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  1. You mean you are a pisces who loves to live in a dreamland than going back to reality? 718
  2. 722 @nrllee you can be psikiater that is what they do. Listen to people. Most of people with problems they just need to be listen because nobody listen or someone who should listen do not listen. In modern society people not fight with viruses anymore or need antibiotics. They will go to psikiater instead and talk ^_*
  3. +2 it is so good right? I put it 3 times a week (facial mask) or sometimes I put Laneige water sleeping mask. My skin face is normal to dry so if I put facial mask it will glowing xixixixi.. love it.. put it at night and the next morning we will be glowing and ready to be pretty again lol
  4. +2 @nohamahamoud2002 that guy seems fits with me. We have same interest. Lol
  5. Then chat.. what so difficult to chat? .. I want to chat with my friend too but seems she is busy so I rarely chat now but I know she will always there. Good times is we create that. btw may I ask why you looks so broken hearted to wanting to chat with her? Is she lively or funny or serious or loveable or anything?
  6. 706 oh so you are shy to open up to people.. hmmhhh.. me too. I am not too open in facebook or IG.. I just posted good picts there but yeah they are edited. But I really open up in soompi because no need to share picts open here HAHAHAHAHA plus most of soompiers are international people xixixuxu they do not know me so even if I shared they will not care too much. That is why I feel comfortable to posted anything in here hahahaha.. in fb or Ig if I posted something feels like whole people in this country will give reaction so I rarely posted in fb and IG. Not comfortable to share too much there. Just some edited picts lol. I post in fb like 2 or 3 times a year and same in IG. They keep requesting friendships and I can’t denied because I know these people in real so the more friends I have there (fb and IG) the more I will not share there LoL hahahaha
  7. 706 @Lmangla you must to open special thread that you can listen to us I will visit tou permanently there lol seems you have talent in listening. Some people easier to talk some people easier to listen @Sushimi sentence like “I hang on something that I thought there was a hope.” <~~~~ looks like this is not a friend between girl friends. This is look like indicate a romance Because I have never put any hope to dinni and alief. those girls were so useless when I put a hope like accompanied me to watch maleficent or to order pizza. They often forget me so I will never put a hope to my girl friends.
  8. Just talk. One day she will get bored and talk back to you because you keep talk HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ok sorry. Ehem.. I suppose to be more tender and not comedic. *hugsssss so I have a friend that bery close to me and we get close and shared some stuffs and sometimes she does not talk and me either but if I have problems I just talk to her and talk and talk and talk until sometimes she gets bored and talk back HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHA oh ok she loves me btw lol. So I hope I could give you positive affirmation Wkwkwk*hugsssssss
  9. Hmmm.. perhaps she does not know that you are in your lowest.. then try to talk. So she is the only one you would like to share your problems? nb. I have never shared my problems with you know people that are just friend. Casual friends. It takes more than just a friend for me to share because I don’t trust people easily. I don’t even share easily with my family only mom because yeah she is mom. Well sometimes you meet people like triplem who you can trust easily and give your pasword on soompi and email to her lol but people like triplem is one in a million. The point is do not share if she is not someone important. Ok..
  10. +2 @Sushimi darling.. how could you between these oppas can be having a bad day and posted on soompi to cheer you up. I have many girls that are my close friends and we named our gang “shining squad.” We fought we screamed to each other but in hard times we support each other and save each other. Our friendship in office like a safety net for all of us in this tough bureacracy in Indonesia but we would never being so broken hearted if sometimes we forget each other LOL because perhaps we have met handsome guys and go on dating wkwkwkkw *hugsssss
  11. So sushi you are a guy? Or a girl? Why a friendship with a girl can let you so brokenheart like this? and your words seems you are falling in love and not the words for just casually friendship. I would never being this sad for any of my girlfriend because we are girls. If we met handsome men sometimes we forget our friendship LOL ok ok I hug you then.. *hugsssss
  12. 652 @nohamahamoud2002 jonny deep movie I watch are pirates of the caribian series. Btw why did he split up with vanessa after a bery long time together and having 3 children? What a waste..
  13. 638 ”man can be love you and kill you..” Charlie’s Angels movie 2019
  14. 548 What is in remake? Btw I am not watching kdramas streaming now. Only watch via app like VIU or Viki and other app for movies like HOOQ iflix and apple tv. Unfortunately in my country I can’t have netflix. If can then it will be heaven to me hahaha.. if watching via laptop or pc I will use dramacool9 btw guys don’t forget to watch Charlie’s Angels in cinema hahaha. Will go if not sleepy and left the baby with his grandma hahahahahha lol I told mom “take care of your grandson lol.” Wkkwkwkwkw
  15. Why do I get headache of watching General and I :mask:

  16. This drama is too complicated and sometimes unlogic for me but since I have started it so I must to finished it lol. If I must to rating then 3 stars from me
  17. Can’t move on from love and destiny :love:

  18. Btw is Song Hye Kyo still sad for her divorcing? Why is she always posting about sea or sky or scenery in IG? (We both are sagittarius. Whenever we posted picts like sky or sea we usually must be feeling blue about something) I really hate Song Jong Ki why why why why why why why seems too easy to end their journey hiks
  19. Continuing general and I cdrama. Angelababy lips seems too full
  20. +2 no rice? Then no karbo at all? oh yes this bulging post partum stomach lol.. Btw guys I just don’t understand how the general can easily falls to bai pingting from the start? And not just fall and deep but it is also hot! HAHAHAHA .. this story somehow seems .. mmm.. unlogic. I don’t believe that any man can love any girl at 10 (ok my cousins married to their elementary school friends) .. I don’t even remember what was I doing at 10 lol. Oh yeah I was sit next to my friend name Yoel I was a transfered student and now whenever I meet my elementary friends at mall or at wherever they will called me ‘Yoel.. Yoel.. Yoel..’ lol I don’t remember what I did with Yoel other than we sit together for 1 year. Did we doing something that made people called him by my name or call me by his name? I don’t remember. So this story general and I is too much.. but I can’t stop now. This male lead is a good kisser. Lol.. this drama is too hot. @Ameera Ali where are you? *hugsssssssss
  21. 534 @triplem btw the male lead in general and I is mmmm handsome oh yeah guys I remember about pisces guy again: - easy to fall in love or atracted because they are fishes HAHAHAAH (this including pisces girl) - pisces guy loves pretty girl with make up. If you are not wearing make up they would ask why you don’t wear make up? The point is they love pretty girl noona aunty anyone pretty gtg.. continuing motherhood, sleepless, and general and I ... so envy angelababy how come she can be that skinny after poop a baby. Loosing 10 kg was easy at the 1st month.. loosing more 7kg now is a chalenge. Next time if I have a chance to be pregnant again I will not eat anything other than cereal or oatmeal
  22. +2 General and I is really a flirtatious drama lol. Too much sexual tension in every scene wkwkwkwk the general is handsome enough I am just not comfortable with the set and scenes exchange. It doesn’t go smooth and natural. Like being directed by a newbie director. Is this based from a novel? And the lines sometimes does not explain this drama story well.. this drama needs to be fixed here and there but well since I can not move on yet from cdrama because of love and destiny so I continue watch. Oh I like all their intimate scenes. Lol..
  23. My baby is 2 monts old and his fav game now is my breast Later will update again if he found his new favorite game
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