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  1. 812 because he is too dangerous as a man species I have never seen oppa like this before in kdrama land. Most of them will have pretty face pretty hands pretty clothes they even kiss pretty. If people said they are ac dc or gay I will be oh very logic. But This guy is different. His appearance is not pretty at all. Hyun Bin even looks too feminine if compared to him he makes all oppas looks feminine if compared to him and he kisses like that and touching PMY body like that. Oh gosh I hate him and his sex appeals he is better take roles in sushi gory dramas. If he continues his career in romantic genre, I can never watch other oppa anymore. I will see them all as ac dc
  2. 808 I think he is not a gay or ac dc. His hands movements on PMY body, shoulder, hair, etc.. I think gay or ac dc hands will not tracing woman’s body like that. And he did it naturally and spontaneously I want to slap this guy. He is too hot I hate him!!
  3. +2 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I’VE HEARD AC DC STYLE HAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHHA btw how can you said he might be ac dc? Wkwkwkkwkw btw but can ac dc kisses like that? Too caring like a real gentleman note: baku nae = baku naik = making love wkwkwkwkkwkw manado language a bit vulgar wkkwwkwk
  4. Is a gay guy will sways when walking? Is there any differences if gay walk and guy walk?
  5. 786 @Lawyerh my asean friend comment after I ask her is she watching HPL. She is manado girl who lives in Jakarta ME: kw so nonton HPL? KJW pe sexy ria: sy ikuti trus itu drama hama eeee baku cium trus dorang pe kerja. Sa jengkellll KWKWKWKWWKKWWKWKKWWK See? Not only me who hate him whenever he kisses PMY @Lawyerh I am reading her whatsapp to me now because I forget exactly what she said. She is also texting “dorang pe baku cium macam mo baku nae” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I hope you understand manado language HAHAHAHAHAHAH *am dying laughing now reading her texting wkwkw NoTe: later she added about KJW ria: but I suspect KJW real life is a gay me: how do you know? Teach me? ria: from the way he walks. He sways a bit ME: *laughing and crying at the same time DON’T YOU DARE TO THINK ABOUT IT!! no gay will kisses the way KJW does! ria: hmmmhh.., perhaps. His sex appeals is too high. Ba hosa netizen (hosa=asthma) I give up if talking with her. Hahahahaha
  6. 758 if a man showing legs like that.. I will be suspicious instead I am not a fan of any man legs. those legs performance is most important wkwkwkwk BTW NO BODY DARE to watch last night ep of HPL at office because they said, this is ramadhan. they are fasting now (dinni said this. I don't trust her WKWKWKWKWKWKWK ) I am waiting for Bramanda to mess up in this room. He will surely show last night romantic scene in this entire office and mess up everyone concentration hahaha. conversation always change to 19+ topic if he came in here @Ameera Ali I just know that is your main job. interesting
  7. 746 who can discuss after KJW dragged PMY to the table or at this ep dragged her to his apartment and to his sofa.. all I can do every week now is waiting for the kiss scene wkkwkwkw.. we all will be dying at office tomorrow because of mr. lion gold everyone now in my room at office start to said sun curator like lion gold called her. With korean style ‘sun curator’. Only my boss is not watching. She is a nerd type. She even doesn’t know F4 WKKWKWKWWKKW she said she is from SMA 3 (high school) and I asked her where SMA 3 adress. To make sure if that high school building was not located in the forest wkwkkwkwkw
  8. 710 apeun namja!! btw at least I only watch him on screen. I pity PMY who must to re take the kiss scenes these whole 2 months she suffered a lot than us. I hope she will survive until the end of this drama
  9. THIS IS WHY! KJW rarely took romantic role before HPL. He knew he will burns people hearts. PMY shi, hang in there. I know you’re suffering too :heart:

  10. 706 my level is messy HPL is so exhausting. After I vent out what is inside my heart in here freely , later I need to modified my post on drama forum because I cannot type there that I hate him so much now I am in double personality mode ON in soompi
  11. I WANT BED SCENE.. he is already kissed her cheek, nose, lips, forehead, hand, (not yet legs) for the first time in my entire kdrama fan career these past 16 years, I see a lead guy who almost kissed the entire part of female lead body.. if they wants to make me die every week,, why they don’t just do it totally. I want lion bed scene
  12. 694 ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !! why he always looks like ready to make love everwhere anywhere anytime when KJW kisses a girl, he is not just kissing. He makes love he kisses her forehead, nose, cheeks, hand.. I HATE HIM I HATE HIM I HATE HIM his hands always touching everywhere. Her hair her cheeks her anything huuu uuuu uuuuuu *sejabini is fainting mode ON if he kisses pmy legs I will slap pd nim and writer nim.
  13. 686 ‘maturity’ level ameera is so mature.
  14. 682 @triplem I use insert media but it’s not working like usually they did that is why I will learn cenching and ktcjdrama suggestions
  15. 686 oh okay. I will learn this stuff. Thank you *huggsssss note: ameera ali said ‘man eater’ even lawyerh and triplem never use these words.. seems ameera level is far than lawyerh and triplem (my level is lower than lawyerh and triplem you know..) @ktcjdrama thank you chingu. I will learn this image and gif things seriously ahhhhhh playing forum is a bit complicated wkwkwkwk
  16. @Ameera Ali you are so mature than me.. what is tsloms btw? +2
  17. +2 ok I will try to learn it.. btw why they make it harder after updated? Sighhhhhhh..
  18. I am preparing my weak heart for ep 11 & 12 this week @ameera ali (ok now I could not tagging anyone in soompi) sighhhhhh
  19. +2 no. I just copy from google and paste in soompi.
  20. 666 how to get over if your office mates replying the mv of maybe everyday and talking about their kissing scenes almost everyday WKKWWKKWKW @Ameera Ali you should change your status as a good kisser rather than mrs. Hwang ^_* I want to play with image and gif but still I could not ahh stresss nohamamoud thank you I could not tagging you and I don’t know why
  21. I die whenever KJW kisses PMY in Her Private Life. It’s exhausting to die every week :sweatingbullets: Now I am preparing my heart again :weary:

    1. Ameera Ali

      Ameera Ali

      Bless your heart , I watch it for you , he didn’t kiss her , she doing all the kissing ,  F349C872-2799-44AA-BC5A-E25B40B56557.gif & holding hand :yum:




  22. 660 @Lawyerh but the way he dragged pmy to the table was too hot right? Wkwkkw he even think to take her on the table and after the kiss take her to stand again. Oughhhhh I just think about it after Ira said he is dominating yet very soft and tender while kissing .. ough my heart dugun dugun again THAT’S A MAN my friend ira even compared kjw kisses to gong yoo kisses in goblin ira said gong yoo also hot but still a bit rough. But kjw is hot and dominating and caring *sejabini is fainting mode ON ~~~ btw on rinsan forum we users need oxygen tank but in HPL kdrama, it’s park min young who needs oxygen tank WKWKKWKWWK @Ameera Ali hi my good kisser WKWKWKWKWKWKW
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