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  1. 698 watching Extraordinary You bts makes my heart in pain huuu uuuuu.. I am so jealous Haru my love I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I should be sleeping now but you made me staying awake I.Hate.You and @supergal99 who is responsible for my fragile heart after watching Extraordinary You shitt
  2. A strong denial means a strong affirmation  :kiss_wink: ~ Extraordinary You kdrama

  3. Baby you don’t know what is like baby you don’t know what is like to love somebody, to love somebody the way I love you
  4. “Even if the world falls apart, and the earth splits up, I will still wait for you :heart: “ ~ Extraordinary You kdrama

  5. 688 it is remind me of the lyrics from a song “and I’m blind.. I am so very blind.. baby you don’t know what is like.. to love somebody.. the way I love you.” Uhuiiuuii suit suittttt.. I sang it for someone before hahahaha lol So.. oh gosh I am so in love with Haru in his ancient costume huuuu uuuuu he reminds me of Lee Minho daejang in Faith kdrama. Oughhh my heart it becomes so weak if watching handsome oppa dag.. dig.. dug *Sejabin, heart weaker mode ON now I understand why must Dan Oh is having heart ill in that drama HARU I HATE YOU SO MUCH
  6. It is hard to sleep again once awake it is better to watch Haru again
  7. 658 heii I always love berondong. But it is difficult for me to down grade my taste from Lee Minho or Kim So Hyun then I ended at ahjussi land with Lee Dong Gun and that papa king since I have no choice wkwkw then Hong Jong Hyun appears but still.. he is not the main lead like LMH or KSH so it is hard to enjoying his face in kdramas LOL.. but thanks God.. Haru has come into my life now wkwkwkwk my motto in watching kdramas: jangan harap sy mw nonton klo lead malenya tdk tampan. No No No wkkwwkwk storyline is 2nd. Yg paling penting ketampanan dulu hahahah
  8. @supergal99 omoni.. I hope this sleepless amoeba does not make you get asthma.. these lately. LOL but even if it’s hard.. try to breathe ok? Inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale.. wkwkwk don’t forget to check your heart rates too wkkwkwkw nb. I will tag you for 11236659 times
  9. 654 who is this actor that playing Haru’s role? seems this is not the 1st time I watch him I love him more than Nok du wkwkwk Nok du face is too girly lol
  10. +2 well it is going nowhere since the beginning. was she hope that a husband will divorce his wife for her? that’s a wishful thinking.. she is a woman. What kind of woman is that? btw 52.000.000 $ us? 520.000.000.000 IDR? I can understand wkkwkwkwwk.. @Ameera Ali my love.. I will continue watching Haru now wkwkkw I am still at ep 9
  11. 630 @Lmangla are you missing me? Xixixix well.. these days.. I am busy to catch up with nokdu tale kdrama, extraordinary you, hope can watch again joseon flower and hope will be able to join vagabond viewers hahaha (I am busy to get more skinnier too. This is a bit frustrating me. I eat less and doing home works more and sweating more ) brb. Will take a nap for a 1-2 hours
  12. My most favorite OST from Extraodinary You kdrama for now
  13. +2 btw I can not think that there is love there even a bit.. A baby each year from 2015-2017.. isn’t it too obviously ambitious? I mean we live in the world with technology. Contraceptions and everything. Tbh I feel like I can bear 6 cesarians and 10 vaginal deliveries ( I feel natural contractions was a kind of a delicious pain that I can bear 10 times than the pain after SC )LOL. But to be pregnant every year and giving birth in 3 years. That sounds.. amazing seems she does not need her motherhood moments. She did not give a rest for her body. Can she taking care her babies while pregnant again and again? ( I know there are babysitter but still as a mother she needs to give attention for some details). How about breastfeeding? Obviously she could not beeastfeeding until 6 months because pregnant again just 1-3 months after giving birth. This seems.. I don’t know perhaps just me but mendy lieu and that guy seems too ego. they do not think about family. How about the wife when she was pregnant they start their affairs on public. When prego we can be too emotional unstable. And to experienced this when pregnant I can’t believe they can do this to that wife. They just add more stress to her. It can bring harm to the mother and the baby. and also their 3 kids. They do not think about their mental to face the world. Perhaps someone can tell them in the future hei you mom cheats with your dad while your dad’s wife was pregnant. Oh gosh IDK how will they teach their kids. This is so unhealthy. In Indonesia unlegitimate child can not have birth certificate because birth certificate can only made if there is marriage certificate. Without birth certificate children can not go to school normally like other kids. Mendy lieu and that guy for me are too ego. They just want to do what they want to do without thinking about the effects to other people around them. And sadly this is to their own family. To the wife and the kids. And that guy still able said “wanting his family to stay together”?? He does not know what family means. I am sorry for being too serious LoL I feel uncomfort. I am not liking of being too serious wkwkwkwk
  14. +2 morning... woke up, opening soompi and @Lawyerh asked to gossiping celebs. She knows what’s best in the morning WKWKWKKWKW I think.. this is just my thought: 1. That’s someone else’s husband and when they start their affairs the wife was pregnant. Mendy lieu obviously.. crazy wkwkwk 2. And with no ashame went on public with that guy 3. And then she did not wear the contraception. And became pregnant and pop a baby. This is so strategic. Wkwkwkkw what for to have a baby with someone else’s husband who is not (if I look again) not handsome. LOL (later will continue. This little man needs his milk now wkwkkwwkkw)
  15. 600 I AM SO IN LOVE TO HARU IN EXTRAORDINARY YOU I feel like there’s butterfly in my stomach whenever I watch Haru thank you omoni @supergal99 for introducing this drama (is this too lame? Whatever. LOL)
  16. HARU MY LOVE :love: SARANGHAE! :heart:

    1. Lawyerh


      I know right oppa giraffee... so tall... my berondong!!! :joy:

  17. I just finished ep 6 and still trying to be able to catch up it’s been a long time since I fell in love to a young male lead in kdrama ( last time only with Hong Jong Hyun in the King Loves and I love him long time before that drama aired lol. Later I thought that Nok du in Nok Du tale will be my next love in kdrama world but I end up fall in love with his father the king HUA HA HA HA HA ) But now I finally found my next young lover . Haru I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Haru and so happy that he will be Dan Oh’s boyfriend. I am so happy for them both btw. The set at that rock mountain at the end of ep 6 is so beautiful. I wish it could be sunset and they kiss there. Please please please writer nim to give me one more scene there. It will be perfect to kiss there with the sunset behind and if the director can take the scene with camera in the air. Oughhhhhh so romantic it is remind me of a place in Denpasar Bali Indonesia. Ok I need to sleep now while I can. Sweetdreams chingus
  18. Oh arasso yo btw for all my chingus. Music jam for this evening (from my place it is evening) xixixix. This is singer. Just look at the vein inside her neck. It is showing us how many years she spend to train her vocal and makes her vein like that I love HYOLIn everything perfect. Hair, clothes, shoes, eyebrows, lipstick, earrings, muscles, voice, PERFECT!! +2
  19. My favorite female vocalist in South Korea
  20. 578 tiap tahun hamil & melahirkan? wOw ^O^ Subur skali ya.. mei 2015 juni 2016 sept 2017 wasn’t she getting tired AMAZIN’ !! Standing applause!! Wkkwkw wkwk kayax nekat bgt tiap tahun hamil n melahirkan spy si cowokx cpt cerai dri istri sah ya. Tpi jurus hamil n melahirkanx nd mempan. Wkkwwk seems she does not really love him. I mean if she does she will not asked for a divorce after 5 years and 3 kids. Seems it was just an ambition. Crazy lady. I need to google her zodiac Salute for the wife. Because with that behaviour she is still being his wife wkwkwk. Added: oh she is a pisces.. pisces guy usually playboy lol and pisces girl can be.. yeah crazy determined wkwkwwkkwkwwwkkwkw
  21. +2 that guy that always help Dan Oh at the beginning eps @Ameera Ali hugssssssss
  22. +2 nah before I forget. That guy name is Seuli oh I like Oh Nam Ju too!! Too many lovers in this series
  23. 556 I am still at ep 4 later will share ok
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