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  1. I think finally I have got a flu and fever .. and vitamin C is not friendly enough with my ulcer need to sleep much + a lot of mineral water
  2. 1. I always have a dream to having my own hotel. xixixixix. (but my mom always said, you will open a change for people to having affairs in your hotel) *sighhhhh.. btw it doesn't have to be big first. but it will be enough if this hotel has meeting rooms and ballroom. 2. and cafeteria, at hotel, people can enjoy food and music there 3. and pool. 4. but I think it will be good to start with a mini market before having a hotel. or both. it will be good. in my city, demands for meeting rooms and ballrooms at hotel are good. hmmmhhh
  3. I love shoes and bag!! I think all girls will love these gifts xixixixi leather bag is good for work. and heels .. there is price list for any gift depends on how long your relationship is and about your budgetting of course.. 1st year of relationship = 100 US $ 2nd year of relationship = 200 US $ 3rd year of relationship = 500 US $ 4th year of relationship= 500 - 1000 US $ 5th year of relationship - the end of your life = an engagement ring. if not it is better for you to have separate ways and found another girlfriend
  4. @supergal99 baby won't you tell me whyyyyy there is sadness in your eyessssss I don't want to say goodbye to youuuuuuu.. uuu uuu..... 458
  5. 450 and I, baby I don't what I would doooo.. I will be lost if I lost youuuu if you ever leaveeeee baby you would take away everything real in my lifeeeee
  6. 446 hmmh.. without youuuu there would be no sun in my skyyyyy there would be no love in my lifeeeee there would be no world left for meeeee
  7. 446 @supergal99 and tell me nowwww how do I live without you, I want to knowwwwww how do I breathe without you, if you ever gooooo how do I ever, ever surviveeeeeee how do I, how do I, oh how do I live...
  8. 444 @supergal99 my ahjussi is the oldies wkwkwk.. ehem.. this song is so romantic oh I... I need you in my arms, need you to holddddddd you're my world, my heart, my soulllllll if you ever leaveeeeee baby you would take away everything good in my lifeeeeeee
  9. you're my world, my heart, my soul if you ever leave, baby you would take away everything good in my life..
  10. 442 how do I.. get through one night without youuuuu if I had to live without youuuuu what kind a life would that beeeeee
  11. I radiate with my charm wkwkwkww huaHaHaHaha..
  12. @halfmoonsmile I know what you mean @supergal99 she is good but she sings with underwear. I only like one girl who sings with underwear/panty and it is only.. britney spears wkwkwkwwk... please forgive me huaHA HA HA HA HA now I am listening to classic instrumentals on a hotel's lobby .. I feel sleepy
  13. staying in a hotel until thursday.. yayy *work thing.. I love my job. I can angry and being fussy and nagging to my bosses sometimes, but they could not fired me lols. wkkkwkwkkwk
  14. @supergal99 aaahhhh.. aahhhh aaahhhhh... why are you suddenly wanting me to be sounded like a whale I am hitting havana oh nana now. it is more sexy
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