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  1. Hong jong hyun my love :dissapointed_relieved:

  2. 6d89bd37ea6096e6234e6df64932a21f.png

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      Kamu sangat manis :wub: 






    2. Sejabin


      Ahahahaha.. where did you find that sentence? :wub: 




      *huggsssssss.. :heart:

    3. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali




      My Boyfriend ... I am joking online darling :wub:

  3. Hong Jong Hyun is so HOT :heart:



  4. Thank you Mother Mary, Thank you Lord J, for always answering my prayers :innocent: :heart:

  5. Sayanggggg opo kui krumuuuu jerite hatikuuuu mengharap engkau kembaliiii.. sayangggg.. nganti memutih rambutmuuuu ra bakal luntur tresnokuuuuuuu


    1. Sejabin


      I LOVE @Ameera Ali too!! To the moon and back :heart: :kiss_wink:

    2. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      I love you too :wub: xxx & hugs:kiss_wink:

  7. Cintaku kandasssss 

    cinta kini hilang tak berbekasssss

    owuoooo :joy:

  8. Semua yang terjadi

    di dalam hidupku

    ajarku menyadari

    Kau selalu sertaku


    bri hatiku selalu 

    bersyukur padaMu

    karena rencanaMu

    indah bagiku :heart:

    1. Sejabin


      Makasih avondale my chingu *huggsssss :kiss_wink:

    2. avondale16


      Sama sama. Hugs from me too.

    3. avondale16


      @Ameera Ali

      Cuba jawab di sini.

      Faham ke?

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  9. Miss you supergal99 :tears:

  10. I wish my future son will have a voice like David Miller :bawling: natural tenor with angelic voice :heart: 


  11. You deserve the chance of a kind of love

    I am not sure I am worthy of

    loosing you is painful to me

    I don’t wanna let you down

    I don’t wanna lead you on

    I don’t wanna hold you back

    from where you might belong :wub:


    there’s nothing left to say

    but goodbye..


  12. Just start to watch My Secret Romance kdrama.. still at ep 2 ^_*

  13. God has perfect timing, never early, never late. It takes a little patience & a whole lot of faith. But it’s worth to wait  :wub:

  14. Merry Christmas soompiers :wub:

  15. But wisdom means more than being intelligent, because it encompasses understanding, empathy, experience, inner peace, and intuition ~ Nicholas Sparks

  16. Sayur kooOol.. sayur KooOol.. :joy:

  17. Nothing last forever

  18. It’s funny when watch historical drama where 6 concubines fight for 1 half-bald-man-with-a-very-long-hair-tail who was born as a son of heaven LOLs wkwkwkwkwkwk :joy: 

  19. Yayy!! :blush: it’s Sagittarius time!! Happy birthday to all Sagittarius!! :wub: my advice for Sagittarius, stop to talk too much and do not stop to be cute and sweet Hahahahaha.. 

  20. a funny moment on Monday, November 19th 2018.

    in my office room and it was blackout. so we can't work and this kind of species (who sometimes buy chocolate milk for me) came to my room. and he was blabbering things I didn't understand and I didn't listen too LOL, so I change the topic of the conversation..


    Me: what is your birth date bram?

    Bram: 28 February

    Me: ohh.. so you are a pisces. hmmmhhh.. 

    Bram: what hmmm?? I am curious?" :blush:

    Me: *open my IG and read about the zodiac .. "Pisces: 21 February-20 March.. the dreamer. you are sweet and romantic and bla bla bla.. THIS IS NOT TRUE :kiss:

    Bram: Hei!! THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'VE NEVER TRY TO LOOK IN TO ME!!" :unamused:

    Me: why must I try to look into you?"

    Bram: so you can feel my feelings :relieved:

    Me: but I don't want to feel your feelings :relieved: 

    Ira: dasar pria murahan :unamused:



  22. Happy birthday to all Scorpions!! :love:

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