ needs an Aaron, Emily and Seth. It looks like he has a great bodyguard already though (cute too). The whole NK issue was a little nerve wracking as it moved in slow motion. But I like how PMJ's environmental knowledge was used and how Nam wook's NK ties came in. And where did the trashy looking US commander come from? US soldiers, especially commanders, are not allowed to look so unkempt. My goodness it truly disturbed me. The US is made out to be the big bad wolf. I thought our relationship with SK was good. Of course 45 may have made it bad. Smh. I hope ep 3 will show PMJ at the siteand reunited with his family at the Blue House. That should be moving as it was in the US version.
  14. Okay, I am really tired of people getting slapped. I promise you, if you lay a hand on me, I'm going all in. Tomorrow's episode showed the aunt slapping Song Ah. I hope Dong Joo finds out. I want DJ to go off on the aunt and let her know not to ever put her hands on Song Ah or Kyung In ever again! Who does that? I understand having conflict but dog gonnit physical abuse at the hand of a stranger is a no no. Jenny gets on my nerves. She is too naive. I hope the writer's find a way to make Jenny smarter and soon. Eun Soek should find another girl (scratch that, he needs a woman). Jenny and Young Man seems like a match made in heaven. Dumb and dumber.
  15. Ok. First off, i am an American. I have watched our version of the show so I was very excited about the Korean version. Especially since Ji Jin-hee is in it. I'm still excited but why make lead clueless (my perception). I get being confused and thrown for a loop in the rush of everything, but why martial law without thinking? Just signing. No formal swearing in? They made him a puppet right off. In American version, Tom Kirkman wanted an explanation, he didn't just sign anything without thought. I hope Ji Jin-hee' character is stronger in second episode and not lead by the nose. Sorry...using phone and not good at it.
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