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  1. +2 This song will always makes me remember how my 1st boyfriend fell. Into the fishing net hua ha ha ha ha.. well it was not my intention. I was 17 and He was so jerk. LOL. He lied to me told me that he wanted to study with me. He brought his exercise book and came to my grandma house for the 1st time. I thought it would be a kind of study together. When actually he already answered all the exercises in his book. And so I was. I thought I would be the one who teach him. Well actually he is a smart guy. And I get bored so I played kabhi kushi kabhi gham soundtracks in the dvd player in my grandma living room. then when he started to said that he came to said that there were 2 friends of him who asked him to tell me that they like me, I started to sang in front of his face “hu.. huu.. you are my sonia.. huu huu.. you are my soniya..” WKWKWKWKWK and he stopped talking and forgot what he was wanting to talk. Perhaps he was thinking ‘for the 1st time in my life I met a crazy girl who suddenly singing when I want to talk.’ Hua ha ha ha ha ha.. to be honest I didn’t like him at that time. I found him a kind of boring type. With glasses and serious look and always want to study. Actually I just want him to stop talking about that topic. Love topic or liking topic. I was not in that mood. So whenever he started to talk again, I sing “huuu.. huuu.. you are my soniya.. huu.. huu.. you are my soniya..” HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
  2. + 2 I love the directing of kabhi kishi kabhi gham. Camera angle, the acting, the soundtracks, storyline, everything was perfect ^_* we must to do that belly dance of kareena kapoor. Hua ha ha ha ha lacca lacca.. sonia hei lacca lacca.. hooo oooo.. wkwkwkwk btw @Lawyerh I even cry at the last part of this MV. I told you bollywood movie is the best when you sad. People will think you cry because of watching this movie. They won’t suspicious if you are actually sad wkwkkwkwwkkw
  3. 686 @Ameera Ali and me must to dance this wkwkwkkwkw Indian women’s bodies always look healthier than kpop body wkwkwkwkkwwk
  4. One of my collections at office ^_*
  5. 662 I Found this accidentally and I think this is one of the best make up tutorial in Vogue youtube. Very natural. She is mixed filipino. And this one is from Tiffany Young. If your skin is very pale like her and you love many based creams on your face then this tutorial is interesting ^_*
  6. Hong Jong Hyun is so HOT :heart:



  7. 660 prettiest daughter in the world ep1 and that lady insisted him to took off his clothes Btw there was his shower scene with naked abs. Hong Jong Hyun abs is at the sexiest level when it is wet. I love Hong Jong Hyun wet abs everything wet + Hong Jong Hyun =...
  8. 656 I watch my prettiest daughter in the world ep 1 only to find my Hong Jong Hyun was teaching ahjumas to swim there.. I want them to paired him with someone pretty like Yoona why is he always handsome I want to take those swimming classes too
  9. I think this drama is good I always happy watching this from ep 1 - 16. I never skipped some scenes in TYH (if watch tragedy drama or horror drama usually I will skipped many scenes)
  10. 634 I will go gossiping on the thread then xuxuxuxuxu...
  11. 618 morning.. btw because it’s very cold in here, and I am still sleepy, I’ve decided to give my self my Monday present I will continue my sleep and will go to work tomorrow. Hua ha ha ha ha ha
  12. 580 I feel so empty after TYH kdrama.. when will they spoil us again with dramas like: DOTS, or Goblin, or W, or anything like that I want a drama that will make me crazily religiously, watching it even without subs, and I will spend my nights lurking in soompi waiting for any spoiler, joined the thread, LOL aishhh.. kdrama land is missing something now.. I just don’t know what is it. I miss the year when they make me can’t take a break between one show to another show.
  13. 564 malam kian kelaaaammmmmm ( night’s getting dark) berjalan ke ujung hariiiiiiii (it goes to the end of the day) ku masih di siniiiiiiiiii (I am still here) di remang bayangmu kasihhhhhh ( in your shadow, my love)
  14. 544 happy sunday and the start of a new week ^_* Btw chingus I am so satisfied with TYH ending eps xixixixi it’s been a long time since I’ve watch a very sweet romantic comedy kdrama like this. I am so happy. I will now rewatching again from ep 1
  15. +2 do you like that ‘my love is stuck’? hua ha ha ha ha ha ha sungguh teganya teganya teganyaaa btw at first I curious what makes this song hits #1 in itunes. Hmmhh now I understand. It’s because that big name of Melly Goeslaw. Wkwkwkwk The taste is different. Classy lyrics. Too deep She said at first this song is for Sultan Agung movie OST but they avoid It. Then Melly said she kept it for herself. She was want to sing it alone. But then at December 2018, incess asked her a ballad song. She gave this to inces and inces already want it. It’s incess destiny to sing this song. Actually I don’t find this song is fit incess manjah2 voice. It’s too grand to be sing in manjah2 voice hahahaha But it’s okeylah. Wkwkwkwkwk @Ameera Ali hi love.. how are you?
  16. +2 @Lawyerh I just listening inces song seriously. Hahaha btw oh Gosh Melly Goeslaw is a talented song writer. Her lyrics flutter my heart
  17. Restu - Syahrini This song is too grand, the lyrics, the music. But can not reach the climax yet with Syahrini’s voice. I feel like something less. This is a ballad. I feel she can not bring out the best emotions from this song. Well this is just my POV
  18. 988 working for government makes me understand people and their work ethics. 1. There are people who are lazy since they were born, perhaps, and not creative and can not think faster and always wait for instruction. 2. There are people who are too much creative and can not be commanded and too ego and can not be in team work. 3. There are a kind of people with #1 and #2 combinations 4. There are a kind of people like me, a shining star, and like cenching said, we were born fabulous HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA when we were not there, those people living under the shadow WKWKWKKWWKWKKWWKWK for people #1 I feel so hopeless. Really. They want good salary but they are less discipline. So speechless.. #2 I feel like I want to leave them. Wkwkwkwk.. I don’t want to work with people who can not control their ego. Working with them only bring tensions. #3 I don’t want to live with them under the same roof. #4 come in here with me please huuuu uuuuu uuuuu I need company what makes me more disapointed is.. I paid them more. People who are helping me. With a hope, in the beginning that they won’t disappointing me. Since I only lay on my bed, I never took my apa sih kalo honor2. I give it to people who I think will help me because my boss already told me that these people will help. So I give my honor/payment since January to March to them. Not only that. Sometimes my bosses give me more allowance LoL But in these 3 months I gave it to these people. I always think that good bonus will bring spirit to them LOL but yeah this is really disappointing. My heart hurts. If I have known this I would rather to save all of that and bought a new bangle HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA huuuu uuuu uuuu uuu I am not counting what I give. I always happy to share because I believe things like If you share more than you will get more but yeah in this situation I feel so disappointed I can not even write this on facebook or IG. Hiks
  19. I GOT A BOY it’a boy boy boy boy boy sya la la la la la la
  20. No. Pervert is pervert. I was wearing my skirt and it was not short. But still they can find a way to captured my underwear with handphone when I was at the ATM at the gas station. I screamed to him and he run away. My question is just perhaps this is not the right thread but I found that all perverts are guys with ugly faces. Perhaps in reality people ignoring them and they become perverts. I have never found handsome guy become a pervert. Usually handsome guy only become a gey. Well perhaps they bored with us women with ordinary tools and faces.
  21. 984 @Lawyerh it’s a stressful week at work. When you hope that others will do their parts 200% and they just did 20% and make you, mau tidak mau, put lipstick and sunglasses and stood, and handle it by yourself. Alone. Again. I so want to cook them and put then into my soup ~_~ am I sounds like a vampire? well yeah it’s usually happened in Indo. That was why my friends want to move to Kuala Lumpur hahahaHAHAHAHAHAH. And I .. I don’t know.. Perhaps I need a good hair treatment btw why do you always get me when I am on my gossiping mode? WKWKWKKWKW I just watched some videos on youtube about incess new hits. It’s #1 in itunes just in 1 hour and Melly Goeslaw really happy with it. She said it’s #1 everywhere. Hahaha.. incess power. Also I just want to check luna dahsyat award video wkkwkw ARGHHHHHH because all those ignorant and lazy people I didn’t watch TYH 15-16 yet and I didn’t feed my chickens, cows, lambs, goats, and pigs in Hay Day since yesterday oh how I LOVE and MISS this thread. Soompi is the best @Ameera Ali I love bald ahjussi WKWKWKWKWKWKWWKWKWKWWW *run away ah.. #gemesin
  22. +2 @Ameera Ali I just know that your type is a arab guy.. do you like a hairy guy? (Hairy chest, beard, mustache.. etc)
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