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  1. 554 Hu um just wake up ^_* and thinking what to cook in the kitchen hahaha..
  2. 550 @Ameera Ali .. not sleep yet?
  3. 548, I saw fiery priest scene images in google and I think I will skip many many many scenes if I watch it you guys know I could not watch scarry dramas or horror or full with harsh actions or drama that full with depression scenes like Queen for 7 days. I can only watch the kingdom completely after lmangla adviced me to watch the scary scenes without the sound. I will always remember Lmangla whenever I watch horror or scarry movies/dramas now *hugggsssss I will just wait for PmY new drama. I even dropped the clown king at ep1 after they gave me that turtoring fingers scene. I can accept any harsh scenes like turtoring fingers in historical if the lead guy ia as handsome as kim so hyun in the moon embrace the sun or lee minho in faith. I will just look at their handsome faces and everything scarry will disappear #myhandsomeoppas #thepoweroflove #gemesin #allhandsomeguysareoppas +2
  4. I want to be able to eat and taste goats satay? With fried onions and soya sauce. I am drolling while typing this
  5. Sometimes I wonder I might will get a piggy face because I eat pork EVERYDAY for breakfast lunch and dinner And kentucky fried chicken ...
  6. I just love this new song from my country
  7. 962 Maafkan aku belahan hati (forgive me my love) tak ingin ku khianati (I do not want to betray) kasihku padamu (my love for you) namunku tak kuasa (but I cannot)
  8. 922 for @Lawyerh and @cenching and luna maya maafkan kasih, kau bukan yang ku pilihhhh
  9. Can not sleep again
  10. Actually I am very careful when spending. Yes truly. I can save some from my salary. but I don’t know.. I never count what I get. There are other than salary we got in here. Example if we held a seminar, just by attending that seminar as the active participant, we will get payment. I am collecting these kind of payment. So when I want to buy something like skin care or comics or a christmas gift, I will just take it from these allowances. I rarely touch my salary for these.. stuffs.. Sometimes my bosses give me too from example if they become the speaker in that seminar and get the payment sometimes they give me. I have many bosses many uncles many aunties in here ^_* in one department we can held 77 seminars in a year, and I work for 2 departments so.. But yeah since I rarely go to work since January up to March then I become a poor sejabin now LOL wkwkwkwkwk I just I don’t know chingu.. I think it’s just come. And if I am to having children... mmmm.. let the dad saving for them HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. kidding. If I can be very generous to others of course I will be very loving to my own children ^_* the point is I am very careful when spending. Trust me. I love bags and shoes too and also clothes. But these days if I look to all of those stuffs I think I am having enough. Hahaha.. but yeah I like good stuff. But not too crazy. Oh yes I want to go malling with you ^_* you know I am having a bff if we go to the mall we can spend time there from the time when they open the mall until they closed hahahaha Oh yes I am not extremely beautiful. I just love to look pretty ^_* specially when meet people. +2
  11. +2 @Ameera Ali cuhhhhhhh....
  12. 874 @Dhakra I agree with City Hunter but PMY change very much in Healer. It was the 1st time she fascinated me by her acting. She did a good jod in Healer. Or well perhaps because her character in Healer is as crazy as me in real (specially in the parts where she will sing everywhere) THe Point is PMy is a good actress one of the view actress that can do good acting in historical drama or thriller or romantic comedy. I love PMY oh we both love to laugh too. That is why I really really really love PMY. #gemesin +2
  13. 862 what will she do with the pillow?
  14. 858 @sushilicious mustache will hurt your lips if you kiss a guy with mustache and if you get into a very hot french kiss with a guy with mustache, the whole part of your lips and chin will be red like super gal99 skirt don’t hurting your self okay? @lynne22 I want to watch this too!! why do I always want to watch what you share in here. I am a big fan of the condor heroes trilogy
  15. +2 then.. it must be.. because.. your skin face is already glowing naturally. HORRAYYYYY *hugsssss there are some friends who have this type of skin. like Indah. or Christiana. even if they put example sabun colek ekonomi on their face, they were just born fabulous. WKWKWKWK.. so envy. my little bro is so chinese typical (we are not even chinese) his pale skin, small pores, soft and moist his butt is as white as a wall he is the only one who inherit this from my father. oh my grandma from my papa also have a vey white and moist skin like a wall
  16. +2 hi chingu @mouse007 I only use Sk ii cleaner toner & Facial essence treatment in the morning ^_*. it cost about 1400 $ per 3 months. yeah it's expensive. but I work. sometimes I think if I don't take care of my beauty than what for I work? I work to keep my beauty. WKWKKWKW hahahaha so a year I bought them 4 times. at night I use Laneige Water sleeping mask. but only 3 times a week. other than that, I put garnier sakura face mask at night. I am not using Sk ii day cream again because it's too oily for my skin face. I use Laneige white dew cream for day. @cenching it's glow your face. can't you feel it? the skin became soft and moist too. yeah there are my friends who love to spend money to travel also there are friends who didn't spend money at all. but I don't know I just love to feel pretty. beauty treatment is a religion for me. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I never mind to work like a slave in here from morning to night. and yes I do work like a slave sometimes in here. so buying skin care products is a kind of satisfaction WKKWKWKWKW. I focus in my skin care than in makeup products. my makeup products are more simple. I choose bodyshop products because of their natural ingredients. it's friendly with my sensitive-normal-dry skin and they do not have contradiction effect with my skin care products. if you guys visit makeup store or skin store with me you might will get bored because I will choose very carefully to put something on my body. hahahahaha. I read the ingredients and think about the effects on me. sometimes if I hesitate I will go back to home and read carefully their reviews WKWKKWKWKW..
  17. 6d89bd37ea6096e6234e6df64932a21f.png

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      Kamu sangat manis :wub: 






    2. Sejabin


      Ahahahaha.. where did you find that sentence? :wub: 




      *huggsssssss.. :heart:

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali




      My Boyfriend ... I am joking online darling :wub:

  18. 802 @Ais1ing miss you *hugggssssss
  19. 794 @Ameera Ali ok we will watch it!! btw the lead guy face is look like my late papa. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA seriously!! When he was young. Their cheeks bones look the same. Wkkwkwkwkw but papa eyes were like me xuxuxuxu
  20. Pork. EVERYDAY. Strange apetite but I am adjusting with this. this is me now. Beeakfast: beef + anything Lunch: chicken + anything + pork dinner: pork + anything in my snacking time: bread with chocolate+butter/margarine+cheese and UHT milk sometimes: fruits or pudding and I cannot without ice cubes or cold water now. In the morning, in the middle of night, anytime must be cold water ^_*
  21. Face mask. This is A MUST. Put it every night before sleep. You can use any brand you want.
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