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  1. What happened to the list of dramas and when they were coming out?
  2. I have been sporadically watching this drama and I am so done with it. Why did they have the adopted father fall in love with the kid he raised?!!!! Why didn't he age? RickRoll'D!!! What is the point of the side characters? What's the point in having the 4 kids grow up together and not end up together? Okay, finally, what was the point of this drama?!!! It made NO SENSE!
  3. Today's episode was by far the best of the series!!!! I loved everything about it, it made me laugh at the right time, cry at the right time, and anxious at the right time. The beginning of the episode had it sweet moments that just made the cliffhanger even better!!!!!!! The comedic timing was great today with all of the silliness! The cliffhanger was doggone near perfect!!! Loved It!!!!
  4. Palace of Devotion should be named "How the Emperor Got His Groove On". Ji'er and Liu E were mistreated from the beginning and I see no way forward for Liu E. I mean ...come on...the first Emperor is DEAD!!!!!
  5. I have been a silent lurker on this thread throughout this drama but I have to say my piece now. Why are SY and LY so doggone forgiving? I have fast forwarded to the last episode released (EP 42) and I don't get it.
  6. The first episode of Vicenzo was cringeworthy. I liked the beginning of the episode and I liked the end of the episode, but all of the middle they could have kept out of the drama. The comedic timing was off and wasn't funny. I like Song Joong Ki. He is very charismatic. Looks great naked and suited. But the rest of the cast of characters (other than the Father that's a lawyer, and the mother), I don't care for. I hope episode 2 is better. Song Joong Ki deserves a good drama.
  7. You are right, Minglan had a lot of different stories. But it was enjoyable. I felt the same way about Legend of Xiao Chuo. As long as the characters are not silly and have a good plot, I will watch even if there is no romance.
  8. Does that mean we won't be getting the raw eps for 51-55 or so? I heard they were not going to release 10 eps this week but would be releasing some. I now that the Chinese New Year is Friday. Either way, thank you for the information. Besides Nirvana in Fire, Princess Weiyoung, the Legend of Fuyao, Ruyi Royal Love, I have enjoyed this drama. I hope we have another Chinese drama that's not silly released soon. If anyone has a suggestion, let me know.
  9. Is there a link out there for episodes 51 - 68? I am so anxious and excited about the next few episode! Like everyone else, I do not want XQ to be dead to WX for long. I hope Su'er will be able to assist. As for Huiein, I hope it is not true that he will betray XQ. XQ has done so much for him. It will really hurt both XQ and WX. I really wanted both Hu siblings to survive but it was admirable the way the brother gave up his life for XQ. I hope the the sister gets some type of revenge on everybody with XQ. As for WX having kids, why not just
  10. From the preview? Where? Please email me the site. I have been looking for one. It may not be avail in the US though.
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