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  1. For a brief moment in today's episode YSY looked like Iljimae. Too bad he didn't keep the look because he was so handsome with that look. Okay, any look is good. But I liked the shoulder length hair.
  2. Based on the relationship chart on the first page, are they really going to pair Taealha and Eunseom? It seems too far fetched as she would be at least 15 years older than him. She is also to much of a schemer as she is playing both father and son. And who is going to play Eunseom's brother?
  3. Right, I remember that trailer, but they do not get divorced. ML asked him to reconsider because there was no turning back if they separated. They do not separate, so why refer to a divorce that is not going to happen?
  4. Silent lurker here again: Why are you guys talking about ML is no longer Gu's wife? Are you talking about the stepmom? I didn't think ML and GTY did an amiable separation. Please clarify, because I am so confused.
  5. Silent lurker here I must say, I am loving this drama! I love the bonding that is being shown between ML and RL. The love between GMa and ML and especially the tenderness between GTY and ML. Loving every moment. I was grinning like a Cheshire cat watching the preview when ML was dozing off. LOL!!! That's they way a honeymoon is supposed to be!! GOOD FOR YOU GTY!!!
  6. If nothing else, DR looked beautiful and Mr. Kang looked proud! It was a beautiful moment and the song made it even more touching. I really hope this drama does not take a turn for the worst. I really like Mr. Kang. I don't want to see the anguish that DR will have once she finds out who Mr. Kang is.
  7. You are correct...Ling Fei's "rise-to-power" was interesting. I just hated how she treated Ling Yunche the most. She wanted her cake (Ling Yunche, because he was sweet) and ice cream (Emperor, because he is sooooo cold). There is a drama called the Story of Yanxi Palace that ran at the same time as Ruyi that is about Ling Fei. I have not watched it yet because I can't find an English sub to it. Zhen Huan's story was great! And I didn't come to hate the player the Emperor was. Chen Jianbin did a great job in getting me to like the player!! He was a smooth talker. Wallace Huo did a superb job of getting me from liking his character to just hating his character. I hated that he treated Ruyi!! Especially since he claimed to love her. I did appreciate how the story went from Zhen Huan disliking Ruyi to defending Ruyi. Zhen Huan at least had respect for her in the end.
  8. As I previously said, this drama should be about the abuse of Ruyi. Till the very end, she suffered. Qianlong did not. Ling Fei did not (at least not enough). This drama should have been about Ling Fei entirely because she ruled this drama. She lied, cheated, tortured, and killed to get what she wanted. That being said, this was a great drama. It is a testament to the actors and actresses of this drama. I hated the Qianlong. She told him she didn't want to be in the palace....but nooooo, just like we do, we go with the man we love. Even though I did not agree with the way Ruyi handled the matter of Ling Fei, she was true to who she was. She loved Qianlong's richard simmons. And so, the suffering. Hailan, I loved her because she was Ruyi's true friend. I didn't like the fact that she betrayed her in a sense. But she was a good friend. In the end, I enjoyed the entire drama. Will watch again sometime later. Zhou Xun was a perfect Empress!!! I hope to see her again as an Empress or Dowager!!! Long Live the Empress!
  9. I cried extremely hard watching the last episode!! Fabulous acting!! Great historical drama!!! I Googled Korean history like crazy watching this. To my sister's boyfriend (in her mind), Lee Byung Hun, I have a new respect for your acting. Kim Tae Ri gets all of the awards!!!!
  10. FINALLY!!!!! After 48 episodes, Ruyi gets 1 day of happiness with the man she loves!!!! I really hate that we are now on the end stretch of Ruyi, especially knowing how she historically ends. Zhou Xun was extraordinarily beautiful in this drama. She has been the best and most beautiful empress I have seen in any of the Chinese historical dramas. She portrayed the very personification of a regal, graceful, merciful and kind empress. I really hope to see Zhou Xun play a empress again!!! Wallace...please do not play another richard simmons again. I prefer to swoon over your characters!
  11. I have not commented on any shows since 2016. That being said...I had enjoyed Ruyi but I think the title should be changed to "The Abuse of Ruyi." If the historical Ruyi went through anything like this for this lousy emperor (he is considered great in history but in this drama, I do not like him), he must have been some kind of man. I love Wallace Huo as an actor but in this drama I dislike him so much. The emperor is a horrible lover. He claimed he would love Ruyi, protect her, and be together forever, but throughout this drama, he has not done any of those things. But as they say "It's good to be King/Emperor". The emperor has not kept her from any of the abuses she has had to endure. She went through all of them and then he came to the rescue... We heck... she doesn't need him after she has been abused, she needed him before. If he knew all the things he claims to know, then Ruyi and Suoxin would not have gone through all of the abuses they suffered. I don't know what kind of man the historical Qinglong was but he must have had a golden banana!!! To know that these women fought to be next to him is crazy!!! I can't even consider my man being with another woman much less hundreds (and I know about IT!!!!). This chick that kicked Ling Yunche to the curb... Ruthless!!!!! That's all I can say now, I'm sleepy!
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