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  1. 836 so.. I will back to work on next tuesday HAHAHA.. and I just purchased MAC lipstick in shade Velvet Teddy and I think I like my nude look hahahha.. @thanie gave me an idea to have nude makeup look and I love her idea. Will keep this nude look for a long long long time xixixi oh and camera 360 effect HAHAHAHA. Btw because nude look will only match with OPI taupe less beach color I will do manicures pedicures now WKWKWKWKKW
  2. Mom and me booked rooms in 5 stars hotel and we have plan to stay there with our family hahaha We choosed The Rinra Hotel at Makassar. too bored to just stay at grandma’s house. (Grandma’s house already full with my uncles aunties and cousins) We want to enjoy 5 stars facilities hahaha So excited! This is my baby’s first Christmas
  3. 828 I only watch love affair in the afternoon. And the worst is I watch it when I was pregnant and whenever I watch this drama my baby kicked my belly actively HAHAHAHAHA.. and my officemates stressed because of my spontan comments whenever I watch this drama hahahaha my favorite was whenever I watching this drama while eating tiramissu
  4. Noooo 50 is the new 30 xixixixix and I.. 35 means I still 17 HUA HA HA HA HA HA. +2
  5. Yoona in red dress for IFFAM award 2019 every girl will look prettier if wearing red xixixxi.. (tough someone said not everyone can wear red) perhaps hahahaha.. but red is perfect with yoona
  6. 808 @Sushimi so you like a man with makeup and wig?
  7. 802 first kiss? Btw nice first kiss only in kdramas. In real. It is wet. I am not really like it. I took wet tissue to wipe my lips. And my bf felt uncomfortable because I wiped my lips after he kissed me. HAHAHAHAHA.. he didn’t tell me that he want to kiss. I knew it that he wanted to kisses. So I keep talked and talked and talked to preventing him kisses me and guess what. I didn’t prepare myself when his lips finally landed on my lips because I was talking. He was just gassed his kisses. Tsk! And he asked “why do you wipe your lips?” Me, “it is wet.” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA it was funny. I suspected he wanted to kisses for about a month and I keep ran away from him whenever I saw his clues HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
  8. Then move in here with me.. your life will be exciting everyday wkwkwkwkkw specially if you work with me hahahaha and meet my shining squad we gossiped a lot everday about everything. Most of about our bosses. WKKWKWWK or BTS or kdramas or bram and his girlfriends or any.. like interrogated new employees boyfriend wkkwkwkwk so we have whatsapp group for our lunch catering. I am surprised that today most of my squad ordered lunch box with half portion of white rice. And sis dewi is became more extreme. No white rice at all. When I asked why suddenly they reduce half of white rice portion, Alief replied me “because rice is getting more expensive.” HAHAHAHA +2
  9. New floor ceramics for my bathroom and new painting for my bedroom, living room and tv room. This is not my house. Mom house but I set things and spend for this house improvement. I hope I can rebuild dining room and the kitchen and 2 bedrooms. I need at least 200 millions IDR to rebuild. After earthquakes hitting our city I think we need new kitchen and dining room. The damage is not heavy but I bored with old building. Specially the kitchen. I do many things there so I want new modern kitchen which makes me comfortable to spend my times there. Mom house divided into 2 parts. Front building is living room, tv room, mom bedroom and my bedroom. Back building is dining room kitchen and my brothers bedroom. But my brother already has his own house in other city and my little bro is working in another town so no one uses their rooms. It is a waste so I hope I can rebuild it. Bless me. Amen.
  10. 794 Congratulations to South Africa for miss universe 2020 Indonesia goes to top 10 for the first time xixixixi and Catriona is one of my favorite Miss Universe ever thank you Philippines
  11. I always looking for taylor swift fashion. I like how she combined colors.. I suggest you to buy kylie jenner lip matte if you like matte type lipstick. It is matte and not too dry on my lips and long lasting hahaha even if we eat anything we will not need to retouch our lipstick ^_* but if you like liptint type Christian Dior lip tattoo is the best ^_* have not try MAC yet ~my lipsticks are on the way to Palu~ hahaha later will share picts if I have chance to wear makeup. mostly now I am at home so always bare face hahaha There’s a dark red dress that I want to buy. I hope they still have the stock. Xiixxixi I don’t want to buy online this one because it is too pretty and I don’t want to get wrong size. That SOMEONE is so right. Red is really my color. Hahahaha Red is the prettiest color. It is sexy and hot! Xixixix
  12. @Lawyerh I will try YSL later xixixix so guys I bought Chanel, Christian Dior lip tattoo, kylie jenner lip matte, and MAC.. and I think it is not about the price. It is about preference.. I still like kylie jenner lip matte. No need to retouch. It is long lasting matte and not too dry. I still want to try patmcgrath lipstick too. Lol hahahaha.. my curiosity of lipsticks broke me hahahhaha but I cannot stop myself lol..
  13. Trying Miss Dior.. but I still love Marc Jacob daisy.. will buy 1
  14. 778 December.. the end of the year so excited that I will be back on track in 1 week ^_* xixixi too bored to just stay at home. I apreciate all women who able to stay at home. it takes a lot of patience to just do household tasks. I can not be like that. I need to go out and do things meet people and everything thanks God maternity leave in Indonesia only 3 months. Ohhhhhhhhhhh so happy sya la la la la
  15. Close your eyes and imagining beautiful things you will fall asleep ^_* I will sleep now because I must to wake hp again in the next 3 hours to feed the baby. So sleepy zzZZz
  16. *hugssss .. don’t forget to take vitamins .. and warm clothes ^_* btw my city is too hot all year. Dry and hot chinguuuuss... miss you all love you I am still struggling with general and I hahahhaa..
  17. I must to confess. I make a lot of big sin this month. Last week I bought: 1. Miss Dior perfume roller pearl 20 ml 2. Christian Dior lip addict in 2 colors: natural beige and natural sienna 3. Chanel lipstick 196 precioux 4. Kylie Jenner lip matte in 3 colors: Ginger, Poise K, and Kristen 4. 4 pcs of new jeans 5. 3 pcs of new pants 6. 3 pcs of new blouses I bought them all from a seller who carried them from Malaysia so the prices are a bit cheap than if they sell these stuffs in the official store in Indonesia. Now i understand why my friend dinni and alief want to move to Malaysia. They even sell Christian dior a bit cheaper than in here. Tsk!! Malaysia truly Asia and not to mention last month I bought 8 bottles of OPI nail polish (I only bought 7 at the beginning but later added 1 more color. Who doesn’t love OPI malaga wine?) ^_* I am so ready for Christmas and still in my wish lists: 1. Patmcgrath lipstick 1995 2. Chanel lipstick I forget the series but I want 1 more 3. Chanel face powder 4. New Laneige white dew mountain essence and skin refiner and Laneige water sleeping mask 5. New bag I want Coach mini bennet in brown color or other Coach mini bag 6. I think I need a new pair of office shoes 7. Fossil women leather watch mini pink or what color is that I forget later will check on their web 8. More dresses and blouses and panties and underwears I am rarely do shopping but when shop, I am dangerous. I love good stuffs. I want the best for me because I work hard for enjoying life ^_*
  18. Hahaha.. yeah I wonder why my office mates are too dramatic lol oh of course they both were surrounded by our securities hahaha but funny the wife was suddenly collapsed when securities came and before collapsed she had a chance to slapped one of our security who catched her HAHAHAHAHAHA .. Ikbal, that security told us if he doesn’t remember that she is a woman, he said he will hits her HAHAHAHHAHA and after that my ex boss came to the husband and said “asdar, sadar2 sedikit. Sudah tua. Jaga kelakuan.” WKWKWKWKWK @cenching I need your translation lol Of course.. imagine if you were surrounded by these people. Haven’t told you yet about one of my shining squad and her ex husband. So as you know we are all so busy. Sometimes can be able to get home late because of some events or seminars or for the preparation. And because of my friend were always get home late, her ex hubby got lonely and had affair with a girl who is not compatible with my friend prettiness. And she asked for divorce and her ex hubby came to our office and met our head boss and cried like a little baby that he doesn’t want to divorce. And we were watch him crying while eating beans hmmh.. too many dramas in my everyday life in here hahahah +2
  19. +2 btw why a wife want to spying his hubby? Tsk.. if it is me I will not. Wasting my time. Many works to do I gossiped a lot with my shining squad when an employee in my office had affair and his wife came to our office and brought a scissor to kill her husband. OMG. It was so horror. His husband run from her and she after him like tom and jerry at our front yard and all of us were lurked to them from the window tsk tsk.. his wife not work and only stay at home. Only wait for her husband to give her alowance? Money? Like that.. so when her husband had an affair she became crazy. It is all about money money money.. so it is better if we women work or earn our own money. When hubby had affair just let him lol.. who can hold a tough horse. If they want to run they will run. So if they want to have affair they will have. They are mature people and we can not follow them like kinder garden kid and told them to not have an affair like they will listen to us tsk. It is better to safe our own safety first and when they want to do crazy things, we already safe lol wkwkkwkwkwkw.. oh gosh I am so heartless ya lol. No I am more logic in facing life.
  20. Hahahahaha @supergal99 heiiii I love the song!! and my baby too I play this song when we both now on bed and just woke up and he keeps smile to me hahahaha
  21. Noodles or spaghetti and ice cream
  22. Don’t know if you like it or not spicy mango cut mangos to a very tiny pieces mix salt and sugar in a small glass of water. Added chilies. Pour this to your mango I always eat this spicy mango with fried fish or roasted fish? and rice.. simple but I love the taste.
  23. I always love Taylor Swift fashion style since many years ago. Creative and sweet colors Thank you chingu.. That someone loves red and perhaps expert with red color hahahah and she might sees me fit with red. Later will share again if I wear my red lipsticks hahaha.. I bought 2 different red lipstick colors and different base. Christian Dior lip addict natural sienna. This is liptint. Very light on our lips. And kylie jenner lip matte kristen. It is matte. So excited to wait for my package ^_* I feel sorry for him too but I deserve it hahaha.. poor hubby.
  24. @Sushimi I may sound heartless but life taught me that do not give your heart 100 % .. btw if I was woman A.. I would not kill anybody.. nor the hubby or woman B.. I will just move on and continue life. Many things to do. Go work and earn money and pampering myself with expensive makeup.. stress will only make me look older. I will not let any man make me be a killer. It is not worth to do. Just for a man. Love yourself more than love others
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