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  1. I just bought Makeover liptint A03 & A04 And I think I will buy all series of this liptint from A01 to A05.. I am in love with this liptint. It feels very light and not dry on my lips
  2. 978 @triplem I think it’s like the girl is the devil princess and the guy is a good guy or something like that. Oh I think it was @lynne22 who had shared this with me btw I will seriously continue general and I after finished love and destiny. At ep 59 now @Lawyerh it is so you. You will fall to a guy like dao ming se than vic zhou hahahaha btw bae kyung reminds me to dao ming se type hahaha.. I still love love love One Day btw moms have you experienced sweating too much after giving birth? I always sweating. And much. Like I bathe with my sweating. Hair always wet because of this. Sejabin is looks like vampo now because of this sweating symtoms hahahaha
  3. it was oh perhaps stargazer.. c-historicAl is the best.
  4. I learned that my baby favorite’s smell is the smell under my armpit. It is soothing his soul if he cries Wkwkwkw that’s The power of a mom. Lol
  5. 956 morning.. @ktcjdrama what is the title of the drama that you gave me somewhere here before. That historical cdrama. The lady wear red atire and the male lead wear black? I am so into cdrama because of love and destiny hahahaha.. now try to watch general and I, and I will even though angela baby lips a bit distracting me WKWKWKWKWKWKWK but I can bear it as long as it is jot park shin hye lips.
  6. 938 @triplem so true. Women are strong
  7. +2 I can not watch other drama now while still focus with love and destiny. God of war and ling xi leave strong impression in me all serious lines are meaningful and full with lessons and funny lines are enjoyable. My favorite couple other than main leads is siming and shisan wkwkwkwk..
  8. 926 @triplem really? Ah so sweet you have the same sign and month birth with your son I want december baby too! hahaha I wasn’t panicked at all. The one who was panicked is mom. Lol.. I just feel like oh ok so this is the wave lol. Still laughing until 6 AM. Water did not broke until I went to the operation room but there was a bit blood. And until they give anesthesia my contractions rhyme was already per mins. I was dilate 8 cm but baby’s head was still high that was why c sec was a must. Doctor did not want to wait. Water already not good. They said it is more paiful if blood comes out first than the water. But yeah contractions pain was no joke. When I was 8 cm dilate and in the preparation room for surgery whenever contractions come I was like.. inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale.. oh God.. hahahaha.. was in tears but no sound only inhale.. exhale.. Jesus help me.. hahahahahahaha.. lol.. If people talk about screaming in contractions I think if I will feel that pain again I can’t scream. It was too hurt and I can’t talk or scream lol.. silence is better wkkwkw In 3 cm dilate until 5cm I can talk and laugh with the midwives. But at 7-8 cm dilate the pain was no joke. Lol. My obgyn doctor was wipe my hair and talked to me very softly while we were waiting for anesthesia doctor. Like she was persuading a little kid. Oh I love my doctor
  9. I don’t know about other diseases but it really help for tulang ngilu2 or klo badan ga enak. Me too. Kulitku alergian jd g bs terlalu bnyak minyak2an. I put it on my legs and hands before sleep xixixi..
  10. 904 the one I know is very shy but can type thousands of words in 10 mins lol
  11. 900 pisces guy and girl a bit different you know. Wkwkwkw so I am surrounding by pisces? my baby is virgo and was born in the same day with SJK if not mistake lol.. 19-9-19 .. At the evening of 18th Sept I talk with my baby bump, “baby, no matter what happen you must to comes out tomorrow ok? Mom can’t hold it anymore and you are already too heavy to bear.” He was exactly 10 months/40 weeks that day. After visiting my doctor that evening she told me to book a room tomorrow because she wants to do c sec. My water already not good. They promised me that I will got a room at the hospital at 8.AM tomorrow morning so doctor can do surgery at 11 AM. But yeah that was just the plan. Contractions begin at 00.00 on 19-9-19 every 10 mins. No room ready in any hospital in here. It was seems like all moms in my city wanted to give birth on that day. All hospitals full booked. And I did not want to gave birth at home or at midwive place or anything because I am 34th. I am at risk. I wanted to do it at hospital and with my doctor. I don’t want with other doctors LOL wkwkkw I am so biased. Hahahha so after 16 hours of contractions the baby was out. He choosed his own birth. Even I had contractions but he wanted it to be c sec lol. And If I compared the pain. Contractions is nothing than the pain after c sec. They gave me 3 kinds of pain killers by injections, anal pain killer and that one like sticker they put on my chest but the pain was sooooo.. arghhh.. hahahaha. But it is ok. It was nothing than the feel when I hold the baby hahaha. Oh one of the nurse told me funny story. In the operation room between dream and sleep I talked to my anesthesia doctor “doctor.. I have never feel this ease and so happy in my entire life. It feels like all my problems fly to the sky. Thank you.” And gave him my sweetest smile. They all laughed. LOl. I think it was because of the morphine they gave me LOL. I was so fly So was yeah. I hope my baby will not be like Song Joong Ki. He got pretty wife but divorcing her. Sighhhhh I want him to be as cool as triplem
  12. 898 ok let us gossiping them then in here (since we have no update to gossip these days lol) xixixixixi oh yeah their shift mood is drastic. After laughing and joking and suddenly can be angry to us. *sighhhh.. what a fish whic funnily they can not accept harsh words so we must to talk very soft and tender to them. but they are good with words so they are talented to be a sweet talker. Like Bramanda. How suddenly he can relate huntara and his feelings lol. Crazy. Wkkwkw we both just met in my way to my division and he just went out from main secretary room and suddenly he can talked like that wkkwkw.. that’s a talent right? And they usually have a lot of female friends. Girls gluing to them. It is a talent Smitten by one day? What is it? Who is One Day? ohh Haru? One Day? Wkkwkwkwwk
  13. +2 I met some.. actually not cheat. They have the talent to be a playboy. Or playgirl. And don’t forget they good with words and sweet talker. If pisces guy is a psycho like bramanda, then he will intend to be a cheater or yeah a psycho lol wkwkwk.. but my conclusion won’t change. Pisces guy = playboy.. It is not a scientific research but I watch and see their behaviours lol
  14. 896 @Lawyerh it is very good! Hahaha.. post partum makes me becomes like old grandma. tulang ngilu even tough I took all those calciums when I was pregnant lol. So kutus2 help me a lot. Xixixixi.. I should drink a glass of milk before sleep now at night. Aishhhh Vitamins and minerals and medicines I take now .. - calciums (but I will drink milk now instead of take calciums everyday) - vip albumin - ester c - weath grains - ambeven. LOL wkkwkw - heavenly blush yoghurt oh drama god HELP ME nah so today crazinezz. You all know that dude in my office who impregnate his 2 girlfriends lol. He is a pisces. So I was stopped by at office this afternoon and met him. He came to me and said the dude: when will you back to work? sejabin: December 17th that dude: sejabin, you know huntara? sejabin: temporary house for the earthquakes victims? the dude: yeah you know. Wood wall, aluminium roof.. so hot there and dry and dehidrate sejabin: and? the dude: that’s how I feel without you in this office sejabin: PRETTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!! Wkwkwkwk What a pisces guy
  15. 890 @Sarang21 me too not too liking the male lead if water god. His chest is too skinny. Like papan gilasan untuk cuci baju huhuhu upssv I will run ah.. I set up a dating for a new employee at office with my little bro xixixixi
  16. 882 You don’t like cdrama? Iam typing with one eye close and one eye open lol too sleepy but this cutie pie not sleep and I feel like I want to eat his cheeks
  17. +2 @nohamahamoud2002 I love ‘staying alive’ ^_*
  18. Oh it is my boss who called me.. shittt.. for things they can read in our techical books. They are too lazy to read and choosed to called me. Or somethings to deal with hotel manager example. Told them next year I request a break for 1 year from all of those $&:/:!? Things. I want to taking care my baby. I want to be just a staff who type some administrative things lol. Shittt..
  19. So how do you think this drama? I really like God of war personality in L&D
  20. Ohhh hahaha.. if work I would not have many times to watching drama. With a baby or without a baby. Many tasks I must handle ^_* and I am so pissed because even in my leave sometimes they still called me Lazy people..
  21. Yeah.. well.. if you experienced some things.. or other things like.. when my city hitted by tsunami and earthquakes, at that moment I learned about helping and caring. In a very emergency situation people can be thinking not like that.. and sometimes makes me think ok then it is better to protect ourselfes. mm you know.. it is difficult to explain in here..
  22. 872 @triplem me too. I don’t watch that water god because of the female lead. She is ban in here officialy. Me and my office mates wkwkkwkw even when she stared in that famous drama with MY LOVE yoo ah in I still did not watch it too. (Well yeah even tough yoo ah in is my love he is always chooses too serious role which makes me bored to watch. Wkkwwk I still love him btw) and those other actress that you mention lol @nrllee so what drama are you currently watching now?
  23. So you would protect someone that you are not close with? Ok then
  24. Yes. Why do we even have this thread? but you can try wwwdotasiandatingdotcom you will never know who will you meet
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