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  1. I miss that devastated city :dissapointed_relieved:

  2. I am happy that someone was so panic about me last sunday  WKWKWKWKWKWK 2 status updates on soompi :relieved: lols.. but seriously I thought I will die on last friday. I thought that it was my time to go :relaxed:

    1. Jee_


      Heiiii... :unamused: it was not a joke to really panic and thinking that you might be dead...:dissapointed_relieved:

      But, see...God is so good... He saved you...you now have a second chance at life...a new life...:innocent::blush:

  3. can't reach my soompi chingus for a while. connection and electricity collapse until next week. I just borrow wifi connection from a company in here. and can only connect now for a moment just to say "thanks God. I am okey. and also I am very sad in here." .. hugs and kisses to my soompi chingus cuppppssss :heart:

    1. Jee_


      I celebrate with you the gift of a second chance at life, a fresh beginning...and a new mission to spread love, because life IS short...and we have only this present moment to do what we can to spread love... I'm overwhelmed with words at this miracle of love... Hugs, my dearest friend...:heart:

    2. ebullient


      Stay safe and healthy!

  4. happy birthday to all VIRGO :heart: my advice for Virgo: stop to too fall when fall in love wkkwkw

    1. Sejabin


      means don't kiss the ground when fall lols wkkwkwkwkwk

  5. stomachache since morning :mask:

  6. sat nite, September 15th 2018,  9 PM.. on whatsapp..


    me: rieyha, try to watch Ashes of Love btw prepare a lot of tissues before watch :bawling:

    rieyha: bahhhh.. I am so lazy to watch drama that will makes me stress and cry :weary:

    me: me too!! very lazy at the beginning. but the lead male is too handsome :love:

    rieyha: wkwkwkwk what drama? about what? :mrgreen:

    me: about love. just see the title 'ashes of love' abu cinta wkwkwkwkwk feels like I want to die :weary:

    rieyha: just for the title, it sounds disgusting :unamused: I am watching Gangnam Beauty now.

    me: WKWKWKWKWKWKWK :joy: :joy:

  7. ahhhh.. I am addicted to ashes of love tough I am just at ep 2 

  8. rewatching goblin ARGHHHHH :bawling: gong yoo oppaaaaaa :love:

  9. all is well.. I hope so..

  10. geudaereul saranghaeyo, geudaeman saranghaeyo.. :heart:



    I have met many daebak people in my life and this song will always reminds me to one of them :heart:


  13. You are my GPS. you navigate me :star:

    1. Sejabin


      :unamused: what are you doing in here baby? :unamused:

  14. I love Gangnam Beauty Webtoon :heart:

  15. I love this song. it brings romantic feel..

    cintai diriku seperti aku mencintaimu sepenuh jiwaku

    jangan pernah ada tersimpan prasangka

    di pelukmu ku sandarkan seluruh hidupku dan takkan terbagi

    percayalah cintaku hanya untukmu

    Cinta Kita by: Reza Artamevia :heart: ... Our Love :love:




  17. this was my promise..

    I do swear.. that I will always be there.. I would give anything and everything.. and I will always care.. through weakness and strength, happiness and sorrow.. for better for worse.. I will love you.. with every beat of my heart.. (yes.. even for the worse.. I will love you..)

  18. listening to my love before sleep :wub: he is soooo... man! and talented and sexy and his innocent eyes and his music and his guitar and his sweet smile and his voice and his tattoo.. his hair style ohhh I LOVE ADAM LEVINE FOREVER!! 




  19. for calming my mood 




  20. singing!!! dimanaaaaa.. perasaanmuuuu.. setelah kau lakukan salah yang samaaaa.. inikah cara dirimuuuu.. membalas tulus cinta yang telah ku beriiii.. ohhh.. menyakitkannnn.. bila cintakuuuu.. di balas dengan dustaaaaa.. namunnnn.. mencintamuuu... takkan ku sesaliiiiii.. karena aku yang memilihmuuuuu...  :heart:

  21. can't sleep yet ohhhhh my stomach :mask: 

  22. life is a duty. as a child, as a spouse, as a woman, as a human.. and also it's about giving and loving until nothing left in you. so when it's your time to face your God, you will smile and satisfied because you've give all the best from you. it is your love.. :heart:

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