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  1. time flies fast :heart:

  2. this makes me missing my choir group in university. hahahaha.. we must do reunite once and sing together.. hmmhhhhh



  3. pertama untukku dan tak ku lupa

    diriku terjerat cintamu dan aku tak ingin lepas sya la la la :heart:

  4. -5D to good friday.. My Lord gave his life to others who hurted and killed him.. and this is love.. but I could not. I am not willing to die for people who is hurting and killing me :pensive: I have failed in loving business I guess :flushed: 

  5. get migraine.. STRESSSSSSSSS :weary: .. I think 24 hours per day is not enough for me :bawling:

  6. it's a bit late, but.. Happy Birthday aisling :blush: 

  7. I received a sweet package this morning.. from abroad.. 

    I was in my room at office, Tuesday, 10.30 AM,

    Sejabini: *was busy doing a task.. but I did that on dinni's desk..

    then one of our security came and put something on my desk..

    Edwin (our Security): Sejabini, a package for you..

    ME: *was wondering.. Hmmm??? (?_?) I didn't do online shopping :kiss: .. from who?

    Edwin: sweet smiled mode ON .. you can read it :blush:

    ME: *was still wondering and walked to my desk.. and ... :scream:  :scream: O.M.G ... *shocked mode ON

    Dinni: *can't hold it + wondering.. took that package from my desk.. and she screamed.. OMG!!!!!!  ARRRGHHHHHHHHH.. I want a package too!! :bawling:

    ME: *red cheeks MODE ON :blush:

    Dinni: took a pict with my package, then send it to one of her friend in Singapore and type to him "You must to send a package for me too and write it from Singapore" 

    ME: *rolling eyes MODE ON.. in heart was dying laughing :joy: :joy: hua HA HA HA HA 

    Ira: *took that package too and took a pict with my package too!! 

    ME: :no_mouth: :no_mouth: these girls.. I am so speechless.. that's my package but they took selfie picts with it :no_mouth: :no_mouth:

  8. What a good news today :heart:

     1 hour ago, the person who was left his car to me, came back.. (it is 10.51 AM now)

    Mr.B : Sejabini.. I'm sorry, my love..:anguished:

    Sejabini: (?_?) why?? .. btw thanks for the car. it is very usefull *in heart LOLOLOLOL :mrgreen:

    Mr. B: I need to be married.. on April..soon.. :anguished:

    Sejabini: HA,LE,LU,YAH \(^O^)/ .. congrats!! :blush: 

    Mr. B: why are you seems so happy? :anguished:

    Sejabini: of course I do happy! marriage is a good thing!! :blush: so.. is she pregnant? Lol sorry :joy:

    Mr. B: HUAKAKAKAKAKAK :joy::joy: .. not yet ^_* but.. I can't kiss you anymore :bawling:

    Sejabini: You did never kiss me :unamused: and would not EVER!! :triumph:

    Mr. B: But I am sad .. I will leave you.. soon.. :cry:

    Sejabini: BUT I DO VERY HAPPY IF YOU LEAVE ME :frown:

    Mr. B: :joy::joy: :kiss_wink::kiss_wink:


  9. I love the bassists hahahaha


  10. Tuesday, February 20, 08.40 AM,

    was opening the door, in my room, at office.. someone sits on my chair, comfortably..

    ME: *rolling eyes MODE ON.. hallo.. do I know you? 

    Mr. B: my loveeeee :bawling: I miss you. It's been a long time since I've seen you.. :heart:

    ME: *closed the door again.. and went to other room :kiss: 

  11. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR for everyone who celebrating it *huggsssss :wub:

  12. All that I am, or hope to be, I owe that to my angel mother ~ Abraham Lincoln

  13. I don't know what acc must I use now in soompi :weary: that-old-damage-acc or this oldest-newbie-sejabini-acc :kiss:

    certainty.. I need certainty T^T

  14. funny :blush: I just realized, I need to move.. really move.. physically..this year lols.. move to the new house, move to the new room.. everything about move.. to a new life? hua ha ha ha ha 

  15. What is a valid reason for someone to love someone else? Since apparently I'm doing it wrong ~ Bella Swan

    1. umbrellaguy


      It's only invalid if the other person doesn't agree. Who cares why two people are together?

  16. HBD Hong Jong Hyun my love :heart:

  17. I just want my acc back hiks :cold_sweat:

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