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  1. Okay, I know everybody wants the evil Choi family to be punished but I think its crazy to involve the kid. The kid is innocent in all of this. ED is using him the same way that CJH would use him. She is no better. Eventually, the kid is going to want to know more about his family. If they all live under the same roof, how are they going to prevent the kid from seeing his grandparents? I think something is going to happen and the kid will need some blood/kidney/liver/arm and ED is going to have to beg the Choi family for help. I find SJ and HJH useless. The Screaming Witches now understand how it feels to mistreat people! TI and his parents should just say the hell with everybody and go on with their lives. I hope they introduce a new character to be TI's love interest. I'm through with ED. Sorry.
  2. First off, I am watching this drama for Park Shi Hoo. I like him. But this drama has some bad writers! They keep forgetting some of the stuff they had put out. I am on episode 5 and that was my last straw! The writers made the FL a fighter so....why is it the she can flip the ML but not be able to get the guy off of her that was choking her. That makes NO sense. I hope they get it together because PSH deserves better. He is really great in historicals.
  3. Okay, I have watched 12 episodes and I must say I am enjoying it. However, the FL is driving me nuts! She exposed herself too early. Now LY has ammunition against her. What I want exposed is that Yi Kang is the prince regent. Li Ge is giving all the praise to the little brother. I really need it to come out! Lu Yuan is evil, and so is the sister. I hope he takes the sister and marry her crazy behind and let her see directly what a truly evil guy he is. Let's hope the big reveal is done soon because I don't know how much more I can take with Li Ge's hatred of Yi Kang!
  4. Are there any sites that are subbing this drama? Please, need English... I only understand a little without same.
  5. Can anyone tell me who the song is by at the end of ep 50? Is it Zion-T? It may be the other guy I'm thinking about but for the love of me I can't remember his name.
  6. Okay...I have been binging this drama and it is depressing as H.E. double hockey sticks!!! I am at episode 10 and I have been sad the whole time. They both look sad, nothing happy about them. He is in a loveless marriage, and she left a loveless marriage. Even if they like each other, it's still depressing. All the music, the flashbacks, I can't seem to feel for them. Sorry.
  7. I did not like the ending (don't beat me up)! I really wanted her to become Queen, especially after his declaration to his guards! I mean, I'm glad Luna got a better life but dang it, couldn't they have transplanted her somewhere else? Anyway, until we meet again, take care!
  8. I am getting so frustrated with Chong Xue Zhi! She is so hard on Tou. I know he hasn't revealed the big secret of him being abused by his father's wife and the Sword people ... but dang! He has chosen her over and over again, he has been with her and not with the crazy chick, he is willing to die for her, and yet, she hears something from his past and BAM! its over! Mu Yuan is a coward for not mentioning to Xue Zhi how good Tou has been to her and the Sect (unless I missed it). Why, why, why! Unless Mu Yuan is going bad..... How many more time is Tou going to be hurt or dead because of her lack of trust in him. By the way, I like this drama.
  9. I really hope HJH and TI will join hands and destroy the Choi family. I like the thought of TI being the big brother to HJH. Although there will be conflict between the two because of ED, I hope it works out well. HJH does act like a 10 year old at times with his tantrums but hopefully they will have him grow up soon. ED drives me nuts! She is so stiff. TI & HJH's mom drives me crazy as well! However, she does have the scared cat/shaking thing down. I would put my mom on meds if she was always like that! I think the box TI gives back to SJ is the ring that she bought for him to give to herself. LOL!!! But who knows, this drama is crazy!
  10. I too am curious as to what the Prince was writing! Hopefully we will get an answer from our super duper smart Soompiers!
  11. I wish I knew how to snip a scene. I loved how sexy LMH looked in ep 11. The looks he was giving were outstanding! And that black dress coat was mighty fine looking on him! My favorite line of the drama today was "Protect her! She is the future queen of the Kingdom of Corea."
  12. Okay, this is not the best made drama, I will give everyone that comment. The rape scene did not affect me as much as it has bothered a lot of you (don't rake me over the coals because of my opinion). What is bothering me is the casting...why cast Kenny Kwan as the the androgynous Duan Yuerong, that should have been Yu Xiao Tong (Feibin). YXT looks more feminine than Kenny Kwan. Feibin's eyes, body language and the like are just so feminine. The casts' acting is not bad but the directing is. The story is too convoluted. Hopefully the story will get better. It is a drama worth watching during the boredom of this pandemic. You just have to jump over the hurtles. Wishing everyone health and safety!
  13. I know you guys have mentioned it before but really... who came up with these ugly clothes?! All of the big jackets/coats, flat shoes, ugly hair. The costume director must be 100 years old!!!! The old women in this drama dress better than the young ones. Ugh!!!!!
  14. I love my historical C-Dramas but this drama has been miserable the whole time. Everyone is miserable (well except the Emperor and Zhang). The Empress was only happy when she was just a citizen. She has not had any happy days on this drama after she became empress. The Princess was mostly happy until she figured out what it is to be a woman. I love kingdom/dynasty dramas but this has been one miserable watch!
  15. Soooo... were the two unbreakable swords switched? ES personality is more like the little boy in the beginning of the show.
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