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  1. +2 guys.. where To watch this with eng sub? Chebal I only remember this from what I heard HAHAHAHAHAHAH I don’t know the words and I don’t know the meaning LOL cien nien te ni huei wo hu huer ni aha haaaa.. si fu de suei wo te lei wo cing yen he ni huei coi tien hu yen ahaaahaa.. I want to watch this I am a romantic person. Romantic girl will watch chinese period drama and cry when watching @Ameera Ali You almost break my heart like sushi DP. I thought she is in love with a guy in a long flying hair with red lipstick.
  2. +2 @Ameera Ali I hope that kiss is not for my little bro? @Lawyerh I don’t know. Last time I watch him when he sang at sandra dewi’s holy matrimony. He looks old wkkwwkwk @triplem I am the fan of your abs DP btw sushi.. when will the kingdom season 2 aired? Me and my friends dinni and alief can’t wait for it
  3. 610 @Lawyerh I am handsome oppas fan wkwkwkwkwk @Ameera Ali oh you don’t know how he shocked my mom since he was in junior high school. There was a high school girl called him on the telephone and my mom who was hang it. My little bro was 13. He was at the 1st grade in junior high school and that girl was 16 or 17. My mom cen te cente cente shocked and we had sent a bunch of young boys into the police station because my little bro took one of that boy girlfriend to home and he called his gang and they hit my little bro. My mom again really really really shocked. You know his beloved hansome son since that moment my bro become a gangster ~_~ don’t be fooled by his innocent face. Even the police scared to him in here. When he was in the high school, if he rides his motorcycle, it’s very usual to see a group of girls in the bus or taxi screamed to him like this ‘AWWWWWWW REXYYYYYY’ yes his name Rexy but don’t be fooled. Never. He is as scarry as a pregnant mama bear. When he went to the college, if he entered the main gate of our university, it’s very usual to see his crazy juniors screamed to him “REXYYYYY MY LOVEEEE” there was a bunch of girl around here who usually jogging around in front of our house at noon only to see my little bro lifting his barbel. Now you know the reason of his nasty atitude. Why must he doing his barbel exercise at the terrace in front of our house with blackpink music? Now you know ~_~ people called him ‘delon’ in here. I am sure cenching and lawyerh know who is delon ~_~
  4. 596 are you in love with a guy in flying warm brown wig and using red lipstick? You broke my heart. Truly..
  5. How to ignore: try to control oil on your face skin. You can use any product that you feel is fit with your skin type. Avoid too much make up. Try to eat healthy food. Keep your diet. Don’t get much fat they will contribute oily effects on your face. How to remove scars: I only know local product in my country I am sowry. I helped my bro to remove his acne scars when we were young with LT Pro product. I put anti acne night lotion on his face before sleep after washed his face. And we only spent 1 month to fix his face. After more than 10 years since that his acne and the scars never back until now. He is married now. once I helped my bff sister too with this product. She was will get married and her face was full with acne and scars. She followed my advice and it helped her on her big day ^_*
  6. 594 @triplem I watched sex and the city when samantha was confusing to looking for a new apartment. She talked about her place or something like that and at the end she is always at the right place. She said ‘in love’ and the camera shoot her bf in front of their new apartment xixixixixi btw please stop using that kind of DP. Back to the sexy abs and don’t follow sushi DP let her be the only one who use flying hair DP @Lmangla I am trying to xixixixi
  7. 588 it should be in the love? Inside the love? In love? Xixiixixixi what will be the exact words?
  8. +2 A strange conversation from my dining room Mom: *seeing my bro walking, after took a shower and only wearing his towel little bro: why? mom: uhhh my son little bro: why mom? mom: mom not talking. Your ears will fly to the sky little bro: why? Wae? Mom: mom see you are becoming more and more handsome uhhh.. are your ears flying now? Little bro: that’s the fact. I am handsome, mom .... and me inside my bedroom who is listening to the strange conversation out there ~~~~> that is why that boy is never act like a normal human out there blackpink everyday and shaping his body everyday, scrubbing his skin, face mask everyday, and never help me to clean this house ~_~ I am worried..
  9. Yes I think we are. We like jessica jung fashion style too. I love simple color. My favorite dress of soo ae in the mask is when they had lunch near the swim pool. Open shoulder dress. She wore it to show that diamond necklace on her neck. I think it was broken white. Btw why incess can’t be like this? Hahahahaha .. it’s very rare to watch elegant fashion in kdramaland. Usually they will be very creative. @Ameera Ali loves Jun Ji Hyun style as Cheon song Yi in my love from the star. Wkwkwkwwkwk.. she likes those furry coats of Cheon Song Yi. Her favorite actress is that kind of model type. Long skinny legs with boots, red lipstick with furr coat. WKWKWKWKWKWK
  10. Morning I love Soo Ae too. She is a good actress.. too bad can’t watch her often. And I like her fashion style in this drama too
  11. 562 so happy to be able to dance in the kitchen again my poor kitchen she must be miss me so much
  12. 558 @Ameera Ali you make me want to drink a glass of cold chocolate milk I should wait for my little bro to finished his exercise at the terrace. Yes he is there now shaping his hands with barbel while listening to Blackpink and the whole neighbour can hear his soundsystem I am so shy to have this nasty little bro
  13. 554 Hu um just wake up ^_* and thinking what to cook in the kitchen hahaha..
  14. 550 @Ameera Ali .. not sleep yet?
  15. 548, I saw fiery priest scene images in google and I think I will skip many many many scenes if I watch it you guys know I could not watch scarry dramas or horror or full with harsh actions or drama that full with depression scenes like Queen for 7 days. I can only watch the kingdom completely after lmangla adviced me to watch the scary scenes without the sound. I will always remember Lmangla whenever I watch horror or scarry movies/dramas now *hugggsssss I will just wait for PmY new drama. I even dropped the clown king at ep1 after they gave me that turtoring fingers scene. I can accept any harsh scenes like turtoring fingers in historical if the lead guy ia as handsome as kim so hyun in the moon embrace the sun or lee minho in faith. I will just look at their handsome faces and everything scarry will disappear #myhandsomeoppas #thepoweroflove #gemesin #allhandsomeguysareoppas +2
  16. I want to be able to eat and taste goats satay? With fried onions and soya sauce. I am drolling while typing this
  17. Sometimes I wonder I might will get a piggy face because I eat pork EVERYDAY for breakfast lunch and dinner And kentucky fried chicken ...
  18. I just love this new song from my country
  19. 962 Maafkan aku belahan hati (forgive me my love) tak ingin ku khianati (I do not want to betray) kasihku padamu (my love for you) namunku tak kuasa (but I cannot)
  20. 922 for @Lawyerh and @cenching and luna maya maafkan kasih, kau bukan yang ku pilihhhh
  21. Can not sleep again
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