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  1. 578 wise man say only fools rush in but I can’t help falling in love with you shall I stay? would it be a sin? if I can’t help falling in love with you
  2. 576 ameera ali = femme fatal.. just get home. Accompanied my mom to her farewel party in school. Junior high school. The students performed some dancing with blackpink song ~_~
  3. @Ameera Ali just woke up and open youtube and watching this This is a bad habbit
  4. Can not sleep again so I am eating my brownies cake and opening soompi
  5. Try to not stress and don’t think about it too much. Hair has their time. There’s time to grow and to fall. Use ginseng hair tonic, and sleep a lot.. eat healthy food too.
  6. 960 sushi.. 20s girls normALly will watch HPL
  7. +2 @Lawyerh oh so agree about EXO charm. I am not sure too! Hahahahaa btw all ladies in here are so in love with Lion gold wkwkkwwkkw @Ameera Ali oh how I wish you can join me and my friends in here every thursday and friday morning after HPL airing the night before we will be hysteric in our room at office. This afternoon when watching ep 8 at the kiss scene I screamed like this in front of my laptop, “ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I HATE THIS I HATE THIS I HATE THIS.” and everybody laughed hahaha or when my friend dinni screamed “I AM WATCHING HPL DON’T DISTURB ME!!” hahahahaha
  8. 952 @Lawyerh jgnkan buku teks.. sedangkn tmnku alief yg beda umurx 15 thn dgn EXO, trgila2 dgn exo btw because of HPL I am so in love right now hahahaha puber again so this is a song for all of my lovely chingus in here @Lawyerh @cenching @USAFarmgirl @Ameera Ali @ktcjdrama @triplem @sushilicious <~~~ I can’t believe she is using that DP again dotonly supergal99 @Lmangla @lynne22 btw must I tag @Dhakra? Seems this is not a kind of his music wkkwkwkw @nohamahamoud2002 and all of my chingus that I probably forget Note: this rendition is too good. Perhaps because it’s david foster on piano or because it’s Andrea Bocelli
  9. 946 cenching is not in the mood for HPL but she can still find some times to watch the kiss scene she is unbelieveable
  10. @Lawyerh I am rewatching the kiss scene again. kenapa laki2 itu begitu sekali kah? I HATE THE KISS SCENE. IT's TOO GOOD!
  11. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am rewatching the kiss scene again I HATE THAT GUY He is too good in this kind of scene ARGHHHHHHHHH @Ameera Ali "do you want me?"
  12. Too sad. No store sells heavenly blush yoghurt in my city after the earthquakes disaster. I want to drink it tp help my digestion (of course I still take my papaya and pudding and fibers but I want to add more fiber) My tongue can not be friendly yet with vegetables these months. Will vomit if eat too much veggies that is why othen than fruits and pudding I want to drink yoghurt too
  13. The Imagination Kiss in HPL is too hot. We will melting if it’s for real :love:

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali



      You're just too good to be true
      I can't take my eyes off you
      You'd be like heaven to touch
      I wanna hold you so much
      At long last love has arrived
      And I thank God I'm alive
      You're just too good to be true
      Can't take my eyes off you

      Lion  Roar :mrgreen::joy:



    2. Sejabin
  14. 902 btw I just realized. It’s exhausting to follow posts in kdrama forum HAHAHAHAHAHA.. it’s been a long time for me *bow down to all sunbaenims in kdrama forum wkkwkwkkw
  15. 896 OHHHH tonight imagination kiss is too HOT Leave me breathless come on tease me kiss me until I can not deny this loving feeling leave me long for your kiss go on go on.. yeah yeah..
  16. Even in the imagination, he is SOOOOO GOOD in kissing O.M.G. I can’t wait For the real kissing @Ameera Ali I am managing my breathing now.. inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale.. .. so breathless!!
  17. 890 wOw @Lawyerh 892 is a lucky number ^_* btw Hyun Bin is my friend dinni #1 oppa she said how can a man can be that handsome (I still think that he is handsome but not #1 psstt wkwkwk) @Ameera Ali oh last night kiss also a hot topic at office today. Even my friends who do not watch this drama know about that kiss. They said park min young kiss full in their IG home wall dinni said KJW is a charismatic ahjussi (she was born 1996) the more you see him the more handsome he will be ~~~> according to dinni. And my friend Ira said, he is a man’s man? A man man? The point is he is too man for Ira. I don’t know how crowd my office will be tomorrow after ep 8 xixixixixi
  18. 846 @sushilicious I think to get best actor/actress award, it's all about the timing and destiny. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. I mean you might be a good actor but to crossed a path with a good script is like a destiny. Sometimes you don't even know what you are good at. Sometimes that role makes you realized like.. OHHH I can acting this way hahaha.. it was like when Kim Soo Hyun got a lead role for The moon That Embracing the Sun. who would think that a new comer actor will acting that way? It's about the perfect timing. In my opinion. also there was a time when you get good script but also you must to compete with other good scripts. it's destiny. HAHAHAHAHA
  19. hu um... btw, I think it's more difficult to make people cry than make people laugh.. like in sageuk. I think in the script it will be only like this ' I hope this will be the last time I will see you in this palace.." <~~~~ to make people cry from a script like this it will be depends to the actor who will said this line. 1. I wll not cry if the actor who said this is LBH WKWKWKWKWK 2. perhaps I will cry if the actor who will said this line is Goong Yoo 3. I will definitely cry if the one who will bring this line is Kim So Hyun. hahahaha he is so good in sageuk. always total acting. love him 4. Nah this is strange. if itq's Kim Nam Gil who will said this line I might be perhaps probably will laugh. KWKWKWKWKWKK yes I agree about popularity award. oh yes. he is. I will move on too with you +2
  20. My mood today: I am so in love after watching ep 7 happy thursday, chingus!! Can’t wait for tonight ep. I want a very very very very HOT kissing scene writer nim director nim.. chebal..
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