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  1. 516 anyone watch Australian Open 2019? Novak Djokovic wins men’s single title HOHOHOHOHO.. my boyfriend a bit sad because he defeats my 2nd husband, rafa I am so satisfied and stop watch tennis too intense since 2011. It will be my husband or my boyfriend who will win men’s single title in grandslams wkwkwkkw ^_* so I move on to kdrama LOL talking about abs.. I admire his abs since 2008 HAHAHAHAHA @supergal99 Come here baby.. If I’m to having a baby boy, I would name and babtized him as Rafael or Raphael ^_* .. Rafael is the name of an angel. A healer angel. And it’s the name of rafael nadal
  2. +2 @sushilicious must there be a secret meeeeee I’m forced to hideeeeeee I won’t pretend that I’mmmmmmm someone else for all timeeeeeee
  3. +2 whoooooo is that girl I seeee? starring straight back at meeeeee when will my reflection showwwwww who I am insideeeeee?
  4. +2 water dragon he just doesn't know how to love because he grew up without receiving enough love. while Xu Feng knows how to love because he grew up with so many admirers around him. and so is Jin Mi ... if they taught him how to love, water dragon won't be like that to his brother and the woman he loves .. so pity of him " ..if I can teach people to be grateful, we can have an amazing world where negativity cannot grow and prosper, and children will have smiles on their faces." ~ Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018
  5. so fed up to people around
  6. So angry right now that I could eat people alive. These ignorant people why they just dare to talk behind me? I so want they talk in front of me so I can talk back to them. ARGHHHHHHHHHHH forget it I am Sejabin. I won't low down my level like them. richard simmons!!
  7. +2 @sushilicious thanks!! I am off to continue watch my secret romance ^_*
  8. +2 I’m a cute girl btw I quiet because of my ulcer.
  9. Must be healed! Soon. Fighting me!! Ok now I need to sleep.
  10. 526 just finished shower.. but in my case warm shower ^_* I will continue my secret romance kdrama ep2 now xixixixi.. @Dhakra have you watched this drama? Btw I like it. The lead girl is very cute right? Her cheeks are chubby
  11. Just start to watch My Secret Romance kdrama.. still at ep 2 ^_*

  12. 526 @Dhakra HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA why weird? He is my uncle. He is like my papa. Plus I grew up with him hahahahha.. it was just 1 sec cups!! why are you angry? Hahahahha wkwkwkwkwkkw okey let us change topic WKWKWKWKWKWK @Dhakra this his latest pict for you to imagine better hahahahah. He stands next to my mom the one in black t shirt. He is 49 but still handsome ^_*
  13. +2 @Dhakra it’s just an habbit. Those Indonesian nurses can still touch abnoch’s like that wkwkkwwkwk an habbit like when I graduate from university my uncle kiss me on my lips. Just like he press his lips on mine. Like cups! Wkwkkww No sexual intention. Just because that is his habbit to me since I was a kid until now because I am very close to him
  14. 522 I will only touch a man’s hand if that man is close to me personally. But if I am a nurse I will just do it because of my profession. I am a traditional woman @bairama oh so happy to know that. Take care you both
  15. 518 @bairama agree.. ihhh.. how come they can touch a man’s body/hand with intention like that? And talk about it openly? Really nasty and feel so unappropriate.
  16. My problem now is fighting with this hurting ulcer. Can’t sleep well because it is really hurt I do everything I can to make it better but seems it needs a lot of work from me. First time I experiencing this in my whole 34 yo life. Be patience Sejabin.
  17. England Japan South Korea Italy Vatikan Venice
  18. 518 @bairama sounds nasty. Those nurses wkwkwkwk.. *rolling eyes
  19. 502 avocado juice is really good for calming our ulcers.. I recommend this for gastritis. The effect really strong than antacid
  20. Eating biscuit. To satisfy my ulcer.
  21. I want my ulcer heals 100% I promise I will never touch those merica huuuuuu uuuuuu I didn’t even know that they put merica. My tounge can’t taste it huuuuuu uuuuuuu
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