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  1. 874 just finished my dinner. I feel so full (when I think I only eat a little..) @Lawyerh it was triplem who tagged me first. Then ameera ali persuaded me.. and I thought oh okay I will give it a try.. then because I keep laughing since the 1st ep I can not stop now. HAHAHAHAHAHA.. This drama is too crazy LOL btw why do I feel like my stomach will break? Pecah? I seriously only eat in half portion. breakfast: telur ceplok with sauce and soya sauce and fried onions and half portion of rice. My usual portion. I can’t eat more. snack: a slice of bread with margarine and chocolate and cheese lunch: half portion of rice + 1 pc of perkedel jagung + 3 pc of fried tofu + 1 pc of fried fish + 1 portion of veggie soup snack: 1 portion of papaya, kfc french fries large size, mini magnum dinner: half portion of white rice + 1 portion of stir stir carrots, string beans, meatballs and 2 spoon of strawberry pudding I can not sit properly now. I think my ulcer size is too mini Oughhh this is torturing me huuuu uuuuuu I will just watch the fiery priest to consoling my full stomach
  2. 872 @Lawyerh is my translator angel
  3. Only lmangla understand the pain in my heart Hong Jong Hyun is too handsome.. too soft.. too sweet.. to get that mama lady why don’t they offered him a script to joined the pastor in fiery priest if there’s a pastor that as handsome as Hong Jong Hyun, I will be ready to stole him from the church @lynne22 I like the 1993 or 1996 version of the legend of the condor heroes. Athena Chu was starring as Oey Yong.. and Wuge version I forget the year. Oe yong is my favorite character because of her cooking skill xixixixixi. I also like 1996 version of the return of the condor heroes series? I forget the year. Bibi lung was the girl with the lips in an apple shape. For heavenly sword and dragon sabre, Jet Lee movie version is the best for me HAHAHAHAHAH.. in this trilogy The legend of the condor heroes is my most favorite of all time. chinese classic dramas are the best.. have you watch the proud twins? WKWKKWWKKWWK I collected the comic versions too LOL. That was the 1st time I idoling Nicholas Tse (he is a virgo guy) oughhhhh.. he is too perfect to be a hero in wuxia xixixixixi.. I was so dissapointed when he married cecilia chung. But when they divorced somehow I feel relieve LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. I never feel they are suitable. Cecilia is too glamour for him. @Lawyerh I can hold to be a nun. Since it was my dream goal when I was a teenager. But I am not sure with ameera WKKWKWKWKWWKWKWKWKKWKWWK she will shakes the nunnery LOL +2
  4. +2 @Ameera Ali not that kind of love you know all we have in here are conservative pastors hua ha ha ha ha ha (please forgive me Lord) we need one kind of a pastor like him xuxuxuxuxu.. btw is he already a pastor? He is too young.. to surrender himself.. to be innocent.. to serve one man.. he needs.. to.. taste the world.. a bit ^_* oh gosh why suddenly I miss the naughty girl super gal99
  5. All I ask..



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      @Ameera Ali love you :kiss_wink:

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  6. Dating your boyfriend? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  7. I just love to listen to this today
  8. 858 just get home. Lying on the bed for 1 hour while eating my mini magnum (I eat mini magnum almost everyday now oh gosh ) then I will go to the kitchen to prepare my dinner xixixixixi I am only having meatball, carrots, buncis hahaaha apa sih englishx buncis in the refrigerator What will I cook? Jeng jeng jeng.. oseng2 aja kayax. Taruh maizena just a few.. hmmhh.. Bolehlah.. nobody eat at home. I will just cook for myself, plus papaya and apple juice and pudding. I will eat while watching the fiery priest .. sya la la la la la @Ameera Ali *HUGGSSSSSSS I like FP hahahaha I laugh most of the time and never skipped the scene xixixixi.. LOL my favorite scene is when he screamed in the middle of the mass HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I want him to serves at our church in here LOL wkkwwkwwkkw
  9. +2 @lynne22 siiipppp.. a must to watch!! mau di daur ulang 1000 x ttp condor heroes trilogy are the best it is very rare ya to find this kind of story. I am so bored at office huuuu uuuuuu uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  10. Hong jong hyun my love :dissapointed_relieved:

  11. +2 I can’t believe Hong Jong Hyun’s new drama is having high ratings with that mama.. I dropped it at ep 1.. I hate to watch his smile with that mama.. he breaks my heart
  12. +2 I remember I watch The King Loves because I was so very depressed LOL but yeah the timing was perfect. It was Hong Jong Hyun and Yoona and Sageuk and Song Jina.. and my stressed leads me to soompi WKWKWKWKWWKEKEKWK thank you soompi for accompanying me during the very dark moment in my life HAHAHAHAHAHAH I didn’t have many choice. I live with my grandma and my aunties at that time. whenever I want to watch TV they were there watching those kdramas. So I joined them ^_* .. my aunties were too crazy with winter sonata and stairways to heaven. That was the first time I watch Kim Tae Hee. Very pretty lady. But my uncle likes Song Hye Kyo. He said SHK face is like putih telur. Mulus skali hahahaha.. My 1st oppa in this kdramaland too handsome.. too manly.. saranghae
  13. 798 @Lawyerh she loves RM from BTS. Hmmhh.. it’s okay. Only Alief and Dinni (my office mates) are crazy with BTS.. they are too young. But I think she will joined kdrama gang soon. Usually the broken hearted ladies will watch kdramas and somehow addicted to kdrama and joined soompi.. my 1st kdrama was autumn tale/endless love. I watch first at 2002.. then I watch Jang Dong Gun drama I forget the title. I watch winter sonata too and stairway to heaven? And so on and so on until now.. and I realized classic kdramas are the best
  14. 790 @Lawyerh @cenching luna maya is in korea watching oppa I hope she will not joined soompi soon. Competition for oppas is getting harder now we don’t want Austrian Beauty in this competition
  15. 760 @Ameera Ali cooking now for dinner. In the kitchen ^_* after this will take a shower then eat sya la la la la la then watching fiery priest
  16. 742 I will finished this stuff first. DRPP (Daftar Rincian Permintaan Pembayaran) ~~~> the list for the payment request details? I googled this hahahahahaha I will finished this thing first then continue to watch fiery priest. or back home and sleep HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAA .. we must to be efective. not only eficient. right? if nothing we can do anymore then it is better to go home and sleep. LOL the important thing is they (the bosses) will have their cashes when they back next week. before the earthquakes and tsunami, I will be like this.. but now we have no mall which is mean I will go home and sleep. sya la la la la la
  17. 738 I am so happy because all bosses are in business trip this week HUHUHUHUHU... cuahe!!
  18. 720 AISHHHH I am so angry with the security of the cathedral in this drama aishh chincaaa in here cathedral is guarded by military 24 hours a day so that kind of jerk can not get close. Aishhhh.. and nobody dare to act like that in front of the head pastor. He will be dead aishhhhh And why that nun eat together in the same table with the pastor? The nuns always eat inside their nunnery and the pastors eat together in the monastery. Ughhhh gemesin btw I am agree with the nun about his anger is in the madness level.. like someone.. WKWKWKWKWKWKWWKKWWKWKKWKWWKKWWKKWKKKWKWKKWKWKWKKWWKKWKWWKKWWKWKWKWWK *run for a moment.. wkwkwk
  19. I never wear shorts under my skirts. Too hot. It makes me sweat. I never wear things that I don’t like. .. when I was a college student I was always wearing bra in brightens colors under my white clothes. My favorite to paired with white blouse is black bra. It is art. Wearing dress or clothes for me is art. It’s fashion. Not to satisfied anyone or invite perverts but for my own satisfaction. Though I must confessed I grew up in the city where people will see negative if people too creative in their fashion. But whatever. If I went to my music recitals I was sometimes wear backless clothes without bra ^_* I still have many backless tank top until today ^_* .. did I dare to wear it? Yes I did and I still dare if the situation is fit with my art in fashion xuxuxuxu..
  20. +2 her lips is very sensual.. like it’s inviting you to touch it. Hmmhhhh Yes she is very pretty. I think in the 2007 miss universe she was the prettiest amongst the contestants. She was the only one who made the guy judge said “good evening, Honey. You look very pretty tonight.” .. if someone looks pretty on the camera she must be 1000000 x prettier in the real. Like Yoona I like her acting too. Specially at ep 1 (I am still at ep 1) when she said “ohh stress..” hu hu hu hu hu tomorrow if my office mates bring me headache I will act like Honey Lee “ohh stress..” if I see my madam secretary I will said ‘oh stress..” HUA HA HA HA HA HA wkwkwkwkwkw She makes us eat pisang ijo every friday after morning exercise. She canceled my request to the catering ( I requested bakso/meatball and the next friday I requested soto ayam) instead she requested pisang ijo. ARGHHHHH stress uncle big boss came like this to our financing room “who requested pisang ijo? Sejabin?” Me: “of course not madam secretary and her diet requested pisang ijo.” uncle big boss: “strange.. I am not on a diet.” me: added fuel to the fire “YEAH ME TOO!!” arghh stress..
  21. 690 @sushilicious @Ameera Ali I am watching it still at ep 1 I like it @cenching @Lawyerh let us gossip. Btw did honey lee inject botox to her lips? It looks wider and fuller than 2007 when she was at the miss universe contest. When I saw her my lips automatically change into pouty mode. It’s hard to not to.
  22. +2 @Ameera Ali I am flying to you like this btw I love the cookie and the cold chocolate now I will eat 2 slices of bread with margarine and chocolate amd cheese and drink a glass of cold milk xixixixixi..
  23. +2 I think I will try fiery priest tonight hahahaha.. *cross fingers btw now I know the feel when you asked your little bro nicely to emptying all the wastebaskets and he just sings to you with a very very very loud voice “BLACKPINK!! AYEAYE!!”
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