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  1. hahaha.. yeah we all are kdrama lovers in here. even my guy friends lol. so one of my friend who is a guy is watching Secretary Kim now because he is a big fan PMY. and he asked us to watch together with him and we all said NO. NO NO NO.. that guy is not handsome enough for us HAHAHAHAHAHA +2 in here no body healed. HAHAHA. specialy if it is Hyun Bin or Kim Jae Wook or like we all are waiting for Lee Minho in here hahahaha lol. nobody wants to be healed. everybody into kdrama except our old bosses lol. they are old and yeah. .. they do not know what is kdrama lol
  2. +2 hahaha. so I watch Crash Landing On You and.. office gossip today: ME: uhhh Hyun Bin's gaze makes me weak !! Dinni: I am already so very weak Ira: Hyun Bin or Kim Jae Wook? ME: Kim Jae Wook donggg.. Kim Jae wook sexy from his head to his toe HAHAHAHA. his gestures the way he touches the way he talks he is sexy in everything Ira: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. Almost true. Used to be but now too lazy to thinking too much. I will choose to sleep or go out to watch movie hahahaha next person is wanting to do shopping online
  4. Mmmm no. It is relate to the way I raised him she must to be more gentle to me because I raise my son alone. Well yeah I mean I am taking care of my baby alone everyday without a husband. Sometimes she talks too much and I feel like I want to put glue to her mouth I will be busy to go to the birthday party with my baby on sunday xixixixi.. my office mate daughter will held a birthday party on sunday xixixixi so excited wkwkw Right now on bed feeling so full hahahaa and reading soompi ^_*
  5. +2 still at ep 1 Crash Landing.. hahaha ganteng memang ini Hyun Bin. pantas tante2 nenek2 janda2 cewek2 suka WKWKWKWKWK Hyun bin is indeed handsome. the type of grandmas, aunties, widows, girls, anyone type he he he he.. but not my type HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I am not liking too handsome face lol. I would prefer strong face in men but I will continue this drama. it is cute
  6. 666 @Dhakra because you said only want to watch drama that you can learn something from .. or like that.. and you always said in here that one spring night is good, you only want to watch a drama like one spring night and so on and etc.. makes me curious why you prefer one spring night. It is a strange drama. Doctor john seems good than one spring night @Ameera Ali I will start both dramas. Crash landing and doctor john xixixixi hugssssssss
  7. Question: 1. what do you want to learn from affairs drama? 2. Do you have a girlfriend? 3. Are you interested to someone who is already having a boyfriend or something like that since you really love that one spring night ? ^,^ @Ameera Ali I hate their stares to each other in that ost and all my friends who are kdrama watcher in here recommending doctor john to me xixixixixi ^,^ and today internet company staffs came to my office to set our wifi uhuiiiiiii \^o^/ I hope tomorrow I can watching drama online lol. Because if my baby sleeping from 10 AM to 12 AM I have nothing to do. Wkwkwkkwwk I am more like using my brain now to finish problems in my department than using my energy HAHAHAHAA.. my energy is for watching kdrama hua ha ha ha and my baby of course ^_*
  8. arghhhhhh hatiku bergetar2 nonton ost nya dr john. se!!! :weary:

    1. Sejabin


      @thanie do you? hahahahaha 

    2. thanie


      @Sejabin, Yes!


      ... and Translation, P-lease ... :mrgreen:


    3. Sejabin


      my heart is shaking HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA

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  9. @thanieI like Crash landing on you. only half part of ep 1 but I already like it. but internet connection very bad. later I will continue at home so I watch doctor john ost and.... I HATE IT hatiku bergetar2 ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I hate it I hate it I hate it Ihate it.... recommended by my friends in here. I will definitely watch it ahhh my weakness heart
  10. but he is exactly looks like my hubby people said huuuuuu uuuuu uuuuuu he only got my straight shiny black hair. lol after bearing him for 9 months
  11. actualy true.. but as time goes by.. I am not having much time to read or .. nothing interest me now. xixixixi.. next person: is going to eat brownie cakes with chocolate sauce hahahaha I am going to take my brownie ^_* .. forget about diet lol.
  12. no I am having lunch at office. we have catering baby already at home now with my mom xixixi .. he is good. cute baby
  13. @thanie I am trying to catch up crash landing but sometimes yeah you know baby thing.. xixixi btw I will put more efforts for crash landing hahaha +2
  14. @Ameera Ali amiaaaaaaaa chayanggggggg  Happy birthday *hugssssssss :kiss_wink:

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      Thank  you :kiss_wink::kiss_wink:

      love you :heart:

  15. True .. I have 30s xixixixi next person is must to sleep again @thanie I am ok hahaha.. the status is ok too hahahah
  16. 620 @nrllee you know that saying, "you can only hate too much if you love so much" or a kind of like that? what ever... good afternoon. I am very much okay with a lot of energy
  17. I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate hate hate hate you 'till the eternity :heart:

  18. 622 When I look in your eyes Thoughts of love come around Giving meaning to this life Making everything worthwhile
  19. @thanie I love a place like this
  20. yes agree.. that is the utility of big bandwith for office internet hua ha ha ha. Or yeah welll.. sometimes we use it for chatting if we are too lazy to go to other room to talk to our friends. We can chat lol. Actually I want to chat my bosses to if they called me so no need for me to walk to their rooms. It makes me sweat. Chatting is easier +2
  21. boringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

    1. Sejabin


      @Ameera Ali because internet connection at office still bad :kiss_wink: must to wait for some weeks. I want to watch crash landing on you hahaha

    2. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

       How the people can work :joy: , I think without internet I can’t function :joy::mrgreen:



    3. Sejabin


      @Ameera Ali that is! How people can work and function? Hahaha that was why I thought this office will be close soon hahaha :joy:

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  22. hahahaha.. aish... all my bosses know me since the 1st time I work in here that I am a kdrama watcher lol. my screenpict is Hong Jong Hyun pict. well, I am a dedicate worker WKWKWKKWWKWKWKWKWK btw they know about my fangirling plus my office mate dinni alief ocha ira all are kdrama fangirling wkwkwkw what can they do? everyday we only talk about kim jae wook or hyun bin or any kdrama actor and my boss said "so you all do not love Indonesian product? Indonesian guys? you all only talk about Korean actors everyday. we must to love Indonesian products." HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA .. aishhh.. internet contract is in the process so we must to wait a bit more ^_* .. I am thinking of watching kdramas from my handphone at home but if I am with my baby, I will be most of, taking care of him or playing with him because he does not like to be lonely. HAHAHAHAHA. and I suddenly forget all my kdramas @Ameera Ali amia teach her please. xuxuxuxuxu
  23. all girls women in here watch CLOY because of Hyun Bin. lol in here. in my office wkwkwkw. we are trying very hard everyday between this bad connection to be able to watch CLOY hahahaha. finally they will renew our contract with internet provider company the reason why wecome to work everyday is, tobe honest, watching kdramas HAHAHAHAHAha +2
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