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  1. this was my promise..

    I do swear.. that I will always be there.. I would give anything and everything.. and I will always care.. through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow.. for better for worse.. I will love you.. with every beat of my heart.. (yes.. even for the worse.. I will love you..)

  2. listening to my love before sleep :wub: he is soooo... man! and talented and sexy and his innocent eyes and his music and his guitar and his sweet smile and his voice and his tattoo.. his hair style ohhh I LOVE ADAM LEVINE FOREVER!! 




  3. for calming my mood 




  4. singing!!! dimanaaaaa.. perasaanmuuuu.. setelah kau lakukan salah yang samaaaa.. inikah cara dirimuuuu.. membalas tulus cinta yang telah ku beriiii.. ohhh.. menyakitkannnn.. bila cintakuuuu.. di balas dengan dustaaaaa.. namunnnn.. mencintamuuu... takkan ku sesaliiiiii.. karena aku yang memilihmuuuuu...  :heart:

  5. can't sleep yet ohhhhh my stomach :mask: 

  6. life is a duty. as a child, as a spouse, as a woman, as a human.. and also it's about giving and loving until nothing left in you. so when it's your time to face your God, you will smile and satisfied because you've give all the best from you. it is your love.. :heart:

  7. strange thing happened, June 23rd 2018, 4.30 PM..

    I am in different city, taking a leave..


    Mba de: sejabini, there will be Bkkbn idol on June 28th

    Me: mmm .. then?

    Mba de: then who will be the champion? you are not here.,

    Me: I am sorry I am not at contestants level anymore. I am at judge level hua ha ha ha :joy:

    Mba De: wkwkwkwkwkw :joy: then ottoke???

    Me: wkwkwkwk.. can I sent my recording voice to replace me? wkwkkwwkwkwk .. oh please.. I am on my leave :mrgreen:

    Mba De: yahhhh :cry:



  8. happy eid mubarak chingus :heart:

  9. happy father's day :heart: I miss my dad so much.. RIP papa.. 

    1. LSGLMH_88


      i know it sucks... May His soul rest in peace...

    2. Sejabin


      thanks sis *hugsssss :heart:

    3. stargazer187
  10. no good drama at 2018 :confused: full with veterans. 

  11. Love begins at home .. ~ Mother Teresa :heart:

  12. and one of my favorite kdrama's scene :heart:




  13. one of my favorite OST 



  14. sweetdreams soompi people ..

  15. baby sometimes love just ain't enough..

  16. Thursday, 10 of May 2018, 7 PM, at dining room..


    ME: Mom, that song is really good. 'Sayang' by Via Vallen :blush:

    MOM: :kiss: you are so late. it has been popular since 2017. where were you? <~~~~ she is a permanent viewer of NET tv in my country 

    ME: *shock and speechless :no_mouth: she is so updated than me.. 


  17. my plan today is to camping at office :triumph: I am so fed up

  18. I love this live.. so much talent in Mulan and RIP for Mike :heart: .. Tiada Kata.. No.. word..  



  19. selamanya cinta .. :heart:




  20. I am fat.. huuu huuuu uuu :bawling:

  21. time flies fast :heart:

  22. this makes me missing my choir group in university. hahahaha.. we must do reunite once and sing together.. hmmhhhhh



  23. pertama untukku dan tak ku lupa

    diriku terjerat cintamu dan aku tak ingin lepas sya la la la :heart:

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