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  1. Really? Ihhhhh.. I want you to be my baby then ! wkwkw at first he will be sleep the whole night. And not wake up. But I read that it is important to feed the baby every 2-3 hours until reached 3 months for their brains. After that no need to wake the baby up only to feed him. Can wait until morning. So I was always feed him even when he sleeps at night. Then it becomes his routine. But yeah the consequence is I can only sleep every 1 - 1.5 hours.. feed and change diapers every 2-3 hours. Only Extraordinary you, nokdu tale, and love and destiny accompanying my routines wkwkwkwk I got baby blues for 1 week when he was 3 weeks old because of my body was adjusting the baby rhyme btw chingus this drama is too hot. Hahaha.. hotter than ashes of love
  2. 850 @triplem it is very tricky because he sleeps 12 hours in the morning to the afternoon even if I pinches his cheeks he will not wake up but at night he wants me to play with him. Last night I sleep while sitting and carrying him. Whenever I put him on the bed he will screams. So yeah. Sejabin mommy is becoming zombie now wkkwkwkw
  3. *hugssssss btw what action exactly do you want? If I may know.. xixixi message: love and destiny cdrama is really good. Try to watch it. But eps too much. 60. Prepare yourself to become zombie. Hahahah
  4. +2 @Lmangla @Ameera Ali thanks!! @Sushimi he is him wkwkwkw mmm.. perhaps not too. At 4-5 will start to teach him drawing and reading and karate? Lol @triplem hu um panda eyes can not sleep more than 2 hours. Dramas consoling my soul wkwkkw.. sometimes worried too much sometimes getting crazy because not sleep sometimes almost having mental problem HAHAHAHAHHA
  5. Hu um my baby.. ah chingus I am too tired watching love and destiny hahahaha at ep 56 now and I realized I do nothing since last week because of this drama lol. Cannot be like this. Becoming Zombie wkwkkwkw.. must to take a break hahaha bahaya. Tidak jadi apa2 krn nonton trus
  6. 818 @Lmangla ohhhh my little man. Now I must to take him to wherever I go xixixi. It is uncomfortable for me to left him with other people. I trust no one lol.
  7. Sometimes I don’t understand men’s ego. Does not want to accept woman’s advice or goal set because he thinks that this is a kind of underestimate man’s capability. I am a goal setter. Love to plan and manage and setting strategy. As my sign sagittarius the archer. I have never setting something in my life without calculating the chances and risks before. Yeah sometimes things happened out of our control but still we can manage to do the best in that wild situation. So as if I give advice. It is not for underestimate or try to be smarter (which is true that I am smarter WKWKWKKWKWKW) BUT if I give advice it must be the best for the one who received it because I already calculate and predict things in the future. In other words. Listen to me. It will be the best. LOL. I am not trying to be the man but if try to listen to me things will be good for sure HAHAHAHAHAHA. Stupid man..
  8. 814 just like the title love and destiny. About love between god of war and ling xi not too sad but it is helplessly too romantic hahaha I love romance. Borrowing My friend word full with “affection” HUA HA HA HA HA I am melting whenever their eyes meet these actors are too good
  9. @Ameera Ali I will keep my laugh until weekend for nokdu and Extraordinary.. I will finish love and destiny first I am enjoying my crying now because of love and destiny wkwkkw it is soothing my soul lol..
  10. 804 hahaha chan cheng is not my oppa. Lol. I just love this romance xixixixi. I am at ep 31 now ok let us watch it together then btw I like god of war personality in this story
  11. +2 have you watched it? I like this drama so much. Romance is so mature and not too dramatic hahaha btw yeah jin chen’s hair is too long and curly wkkwkwwk
  12. 794 @Ameera Ali hugssssss btw chingus love and destiny reminds me to ashes of love. Both male lead are god of war. Is just this god is a dragon like usual. And both female lead are from bird tribe
  13. 798 hmmhhh.. Bali.. I have plan to go this year with my friend but yeah can not go anywhere far this year. Perhaps next year (plus my mini companion) ahhh repot bgt klo mw pigi2 jauh skrg
  14. 790 ohh I am so addicted to the god of war and ling xi wkwkkw their chemistry is even though their age gap is a bit far. I want to continue but headache already hahahaha.. I forget when was the last time I sleep lol. Ok chingus sweetdreams..
  15. 786 @Lawyerh he is handsome. I could not help @Ameera Ali my love ok keep those kisses because I am busy with love and destiny now kwkwkwwk I like their romance in love And destiny. Perhaps because male lead is ahjussi. All romantic scenes are quiet and relax and intense hahaha while in ashes of love everything was hot! Hahaha oh y perhaps because it was phoenix and deng lun is so bery handsome
  16. 782 hi.. this sleepless girl still with love and destiny ep 16
  17. +2 hahahaha. I am bad in remembering characters name or kdrama celebs Lol 56 eps really killing me. I can only watch 12 eps in 3 days lol. But somehow I like the story of love and destiny. Their age gap is really something ya. 13 years? wOw .. really a ahjussi
  18. 756 @triplem because for now.. no one can come close to Hong Jong Hyun’s personality and soft voice and I cannot say that I hate him because this is Hong Jong Hyun a true gentleman @Ameera Ali I am a picky woman not all oppas can make me fall xuxuxuxu
  19. 750 @Sarang21 he is not as handsome as I expected too wkkwwk but I like romantic wuxia @Ameera Ali ani yo.. he is my lover ^_* must I make Sejabin’s lovers list in here? Lol 1. Hong Jong Hyun 2. Kim Jae Wook 3. Rowoon Haru 4. Kim So Hyun 5. Lee Dong Gun 6. Lee Minho 7. Won Bin 8. Phoenix (LOL) 9. ...., 10. .......
  20. 804 hi btw chingus I am watching Love and Destiny though the god of war is not as handsome as phoenix deng lun but I already like the story. Lead female face reminds me to Shu Qi. Very beautiful oriental (this time I must to accept the fact that the lead male is ahjussi wkwkwk )
  21. Obviously getting crazy lol
  22. 698 watching Extraordinary You bts makes my heart in pain huuu uuuuu.. I am so jealous Haru my love I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I hate you I should be sleeping now but you made me staying awake I.Hate.You and @supergal99 who is responsible for my fragile heart after watching Extraordinary You shitt
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