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  1. Vacation I hope I can breathe normally in the plane xuxuxuxu ^_*
  2. +2 I am not. I don’t like the pair. It is old mama with Hong Jong Hyun ~_~ btw I just know that you can draw cute anime. Xixixixixi so talented *hugssssss
  3. 820 that is why it is better to love a pastor. He won’t cheat. Wkkwkwkwkw
  4. Watching fiery priest kdrama HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA
  5. TRY TO WATCH THE FIERY PRIEST KDRAMA .. you won’t regret it after you see the best pantene hair guy there
  6. +2 ok let us gossipig about eyes ^_* (sejabin gossiping version) most of minho picts are with this eyes expressions: He knows he is handsome. But he is soft and care. He likes pretty ladies. He knows that pretty ladies are suitable for him. But he doesn’t over proud of it. @Lawyerh my friend eunsani in rinsan forum thread also has flirtatious eyes. Oughhhh.. she has thousands of admirers of her deep-warm-brown-eyes. At first when she told me this, I want to hueeekkkk.. later I saw her picts and.. oh yes I can understand HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAAAA her eyes are too big with long lashes. @Ameera Ali if you were here I will treat you spaghetti aglio olio xuxuxuxux
  7. +2 @Lawyerh I will try her private life ^_* btw his face can’t you see it? A typical of genit face WKKWWKKWWKW his eyes tells me LOL like ariel eyes HAHAHAHAHAHAHA @Ameera Ali I can watch fiery priest until 1000 episodes. As long as uri pantene guy is there Hahahahahaha btw I want romantic drama but in rom com genre. Btw have you tried aglio olio spaghetti? I tried it today and I like it very very very much! I eat 2 portions hahahahah
  8. - tinuransak (very very very spicy pork dish) I eat this from saturday until today, tuesday LOL I even think too ask mom to buy a big portion again for me hua ha ha ha ha - brenebon (pork soup) - beef spaghetti - spaghetti aglio olio? I forget the name.. - cheese deluxe pizza with extra cheese hohohoho - fruits salad - white rice - chocolate avocado cheese pudding - banana split And now I’m too full and can not sit properly. Feels like my stomach will break ~_~ I will eat papaya one hour later.
  9. +2 is there a new funny unboring drama? (I don’t want too serious drama) btw I see andy hui pict and from his face it looks like a type of a guy who has cheating hobby WKWKWKWKW sorry guys
  10. 776 when I was 8 years old I was so diligent to go to dentist. Because my dentist was very handsome. (From 11 months - 6 yo I live with grandma, 7-8 with mom, then with grandma then mom etc etc etc..I was always on mobile. This Stressed me a lot because when you already comfortable with your friends you must to move again. If you guys found me a bit crazy perhaps that because of this. Sorray. Lol) My mom found this strange behaviour of me because I was always wear my new skirts and wedges if I must to go to the dentist. And he was really handsome!! Like hong jong hyun I think my dentist was my first oppa wkwkwkwk oh I grew up in a city where the college students are a bit too passionate about everything so they demonstrate a lot. It’s like a tradition. I don’t know. Watching a bunch of students demonstrate in the streets was my everyday views. Our university very famous in Indonesia about this demontrating thing. Sometimes I shy but sometimes I proud. LOL and I was one of the student activist in campus so go to the street and demonstrate also one of my life experiences other than church charities HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.. I was a pure innocent new student who walked at the main 1st gate of the entrance when a truck of students passed by and surprised me. They have a commandan who coordinate them and at that time I understand they will go to demonstrate. And it was never just a small group if go demonstrate. Usually if it’s about important matter like oil price policy and etc it can be thousands of students who turn to the streets and demonstrate. And you won’t believe it. We even had some meetings before go demo. There will be some comanders and generals at the field HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA crazy teens. We were very proud once when we can make mr. President canceled his decission to increase oil price. It was 2007 if I’m not mistake. Hahahahaha. And at that time we also coordinated with the students in Jakarta who turned to the streets and demo (Universitas Indonesia students) It was one of unforgettable moment in my life. It was crazy but daebak. Hahaha. Yeah crazy. Too shame to remember again. This was us. Our management’s flag is that light blue one. LOLs of course I was not in the street I was behind the curtain because at 2007 I was one of the advicer we were more like super admin coordinators HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAJHAHAHAAHAH well I was in my last semester of course I was not those staffs anymore I was senior. LOL. Turn to the streets is not super admin level anymore WKKWKWKWWKWKKWKW END of my life story tonight. This too shameful LOL wkwkkwwkwk gutnite I love you all
  11. 774 my funniest scenes in fiery priest: when priest kim landed a flying kick to uri pantene guy at hongdam award. LOL wkkwwk whenever honey gave this eyes to detective seo and suspect that she likes priest kim wkwkwkwk whenever priest han acted like a son who will lost his mother HAHAHAAHHAHAHAHA oh whenever honey talk about priest kim atractive eyes hahahaha when uri pantene guy pooped inside the safe HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Oh gosh I laugh and cry at the same time when the 1st time priest kim holding a mass and he screamed from altar HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh gosh we need one pastor like this in here LOL when priest kim wearing that wig and that female clothes and red lipstick and sit at a cafe while open his legs and some guys? Or grandpas? Watched him HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA I feel like I want to slap him hahahahhah how naughty
  12. +2 me too, opened my 1st bank acc when I joined the college because that one of our university rule. They made us to open bank acc in a certain bank. I feel you. Plus I was in a different city from my parents But rather than nervous my day was crazy hahaha. Because between a bunch of students who want to open bank acc there was also a group of students who demonstrated outside the bank and protest about the payment hahahahahahhaa LOL. Oh it was so messy. One bank staff said like this “I wish I could spray baygon (insektisida?) To those students and calmed them. LOL hahahaha” Btw guys this is my favorite hairstyle from fiery priest. I want to have this but hair is still too short now ^_*
  13. 760 did you? My 7th sense doubt it. Lol hahahahahaha my mom said I’m a naughty girl since I was a little baby. When I was 11 months I almost disappeared. I walked a block from home and nobody see me. (Mom said I can walk since 9 months) until a group of junior high school found me and took me home. Mom said luckily she taught me papa’s name and mama’ name too. And also our adress. If not oh I don’t know what would I be now. Sometimes I can still remember that memory in my head. Mom almost die because of shock when I lost. One week later my shock grandmama came to Palu and took me to her hometown. Grandmama said my mom and my dad can not took care a little baby how if she lost her granddaughter. That was the beginning why I grew up with my grandmama. And my mom cried every night when my grandmama took me because she missed me
  14. 760 @Ameera Ali yes after that massive earthquakes in here, moms look like still having trauma to left their little children At home. Some of my friends never want to be separated with their children even for 1 minute So they bring their chidren at work and now my room full with kids hahaha. It is a bit worried in here if we have little kids. And room became a bit messy. Oughh.. one day they put my doll into a cabinet with bananas. Other day they took anything pink from my desk. My pen my post notes even my handphone oughhh.. aunty sejabin get headache.
  15. 754 @Ameera Ali guys I did shock. I shock. I played let us kill this love at office this afternoon and my friend’s little daughter sing “rampapappam..” she is just 3 years old!! her name is alya. I talked to her mom that this video reached 193 M viewers on YT and her mom said “oh including alya who watched it about 100 times..” ohh I shock! Edit: alya also can sing this word from this song “naotoke..” la la la la ohh gosh I really really really shock
  16. +2 ohhhhhh 100% AGREE!! Fresh oppa ahjussi will make u healthy hua HA HA HA HA
  17. 744 in my case, handsome and fresh oppa is my weakness.. fresh like they are just took showers. Like fresh from refrigerator I like fresh ahjussi too. Wkwkkwkwwwk (I feel like I talk about vegetables and not men) lol
  18. don't you remember..



  19. 734 after watching FP I just know that gambling is a talent. if I had known this earlier I will learn gambling seriously. my hands always good with cards I can't understand why this guy is too HOT
  20. 704 OHHHHH I UNDERSTAND NOW @triplem that’s because I was too serious in watching that pantene guy ^_*
  21. 588 like they want to tell us something about it but my love is all I have to give without you I don’t think I can live I wish I could give the world to you but love is all I have to give to you sya la la la la Fiery priest is really something ya.. even the supporting roles have the strong presence. This drama is very detail. Aishhhhh they need to make dramas like this more. I am not liking to watch something like a handsome young boy with old mama. Or about the very young girls like those pretty dolls girls who took mature roles when they didn’t have any experiences about love yet but starring in a drama and look older than me. Than me! Ough chinca..

  23. 676 I got this from breathlessurvival they’ve been like this since 2017 and now it’s 2019.. oh my heart dugun dugun Yoona is not a kind of a celeb who will just go anywhere to support someone like this. The king loves is not her only drama. And Hong Jong Hyun is not the only actor who played a drama with her. But why do I feel that he is someone special for yoona plus it is almost 2 years. 2 years! You don’t keep or maintain a relationship with someone like this if they are not special plus if you are a very busy celebrity with a lot of schedules and has different sex with you. OMG oh my heart! Dug.. dag.. dig.. dug.. btw I like fiery priest so much the craziest level is different with cheon song yi. This is only happened if the male actor is the main center of the story LOL wkkwkwwk
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