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  1. 744 in my case, handsome and fresh oppa is my weakness.. fresh like they are just took showers. Like fresh from refrigerator I like fresh ahjussi too. Wkwkkwkwwwk (I feel like I talk about vegetables and not men) lol
  2. don't you remember..



  3. 734 after watching FP I just know that gambling is a talent. if I had known this earlier I will learn gambling seriously. my hands always good with cards I can't understand why this guy is too HOT
  4. 704 OHHHHH I UNDERSTAND NOW @triplem that’s because I was too serious in watching that pantene guy ^_*
  5. 588 like they want to tell us something about it but my love is all I have to give without you I don’t think I can live I wish I could give the world to you but love is all I have to give to you sya la la la la Fiery priest is really something ya.. even the supporting roles have the strong presence. This drama is very detail. Aishhhhh they need to make dramas like this more. I am not liking to watch something like a handsome young boy with old mama. Or about the very young girls like those pretty dolls girls who took mature roles when they didn’t have any experiences about love yet but starring in a drama and look older than me. Than me! Ough chinca..

  7. 676 I got this from breathlessurvival they’ve been like this since 2017 and now it’s 2019.. oh my heart dugun dugun Yoona is not a kind of a celeb who will just go anywhere to support someone like this. The king loves is not her only drama. And Hong Jong Hyun is not the only actor who played a drama with her. But why do I feel that he is someone special for yoona plus it is almost 2 years. 2 years! You don’t keep or maintain a relationship with someone like this if they are not special plus if you are a very busy celebrity with a lot of schedules and has different sex with you. OMG oh my heart! Dug.. dag.. dig.. dug.. btw I like fiery priest so much the craziest level is different with cheon song yi. This is only happened if the male actor is the main center of the story LOL wkkwkwwk
  8. 648 I am at the fiery priest ep 24 and my side notes about this drama are... As a living human we must not to dig too deep if someone already dead. BECAUSE! Dead person will never back. Continue this live and become a better person. this is too drama. To find the killer of father lee is just a humanity side of priest kim. If he wants to focus to be a priest, he needs to learned to focus on everything above. If he gets mad whenever he remember that someone killed father lee, he must remember, as a priest, that his dear Lord was dead in a very very very bad stage than father lee. But at the end he still prayed for the people who killed him. His dear lord taught him to PRAY. Father kim needs to learn to pray. Because being a catholic priest with all those liturgies and symbols and everything at the end it only means one word “PRAY”. That is why those pastors and nuns are living in the monastery and nunnery for thousands years. They live there to PRAY. Pray and pray and pray. Thanks the fiery priest drama because in my journey as a believer I came to this pray conclusion after watching (oh no wonder we have so many patented prayers) now I get what pastor said in the holy matrimony of my friend “actually the liturgies of the holy mass are prayers.” even though in this drama people make father lee’s case is a suicide case but God eyes are everywhere. In humans eyes he might suicide himself but God can see it is not. In my believeing It’s not humans who decided where people will go at the end of their journey. Priest kim must to learn the philosophy of theology more. That’s the way to find the answer of his anger LoL I still enjoy watching this because not only I learn some things, I also always laugh from ep 1 to the ep 24 HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA ANOTHER HAPPY MOMENT FOR ME SINCE YESTERDAY: OH MY GOSH HONG JONG HYUN AND YOONA ARE STILL TOGETHER Hong Jong Hyun is a good guy inside and outside a perfect match for my pretty Yoona ohhh happy day happy day happy day sya la la la la la
  9. 624 I think identity crisis only happened to someone who is in love. Suddenly they will forget who they are arghhhhhh it’s rainy in here since thursday stressssss.. I think I am a sunny person. My spirit will rise when the sun shines
  10. That pantene guy really needs a flying kick from priest kim
  11. I think I will give my children gadgets when they are ready. Up to 7 yo perhaps? Or 8? 9? I will not give them gadgets if they under 7 I think. Because that’s the ages to build the foundation of their creativities. I will focus in let them drawing or singing or reading and playing with them. I will not let gadgets destroying their talents. I want my children to socialize with other kids and not with gadgets. Even if I let them to finally using gadgets, there will be a schedule. To use it. I want my kids grow like normal human.
  12. Spray water mist? What kind of best tips? Can you specify it? everyone will think their ways are the best way
  13. 598 can not sleep and watching fiery priest. One thing I hate with the earthquakes thing is I need to sleep with bra. Gosh! So uncomfortable to breathe *sighhhhhhh arghhh stresssssssssssss ~_~
  14. I want the earthquakes will not happen when I’m in the toilet while concentrating to pooping. It will be too disgusting
  15. Tsunami stage 1 warning :mask: STRESSSSSS

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali





      I hope u all right  :kiss_wink:

  16. Please pray for us strong earthquakes 6.9 SR with tsunami potential happened again 337 km from Palu. I was standing in the middle of our living room when I heard plafon bunyi2? All lamps were shaking. Little bro grabbed my hands and we are now standing outside the house. Oh richard simmons
  17. One of my favorite from DOTS “Even when I think that I’m selfish this desire doesn’t go away..” @cenching that’s one of my favorite duet
  18. +2 only crazy papa will do this. Many men out there want to be a papa btw I also watch a real life story on YT a man who killed his wife, daughters and an unborn child because of a mistress I can not understand these kind of people ~_~ if I pregnant and the dad would not want to be the dad I would not insist him to be a dad. I will found a new papa for my baby HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHA I will make the real papa regretting his decision LoL WKWKWKWKWKKWWK aishhhh.. I never want to be too depend on a man. Sometimes they can have a very big head.
  19. 534 I like FP hahahaha specially honey lee character. She is so funny. Lol. The funniest scene for me this far is when father kim kicked that short hair gangstar at the hongdam award HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHA. Why do they give him that horrible hair style oughhhh feels like 80s era wkwkwk btw honey lee dimples look so cute whenever she slurpppp those noodles btw @Ameera Ali you got 2 weeks holiday for easter? wOw where do you live? Catholic country near malaysia only philippines. Sounds like papua in Indonesia. Government can not disturb their easter even for the president election hahahaha. Presiden can wait after easter lols
  20. 522 oh yes Me definitely want to pinch pinch a cute cute adorable big brother oppa darling my love WKWKWKWKKWKW me too. Never thought before this hahahah. Ariel leads us to think oppa = mas WKWKWKWWKWWKWK no wonder pevita pearce like him LOL oh yeah why Indonesian celebs are not my idols too I can not understand lol. My idols usually will be like jerry yan vic zhou nicholas tse lee minho won bin hong jong hyun HAHAHAHAHA
  21. 518 kalau kang mas gemas gemas? Big brother Oppa darling my love adorably cute? HUA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA #gemesin
  22. 514 I am still at ep 6 of fiery priest.. it’s interesting to compare between drama and reality xixixix.. In this drama seems politic can intervene the holy church authority. In here it’s the politic who asked the church for a help LOL. so there was a case of izin mendirikan bangunan. Apa sih englishx. A permission to build? Lol (too lazy to open dictionary) after 1998 tragedy in Indonesia some crazy people burned our church. And the land location is next to my university land. After the incident we can not rebuild the church because of that IMB (legal permit to build? A kind of..) the government was wouldn’t give it for some sentiment reason. Huhuhu.. and our old rector came to pastor and asked if pastor could sell that land to our university hahahaha.. he was a monsigneur pastor from netherland. But he lived in Indonesia for more than 15 years. And he answered our old rector like this, “how much the cost of your university’s land? I will buy it.” LOL hahahahha and then the election of a new governor? Walikota, came.. one of the candidate came to the pastor to asked a help. Pastor just said, if you’re a man of your words, I can recommend the votes from our believer for you. But if you got elected, then give us a legal permission to rebuild our church (IMB) then he agreed. Then he wins the election and became one of our popular governor and he gave that IMB to the church ^_* .. After the earthquakes and tsunami in my city, the government also realized that in a very bad situations they still need a help from religious community. For almost 3 months, the church helped some citizens in here for foods clothes medicines and it’s all directly from Vatican, from all over the world. And it’s for everybody. Everybody with different religions. even red cross also opened their basecamp in the church. Not only red cross, UNICEF, all international organizations who helped, came to the church. That is why the government in here really protecting the church from crazy people. Since the earthquakes and tsunami I see it’s not the police who guard there. It’s the military @lawyerh : if mas mas means bro then how to translate kang mas? HAHAHAHAH kang mas = oppa? WKKWWKWKKWKWWKKW
  23. +2 I hope she won’t be a nun btw can you give an honest opinion why is this guy so popular from Indonesia to Malaysia even after his video scandal? My friend said he is a hypers3x but even so his gfs are daebak. Luna, sophia ltjuba and now pevita.. my friend said he is charismatic but I cannot see his charisma wkwkwkwkw am I blind? Lol
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